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  1. I'm very interested in his progress as well, as it seems we waited quite a bit before he even got his wheel. I don't even think he's ridden it, yes?
  2. This post brings a figurative tear to my eye, as we can see just what a game changer having one is, and also some slight depression because when I was in my twenties I had no such device.
  3. There's really two types of EUC riders although there's plenty of overlap. --The enthusiast EUC who goes faster than 12.5 mph and rides for fun and danger, danger being part of the fun. --The pedantic EUC rider who rides to get somewhere faster than walking but much slower than bicycling. Knows a lot about EUC's and all their little details but isn't a very good or fast rider. I'm firmly in this category. Poseur and proud of it. What I mean to say, cutouts can and will happen if you're pushing the wheel up past what it is designed to deal with, in addition to various wobbles and get offs that arise from too much speed in sketchy terrain. However, if you're like me and use the wheel for fairly slow sub 12.5 mph commuting, grocery shopping, and sight-seeing...then you're probably not going to get hurt even if you drop into a pothole, or off a curb, or into a runner, or a tree branch, roadkills, really anything that isn't a car. You will probably be unable to overpower a KS16S even if you weight 200 pounds and are carrying your girlfriend and two beer kegs. About the fastest I can run is 6 mph over 30-60 minutes; if you keep your EUC to this speed, well, you'd look like a dork but you absolutely could not hurt yourself. You'd get to places far faster than walking at that speed yet would still be safe (except for cars).
  4. I had that happen once also on my wheel, it was more akin to a vicious right hand than a gentle high five, about as hard as one could throw a punch. I didn't crash either but my hand stung a lot. Now I will not high five anyone on my wheel, I do weave just out of reach. Simply assume all people on sidewalks want to knock you out and steal your wheel.
  5. But you had a Gotway literally fall apart under you! Twice! Maybe more. Aren't you a bit wary of Gotway?
  6. That video is highly misleading because while a bicycle can coast an EUC pushes huge and sudden power pulses to keep you balanced. I'm convinced that a tire/wheel with more mass would gobble up substantially more power compared to a light skinny wheel. More massive wheels might be more dangerous as they take more energy and time to spin up and down. Still, ignoring some manufacturers obsession with higher speeds, this might be the way to go. Big wide low-pressure tubeless tires, massive motors and axles, and bigger batteries with power to spare...but piddling range. I basically see the rise of SUV wheels which to me is a good thing but hopefully riders like @Marty Backe will have a longer-ranged option.
  7. UPS trucks avoid making left-turns when possible; not only is making only right turns usually faster but the chances of accidents is drastically reduced. I've tried that in my personal driving and it works surprisngly well.
  8. Assuming all the above constraints are met, under what conditions would you turn on your action camera?
  9. You could be right. How about this: --Under what conditions do you think having an action cam would help you? --In other words, when would you use an action cam to your advantage? --Finally, if you did have an action cam, would you prefer to turn it off before crossing crosswalks?
  10. I'm using it as a dashcam not as some selfie stickies.
  11. I bought this FITFORT Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD Waterproof Sport Camera 2 Inch LCD Screen 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle 2 Rechargeable 1050mAh Batteries Free Travel Bag Include 19 Accessories Kits With the hope of recording 60fps.
  12. Finally, someone who gets it. While most drivers are just fine, I have encountered enough drivers who are absolutely convinced that pedestrians are in the wrong. Indeed, they are enraged that you dare cross in the crosswalk and slow them down. Undoubtedly they think hitting you is an inconvenience, and indeed they'd be right as St Louis does not prosecute or even ticket car drivers who kill pedestrians in crosswalk as several recent cases this year show. They do not really care if they hit you, and indeed they might go out of their way to bump you off as a way of teaching you a lesson for daring to cross in front of them. My goal is rather modest; it's not to punish these drivers or teach them a lesson or try to get them off the road. Rather, it is just to get the license plate number if I have to jump away from the car but I cannot bring the unicycle with me, and so the unicycle gets run over. I doubt these car drivers would be apologetic and pay for the EUC unless they were legally compelled to.
  13. Without my EUC I can jump back or whatever, but with the EUC it's going to get run over one of these days, so the action cam is just there to get the license plate number and hence have insurance pay up. Remember, these cars are passing through red lights and stop signs on crosswalk, and so you cannot just meet their eyes and make sure they see you; a small but significant minority of cars are irritated that you are in <their> space.
  14. I just bought an action can as today I was crossing, by foot, a crosswalk and while most cars did at least slow down one car laid on the horn to get me away, and I had to yank my unicycle back. The car did touch me. Not sure what to do about these cars ignoring pedestrians on crosswalks, except to buy an action for when they run over my unicycle (I usually trolley across intersections).