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  1. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Ajelen huomenna taas Kaivarin Kompassitorille kahdeksitoista. Tuu moikkaamaan! Vois ajella vaikka jonkun rundin.
  2. Got an email, shipping is after all $50, so I would have to pay more. First tire last fall had a shipping weight of 900g. The second was 1200g. Now it's 1600g. All Chaoyangs, same size. Although I have hunted this tire for months, I'm seriously considering cancelling the Yoycart order and going with a Taobao Agent instead.
  3. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Mulle se on ykspyörä.
  4. The H-5102 looks promising, I considered it too. I’m sure it suits an EUC a whole lot better than your semi-slick, and will grip on grass and dirt like crazy. When searching for tire images, I noticed that a lot of Lhotzes come with the H-5102. Mine came in March 2017 with the Kenda. I got confirmation from a new supplier that they do have the H-5167 in stock! I bought it, but since this is dealing with China, there’s still a chance they’ll contact me in a week saying they don’t have it after all. If so, I’ll go with the H-5168. Sucks to pay $40 postage on a $10 item though. I used to think more price equals more quality. Nuh-uh, usually one pays just for bad logistics (or marketing).
  5. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Tervetuloa, Touho! Mulle on tota huikkinu vaan muutama ikäihminen! Kommentit menee 90% näin: 2-5v: "Äiti, mikä toi on?" 5-12v: "Uiui, kattokaa! Magee!" 12-20v: *Räkäistä naurua* 20-40v: - 60+v: "Mikä ihme se tuo on? Sähkölläkö se kulkee?"
  6. KS16S head light problem

    Both lights should work in both directions. Sounds like the main light LED (or the electronics driving it) is broken. But it's okay to ride to the opposite direction, just re-calibrate your pedals if you have calibrated them to an angle.
  7. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    What I’ve learned is that the problem with that kind of design (one large absorber) is that when leaning to any direction, the absorber gives in way too much. And when standing at the center, it is too hard. The ideal for an EUC would be the opposite, to be hard when leaning, and soft when at the center. It would make a very complicated build, so the best pedal plate solution is to have individual absorbers at each corner: - Low and hard for outer front - Low and soft for inner front - High and med. stiffness for outer rear - Medium height and soft for inner rear Since the absorbers are squeezed in (ie. pre-tensioned) with the pedal plate screws, four identical absorbers can be close enough. I would leave out the outer rear screw though, since it is probably right under your heel, and is supposed to have the most travel.
  8. Very well documented, Smoother! I meant to write on my process last fall, but never got around to it. One thing to note, when lifting the shell up to the 4 remaining bolt holes, mine wasn’t completely straight anymore. Took a while to find out why I felt the wheel was pulling left when my feet got tired! When first doing this, I recommend fitting the lifted shell on the motor without a tire, and making sure the shell sits exactly vertical. Tire patterns I learned that the forceful uprighting during speedy cornering is HUGELY affected by the profile and tread pattern of the tire. The profile on your tire looks quite flat, so I’m sure you have it a lot worse than with a tire that has a pronounced center ridge like the CST on Msuper v3. I believe the bouncyness is mostly affected by the inherent stiffness of the rubber used. The CST handles closer to a 2.125” tire, but it is wavy on fast acceleration or on sandy asphalt. This is the least bouncy of my 2.5”s. Chao Yang H-5146 is incredibly stable and predictable on all surfaces, but makes a growl on asphalt which makes the rolling feel laboured. Mileage is not affected though. Kenda (from Lhotz) has good grip when cornering on dirt, but is the bounciest of the bunch. i’m sure the Chao Yang H-5167 would be a near perfect 2.5” tire, but the tire literally doesn’t exist. All the sellers on Ebay, Yoycart and English-Taobao would’ve sent the H-5146 instead (which is why I have the H-5146 in the first place...). Currently considering the H-5168.
  9. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Jep, siellä nähdään!
  10. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Sateet siirty maanantaille, eli pidetään sittenkin se sunnuntai ni velikin pääsee. Alustavasti klo 12, mutta meille käy koko päivä.
  11. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Sunnuntaille povataankin sadetta koko päiväksi. @Pasi ja @UniVehje, sopisko teille sittenkin lauantaina johonkin aikaan?
  12. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Ykspyöräsellä joo, talvella alla on allekirjoituksen Airwheel johon vaihdettu skootterin karkeat talvirenkaat. Pitoa riittää missä vaan, mutta akku on 2500km:n jälkeen jo niin hyytyny ettei talvella riitä tehot mihinkään jännään maastoon. Ja 16km/h tietty tuntuu 16S:ään tottuneelle kävelyvauhdilta. Kurja kuulla, toivottavasti ei jää pysyviä vammoja. Parempi jatkossa pysyä ykspyöräsen selässä ni välttyy tollasilta!
  13. Tip: Method for weight balancing an EUC

    Yes. But I have learned that it’s a bit more complicated than that, as the speed of the wheel affects wether the exess weight is on that spot or 90• before. Trial and error seems to be the best bet... For disbelivers: Most wheels/riders do not need this process. And many would gain too little to make difference. But if you buy a replacement tire from China that has been in a twisted position in a tight packaging for months, this really can help a lot.
  14. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Alkaa tosiaan tarjonta vähenemään aika rajusti jos 840Wh ei riitä. Etenkin 16-tuumaisissa. Vaikka 35km/h on raju vauhti, kyllä mulla syksyllä oli olo että vähintään 40km/h kulkeva 18-tuumanen olis suorille baanoille pakoillaan. Ihminen on tästä outo, aina vois olla lisää! Nyt kauden alussa tosin 35 tuntuu vielä oikein passelilta maksimilta. Saas nähä miten on kuukauden päästä... Mehän saadaan ehta miitti pystyyn sunnuntaille, hienoa!
  15. Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Sehän sopisi! Sovitaan lähempänä tarkemmin. Ja tietysti kaikki muutkin mukaan! Ykspyöriä näkee liikenteessä niin harvoin.