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  1. Southern California Cogswell Dam - Sept 4th 2017

    damn that looks fun!
  2. Saturday Morning Griffith Park Ride - 29Jul2017

    Well boys i spent the last 3 hours fixing the pedal issue, got it all nice n tight. Soldered one of the 3 motor connections because the bullet connector was messed up. Fired the baby up and blew the board. WHY?? you might ask... because stupid stupid me. Didn't pay enough attention and connected the other 2 motor wires WRONG The thermal sleeve things were up to the necks of the connections and i didn't see the damn colors. Anyways i think i need a new board now.
  3. Saturday Morning Griffith Park Ride - 29Jul2017

    I just got to the bottom of this shitty problem. One side of my pedal bracket was swinging back n forth by like 2-3 inches. Not good! Trying to think of something that'll fix this for good.
  4. Saturday Morning Griffith Park Ride - 29Jul2017

    ...see what all that "sitting down" riding did to your monster my case is not so surprising because i know i abuse the shit out of my wheel
  5. Saturday Morning Griffith Park Ride - 29Jul2017

    @Marty Backe my hero. Thanks!
  6. Saturday Morning Griffith Park Ride - 29Jul2017

    @Sven Yup. exactly the same jerking/loud banding going on with my ACM. Please let me know if you figure out what its from or how to fix it.
  7. Saturday Morning Griffith Park Ride - 29Jul2017

    I have the same issue. What's the deal with this jerking ????
  8. Southern California Sunset Ride - 08Jul2017

    Ill probably show up too with my fat 2.5" acm. Just to see what kinda trouble Marty runs into this time ?
  9. Southern California - Griffith Park ride on 06May2017

    I woke up around 8:30-9:00, heard the rain, went back to sleep. If only i knew that it would stop raining so soon i would have came ?
  10. Southern California - Griffith Park ride on 06May2017

    Haha @abinder3 I dont know if thats possible but whats the prize?
  11. Southern California - Cogswell Dam for 22Apr2017

    Walking down for 20 miles with a few hours of daylight left was not an option.
  12. Southern California - Cogswell Dam for 22Apr2017

    Saving Marty and the Monster (part 2) So. After getting lost i almost started to believe that i myself might not make it out of the mountains in time, so i started praying. And it went a little like this.. "Jesus take the wheel".. " God please put me on the right track and help me get out of here. Please God i really dont want to spend the night camping with the bears. etc..." Sure enough.. my prayers got heard and after some time of carrying my 45lbs acm up the hills i finally saw a downhill route that looked like it was going in the right direction. So i hopped back on my dying wheel and started zooming dawn the hill. I knew that i had to get down quickly because i needed to get to the park rangers asap so the'll have enough daylight to go out and find Marty. After maybe an hour and a half of riding i finally came across the stupid dam that we were looking for the whole time! At this point my phone slowly started working again. I checked the maps and the park rangers station was not far away so i got back on the wheel and continued down the road until i got to the main gate where the rangers were supposed to be. Walked up to the door but unfortunately there was no one there. So i called 911. My call got transferred 3 times before someone in the right jurisdiction was able to send out some help. They asked me where i was and told me to stay there till the cops arrive. So i stayed put. Shortly after a whole gang of police cars and fire trucks and ambulances arrived at the gate. I made the 911 call at 5:45. From 6-9 i was with the cops explaining the situation, and answering all sorts of questions. Luckily i had a took a picture of Marty and Jeff from earlier that day so i gave that to the cops for description of our missing peeps. I had took a few more picture of the trail names and numbers on my way down. Those, along with a picture of Martys gps coordinates of his last known position gave the rescue team an idea of where he might be. The gps coordinates Marty had pulled up on his tracker turned out to be the nearest cellphone tower which was no good. So i had to somehow describe where my missing guy was to 6 different groups of teams (including; the police department, the fire fighers, the park rangers, the helicopter operator). They couldnt belive that we had made it all the way up the mountain and back down almost to the 2 frewway on "that thing!?!?" Anyways making the already long story short, being the "informant" i stayed with the rescue team leader answering more question and confirming new information they were getting until they tracked down our missing man. By the way the parking lot was 20 miles away from the point that i came down to on my wheel. Had a friend come pick me up and take me back to my car. End of the say i had probably done 50miles of mountain riding on my awesome ACM2.5 which saved mine and Martys life. ??
  13. Southern California - Cogswell Dam for 22Apr2017

    So i had to leave Marty behind to go get some help because after 20 miles of climbing a steep hill on the monster and then going downhill another few miles on a fucked up trail with landslides and trees blocking the way he was too exhausted to get back out of there on his own. This is where my mission began. With %20 battery left i turned back and started heading back up (for about 2-3 miles) to the top where i thought i would have cellphone reception. Somehow i missed the spot and/or my cell didnt pick up the signal so i kept going up hoping that i will soon get a signal. At this point my wheel was beeping at me pretty hard and i was barely moving. Came across two Y crossing. Both times made the wrong turn.. went down for about 10 min, realized that im not heading the right way( looking at a very blurry google maps image i had loaded on my phone) then pushing my wheel back up the hill on foot. So after being lost for over an hour with no map, almost no battery, no water and no cell reception i was starting to think im stuck on this damn mountain for good. To be continued. Stay tuned for part two of operation save Marty and the Monster
  14. Southern California - Cogswell Dam for 22Apr2017

    Marty did you guys make it down?? Call me as soon as you get reception. 4246449111
  15. Southern California - Cogswell Dam for 22Apr2017

    Guyss i just realized its a 50min drive for me. Ill be a little late. 9:20 ish. Please dont leave meeeee