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  1. On any one trip, <Voldermort> is extremely unlikely to happen but over time the chances of <Voldermort> approaches 1, or near certainty. How's that full face helmet looking now?
  2. Gotway MSuper V3S+ Review with speed test (30 mph)

    The MSuper is magnificent. I need to sell mine as I cannot easily lug it up three flights of stairs.
  3. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    I think everyone gets a few wheels at first because you cannot know what you want until you spent some time on a wheel. With little variation I see most riders getting a teeny tiny wheel, a midsize wheel, and a great big expensive wheel as that would satisfy most or all needs. Still, that video you posted doesn't really show an investment in wheels so much as an investment in yourself as you're riding that MTEN at a very advanced level.
  4. Do you live where you have to take a car to get out of your house/apartment? Some places an EUC is magnificent for getting around. I would think urban areas of Germany were purposefully built for EUC's in the 19th century, only they didn't know it.
  5. Unlike almost all other vehicles, you can put your gear on and off while riding the EUC as you have both hands entirely free. I almost always put on and take off my helmet and wrist guards on the first start and the last stop, respectively. My gut feeling is the full-face helmet is probably the most important gear you can wear as the few face-plants I've had I've come very close to losing my nose and teeth, and just barely managed to convert all of those into Ninja-rolls.
  6. Hurricane Harvey and Texas

    Are there really that many German-speaking card-carrying members of the Nazi party in the United States? Apparently I can't walk down the street these days without bumping into someone from the losers of WWII. Good thing I can speak a little bit of German.
  7. Do you know something what happen about this

    So axle sizes should be big. Like really really absurdly big. How hard can that be? I can't see any disadvantages at all in making huge axles, but of course I'm rather biased since I have the infamous KS14c.
  8. I know just two others who ride, and they aren't quitting anytime soon. Presumably, those riders wearing no helmets will quit sooner than those that do, and those that wear half-helmets will quit sooner than those wearing full-face helmets.
  9. 63 old guinea pig

    Interestingly enough, on Sunday on the local golf course two guys had a go on my EUC (I'm ok with people trying on grass so long as they promise they don't quit). The first few times they tried it, they said it was simply impossible but suddenly for one guy it clicked, and he was fine, but the other kept trying for around 20-30 minutes with absolutely no success. Learning EUC's is highly variable. The KS16s is probably one of the easier if not the easiest wheels to learn to ride on and to ride. I have the tire pressure between 40-45 which above that makes the wheel progressively harder to balance on as it becomes more tip-prone into the corners. Below 45 the wheel is perfectly neutral. My observation is practice hopping off the wheel. Get on, then practice hopping off, as for sure you'll need that skill regardless of what you do. Don't be like me where I learned to ride so easily but then had a couple of painful falls when I didn't know how to bail.
  10. Do you know something what happen about this

    What if an EUC were to go to water cooling, whereby most of the electronics are in sealed boxes, but the heat is removed by, presumably, heat sinks and water cooling?
  11. Hurricane Harvey and Texas

    This point of view, from a banker to bankers, shows how much money is to be made from the Paris Accords. https://www.americanbanker.com/opinion/banks-key-to-determining-success-of-paris-climate-deal My viewpoint is the Paris Accords are a giant tax and subsidy program to encourage development in non biocarbon fuels. Trump fired a huge warning shot across the bow of bankers, telling them to shape up or else he'd cut the teat they suck on off. The Paris Accords are silly; you're just giving money to people wanting to make a profit while apparently virtue signalling. If you were serious you'd ban all cars that spew biocarbons right now. If you really believe we need to stop global warming, that is. To me, this is a worthwhile sacrifice. It'll be painful for all of two years as we stump around on our bicycles and foot, until we finally have enough cars. Might do some good, even, as Americans, and especially American women, are the fattest people on this earth. Ban all internal combustion engines, use solar panels, stop having kids, send the kids you do have to schools within walking distance, stop owning two cars since your wife doesn't reaaallly need to work (or avoid career-oriented women who are more likely to divorce than not), and stop inviting dirt poor immigrants into your country who will simply consume far more resources as they increase their living standards.
  12. Anatomy of an overlean

    This all seems a sweet mystery, yet if that chart was sent real time to our smart phones along with training on how to read it then I'm sure more crashes could be avoided. Or perhaps not as we would try to ride closer to the edge...
  13. Would you buy an EUC that could go 100kmh?

    You mean something like a two wheeled electric vehicle? Joking aside, a tiny wheel that snap deploys forward in the event of a failure could work, especially if it could be used in conjunction with a tiny reserve battery that'd give you a last gasp burst of speed, otherwise you'd still fall. A reverse penny-farthing bicycle that deploys at very high speeds but self folds into an EUC might make 100kmh safer. Not safe but safer.
  14. The Photo Thread

    Angry Beethoven.