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  1. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Somehow I thought you'd be there.
  2. Landed on my a**, stopping on a dime

    Hmm, 80 kg rider (= ~100 kg with wheel) at 15 km/h braking to a stop in one second (which isn't short) needs 1736 W of power. 20 km/h makes it 3086 W. So I guess, hard braking can overpower pretty much any wheel. 32 cells on the Lhotz, means 15A per cell for 1000W. (I think that's probably nonsense) Battery might have folded first. No guarantee on these numbers or their interpretation, I'm a noob. -- No idea how much motor power would be needed so the wheel would loose traction on pavement rather than the motor being overpowered. A lot, probably. -- Conclusion: everybody lobby for 5000W nominal wheels with 5000Wh batteries that can go 100 km/h. For safety!
  3. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Cool, it's even close to our apartment. Prices look reasonable (for Paris, I guess). We'll see if this or something more like a bar gets more support. Would be awesome to have a huuuuge dinner meetup with all the French people too, if they're interested.
  4. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Thanks! Will look that up.
  5. Landed on my a**, stopping on a dime

    1000W, is this right? It's a lot. And still you overpowered it. Or maybe the batteries were the weak part?
  6. Landed on my a**, stopping on a dime

    What wheel? This is important info Only fast wheels (= with strong motors) are safe.
  7. The GT16 has a... bra? The extra bags on the KS18 one are neat though.
  8. Anyone else tried Mountain Biking Shoes?

    Didn't even know there's such a thing as "mountain biking shoes". Must research now... If you want to die, sure
  9. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Just sent the following PM to @Hansolo, but might as well post this publicly here: TLDR: How about a EUC rider meetup/dinner (evening) on Saturday evening for everyone who is interested, maybe also the French riders, there must be a lot of them, we can join them or they us? Any restaurant tips anyone? (I'm aware this is a super specific question, couldn't possibly be more non-general)
  10. Why would you need an 18_L if you have an 18S? Also, did you unlock 50 km/h already (1000 km)?

  12. Gotway Tesla VS Ninebot One Z

    Thanks guys, somehow I believed there were different size models. Must have made that up.
  13. Gotway Tesla VS Ninebot One Z

    The Z6 and Z8 are going to be 16 inchers, aren't they? So the wheel in the picture might be one of the smaller ones. The tire really does not look like it has a bigger diameter than the Tesla tire next to it. The Tesla also has a lot of wasted space. The batteries are only in the center pillars behind the cushions. Kind of like a mini KS18 space-wise. (Wasn't there another Tesla vs Z thread, or did I imagine that?)

    Boooooring, a car I'm just trying to answer the question I had while watching the video: "But what does the cameraman ride?"

    So the camera guy wheel was a Tesla? Nice collection on the road.
  16. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Please no
  17. People in cars ignoring EUC riders right of way

    I like the Jaws music proposal! (in some other thread) Or maybe record the sound of a chainsaw (complete with maniacal laughter) and loop it for a motor sound
  18. replacing bicycle charity with euc charity

    It's the only logical conclusion

    The end was funny I also have a new theory, due to this video (the music especially): You're not Martman, the superhero, you're Hitbacke, the Hitman! You weave and ride around with your fun, colorful, unassuming mten3 in the night, smiling at people while you delight them with your tricks and marvelous tiny vehicle for a few moments, possibly wearing an oldschool hat fits the music, to be lifted in friendly greetings before you go on along your seemingly spontaneous route. But what these people don't know, somewhere in a dark parking lot along the way, your real destination, someone just collapsed from a single, precise shot to the heart by a silenced pistol, hidden under your shirt. I may have too much fantasy/time right now.

    Nice camera work, nice music, nice editing, nice video Surprised to see the i5 was the third wheel (hopefully only literally, not proverbially).
  21. replacing bicycle charity with euc charity

    Charity is about what the people you help want, not what you want. If they want bikes, give them bikes. But if they want EUCs... I'm all for it! And why would they want EUCs? Because they see one of us riding around and think "I want to do that, too!" or "It's that Marty guy again, I want to be like that!". So, in the name of charity, ride your wheels far and often, guys. It's also a moral imperative (And if Mr. Musk wants to do some charity, how about getting off the taxpayer-funded subsidy teat he's living off? I don't like the guy, as well as other so called philantropists [e.g. Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, ...] who are phenomenally low on results for the phenomenal amounts of money they claim to offer. You can only go so far in helping people by in fact caring only about your investments and image, keeping wages low, and being a general libertarian asshole/moron.)
  22. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Wonderful description. That should to be the official term from now on
  23. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    It's an ACM all right I've had a few times where it did its spin routine and splashed dirt right into my face. Makes you learn not to drop it.
  24. First ride

    You can extrapolate, but only to 20% (when the beeping starts to appear). After that, the battery goes down very quickly. In good weather, I get almost 1 km per % battery, but the last 20% aren't good for close to 20 km, but 5 km max. Though maybe, you with your magic wheel, you'll get 75 miles

    Very neat video! Only in the U.S. people can get this excited about riding some bikes in a group Even fireworks! "Tallbike" was awesome though. But how does the guy even get started up there? And what happened when the rest went into the low parking garage? These guys are quite fast, or the camera makes it look quite speedy. With the head mask, you really look like a power ranger! And Stan quasi-ramming that biker was funny.