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  1. I did. Though I still think a combined support glove is the best option for me due to lot less effort to put them on and off. I'm afraid I ordered them too big though, but the seller wasn't able to change the order anymore. We'll see. I was actually expecting the shields on the jacket to be a bit sturdier. I might add additional padding. And they won't stay in place, so I'll have to sew them in properly. A bit of work, but I believe it's worth the effort.
  2. KS-16S made me rethink my protection, as the speeds available are insane. Since I need the protection to be easy to put on and off, I bought myself a second hand motorcycle jacket and pants for 40€, which should serve me well with a few modifications. The jacket was waterproof, so very hot in the summer. I cut off an inner layer of rubbery fabric, and now it's quite passable atleast in 20•C temperature. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves are on the way, and I'm off to check a pair of used motorcycle boots for 50€. Here's the jacket:
  3. As meep replied earlier, GPS doesn't use cellular data, but many apps do for the map data. Some apps have the option to load map data to your phone and use the app in an offline mode.
  4. Marvellous comparison! Worth a bump. I'm considering the H-5167 to replace the raised-center Kenda on a new KingSong KS-16S. What I do worry about is traction on wet roots and rare confrontations with mud and wet wooden bridges. They are rare occasions, but my tire has to be able to handle sensible riding on those as well. Both Chao Yangs have a wide flat center section that doesn't look promising for wet conditions. Will they hold their course as well as any default tire, or should I look for something a bit rougher?
  5. A year ago I downloaded all free cycle navigators with route planning available for iPhone. I settled on Komoot. Uses Openstreetmaps Cycle map data, is great for planning and saving tours, tracks while navigating, and can save tours with data. Available for Android as well.
  6. I would think that at these power levels the difference the rider can feel in sane conditions is just in the programming. If I understand correctly, you'd need a long crazy steep uphill to consume the peak power and reach the "rated" territory. I just rode the cross-country skiing trails that my 520Wh Lhotz couldn't handle. The steepest uphill was past what I could've climbed up in my youth mountain bike years. Couldn't consume past 1300W with the KS-16S, even when accelerating as much as I dared.
  7. Holy duck. I spent the better part of a second hour in the woods in the middle of the night calibrating, looking at my phone laying on the pedals while riding various speeds and terrains, etc. The issue has been SOLVED. My senses were utterly and completely out of whack. My KS-16S does NOT tilt forward. My feet are so accustomed to the Lhotz after 2600+ km that they didn't know what a flat level feels like. I'm ashamed of my body. In a way that I don't think anyone has ever been. Or will ever be for that matter. Edit: I LOVE my KS-16S! Especially on the hard mode!
  8. I ordered mine on June 26th, the seller said they will forward the order to the factory. Tracking code became active 28th, so I would assume it is latest batch, shipped soon after the 28th. Very interested to see if this firmware hunting reveals something!
  9. Do you also have the 16S? If so, is it also running the firmware 1.02? Because the tilt forward is very obvious and strong! It is freaky when stopping peacefully, as the pedals tilt back to the calibrated level (tried flat, -3 and -5 degrees). I do feel the same behavior in the cycle mode too, kind of like it was the root behavior on top of which the riding modes are operating. The softer cycle mode just masks that behavior a bit. I'll see if I could measure the tilt angles at speed. I think stand alone iPhone screen recording is not possible, it would've told us a lot recording a level app. I so hope I don't have a faulty unit!
  10. From experience, I calibrated even before my first ride. I have since calibrated several times to find the best compromise. Wheel held upright as precisely as I can by hand. I think I would use the hardest mode (adorable at curbs and hills!), but the pedals keep tilting forward even when doing quick brakings. Feels quite dangerous. I'm at the 'cycling' (medium) mode now, as it feels safer for emergency braking. The tilt forward I mean is very slow. When accelerating, it takes several seconds to reach it's position, and same when braking. It's not like the learning mode that feels like you're standing on a fluffy mattress. The learning mode lets the pedals tilt immediately, and far enough for me to pee under. Haven't tried that mode since. Hate the laundry. ;op I did rub a few spots a bit too hard, so it's not totally even. I might sand it down to equal roughness. I imagined the shine would wear down in time anyways. And still better than a messed up logo that also messes up my pants! The cleaner is a locally rebranded cheap product, but it's made of prop-2-nol (30-100%) and HFC 134a. I'd think pretty much any "-ol" would do.
  11. Let's try it this way: What is it that you want the new wheel to do that the X3 doesn't do already? Why do you want to upgrade?
  12. A few negatives though: After the first ride my sand coloured pants were stained orange from the KS logo in the side pads. I ended up rubbing the logo off entirely with electronics cleaner (running out of IPA atm). Surprisingly the rock hard side pads also softened up as a result. They were so hard by default that I had big problems getting on without support because of the sheer pain on my shin. Pedal tilt is strange. If calibrated to horizontal, the pedals will tilt and stay tilted forward already at medium speeds. If calibrated 4 degrees backwards, the position at speed is good, but it will tilt back too much when going very slow. Bad for offroad. The manual is in Chinese, but using a live iPhone camera translator I was able to get a glipse. Nothing useful. I'm still at loss on what each of the button does in various situations. When charging, press both to see side lights (battery level), while the front light can be turned on with either button. These should all be covered in a user manual. The frame creaks quite a bit. Doesn't represent the quality of the wheel properly. Will seal it properly some day.
  13. ONLY compared to the age old IPS Lhotz and Zero. I'm under the impression that from these new powerful wheels the KS is the quietest. And I truly am quite sensitive for sounds. I wear earplugs every time I go to a larger grocery store. The noise wears me down quite fast. Exactly. It is important to mention every time I talk about the KS, I can ONLY compare this Tesla to an 80's Corolla! Edit: Actually I don't think I should write a review on the 16S at all. It would serve no purpose other than to derail people trying to decide what to buy.
  14. My review isn't going to be a fair one since I haven't tried any of the other modern wheels. I think it was a very precise comparison by someone, that Lhotz is 10% of the KS-16S's 100%. One third more money gets you ten times the wheel. Lhotz is a mid 80's Corolla, KS-16S is a new Tesla. KS-16S tire at 4.0 bars is hugely more comfortable on bumps and cracks than Lhotz at 2.7. KS's Kenda does have a center ridge that is a bit higher, so on curves there is this slight 'oops' section where the KS seems to fall slightly on it's side. Once it wears down a bit I'm sure the cornering will get smoother. And coming from an old 2.5 inch tire there was bound to be a difference. When riding the KS I feel like I was standing on train tracks. It is so incredibly stable and smooth. I didn't think it was anywhere near possible to feel the road this differently. Going uphill it feels like I was in an elevator. It just goes up. On Lhotz I had to be careful and do these little hops even for small bumps. The same bumps disappear on the KS, and I go up in an elevator while standing on railroad tracks. The difference is so stumpious that I'm afraid if I will start to make foolish decisions on the KS. Like going up too high curbs, or trusting the KS to handle curbs I should also take part in conquering. The whining noise is bad though. I know I'm quite sensitive to such sounds, but still, at this level of a masterpiece it is an issue. I will surely see if anything can be done about it. I will definitely write a proper review once I get more mileage.
  15. I received my new KingSong KS-16S 840Wh yesterday. Bumpered her up and rode for about 15km. Oh dear lord.