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  1. The Photo Thread

    I love unicycling.
  2. Choosing first EUC

    The tiltback on KS-16S is well designed in my opinion. No sane person will accelerate fast at those speeds, so one won’t reach the top speed overly fast. I often ride the start of the tiltback at 34km/h. I usually don’t even notice the tiltback, even while surfing on it.

    There is another relatively recent thread on the subject, I hope you’ll find it. The conversation was slightly on the warmer side, and atleast I’m not interested in participating in a new one...
  4. Kingsong - new app

    Justina wrote that a new firmware was well on the way I think already two months ago. It was said to concentrate on the riding modes. Unfortunately haven’t read about that rumor since.
  5. Beat the crap out of the Tesla video!!!

    I see, thanks. I wonder what kind of communication will follow between GW America and the official Gotway.
  6. Purshase recommondation for beginner

    There is a KingSong KS-14D for sale in the classified section. Seems to be used very little and in good condition. It does cost more even before shipping, but I think it's one of the closest you can get to what you wish. Only one request (price) not fulfilled, that's pretty good! As replied earlier, a 200Wh battery does not equal 28km/h or 15km. Lhotz 340Wh = 15km, but after the first 5km the top speed starts to come down from 26km/h, ending at walking speeds. And Lhotz's 500W is NOT a safe wheel to go 26km/h. For 28km/h even at full battery you need more power from the engine AND a bigger battery.
  7. Beat the crap out of the Tesla video!!!

    This video is so easy to see as a complete opposite of what it was probably meant to be. "Everybody look! If you put a bulletproof vest on a Tesla, you can tumble it over on grass!" To see this come from Gotway themselves... Auch.
  8. Deep experience with GT16

    I think I know what you mean. It was laborous, but I believe I was able to secure all connections firmly. Besides proper soldering ofcourse. Too bad I didn’t take any inside photos when all was done.
  9. Speed up!

    I regularly averaged above 28km/h on my suburban trips in the summer, but the grounds are now covered with wet leaves so my average dropped to well below 18km/h. One of my regular trips has several long (over 1 km) straights that I ride at the beginning of the tiltback on my KS-16S, ie. 34km/h. Not on a windy day sure, but even on light winds my shock absorbing 16S is pretty stable at full speed. I always wear full protection when I ride: padded motorcycle jacket and pants, wrist supports and a (bicycle) helmet. The position for me is knees bent a bit for suspension, and I have my feet so that I have good contact at the front of the pedals. Not tip-toeing, my heels and toes are both firmly down. The point is that if a bump or softer dirt is about to slow the wheel down, I have immediate pressure at the front of the pedals to accelerate the wheel to a breaking position and not fall over.
  10. Deep experience with GT16

    Yup! Let's float some more: I know I promised to finalize the project and make it look less horrible. I shall now make the exact same promise!
  11. New KingSong App for iOS... DO NOT UPDATE!

    Yes, the version 1.4 is the good old green app I’ve been using. I read that the KS firmwares can’t be upgraded with the green app anymore, they just won’t appear. Hopefully they get their app together for a proper launch.
  12. After upgrading a 340Wh Lhotz battery to a ~520Wh one (= +50%), I did feel it getting up inclines with slightly more authority. On my KS-16S going from 840Wh to ~1020Wh (= +20%) I didn't notice a change. Other than added distance ofcourse. I believe meepmeepmayer is correct in that modern high powered wheels are indistinguishable regarding the relevant battery sizes, but it makes sense that the voltage sag is proportionally larger on a device with a small battery.
  13. Hearing loss while out.

    You don't need headphones for that! At least here in Finland...
  14. New Ks16s - trouble with LEDs

    I don't know of a factory reset procedure on these. I also know nothing at all about Android as a system, or the KingSong app for Android. Sorry! A new firmware (and hopefully a working app!) will be out eventually, could be worth looking forward to. One thing you could try is to swap the front led stripes with the rear ones. That way if the issue follows, you'll only need the new led stripes. It would be an easy enough warranty case from the sellers perspective as well. In any case I would contact the seller. This is a defect after all, and if nothing else you might get reimbursed slightly.
  15. KS16S head light problem

    I agree, the headlight should be better. Have you noticed that the headlight to the other direction is slightly brighter? Mine was. There is a reflector to the headlight, but it is symmetrical and not focused enough. The way the reflector works, taping the top section of the lamp will hinder its usability as a headlight before it actually helps with the glare. Hoping to get the headlight suitable for (K)night riding, I replaced the actual led with a slightly more sensitive one from a broken flashlight, and also aimed it a bit lower. I was able to find a precise position for the reflector that concentrates the light better. It doesn't hold a candle to a 10W cree bicycle lamp, but I have found it sufficient for night riding at relaxed speeds. The led is quite a bit dimmer connected to the 16S than it was straight up with a 3.7V Li-ion battery. I guess the 16S runs it at 3.0V or so.