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  1. Hearing loss while out.

    Even 15mph is pretty loud, enough to cause permanent hearing loss. https://www.noisyplanet.nidcd.nih.gov Evidently I'm not the only one thinking wind noise is extremely loud.
  2. I need to point out that a slide on an EUC is absolutely treacherous. If you ride them long enough then you start treating them as bicycles in the sense you think you have forward - back stability. Then you hit a wet leaf. An EUC slide is nothing like a bicycle or motorcycle slide. Imagine taking the tip of a Pogo stick and freezing it in a cup of water, then taking taking said Pogo stick to the middle of an ice lake just after a thaw so you get some nice wet ice on wet ice contact, and then stepping on the Pogo stick. Oh wait, without using the handlebars. That would be too easy. With absolutely no modesty I can brag that I can thread my EUCs between two nuts that are 1.5 inches apart. I can easily ride on top of elevated surfaces that are a mere hand apart. I can weave through a debris-strewn path without touching even a single twig or leaf. And yet, with absolute certainty I can say there's a bullet out there with my name on it, except instead of a bullet it's probably some goddamned mini-acorn or a wet stamp someone accidentally dropped upside down. I suppose it's the same story with most EUC riders; everyone is capable of sticking their wheel within 5mm of where they wish; just cause we've crashed so damned many times. If you don't think you're scanning the road like some psychotic battle Ceylon, then try this: pick up all the unusual objects you see on your trip. Bolts, nuts, nails, perfume bottles, prescription glasses, vapers, and various other detritus shall fill your pockets.
  3. New KingSong 18L?

    Are more powerful motors less efficient? For example, would sticking a 3000 watt motor use more power cruising than a 2000 watt motor, given the exact driving method?
  4. Police Hoverbike

    ^^^^ Ah, yes. Women are just like the middle east; commit yourself to a single supplier and you'll eventually find yourself embroiled in a war from which there is no cheap exit. Morale: make sure you have several suppliers to keep the cost down and availability up.
  5. Police Hoverbike

    It's all oil money, and as solar panels and electric vehicles turn every home into a mini-energy factory, I envision a future, quite soon, whereby those middle-east constructs won't be very relevant at all. Since most of those projects require constant energy to maintain, I see them being these huge abandoned structures. Historically, resource rich countries that didn't develop gradually but instead went from poor to rich overnight always seem to invest in these huge "man against nature" projects rather than in human capital, and end up even worse than before once their resource dries up or becomes obsolete. If one were to look at the rate of adoption of solar and wind, and assume (big f======g assumption) a log curve, then independence from oil seems to be around 2030-2035. Actually within our lifetimes. I don't know if that's a good thing in the short run. One can see the middle east dissolving into war, blowing up their oil fields by accident or negligence, and generally causing a whole lot of mischief even as they become irrelevant. They might dwarf the present migratory hords. Although, from what I gather, most Germans are all in favor of bringing in another 800 million migrants from the south.
  6. I was pretty irritated at my V3s showing up unannounced, and then riding it was pretty hard. Rather, learning to ride it was hard. Presumably it's a hard wheel to learn, I think because it requires you have to lock it between your knees instead of letting it float between your ankles. Damned wheel won't even turn if you let it float. Once you accept that, and there's a few youtube videos on how to ride the V3s, then it's quite a wheel. I'm still undecided on whether to sell mine. While it's a great wheel while moving, I find it very difficult to bring around casually for 95% of the things I need a wheel to do. For example, if you need to go grocery shopping, the V3s is a pain to lift onto the cart (only one handhold unlike the KS16 which has two handholds), and then it takes up most of the cart. And you can't exactly trolley it around. Well, you can, but god help you if anyone even slightly touches you or bumps the wheel. It's not exactly an urban wheel as you never ever want to climb flights of steps with this wheel; I bought a wheel to do less, not more, work. The V3s, along with the KS18's, are as specialized as the IPS i5, which is to say great in certain situations and terrible in others. Doesn't Eddie have a KS16S? If so then I suspect he'll be like me; that wheel gets 80% of the love 'cause it's fast enough, stable enough, light enough, to do what needs to be done each day.
  7. The Photo Thread

    I didn't get the reference at first; basically I gather that it's a white-balance issue. I wonder if that's why color film photography wasn't popular for decades even though the tech was available for rather cheap(er) since the 1910's; it's so easy to screw up white balance when you weren't in the daylight that most people simply went to black and white film.
  8. You can do heel drops occasionally and often while on the EUC. Basically just drop your heels onto the pedals so your full weight is born entirely by your heels. These are the Gold Standard for eliminating Achilles Tendenosis which you should also check if you have. Plantar Fasciitis and AT are closely related. I've heard of a few EUC riders that had FP and/or AT, and said that riding an EUC eliminated such diseases. I'm guessing they do a whole lot of hard braking and hence heel drops, and so thereby eliminated their FP and AT.
  9. After my first 16-19 mph face plant, I agree without any doubt whatsoever that a full face helmet is highly advisable.
  10. The Photo Thread

    It's a type of green caused by the oxidation of bronze/copper. My camera often doesn't know what to do when it detect faces AND a color most living humans don't have, and so the pictures that come out are often unexpected.
  11. The Photo Thread

    Usually girls run away from me. Rode my EUC to the botanical gardens but left it at the front desk. The black statues and auto white balance made an interesting effect.
  12. Hearing loss while out.

    You can replicate such results by downloading a decibel meter unto your smartphone, then spot-checking various areas. I'd be interested in seeing what other people get.
  13. Hearing loss while out.

    About twenty five years ago I noticed some very slight hearing loss, or rather ringing in my ears, and since then almost always carry earplugs with me, or be ready to stick my fingers in my ears. Occasionally I'll not bother to put in earplugs, and simply ride my EUC. Is this a bad idea? Well, some years ago I downloaded a few decibel applications for my phone which measures how loud your environment is. It turns out 120 decibels is pretty common while passing over highways, or roads that are parallel to highways. In other words, the maximum decibel my phone can record--120--is commonly reached while commuting. There are several 45mph four lane roads on my commute. If I turn the volume of my KS16 speakers to their maximum, then I still cannot hear at all the music supposedly coming out from it (this without earplugs). Turning off that street onto a residential road immediately makes my KS embarrassingly loud. There doesn't seem to be any good solutions. Now Here One/Two does make active noise cancelling earbuds, along with other companies but as they are expensive I haven't tried them. One could use foam earplugs, which indeed is what I use to great effect, but that might make you less aware of your surroundings. Personally, earplugs have helped me because I have had dogs and people bark or yell at me in the hopes of getting me off my EUC, and the sound is still there, just less of it. A ten mph pace is about 85 decibels, enough to cause hearing loss after about 8 hours. That's just from the wind never mind the diesel trucks.

    With great regret I had to down vote this video after watching the vertical video "don't do it". This is only the second time I've down voted, and yet I feel sad I can't down vote this post ten times simply from the VV. VV is a true evil that has infected the soul of civilization. I'm afraid I'm going to have to hate anyone making a VV. Nothing personal.
  15. MSuper V3S+ lasted 5 months...

    You are selling the wheel because it became obsolete. While it doesn't mean there's something malfunctioning with the wheel, it does mean it is missing features you consider important enough to unload the wheel. For example, at what price would you buy a 320 IPS Lhotz for?