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  1. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    As a more experienced rider looking back, I'm not so sure buying a really good first wheel is an optimal path because there are many times I could have fried my wheel but didn't. I simply didn't know better, and have great difficulty just staying on my wheel to be much concerned about anything else. Buy the S1, bash it up learning, and then buy a proper wheel. The $300 is training cost, with the bonus that you keep the wheel. Much better than learning on a KS14/16/Tesla, not saying they pop easily but instead the cost of mistakes is 4x as great. Damn, I'm kicking myself for not impulse buying. Always listen to your gut, it's hardly ever wrong.
  2. OMG I woke up this morning to buy it, and it's sold out!
  3. When you answer a question, that question dies and you post another question. You're confronted with a two inch curb on your 16 incher. Do you go up it?
  4. Isnt this your wheel before your Tesla? I'm wondering if I should get this as a kick around wheel for when people come over.
  5. Ninebot one s2 vs Segway one s1

    Bump due to the $300 sale.
  6. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    And yet the Chinese continue to advance EUC technology beyond all others, and at an incredibly rapid rate, and at a fairly affordable rate. I mean, a good wheel is about as expensive as a good bicycle. It's amazing how much technological progress can be made, and cheaply too, when there's basically no regulation involved, although there might be the little matter of collecting roadkill... "We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting." --Mao Zedong
  7. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    Maybe. That would be Gotway due to the iffy quality control especially for someone like me who is unlikely to do anything beyond minor work on their own wheels. That being said, my mistaken Gotway MSuper is my only wheel that hasn't had some sort of minor or major hiccup of any sort. Go figure. Ever had to lug a dead wheel a long distance? If so, under what circumstances.
  8. Wow, the Monster is in a class of its own. Do you use a fast charger? How long do you have it on your charger, typically? How hot does the brick get?
  9. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    Of course it's stolen, and probably well-loved too by an experienced rider as evidenced by the lack of dings inevitable while learning. Crime pays.
  10. My V5F+ cost more than my KS16s, though I did get a fast charger and cover. But my GW MS3v cost a mere $750.
  11. I'd eat top ramen until I could afford a KS14s, knowing how the big battery 14 inchers are so suitable for urban life. I'm pissed off at my V5F+ for bricking on me due to bad wires. Note the two black wires with slight cuts. And evidently the control board needed to be replaced.
  12. These prices seem high. Have you checked Alibala?
  13. The Photo Thread

    What the hell is that codpiece?
  14. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    Could this be locking him out because of his location similar to our SoloWheel lock outs? He's not located in the USA.
  15. The Photo Thread

    You mean buying that Tesla didn't make it decidedly chilly in the @Marty Backehousehold?
  16. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    No; dumbass men are always killing themselves over girls. Even Napoleon in his early twenties contemplated and wrote about suicide over some floozy. A man should cultivate several women so he's never worried about being hung up to dry. Ever broken a bone while EUC?
  17. The Photo Thread

    Isn't it very chilly where you live?
  18. Intelligent table seat

    Few things are more disgusting than using toilet paper on your ass, for God's Sake's use water already, take a shower, or use this.
  19. Ever Buy Stuff That You Probably Don't Even Need?

    I bought this SoundCore 2 speaker, somewhat larger, for my EUC. It is weather resistant, and just went on sale during thanksgiving. I have two Anker speakers; one (SoundCore 1) is going strong but the other was kicked around by some kids when I wasn't watching, and of course ended up broken. Anker SoundCore 2 12W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Better Bass, 24-Hour Playtime, 66ft Bluetooth Range, IPX5 Water Resistance & Built-in Mic, Dual-Driver Speaker for Beach, Travel, Party https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTB55WH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_DggfAbAEHAFBV
  20. Observations on tire pressure.

    Honestly, I would keep at that pressure if it feels right. I would Slime the tire (I've lost count of the number of snakebites I've gotten on my EUCs) and carry a pump, and also video the EUC while cornering to make sure you're not unduly deforming the sidewall while leaned over. Deformed sidewalls can open up and pinch the innertube or the tire can come off completely. On my VF5 I did have the tire come off the rim very very easily while turning when I foolishly guessed the tire pressure by pinching the tire. The tire squished right off.
  21. You can read the article at eWheels. https://www.ewheels.com/guide-tires-appropriate-pressures-electric-unicycle/ I wish that @Jason McNeil would use "its" versus "it's" appropriately, as this very well-written and informative article about tire pressure feels like hitting a cobble stone in the middle of a smoooth Autobahn. I am a grammar Nazy/Bolshevik. What I found interesting about this article is that the chart duplicates what I spent some time on figuring out independently, that is, on all my wheels (14,16,18) the tire pressure found on that chart is my final tire pressure plus 2. However, my tire preference is very simple as I don't take into account bump absorption, puncture resistance, or twitchiness. I simply keep adding or subtracting PSI's until the wheel corners flat, and does not drop into turns nor stand up when given no input. Yet despite those two diverging criteria(s), @Jason McNeil tire pressures and mine for all my wheels is virtually the same. I have to think because of that, modern tires must be very sophisticated and uniform, much more so than what we usually give them credit for. Is there anything else on a wheel that can be changed other than tire pressure and stiffness of pedals, that affect handling? Anyway, hop over to the eWheels website and read that tire article carefully; I think it has great value (despite the its versus it's).
  22. The bigger wheel of the V8 compared to the KS14 makes it feel less dangerous.
  23. The Photo Thread

    In just before the crash, those 120 degree turns are hard for new riders.
  24. I'd recommend the KS14d (or KS14s) because the other two have lower speeds. Everyone complains at how low the S2 and the V8 feel. The KS14, on the other hands, feels pretty scary at 18-19 mph, so your self-preservation instinct kicks in rather than a software limit. With my wheels, it goes something like this at 90% speed: V5F -- wish I could go faster. KS16s -- wish I could go faster. KS14c -- this is too fast. GW MSuper -- this is waaaay too fast! Be advised 28 kph is about the limit of running off an EUC.
  25. King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Wait, did you buy the KS14c on that $500 deal that guy was doing? New old stock. Interestingly, I bought a KS16s too, but I still rode my KS14c plenty.