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  1. Msuper making some weird noises and vibrations

    Hope so I use it twice a day I don't think I could now live without it.
  2. Msuper making some weird noises and vibrations

    True. As long as it gets sorted.
  3. Msuper making some weird noises and vibrations

    Yes I got it from speedy feet will give him a call on Monday and see what he recommends doing. I am 100% sure it wasnt doing this when I got it I only noticed it 2 days ago. I been feeling like I was going crazy.
  4. Msuper making some weird noises and vibrations

    Surely these shouldn't happen this quick it's not even been a month yet since I got it. It only has 454km on it.
  5. Msuper making some weird noises and vibrations

    You mean the motor vibration from the magnets yes but no way near as bad compared to when riding it.
  6. Msuper making some weird noises and vibrations

    I haven't even had it a month yet
  7. Hi all I noticed the other day that my Msuper v3s started making this weird humming and vibration at slower speeds. The humming can get so bad that it makes my feet and legs feel numb and I need to stop for a bit. Here a quick video of the vibration and humming it is making. Any ideas on what could be causing it would be great.
  8. Another MSuper V3+ Wiring failure - Ug

    I checked mine the day I received it but still thinking about changing the connectors to XT150. Better to be safe than sorry right.
  9. 1radwerkstatt battery upgrade kit...

    Once all setup it will charge in the E+ with the standard charger. All batteries will be charged at the same time. Charge time will also be increased. Have you watched the video a few posts up?
  10. Msuper V3 Mudguard - yours from $1.99

    My 3d printer will be arriving tomorrow, now just need to learn how to use 3d modelling software. Does anyone have any recommended software to try?
  11. Msuper V3 Mudguard - yours from $1.99

    Just got mine and very pleased well done @Tilmann
  12. Gotway Msuper v3s warm battery

    To what I can work out the BMS is working even after charging. Depending on what board gotway have used the BMS will drop all the cells voltage to the lowest cell voltage even after charging is complete. If a BMS uses the “drain the high cells” method to get the pack balanced, that is called a “resistor bleed”. I think this is happening after charging is completed. I could be wrong though. It's still a little over my head but I am still looking in to it.
  13. Gotway Msuper v3s warm battery

    Found this information to be very helpful. How a BMS Balances the Pack If your charger shows a green light (indicating that its full), our theoretical 13S pack will read 54.6V when its hooked up, but if…as soon as you unplug it from the charger, the battery pack plug reads 53.0V on a voltage meter? This means that one or more of your sub-packs is not taking and holding the full charge. The way that a BMS works is that it allows a simple bulk charge to pass through it to the battery until it reaches the programmed “full” charge. Then it stops the charge and takes a moment to sense what each of the sub-packs’ voltage is at. Most sub-packs will be at 4.20V, but one cell might be at 4.15V Most BMS’s then drain the other sub-packs to the voltage of the lowest pack (in this example, 4.15V). and then the BMS allows the bulk charger to send another full charge to all the cells. This drain and charge happens several times until the BMS senses that all the sub-packs are all close enough in voltage to be considered “balanced”. Due to the varied cells’ resistances, when the LVC cuts power at the end of a ride cycle, each of the sub-packs will be at a slightly different voltage (which is natural), but…as long as they are not too far away from each other, the BMS can then manage getting them to a balanced charge state without it taking so many drain/charge cycles that…it seems like it takes forever for the pack to finish charging. Out of all the different ways that a piece of electronics could fail, the sub-pack “drain” function (as part of the drain/charge cycles at the top of the charge for balancing) can fail, and completely drain that sub pack down to zero. If you have a 13S / 48V pack, and the packs highest voltage is 4.2V less (50.4V instead of 54.6V), you have a dead sub-pack that will no longer take any charge. If a BMS uses the “drain the high cells” method to get the pack balanced, that is called a “resistor bleed”.
  14. Gotway Msuper v3s warm battery

    That makes 2 of us and I stumbled across the heat when I was checking the motor connectors. But when I find heat on batteries it always gets me thinking. I repaired DJI drones for 3 years and did a lot of work with lipo batteries. Heat gets me a little worried when its happening after charging but BMS boards are new to me. With lipos the charger does the balancing hence why I asked about the heat.
  15. Gotway Msuper v3s warm battery

    I believe it is just the BMS doing its job creating heat (resistor bleeding I believe) to use up any over charging in the cells. To what I have read this is normal and can take a while in the larger size batteries mine being the 1300wh. I will be grabbing my temp gun tomorrow and doing some tests.