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  1. Enjoyed the video, congrads on the new wheel! Good thing you held back, as of March Gotway updated the firmware - Acm feels more responsive.
  2. Haha nice! We look forward to it
  3. Good call, I'm just the same. Not too long had the V3s+ 1600 myself. I am more conservative with it just to keep the shell & battery covers immaculate Will you be posting any videos? (obviously not off-road)
  4. WOW! What happened to the ACM, is this your new ride?
  5. It either depends on... PSI If you're distributing weight evenly amongst both pedals Posture (I find making myself more aerodynamic I create less drag which can transfer down to the wheel itself).
  6. I work nights in a CCTV Control Room. (two-step tap dance with thumbs up) "TADAAH!!" Lol I'll be fine Keith, thanks for your concern. But you're absolutely right though, considering the circumstances it's not wise for anyone unconscious who can't monitor what's going on.
  7. Correct Trem. I usually slow charge the wheels overnight, but if the wheels need a quick top up I'll fast charge. As you mentioned - I wouldn't recommend consistent fast charging.
  8. This was one of my concerns too, but there's no short term degradation unless you make a habit of overcharging em.
  9. Very informative post Marty. (If you haven't already) I highly recommend the third party 84v/5amp/3x 1radwerkstatt speed charger from Ian, it's faster than a Port Splitter. Little pricey but this thing is such a time saver and cuts the waiting time down by 2/3rds. Thoroughly tested and well worth the purchase. https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/msuper-v3-parts/products/gotway-84v-5amp-110v-usa-etc-fast-charger-3x-speed-for-gotway
  10. Good job man, that is really stable. I guess you're little self-conscious about it all. I wouldn't worry. I look forward to your future uploads
  11. Trial run? You could be good to go. If in doubt either tag or inbox Marty.
  12. I used to inflate mine to 37 psi, check the max psi on the actual tire itself to be sure. I think it's 40 psi on 14' inch.
  13. They're either using Steady Cam mounts or Gimbals.
  14. The quote is from StarWars was more in reference and directly aim towards his avatar (in jest). I'm sure Questor is fully aware of the consequences now and will act accordingly.
  15. "Mwahaha!! Good...GOOOOOD!" (Darth Sidious Voice). I commend you Questor, your journey to the Dark Side is Complete! No seriously, jokes aside. I shouldn't influence such trails at the risk of one's safety. Glad you didn't rekt. Quick question. How much do you weigh?