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  1. It depends of maker/model. For example Ninebot S2 has an IP rating, but E+ hasn't and needs some mod.
  2. Hmm, I have S2 (and E+). Both are with 1.4 (the last firmware) and never had any problem. My opinion is that it is very reliable.
  3. I am a professional seafarer. But my dream was (and still is) to pass Pacific ocean on sail boat. I am far away from your route and cannot help but wish you good luck in your sailing. By the way, keep enough money to buy a ticket to go home, if something goes wrong.
  4. I don't believe. The ring is removable. The remaining is something like smooth hemisphere with small button for activating. And I am always with hand protectors
  5. I am using this one
  6. It is another form of twin wheel EUC's and it's downside. Here I can see only disadvantages. Bulky and heavy device, with a small tyre {probably 10").
  7. Thanks. I was asking because I have the same problem. It is not something I cannot deal with, but I am afraid I will miss the warning when I am near to limits of the wheel
  8. Hi, how did you reset the wheel to factory settings. I couldn't find how to do this in de app
  9. Hi, probably, because the battery is heavy, about 2 kilograms, the power cable to the main board is disconnected on one more place. You have to remove the left side shell and to check. On YouTube there is several videos how to disassemble the wheel. Good luck.
  10. Hi, congratulations for the project. There is one successful free open source project for controlling flying rc models. It is used mainly for quadcopters. The basics are the same (but more complicated, 3 axis control and stability) . The name is MuliWii. I think it can help. By the way, you have to achieve balance between time for reaction and stability.
  11. As work in gravity =mass *gravity *height, and work=energy, obviously if the we carry more weight (mass*gravity }, more work will be done by it. So more energy have to be absorbed anyhow, dissipated as a heat or transformed to a battery charge. Of course minus the losses, friction and energy required to keep the system alive, which (my opinion) is minimal.
  12. Thanks, it is also my opinion. I just was not sure enough the charger is going direct to the battery or through the mainboard. But something is limiting the charging current. By the way i dicuss this matter with Ian Sampson from Speedy Feet. Hi also thinks the problem is in battery. New battery is already ordered but I have to wait delivery from Germany. I have 9b1 S2 but the charger connectors are different and cannot test
  13. Hi, have you solve the problem and how. I am in the same situation. Battery voltage is 58.4V and would not charge. The charger voltage is 63V down to the battery connector. But the dealer says probably the trouble is in the mainboard and ask me to send the wheel in Germany, but I am in Bulgaria. It will take a long time and a lot of money. Almost as to buy new mainboard.
  14. The Ninebot is again available at
  15. Thanks. I am in Bulgaria. Speedyfeet was checked already, but the handle is out of stock and probably will not be supplied. Ninebot Europe may be therre is not online shop