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  1. No. That is the kind of stuff that slam the door shut. WHAT ARE THEy THINKING?
  2. I bet guy looking at the garage door sataryed thinking. "I wonder what cordless drill she is using". Time warpppp "I wonder what ECU she is riding". you see it works!
  3. Guys! Let's be careful here. So 1p3500mah another 1p2900mah. The milliamps is the water in the bucket. Now you pare all el the cells. Both cells start at 4.2vdc. No issues. Start discharching with say 2.1 ohm resistor. That is the 4.2/2.1 is 2 amps. that mean at the beginning each battery will be pumping out 1 amp. Now at some point the 2900mah will have emptied its bucked of electrons. Because it only holds 2900mah worth of electrons. At that point the 3500mah still has electrons in is bucket. Since the load resistance is still the same the 3500mah will continue to dump higher and higher currents. At some point the 2900mah will put 0amps and the 3500mah will be putting 2 amps. Electrically this is not detrimental for the 2900mah cell put it is clear the 3500mah cell is working harder. Now say it is time to charge. So power supply goes into current mode and starts charging cells. At the programmed voltage it will go into voltage mode. At this point the lower capacity cell will be fully charged sooner that the 3500 cell because that cell is still not full. Not I believe this is when the 2900mah is getting excessive charge. The power supply is in voltage mode and as long as the charge milliamps are in excess of 250ma the power supply will stay in voltage mode damaging eventually the 2900mah cell. So if I am wrong please explain. It's just not a good idea to parallel cell of different capacities.
  4. If you can bench charge possibly. Lets say get a DVM and measure the charge voltage. Record. It will look lower during the current mode phase of charging. Towards the end it will go to voltage mode 4.2*16cells should read 67.2. the power supply should then go green when the current level falls below 250ma. Remove the battery. Connect a 120v incandescent light bulb to the battery and monitor the voltage. Record every 30 seconds for say 10 minutes. Maybe longer if the voltage does not drop too much . The resistance of an 60watt,120vac lightbulb is about 240 ohms when it gets hot. So 67.2/240 is about 280 mull amps. now be careful these battery packs can push out 10amps easily for a 1P fully charged. ideally it is easier to do say 4 light bulbs in parallel and track the voltage for 60 minutes. That would be approximate 1 amp for 1 hour . It should give a good pass fail approximation to determine if your pack is defective. mah is milliamp hour.
  5. hey @Marty Backe. I think we should invent a new survival tool. Since we american always carry a bit of extra lipo reserves not as lipo-batteries but lipo fatty acids around the middle. We should invent the lipo re-enregizer tap. It consists of a thin tube with an epidermic needle and anchoring tape. You insert the lipo syringe in your thickest part of lipo fat. the syringe comes pre-loaded with a lipo-fat liquifier. You first blow on the tube so the liquifier is injected in the lipo-fatty areas. After 30 minutes you can start sipping on the calorie rich pudding. Possibly have flavoring added.
  6. NICE! @meepmeepmayer I would straighten out the motor A B C cables so they transition in a nice smooth curb. I see the sandwiched the cables at 90 deg in two places. (TERRIBLE). They should not do that.
  7. @Marty Backe. this is what you need to add to your back country equipment. LOL.
  8. Love my MCM4. would be even better with a 2.25 or 2.5 tire. The MCM4 does not like cracks at full inflation. If I don't flex my knees and lower the pressure and try to smooth the ride, every crack feels like a hammer smashing on the wheel. The Moster possibly need an algorithm change. If they keep the same degrees for the close loop position error calculation then the wheel will need more pedal input from the rider. the tangential distance the pedal has to travel is larger on the Monster. Also having a longer pedal to axel arm, it will feel softer to the rider since you have more leverage to keep in neutral position. It would be beneficial to try the ACM pedal to axel support arms and see if the wheel would feel more responsive.
  9. I am 100% certain that Microworks makes the controller for Gotway. The lower end 30B4 is almost identical. Also the microworks web site offers what looks like the MCM4 controller. And it looks like the same one as in the Microworks Geek wheel. So my guess is Gotway only designed the shells since their app also is terrible and it looks like they don't care at all to make it work right for IOS. Also at one point they showed a 12 MOSFET board 40B but some how they did not release it in the open market. Only the 30B is available. @electric_vehicle_lover Can you run the unmodified 30B board at 67 and 84 volts? Does the board care other than posibly changing the MOSFET to higher specs? wonderinf if a 30B board can be updated with stronger MOSFET and the run it with higher battery bolts. Does the default software cares?
  10. Straighten up. You muscles need to learn to balance diferent than normal standing or driving a bicycle. Your body mass needs to stay firm and centered at the beginning. Flapping around and contorting puts to much correction and you will be all over the place. Center and lock and do small subtle corrections trying not to be like a noddle flapping makes it worst. Your balance point is fixed. You need to trust the machine and make it part of you by planting the feet and using the ankles and the wheel to balance. Trying to contort your body does not interact with the machine so it will feel out of control.
  11. Cool this be true @Jane Mo ? 84v MCM4? I found this on the Facebook page
  12. Well the computer is off. Spinning the wheel becomes a generator. Without knowing how the AC voltages on phase A B C feed through back through 6 MOEFETS that are not energized is known. And considering is beeping looks to me the circuit is not well designed. I would walk it with the power on. With the computer on, the circuits should be in the correct state.
  13. You ruined my conspiracy theory! L
  14. Lol. Monday they make KinDong. Tuesday they make GOTWAY. First couple of units messed up because they changed model. Wednsday they fix the messed up GOTWAYS. Thursday they make hover-boards. Friday they make electric bicycles. Lol.