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  1. I have a MCM4 is a great wheel. 20 mph solid top speed. No issues. But after you get proficient it feels slow. But a great wheel. no complaints. 20 miles range. But if you want open road high speed you will need a second come wheel
  2. lol l
  3. As long as no power most likely ok.
  4. Yes they did.
  5. Put a sensor right on the bullet connectors
  6. I think @Marty Backe two events (melted cables shorting and then unstable firmware issue) should get some next generation updates. Axles need to be thicker to prevent breaks. Wire need to be thicker to handle currents during occasional steep and long grades to prevent melting failures. Additional temperature sensor to warn overheating at the cables and at the mosfets and at the motor. So warning can be sounded before it's too high. In realty cables would almost Ned to be same gage as the ones in the battery pack since those seam to hold well so far
  7. Glad you are well. Hope you got a check up on your body. I am sure the insurance will see the light. You have witnesses. And I am sure there is lake water evidence inside. Get well. And meditate the event. I would not be shy to see a professional. That even was traumatic and it might linger for a while. Better to get it out by seeing a professional. Don't want to let it cement in you brain. I don't want to sound like giving too much advice but I have seen many personally and they suddenly show up in your daily life in other unrelated experiences. So if you feel some butterflies just driving around or in stressful situations it might be triggered by your trauma. See someone just in case. Anyway glad you are well.
  8. I technically agree. I just think talking about voltages confuses the essence of how torque is generated in a magnet/coil magnetic field interaction. The only thing that matter is being able to generate enough current-amps values to maintain a wanted torque. The computer will adjust the PWM duty cycle to generate the necessary amps to maintain the necessary torque to reduce the tilt angle error or the wheel put by the ridder. So as long and the voltage is not lower than needed to generate amps , it can be as high or as low. Of course at some point is too low because 100%duty cycle volts / coil resistance - back emf is the max amps that can be generated. But battery volts can vary widely before it can not be a positive delta to generate positive amps. So i try not to confuse people with volts. High or low batter volts is not the control variable. The control variable is amps. And yes without volts there is no amps. But amps is the key parameter.
  9. If you wrap raw chicken breast, the will keep the cable from melting longer until the meat evaporates enough moisture out. I bet it would take two hours at full power before the cable melts. Then at the top of the hill you can have a chicken dinner. LOL.
  10. All those things are just complete Engineering incompetence or no engineering. It just looks like they just put stuff together and see what happens. Simple calculations would have told them all these issues ahead of time. And if they did the dimple calculations, then they shipped the product with the assumption that no one would side it on long hills, or fat people or acrobats jumping of curbs and stairs. But in all seriousness, the issues are simple Engineering principles.
  11. I will try to simplify. A motor is running at 10mph, constant grade, no change in rolling resistance. The battery is 80 and the current shows that to maintain this speed is 10AMPS. Now lets say same conditions but the battery is at 40 volts. The current will still be 10AMPS to make the wheel go 10mph. The numbers are academic and not real but only to demonstrate the relationship. So why is this so! Well at the time when the battery is 80volts, the computer was putting let say 10% duty cycle to generate 10amps to produce the mechanical torque required to maintain 10mph. When the battery is 40volts the computer then increases the duty cycle to generate 10amps to produce the same mechanical torque required to keep the wheel spinning at 10mph. To produce a mechanical torque on a motor only current is the parameter that determines how much torque is produced. Inductance, Resistance, Capacitance, Voltage are also important but as secondary items on the complete design. Battery volts is only relevant to the point that the voltage is not capable of producing the minimum AMPS to produce a mechanical torque required. And yes it is also important because of the secondary issue of BackEMF. At some point the 80 and 40 volts example dont work because if you hit the region when RPM is high enough to produce a backemp high enough to prevent enough delta volts to maintain the minimum current needed.
  12. There goes mono again speculating about how something won't work but he know nothing about it.
  13. There goes mono making statements so we do all the leg work for him. If you are going to question anything find out for yourself or ask.
  14. Unless you are a feather, all objects fall at the same rate. So possibly you are jumping too high or jumping and bending you knees too much. That would make you feet be much higher that the pedals when the wheel is on top of the curb. Youtube has some nice tutorials.
  15. I think you might want to look at the pads used to heat the seat in cars. Maybe you can get the cheap at the local auto recycler. @Rehab1 how you doing?