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  1. Ch.Eng.62

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    At https://www.electricunicycles.eu/store prices are almost the same. 60€ difference
  2. Ch.Eng.62

    Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    1 mach. The grounding will be a problem.
  3. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    US $1960? Never! Better IM V10 from Speedyfeet for 1395£. Two years guarantee! My opinion!
  4. Probably others will not agree, but did you try beer or two before riding (if you are above 21 )
  5. Ch.Eng.62

    pedal hinge scrape and inflation

    It needs some time for arranging the workshop for basic maintenance
  6. Ch.Eng.62

    pedal hinge scrape and inflation

    The valve extension https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/ninebot-one-parts/products/160mm-valve-extension is very useful. You can use different kind of pump connectors on it.
  7. Ch.Eng.62

    pedal hinge scrape and inflation

    Protecting of the hinges was impossible for me. But after initial period of learning, and receiving some scratches, no need of this protection. Regarding the leaking valve. Check is there or not a rubber gasket in the hose connection piece. If there is, try to tight further the hose. Also it is possible the leaking to be between the hose and the connection piece. Some of the regular bicycle pumps are not designed for the high pressure required by the EUC's. You need a high pressure pump, above 100 or 150psi.
  8. Really the riding is very comfortable. Only the noise and probably higher resistance ( lower mileage) are the disadvantages.
  9. No, but your question was for tire with good grip (road and offroad)
  10. It is very good on mud and snow. But after finish the winter, I will change back to the stock tire.
  11. Ch.Eng.62

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Thanks for the info
  12. Yes, but as I mentioned, it is very noisy at high speed.
  13. Ch.Eng.62

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Good job. But it is more easy to touch the ground during sharp turns. Probably you will have to adjust the length after tests
  14. Schwalbe Mad Mike 16"x 2.125(57-305). I am not sure it will fit Tesla, but I am very satisfied on my Ninebot One E+. But it is very noisy.
  15. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot One E+ For Sale $400

    The diameter of Xiaomi wheels is 8.5" (20.8 centimetres). The skateboard wheels are 3.5-4" (8-10 centimetres)