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  1. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    There most definetely is, and since this was a beginner, this can also be the reason why the full story is not revealed, beginners usually makes the "ohno" mistakes. I Would not be suprised if there was for example a situation like this behind the burned tesla: "aw man im tired of not being able to balance more than 10 met..HEY i wonder if i can burn rubber if i push against the wall while applying force to the wheel?"
  2. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Mine blew when a car hit me on the crossroads, not really sure what happened on contact, but i was coming to a pedestrian crossover section and noticed the driver was only looking to the left for other cars (he was turning right and i was coming from the right from his perspective) i was almost able to brake in time, i must have been moving something like ½ meter the last second, almost standstill, but the car's left front side came onto me, i don't really know what happened to the wheel, as i made a small pirouette and landing on my butt. The next minutes were a lot of "sorry, sorry, all you alright, and wtf just happened" moments, but i ended up giving the driver a moral ticket, since i was not hurt, and i was still living under the impression the wheel was ok, but later i found out the fuse had blown, i'm guessing a "wedging" situation happened with the car in this case. So the difference from the wall situation is probably time, against the wall the amps would have slowly built up, slow enough that the firmware is able to to implement countermeasures, and thus, protect the board.
  3. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    i think Kingsong has this? i have once by mistake wedged my KS16B, I Left it leaning against a wooden wall, and i asume when it tried to correct it self straight it wedged against a sharp edge, i found it with the "4 red lights syndrome," and then when i was picking it up i noticed it was stuck and after releasing it it returned to normal, it was probably in the red light stage for 1-2 minutes. and this i can replicate by applying counteractive force to the wheel (holding it by the handle, pushing it forward but blocking the path).
  4. Curious, have anybody of you guys found any use for this "lock" a feature? im having trouble seeing the benefit of this, please help, it does not compute. i mean, if the reason for it is that if it gets stolen its unusable, it would just end up in pieces and the trash. i would rather have my wheel working when stolen, this way the criminal could at least enjoy riding it.
  5. Looks exactly like the same problem i had with my KS16. rootcause being it tought it was the wrong wheel and resetting it helped, see the thread here ->
  6. 18L Group Buy?

    No worries, i love helping out, its kind of my job. BTW you should know the feeling last time i got off the sweden boat was priceless, waiting at the gate with all the tourists, then when they opened the gates, i took a few steps to go around the first corner, and see a few kilometers of tube we need to get throught to get to land, hopped on my wheel and zoomed away, last i saw from all stressed tourists had to slow down when i got to customs though, they might have tought i was trying to zoom something through
  7. 18L Group Buy?

    i might be able to help @mrelwood , as i was also thinking of visiting germany to pick up mine, if lets say raadwrkstahd will take the shipment, then i would suggest the possibility to import for you as i commute to finland semi often to visit my parents, i would come by car all the way to finland, lets keep the possibility open, and see how this plans out
  8. 18L Group Buy?

    Count me in!
  9. Kingsong 18S ... hurts my knees...

    I was also enjoying riding without shoes one bright summer day, learned pretty quickly it might not be such a good idea, you know how small the pedals are and barefoot your toes really want to 'grab' the edge, i made a sharp turn and lost a nail the toe got stuck between the pedal and the asphalt
  10. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    i used to smoke every time i got up on the wheel, now i regret ever doing so as i think it looks stupid and i do not want to portray me to the kids as the "Cool kid with the EUC and a smoke in the mouth".. you know first impressions and all.
  11. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    I Was actually about to get to this, i wanted to congrat @Scatcat for letting go the nasty habit of smoking, i myself is also a recent quitter, i used the "stop smoking" mood altering medicine, and if your lucky enough to avoid some of the nasty side effects, they really are something! While i am no fan of Vaping, we can discuss all day of the benefits or negative effects, but for sure it is less damaging than your classic marlboro, i think it is a turn in the right direction! So Grattis Scatcat! keep up the good work and keep knocking that wood, the main reason also for me is that there are many things in the future i don't want to miss, like the EUC thats going to be released in 2030
  12. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Or more like, ' I Respect your freedom to believe anything you want ' the underlying message here was that this is no forum to talk about, as you put it, astrology nonsense
  13. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Yes sorry i only quickly scrolled through the bashing, anyways, keeping things on topic, I Dont really understand the original topic of this thread, Does EUC attract ridicule? I Know that the quality of the English might confuse me, at least i do not feel like swearing more after hopping on a EUC, nor is people swearing at me more. Anyways i do not mind the attention anymore, if any, i wish people would give me less attention, and stop to think what the message is, i have strong visions how i would like the future to look like, i think all ICE should be banned from a city infrastructure, in the future ICE should only be used to commute between cities, rural areas etc. it is even like this already many places. when a family arrives at say for example London, they park their car at a large parking complex, where a self driving electric car will pick them up, and they will go on their shopping or whatnot this way, and all other transports will be done by self driving electrical buses, trucks, bicycles, and ofcourse EUC. Oslo in Norway has promised to go this way, and i am very interested to see how it will work out.
  14. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    but you are talking about the influence of the celestial bodies on you, Earth is a bit different, and also, bit bigger I think it's ok for you to belive in anything you want, most of us keep an open mind, but we dont let our brains fall out. You should respect this, i think most of the people here can respect back if we keep it civilized, but i think that you and I know that there is no good ending in trying to convince people of your beliefs in here.
  15. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    I am also not impressed, looking at the footage from the grass it looks like there is really no use for the suspension. Also the ride looks, wobbly, insecure, and uncomfortable. And yes, are you able to turn on it? or just tilt the ridiculously fat wheel?