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  1. First cycle - Charger question

    No 67V, but Ninebot 63V
  2. First cycle - Charger question

    It is better the battery voltage to be checked. If it is above 60V, the charger most probably must be 67V, if it is around 55V, the charger must be 63V. The battery is almost depleted now. But if the voltage is below 50V, it is possible lower voltage battery to be used, as hoverboards
  3. MTen3 Trolley Handle

    Thanks for the info. For me DIY is a part of the satisfaction And usually I have very long vacation (3 to 4 months) between contacts (4 months), so I have a lot of free time
  4. MTen3 Trolley Handle

    Good. I am going for cheaper solution. Spare trolley handle for suitcase 14" from EBay and DIY fixing for 24$. By the way, I am still waiting for delivery of the wheel, but I want to by spare tire. Tell me please what size is it.
  5. Buying a used 1S1

    I think the wheel will be happy with everyone who have the Bluetooth password. The wheel is not locked to any specific profile in the app.
  6. Where to buy a Ninebot9 charger?

    There is in Banggood Ninebot One Unicycle Accessories 120W/61V Charger Supply for NInebot One C+ E+ https://banggood.app.link/t7wdMMIVKG
  7. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Is that wheel will be available in your European shop wheelgo.com?
  8. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If these are all tests done with a new model vehicle, it is a little bit scary. For example, new model car have to pass extensive tests for safety, reliability and etc. Or EUC makers are relaying on testing their new models by customers.
  9. Newbie need opinion

    With higher pressure, the resistance is lower and the traveled distance with one battery charge is bigger
  10. Newbie need opinion

    With NB1 you have to travel some distance, I forgot how much, probably 30 kilometres, and the speed limit will be OFF. Before this particular distance you can't remove the speed limit. Well come to the club.
  11. IPS i5 full disassembly detailed photos

    I think it is a casting. Usually for castings zinc - aluminium alloys are used, which is not good due to their low mechanical properties. In modern cars the engine block and cylinder head is also aluminum casting, made from high quality aluminium, but I don't believe here the same process is used. I wonder what aluminium alloy is used for the shells.
  12. What is actual ninebot power adapter output?

    It is better than damaged battery. The price of the adapter is 60+, the battery is 300+
  13. What is actual ninebot power adapter output?

    I had checked voltage of power adapter of 9B1 E+ and S2. It is 63V So, most probably your adapter is faulty
  14. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If it is true, next several days we have to know more specifics. I am impressed.