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  1. @Marty Backe? We need a review.
  2. Anyone else tried Mountain Biking Shoes?

    Since riding EUCs I've wondered about using clip ins instead of footboards.
  3. The Photo Thread

    A stroll through my local park.
  4. The Photo Thread

    Caught and eaten!
  5. Kingsong 16 S, what set up do you use?

    I use both player mode and riding mode, depending on how much agility I need. If I need more agility then I use riding mode as that allows the wheel to move along with me on the legs, and doesn't rub. I can clamp down on the upper pads and force the wheel to come along with me. I like the wheel to tilt along with me. If I'm just normally riding then I use player mode, and then the wheel floats in a relaxed manner between my legs, and I use this mode when I'm strolling around the park 6-10 mph.

    Doesn't the slider work in real-time, that is, when you release the slider the wheel immedietly goes to the new angle?

    Oh, that. That's caused by too-tight shoes which is normally not a problem as when you walk you release the pressure on the lifted foot. You can tell your shoes are too tight if you estimate you can't put a finger between your feet and the shoes. You need wider shoes.
  8. High tyre pressure and puncture resistance

    If you ride through sharp debris then nothing will save your tire. It's going down. However, low pressure allows "snakebites" whereby the pressure is too low to prevent the wheel from bottoming out onto the road through the tire, hence the twin punctures known as snakebites.

    Flesh wound. Stings when I get in the shower.

    It's doable whereby the axle goes through the bony part of the ankle. 🤔 I don't ride that way.

    You can do this on the KS16s because at no place do your ankles ever touch the wheel as the padding touches only your upper parts of your legs. I think you could ride this wheel with just footpegs instead of footpads. While this is the V3s, very similar.
  12. Kingsong not on Ali express anymore!

    Welll...selling on Ali with no warranty (or no reasonable way of providing it) is probably illegal under the 1976 warranty act (for US customers only). Most likely it is but it's not one of those "throw the guy in jail for a felony", which means we're looking at grey-market imports where the buyer and the seller know damn well the risks of buying a considerably cheaper item without a warranty. In my opinion, transparency and choices serve the consumer best, while opaqueness and monopolies always serve the seller best. That's why you'll clearly see the dealer's buy price, says no dealer, ever. Honestly, the biggest problem really comes down to consumers not negotiating. You can and should negotiate everything, and having said that I'm quite guilty of not negotiating on even some big-ticket items. Although I'm more of the, "gee, I'm probably going to treat this thing rough, and hope that when it breaks it'll be covered under warranty" customer than the stupidly "pay list price" customer. Basically, grey markets only exist when the item can be bought for significantly cheaper elsewhere. Make that price gap big enough and of course you'll have people buying elsewhere. For example, my KS16s was $1053 that came with two chargers but in the USA it was $1400. Yeah, I'll take that risk of no warranty, although in this case I might get warranty service as the person I bought it from had an excellent reputation of warranty work. Still, all this profit pales in comparison to the pharmacautical industry. I worked with them for a few years and the profits, the pure profits after expenses, is breathtaking. Absolutely bonkers. Did you know we have computer programs on both sides negotiating drug prices, automatically and with no human intervention? There's many ways to make drug prices opaque but the end result is the customer is a chump. He either pays through insurance or pays himself; he's still a chump. Or, rather, she since most drugs are anti-depressants sold to women (1 out of 5 American women are currently on anti-depressants!).
  13. Dang, had two close calls today, both from drivers looking down on their cell phones while rolling through a red light. Not sure what use that would be for them as they still have to stop eventually before getting into the intersection. They weren't making right-hand turns so just stop, already. Second case I had to slap the hood of the pickup truck as I was trollying the wheel across the intersection. I have the walking man light, they have the red, I'm on the crosswalk, jeez what else can I do? Mind you these are the two inner traffic lanes, and I'm shinning a flashlight into the truck's cabin. Useless; he's on his phone looking downward while rolling through the pedestrian zone. I slap his hood, loud, he stops but he's still looking down on his phone. He can't see a thing, he's a drooling zoombie on his phone.
  14. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    I don't recommend replacing your V8 with something like a KS16s or even some other 16 inchers because those wheels are more similar than different. Spending money twice on a "16 incher only longer" won't afford you much flexibility. I'd recommend something much smaller or much bigger, perhaps a KS14s and an Gotway V3s. I've ridden all these wheels except the V8 and the feel you get across them is entirely different.

    I believe foot pain falls into this category of injuries. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressure_ulcer As far as I can tell, foot pain isn't something your body gets hardened against. It's not like muscles whereby the more you stress it the less effect it has on you. Therefore I believe the solution to foot pain is entirely neurological, and therefore restoring circulation to consists of distributing pressure on your foot, and moving around so circulation is restored. Gritting your teeth and pushing through the pain isn't appropriate in this case; listen to your pain. When going uphill where the pressure to the front foot is constant, I will often simply lift one foot and place the heel on the tip of the front pedal, and push down. Probably not safe, but, damn, the pain relief is immediate and significant.
  16. 63 old guinea pig

    Knowing how to ride a bicycle or motorcycle well isn't very useful for an EUC because the steerable wheel is well in front of you while an EUC has its wheel directly under you. Therefore there is a tendency to tip the bicycle/motorcycle to get it to steer whereas the EUC requires a rotation or twist of your hips. Twisting the wheel is the key to keeping your balance, and very suddenly people who do so find themselves actually riding an EUC.
  17. 63 old guinea pig

    Bikes in those days didn't have handbrakes. You got on, you were committed.
  18. 63 old guinea pig

    Wow, this is a difficult picture to find. I didnt but here's something similar. As kids we used to ride downhill often and fast on our own handlebars.
  19. Anatomy of an overlean

    I can speak first hand how scary that is. It's like something that is designed to help you crash, is specifically designed to make you crash. Irony, they call it.
  20. 63 old guinea pig

    I've been batting around a hypothesis whereby training on two vehicles might make a person learn an EUC almost instantly. First, get good riding a hoverboard as that gives you a feel for how a self balancing vehicle works. Second, practice riding on the handlebars of your bicycle as that gives you a feel for twisting at the hips. Combining those two is probably very close to riding an EUC.
  21. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    Uh oh, and would the capacitor problem also manifest itself in a front to back oscillation of around 6 per second?
  22. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    There is a chart in the KS16 manual with a percentage to volts table. I'm unsure what the percentage denotes, I treat it somewhat like a gas tank percentage although I know that's wrong. I usually keep my charge at about 85%, as charges above 60% are noticeably more responsive, and once you get below 40% the pedals are quite soft. Below 40% I strongly suggest treating the wheel very carefully, not accelerating hard at all on it, and keeping the speed quite low. I say this because at below 40% and 100kg I can easily buckle the pedals, make them almost scrape the pavement, about as soft as the medium setting on 100% charge. A 6.5 mile run takes my charge from 85% to 60%.
  23. On any one trip, <Voldermort> is extremely unlikely to happen but over time the chances of <Voldermort> approaches 1, or near certainty. How's that full face helmet looking now?
  24. Gotway MSuper V3S+ Review with speed test (30 mph)

    The MSuper is magnificent. I need to sell mine as I cannot easily lug it up three flights of stairs.