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  1. I took one look at the ks14 and immediately ordered skate tape as those pedals are obviously designed to give minimum traction.
  2. If you can tolerate the financial cost, then a looking for trouble wheel such as the Inmotion V5/V8 or some other 14-16 inch wheel could be in your hands in less than a week. And a little 14-16 inch wheel is surprisingly and awesomely useful for most things you do around town, or even outside town. I mean, recently I parked at this friend's house and when I forgot where I parked I had to cruise back though the suburbs, around 7-8 miles away. It was easy on a small wheel and would be easier on a bigger wheel. Certainly much easier than bicycling The experiences between using a V5 and an MS3 are so different they might as well be in separate transportation categories. In fact, legally they are as the V5 makes under 1 HP but the MSUPER makes more and hence should be in the >50 cc scooter category. When I'm off the V5, the deployed trolley makes it feel like I'm handling"self-propelled" luggage. It is very very nice. It's not even noticeable to most people. And then chuck it into the seat or floor of the car. In contrast I'm always very aware of my MSuper; the mass and power (and noise) is evident even when trolleying. I'm noticing most people here, what I would term enthusiast and early adopters, own both a small and a large EUC. One to drop and one to commute on. Buy another wheel. You know you want to. It's the environmentally responsible thing to do.
  3. I have been researching my local EUC/Segway laws and I did notice a strong pattern. Affluent locals have progressive and encourage the use of electrically-powered vehicles such as Segways, EUCs, and skateboards. Both sidewalk and road use is allowable. Not every single local but most have these rules, with due care on the part of the rider. The poor neighborhoods are more restrictive to the point of skateboards, anything motorized are not allowed anywhere except on private property (and even then only if they are not being a nuisance nor a danger). For example, as far as I can tell the city of Hazelwood does not allow EUCs, Segways, or anything electrical anywhere. Even skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed on the street nor on the sidewalk and bicycles are not allowed on roads that have more than one lane. Fortunately where I live I can ride on the sidewalk like a pedestrian, or go on the road like a bicyclists, and use all park roads. Interestingly, I can also use the EUC inside of public access areas if I have a physical condition. I do have minor bursitis in my hip; if I were to get a doctor's note then I could choose my EUC as my assistive device and, you know, ride it around inside Walmart.
  4. --You'll probably put a hold on UPS so you can pick it up hours earlier. --You'll be shocked out how heavy the box is. --You'll carefully open the box with the idea you'll need it later. You will. --As you unbox the wheel you'll be amazed at how precisely everything is packaged together. The wheel will be slick to the touch, and you'll harbor the fantasy it was put together by robots, untouched by mere human hands. --The wonderful tire, electronics, and ion smell will encourage you to place the wheel next to your bed, or perhaps in it between you and your wife. Preferably. --You will need to visit this forum in order to figure out how to inflate the tire. No kidding. --When laid on the floor, the wheel looks surprisingly tiny, like a little baby orphan. --You will regret turning on the unicycle while it is using the bottom foam packaging as an unicycle stand. NEVER do this. --The unicycle will be everything you expect but much more.
  5. It's my hope to see an in-stock wheel dealer in every city and perhaps every town so people can try out wheels and answer these questions. I mean, we have car dealers everywhere, yes? You just cannot know with any accuracy what is an appropriate wheel (buy your first <any> wheel then figure it out) but you can have a pretty accurate idea of what your second wheel should be as you now have a basic of comparison. In fact, you've just stated a criteria important enough to mention ("I have this one mile stretch..."). To pose the question is to answer the question. The V5F is inappropriate. The V8 or the KS16 is appropriate. I would guess most advanced 16 inch wheels are appropriate. Get the V8. Self-disclaimer: I've only ridden the V5F+ and the Gotway MSuper, and only a combined 700 miles. So whatever I say is from logic and not from experience.
  6. I love my V5F+, and use it almost exclusively. For most situations, especially for errands, grocery shopping, commuting, and other little trips I use it entirely. However, I will be stuck on straight stretches of around half a mile, and it is during those times I find myself in "the death zone" whereby I'm so bored I inch up to the maximum speed of 15 mph, hit tiltback, then go down to 14 mph. That tiny zone, going back and forth trying to stay within it, is actually both uncomfortable and boring. It's challenging only in the sense of spearing an olive with a toothpick; sure you can do it but why bother if you have other options. I'd for sure go with the V8 over the V5 if I had a straight like that; the weight is the same but the speed is a more comfortable few mph on the straights. Now my average speed is 9.5 mph on the V5; that shows I am hardly ever on straights so for my usage the V5F is perfectly fine.
  7. I think you meant to buy this instead.
  8. I seriously looked into getting a boostedboard as it seemed to fit my needs but for the potholes that would grab those little wheels. I did get a longboard for $50 recently but it is impractical to ride except on smooth park paths. I don't know how people can ride their boostedboards in the city in a reasonable manner.
  9. I've been using contrapposto recently. It seems to completely eliminate feet pain. I alternate feet. Also, now I can place my hands in a natural position. I do wish the pedals were longer so a true contrapposto could be used.
  10. I'd love to test it; otherwise I'd buy it but I just bought a wheel a few days ago.
  11. I'll do a rolling dismount where I hop off the EUC then catch it one-handed as it goes by; the few steps I take does wonders in restoring my feet. My intent is to smoothly do a dismount and mount while walking or running, just like that amazing French guy whose agility is second to none. I'm not there yet.
  12. My impression of everyone here, with no exceptions, is every rider is self-confident. Confident people do not feel the need to make fun of other people in order to feel better about themselves. Why is that so? I see riding a unicycle in public requires (or at least I do) a certain confidence in one's self, and the ability to laugh at one's self at lot (lost count of the number of times I've dropped my wheel in the middle of intersections) that we just do not care about crapping on others. Personally, I feel it's difficult to be a wanker to newbies when I myself keep falling off my unicycle. Pride goeth before the fall and all that. I've belonged to other forums like motorcycle forums, and people care a lot about looking cool and styling. I think a lot of the bad behavior from public forums comes from pride. Let me tell you, being in unicycles where you fall...a will need that quiet self-confidence to pick yourself up. The rollerblade forum is kinda the same way. Integrity through adversity and all that. I wub you guys too.
  13. They both use notched rubber bands so they are easy to install; they won't come off unless you crash. I put them both on the trolley of the Inmotion V5; they actually fit perfectly and appropriately. They are both USB rechargeable. Neither gets in the way when opening and closing the trolley; I did occasionally knock one off-kilter during wheel handling (or crashing).
  14. I bought two each of these as they can both be rotated in any direction in 90 degree increments. Lights designed for bike handlebars are almost always pointed to the side instead of towards the front or rear. Bodyguard Bike Tail Light-USB Charging,(Red, Blue, Pink)3 Color Changing, 6 Modes, Waterproof & Lightweight.High Intensity Bike Rear Helmet Light Fits on any Bicycles BLITZU Gator 390 Lumens USB Rechargeable Bike Light (Blue)