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  1. Indeed, quick study! If you plan to go full speed most of the time or close to it, you should really wear a helmet and knee and elbow protection (I can see you're already wearing the wrist guards). When I like to ride fast I even wear a full face bike helmet. I've already flown like superman going up a sidewalk incline to quickly, the wheel cut off! Better overkill than killed or badly injured...Even small pot holes can be dangerous when going quickly, the wheel will try stabilizing itself back and forth and might cut off if you're going too fast.
  2. The range will depend on your weight, your riding style and the outside temperature. As for its behaviour, it stays pretty much the same throughout the battery, which is awesome. It's a great wheel but at 92kg I want something that will last me for about 50-60km so I'm thinking Gotway MSuper V3S+ or an ACM S+.You made a great buy, don't worry About the charge I have no idea sorry...
  3. Yes sorry I should have been clearer. I don't even believe you need this advice because you are already advanced enough! By think tall I mean thinking that your spine is as straight as possible as well as your head, that you feel as tall as possible up the top of your head, as opposed to crouching. It helped me a lot when learning to ride backwards. Have fun! The V8 is a great wheel. I just wish it had more range but it's super responsive and you can carve at 45 degrees with it it's awesome!
  4. You're getting there! Keep at it! I would favor a larger, flatter area. A good trick is to think 'tall' when your riding, even if you bend your knees (which you should). Thinking tall will help tremendously when you're learning to ride backwards. Thinking tall will also help you simply resting your feet on the pedals in a relaxed way. Just try to be as relaxed as possible it's the key to all sports. Cheers
  5. I have the 2.5 fast charger for my V8. It's pretty amazing I can go from 30% to 100% in about an hour.
  6. I have the same thing with my V8. I have a post about it. Even tried another V8 of Jason McNeil and does the same thing. You just have to get used to it. You will! Enjoy! I would love to try an ACM16 but apparently nobody sells them in central London. Cheers
  7. Thanks everyone for your answers. Sorry about the delay I was away from the forum. The calibration unfortunately doesn't change this but it's fine I got used to it. I was able to try another V8 of Jason McNeil and it does the same thing. It's no big deal, though, you get used to it. I have to say I really love this wheel. I weigh 90kg+ and it's very responsive, I ride it quite roughly on the London sidewalks (in the evening when it's much less crowded), it really feels like alpine skiing. Awesome little thing. I hear "wow!" "so cool" "I want one" all the time when I'm riding. I'm tempted to buy a suit with LED lights haha, then I would really look like I'm from the future (or from the movie Tron)... Cheers!
  8. Thanks guys. Indeed it does not feel safe at all. I was going from a forward motion to riding in reverse yesterday and the pedals stayed backwards I couldn't slow the speed down. It doesn't go back to horizontal unless I lean in the opposite direction. This should not be.
  9. Hi guys I found my answer in the French forum Espritroue.fr Maybe I missed it here but the wheel must be vertical with the cut-off button pressed, so it must not be on its side in sleep mode. Still, nothing is customizable it's an automatic adjustment so I have no idea if it will help. I tried leaning the wheel back a little while making the adjustment I'll let you know. Cheers
  10. Hey Guys, Finally got my V8 from @Jason McNeil in London UK at wheelgo.com. I can't recommend him enough. Him and his colleague Stefan have been so helpful, generous and patient before and after purchase. I was even able to learn to ride backwards on their beat-up IPS132 before getting my V8 and I'm glad I did! Thank you Jason and Stefan. I've rarely seen customer service like this. I love this wheel. The cut-off button and the trolley are indispensable. The thinness of the wheel and the nice size of the pedals also add a lot to the comfort, not to mention the safety of having a pedal height of 150mm for sharp turns. It's super responsive which is a must, especially with all these pedestrians in London. Here's my issue though. Every time I make a pronounced turn, the pedals lean forward a lot and STAY forward when I'm riding straight right after. I have to lean back for a short time to make them straight again. I'm guessing this is normal BUT I figured I could adjust the angle in the "turning and forwarding adjustment" menu in the app. It doesn't work. I've tried putting the wheel on sleep mode on its side but nothing works. Has anybody succeeded in adjusting how much forward the pedals lean when you turn? Thanks! Took me 6 hours to put the padding on the wheel haha. OCD to the rescue!
  11. Thanks guys, I have to admit it's not very encouraging but I think I'll buy one anyway. @Paddylaz, I'll let you know when I've learned to handle the V8 well enough to be safe on it and we'll certainly go for a ride! Cheers, Spinner
  12. Hey everyone, Will be in London for 4 months starting March 11, will be staying by Red Lion Square and thinking of buying a brand new V8 and selling it before I go back to Canada. I'd like to try it before I buy it, though. Any EU stores in London where you can try inMotion AND Kingsong? Also, what's your experience riding them in London? Are you bothered by cops? If yes, is it only when you're on the sidewalk? In Paris the cops don't care if you're on the sidewalk it's really great. Thanks! Frederic
  13. Thanks, Mono. I saw on one of your posts that you were complaining about the wobble of the V8 at a certain speed. Do you still have that issue, i.e. was it indeed a question of experience like some members suggested? This is my last question, I promise! Thanks. I can't wait to buy my wheel. I'll be in London for 4 months I think I'll just buy a V8 there and sell it before I leave since plane travel is too complicated. I'll buy another one once in Montreal that I will keep at home. Frederic
  14. That's good to know, thanks. I really wish to avoid buying a 18" or a heavier, less agile EU just for the sake of larger pedals. May I ask how much you weigh? Is the acceleration satisfactory on the V8? Thanks!