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  1. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    From the package into a turnstile in 3 minutes. Must have been a beginner's mistake
  2. Music?

    Hehe, yeppp! I just recognized the name from loooooooooooooong ago (this is how you know you're OLD! now) and listened to some songs. Quite good! Nice post there, btw!

    Cycle paths in the U.S.? Quite neat ones! That's the real surprise there. Also, I believe a Telsa was in the video at some time, or was it a Kingsong? Can't remember... but did you see those cycle paths?
  4. Music?

    Not sure why I find old stuff lately. Also Finnish.
  5. The wheel is good. The seller (maybe) and Amazon reviewers are a disaster. People who try to ride for 10 seconds and then conclude it's impossible, people who give low rating because of delivery delay or damaged package, etc. Better trust some knowledgable opinions (here) than Amazon reviewers. Ninebots and the S2 are boring, but safe (and cheap), and seem to be pretty reliable. At least I haven't heard anything else. So either the Ninebot people don't post here, or it's not that bad. Anyone who wants to get a beginner wheel for little money, this offer is fantastic. Sure, you get a much better 14D for more than twice the price (almost 3 times)... but for 300 this is quite the steal. Nothing to complain about in my book
  6. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Don't victim-blame the buyers. If a noob can manage to fry the wheel (and I don't assume they do crazy jackass tests with their new 1000+ moneys device just to see what happens), then the wheel should not have fried. Same for selling. If you sell a wheel, it has to work. You can't blame the buyers for buying something you sell, even if you warn them about something you sell. How ridiculous is that? Or does the store page say "not usable for what we say it is good for"? I don't expect it to do that.
  7. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    The Ninebot will be slower, this is how it prevents cut-offs. I don't think it will be a problem, Ninebots aren't know for dropping off their riders and have a good safety reputation. 14 vs. 16 is not such a big difference, you can do everything with both. Some things are just a bit easier and natural on a 14 incher, and some on a 16 incher.
  8. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    Sorry, but that's a little funny Like this: But shouldn't the thief be relatively easy to find here, with the previous correspondence (emails or so)?

    You laugh now, but when the Big One San Andreas /Pacific rim earthquake hits, and you have to wheel around between flaming gas lines and burning houses, holes in the ground and fallen trees, through a lawless apocalypse with gun fights everywhere, let's see who laughs then! HA! ..... Until then.... any minute now... any minute... ok, you may have a location advantage, Mr. Rub-it-in. (And a wheel advantage,too, but that's cool) Funny thing is, the problem with the weather atm (at least here) is that it's not cold enough, colder and therefore drier (and maybe sunnier would be nice) you would have some nice, crunchy, grippy snow, or cleared bike paths, no insidiuos ice left, etc. Pre-winter instead of proper winter. It's still cold though.
  10. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Fuses are nice, but this could be done in software with much more precision (aka X Ampere for Y seconds is ok) and no compromises. I only see fuses as another cut-out-critical part that can fail in some unexpected way (see what Gotway said, I actually agree with what they said their experience produced) and can too easily blow when it should not or not blow when it should.
  11. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Yep. Or "engineered" at all instead of legoing parts from some sketchy electronics market together. The mten3 battery failure shows they simply don't have any conceptual overview design of the machine, just pre-made parts (like a battery with an unsuitably thin cell connection) they hope should work. No systematic and complete (in some way) concept and plans be seen. While there haven't been any notable KS failures with their new "S"-electronics wheels, I'm getting the impression they're doing the same thing, just on a higher level. Stronger mosfets, thicker cables isn't a proper design. They shouldn't have to stress test every single wheel in their test racks, this is supposed to be done by proper design and random sample testing. Ridiculous. I don't believe a proper design is more expensive than all those racks and worker time and space and whatnot, so it's probably an attitude thing. Thank you for your "won't order unless you..." efforts, probably force like this is the only thing that works with the mentality. It's still just only fixing bugs and possible weak points, though. But that's not your fault. Maybe in the future, "won't order unless you have a design with guaranteeable..." will be possible.
  12. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    Awesome, thanks!
  13. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    It's in the U.S., so the likelyhood of the wheel being from ewheels is high. Maybe @Jason McNeil has a serial number table and can look up if it's in there, and contact the original buyer to ask if it's been stolen? Let's make clear from the start what happens to people who steal EUCs

    A friend of mine is 33, and after 15-20 minutes of training from zero (along fence etc.) he did (not too confident) curves and free riding, and after some hours doing other stuff (aka brain keeps going), we did a nice few km ride with bike and ACM (we took turns with both, but mostly he did ride the wheel). More confident, and even free mounts on a very shitty, uneven, root-y forest path. So it just not "Youth!". But that certainly helps
  15. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    You're right, the V5F is too expensive for what it offers, in comparison. I also forgot the V5F vs V5F+ thing.

    Wrist guards can never hurt.
  17. Intelligent table seat

    Ok, I thought it does something else with all those buttons
  18. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    Would you take the 370€ ebay offer or the local seller for 584? For the price difference, I'd risk the ebay thing. Doesn't Ninebot have a dealer-independent repair network anyways, in the worst case? Who here knows more? But do what you're most comfortable with (same applies to choosing the wheel itself). The Ninebot is a good choice to keep the price lower, as the alternatives are double that. But you don't seem 100% happy with it? Take your time and don't feel pressured to order quickly (but you'll probably want to get a ride NOW!!! I know that feeling). Just for completeness, the Inmotion V5F is around 800€ (with shipping) so that's another choice sitting between the Ninebot and the others (though I'm not sure whether its price/what-you-get ratio is good, but it exists, so I thought I mention it). Don't know how strict your limitation to the 3 models S2, V8, 14D is... Welcome to Euroland!
  19. I believe the just count how often a magnet goes by, not even sense where it is. So any orientation should work.
  20. New i5 user experience

    A wheel like the i5 should come with its own, specifically designed backpack with an extra compartment for the wheel (dirt, as you said) as the "back plate". Kind of a neat package if it's done fashionable!
  21. The Photo Thread

    Just keep rubbing it in... Old news! In your mten3 fix video, you were wearing short sleeves again (vs. 2 times long sleeves in the previous videos). So this is how I knew it was getting warmer again in California
  22. Please help with Gotway App

    Answers the question, also how to change language to English is in the next post.
  23. Intelligent table seat

    What does it do?
  24. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    Really good advice by @litewave there!