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  1. Teaching the wife

    Beauty has a certain motivation all of its own, that is, the KS14c is not a beautiful wheel but the Ninebot S2, ips zero, and Inmotions have a certain sleek iPhone look that makes women want to ride them.
  2. Tesla Pedal Modes

    I also agree, as the chart should have an s-shape where the min and max pressures are level. For me, I independently arrived at within 2-4 psi after quite a bit of work so I assumed it'd be accurate enough for other people.
  3. Teaching the wife

    If you already have a mini Pro just use that for you to stand on...
  4. Teaching the wife

    A pole on a golf cart won't work while a pole that you're holding with her will work. The reason the hold hand method works so well is because imbalances on her end are transmitted to you, and then you compensate by flopping the wheel back and forth. In other words, the helper being unsteady is what makes the hand holding method incredibly effective. My experience with new riders all seem about the same. An initial heavy wobble for about thirty seconds or less, and then a "oh, that's how it work." However, I would prefer you try your method. I'm guessing after a few feet the pole gets jerked out of her hand and then she falls on her hip while still attempting to grasp the pole. Please film this.
  5. Tesla Pedal Modes

    Yes. Check the eWheels website for the tire pressure that will get you close. It factors in rider weight, wheel size.
  6. I wonder if the S1's battery is bigger than advertised, actually being around 6000mAh instead of 3000. The software displaying the battery information would seem to indicate so.
  7. Tesla Pedal Modes

    You can determine if the wobble is from your stance or is from your tire pressure being inappropriate. When you get the wobbles, start a gentle turn. If the wobble stops then the problem is your tire pressure. If the wobble was a slow wobble then increase tire pressure. This is because the sidewall was flexing too much thereby causing the wobble. If the wobble is fast then lower the tire pressure. This is because the sidewall isn't flexing enough and is acting like a hard spring, and as hard springs move faster you have that fast wobble, 10-20 times per second. Tipping the tire onto its sidewall flexes the sidewall once and keeps it there, thereby stopping the flex and release cycle (unless you hit a bump!). However, if it is your stance, then ride more.
  8. Capacity for both batteries each say 2850 mAh. Presumably 5700mAh for both? Battery 1: 100% charged Remaining power: 2918mAh 59.17 volts Battery 2: 100% charged 2934mAh 59.20 volts
  9. I got to work and put the S1 on the charger, and I'll let our know what the charge for each battery is once we have a full charge. I don't think the 80% charge is a bad idea at all. I mean, this is a small wheel, not really suitable for long distances or group rides, but absolutely fantastic for last mile transport. You'd just keep this wheel on the charger when you're not using it, and then use it for little errands. Since the battery is so small, wouldn't you be greatly decreasing life by cycling it from 100% to 20% instead of 80% to 20%? I rode it around town a lot last night, and it is so refined, so elegant. You'd be foolish not to buy this over a generic $200 wheel. Is it as good as the KS14s? No, of course not but the KS14s is more than three times the price! Buy three of these instead, give one away, keep one at the office, and one in the car. Compared to my V5F+, it is easier to ride, feels more refined in power (or maybe just a weak ass motor), slower, with less range. But remember, even at 12.5 mph you'd come close to beating the fastest marathoner. Truly legs 2.0. But on the other hand, cruising around on the sidewalk running errands, stopping to eat in an urban area, riding without any protection at all (got yelled at yesterday for that, by the way) this is just a truly great wheel especially at its price point. I can't get over just how beautiful this wheel is (not dropped yet or even pedal scrape), and evidently other people feel the same. Everyone who stopped to ask about this wheel was 1. amazed it was a legitimate transportation device, and 2. the shocking price. I probably sold like five around town from that alone. Anyway, I rant yet again about this wheel but I also think this is a milestone for EUC culture. For the first time ever we have a top-tier wheel at nearly toy prices. It's the most important development for urban transportation I've seen. Now whether people can actually learn the damned thing is pending, but a personal electric transporter that gets 10-15 miles that cost $300? Which one you prefer, a somewhat crummy bicycle or this beautiful elegant wheel?
  10. This is a typical situation when a car hits a bike. The car hits the bike from behind causing severe injuries to the bicyclist. No charges as no law was broken. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4951312/Footage-shows-moment-cyclist-hit-car-Melbourne.html
  11. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    OMG I've been lifting at the wrong part of the pedal on my MSuper. You should see me trying to get my MSuper in a shopping cart.
  12. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    This is where a picture is worth a thousand words. Lifting and carrying the MSuper with both hands eludes me unless I'm wearing gloves, and even then the edges are sharp. It's probably something really simple and stupid, but how on earth are you guys using the foot pads to move the wheel?
  13. This is the only Segway I've seen or ridden. I forgot which of my wheels has the tiltback that starts at a fairly low speed, then gradually ramps up from there. However, the type of tiltback I don't like is the type that triggers exactly the same way once you hit a predetermined speed. An analogy is leaning into a gradually increasing wind; instead there is nothing there and then you're hit suddenly by a hurricane. Crash city.
  14. Just checked my Segway branded charger. It says 59.5 volts. Edit: only people nuts about Wheels talk with such interest about what is essentially a beginner wheel, despite owning far more powerful wheels. I think most of us passed on the Segway/Ninebot because there were better wheels cheaper, but now that the price is so low we can visit what is essentially the first mass produced wheel from the company that invented self-balancing technology.
  15. Riding with hands in jacket pockets is surprisingly difficult (and undoubtedly dangerous), but when the weather turned cold I did so, and am a much better rider from it. You can always brute force changes to the wheel by using your arms, but keeping your arms in your pockets, and depending solely on rotating your hips (and not tipping the wheel) gives a lot of useful insight to how wheels function with minimum effort.