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  1. Lol thanks
  2. @meepmeepmayer Yeah, I need brighter lighter. I was riding the inmotion but even that being the brightest EUC, is not optimal. Yeah Tishawn's setup is legit! I believe he uses a Sony A6300 on a zhiyun crane. Def can't wait for his footage to come out!
  3. NYC group ride tonight, with special guests the Boosted Board & Evolve Carbon GT!
  4. It's not my unit, so I'll have forward some of those questions. I'm actually not sure what to describe it (especially thinking back a few days to when this was shot), but maybe it's a combination of the pedals being soft, and the response of the motor, that give it a smooth feeling. I'll ask the owner, and get back to you on that one too!
  5. I think the cushions are supposed to be like that. The speed was unlocked with the app. We'll make a follow up video for sure! I think @Tishawn Fahie has an ACM, so maybe we can do a collaboration, and compare them.
  6. Rockwheel GT16 Unboxing + First Ride!
  7. Yeah we're no expert at this yet, so I can't comment on those concerns yet. If you check out the videos above, you'll see what it's suppose to look like though. Hahaha, no to my knowledge it was not caused my a DTM or EUC rider lol.
  8. We were doing it on a "dead end" road, so the traffic was minimal. Otherwise, yes it would've been very dangerous. The last shot was us riding it back to the house.
  9. Yeah it was a lot of fun! I'm seriously considering buying one now.
  10. Not paying attention while riding and overleaning. The most common cause of mechanical failure is loosening of the nut connecting the pedals to the axle. You should really check to make sure the nuts are tight every 500 miles or so.
  11. I'm away in Washington DC for the month, but I'll let you know when I get back!
  12. I think I figured it out. Mine was doing that same thing so I tore down the unit down completely. After doing so, I don't think the problem is with where the pedal connects to the axle (as I had originally thought). It's where the body connects to pedal. Take the ankle pads off (the things covering up the magnet). Tighten those screws and see if that solves you issue. Mine isn't shaking anymore.
  13. I ride it by cops in manhattan all the time (went by a bunch by the trump building today), and they never bother me. I started riding in Brooklyn recently and have not been bothered yet. The most you'll get is a warning, at which point you shoulder just walk the EUC around a corner, and then ride on. Also, there was no "law" that went into effect. The reason they are legal is because they are a motorized vehicle that can't be registered with the DMV. They never made a specific law against electric rideables.