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  1. Mten3 London

    Mten3 is a great wheel. For short distances. And after some mods. Battery mod is almost compulsory (please search the forum) , trolley handle mod ( Marty Backe did very good mod) and tubeless tire (if it is not tubeless from the stock ).
  2. No acceleration. The feeling is like the pedals become "soft". To maintain the speed I have to push further or I will make a faceplant.
  3. I have similar experience with Gotway but MTen3. If the road is not perfect, but have some irregularities, probably due to vibrations, the pedals are tilting forward. It seems that the calibration is lost. It happens at any speed. I didn't experience this with 9B1 S2 or E+ I never ride with very high speed, with 9B1 is not possible and with MTen3 is scary
  4. Change the connectors as a set, both, male and female, and you will be sure that will not have any problem with them
  5. Ninebot One S2 Tyre Valve access

    Not good. The valve is bent in the wrong way. But if if everything other, battery, motor and mainboard are OK, it is better only the tube to be replaced.
  6. Ninebot One S2 Tyre Valve access

    Really? Are you thinking on replacing the inner tube? It is only one disassembly.
  7. Ninebot One S2 Tyre Valve access

    Yes, it is parallel to the rim.
  8. Ninebot One S2 Tyre Valve access

    You are right. The picture is perfect. It is not the correct position of the valve. I have S2 too. Other solution is disassembling of the wheel
  9. Ninebot One S2 Tyre Valve access

    Probably the inner tube is not on the right place (relative to the rim). Try to to reduce the pressure further by pressing the valve stud with hook, and rotate the tire (together with the inner tube) relative to the rim.
  10. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Very sorry to hear this! Wishing for a speedy and complete recovery.
  11. Curiosity about Testla motor wires (Hall/FOC)

    Yes, there's several connectors. For LED's, for ON/OFF switch, charging port and for Hall sensors. I had disassembled my Mten3 (for battery mod) and I am sure that there's wires from Hall sensors. As per other forum members, the mainboards of Tesla and Mten3 are identical
  12. Curiosity about Testla motor wires (Hall/FOC)

    But they always will go to the mainboard. I really think you missed the wires from Hall sensors. There is sensorless brushless motors, but they are operating only at high RPM
  13. World map of EUC riders

  14. Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    The stock tire was replaced with MTen3, option 2 (70/65-6.5). The removing was not so difficult (after preheating with hairdryer) , but the tire was stuck to the rim. I tough it is glued, but probably it is something similar to Slime, because there was a liquid, about 0.06litres, in the tire. The stock tire was tubeless. The fitting of the new tire was not difficult too (after soaking in hot water), but there was a air leakage most notably around the valve and minor between the tire and rim, probably from scratches I made during unsticking the stock tire. To eliminate the air leakage a spray for temporary repair of tires available in Bulgaria was successfully used. The driving is way better now. Sorry for my English.
  15. Gotway Mten3 Tube Replacement

    I think preheating the stock tire with hairdryer before removing and soaking the new tire in hot water before fitting can greatly reduce the required force.