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  1. Gotway ACM axle shims

    Marty got his from @Jason McNeil (ewheels.com). Here's his video about the procedure: edit: Here's the Monster video where he mentions ewheels. I guess you can get ACM/msuper V3 ones there too.
  2. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    If it's scratched, there's no excuse for that. Return it. Where did you buy from? Post some pictures if you want.
  3. Gotway Monster - Shell Body CAD - WIP

    Ambitious idea! If you simply want a stronger Monster shell, I'd just take an existing one and reinforce it with some layers of fiberglass (or carbon fiber if you're fancy). But probably you're more interested in the CAD+production process of an entirely new shell. Quite a lot of work, though
  4. Advice and Tips before first order

    Never tried the 18S I didn't realize you disliked the form factor enough to ignore the electronics. After your mountain test, I personally wouldn't have given the ms3 another thought, but guess that's my incline fixation Also, don't worry, if you state your view, in doubt I certainly believe you. Especially since I never rode the ms3 long enough as well. Why not? Did your wife tell you to say this? My guess is, on 18 inches, the motor power differences feel even bigger than on the ACM. But idk.
  5. Mten3 London

    I always wondered why there was no "official" KS distributor in the UK, thought they were or were going to become that (vs. Speedyfeet for Ninebot and GW). And now they shut down? Ian talked about testing KS wheels (he showed an 18S in some of his videos) and selling them, but since it hasn't happened, I don't get the impression that's high on his list.
  6. Advice and Tips before first order

    I'm not adverse to the msuper V3 at all. I actually thought about mentioning it. But: It's yet another wheel to confuse the choice. Which wouldn't be a problem, but since it's getting the Tesla upgrade like the ACM2 represents, that would mean another 2 months before it's available (as in, at his door). Which is too long. Price (well, that's not that big of a difference to the 16 inch ACM2) If I personally had to choose an 18 incher now, it would be the 18S, simply because of the better electronics. There are no big battery 16 inch KingSongs with comparable performance or battery capacity to the 16 inch Gotways, but msuper V3 vs 18S is much more comparable. The good old "Would anybody still buy Gotway if KS offered fully competitive wheels?" question. So TLDR: Wait time, and why not an 18S right away if you go 18 inch? That's why I didn't mention it.
  7. Mten3 London

    Wut? Do you have more details?
  8. Advice and Tips before first order

    16 inch is definitely the "allrounder" size, while 18 goes more towards stability. Reality is, you can ride anything pretty much everywhere, especially if it's your first wheel and you have no comparison anyways. Both are great for offroad - you'll only have a little less quick maneuverability with an 18 incher, and a little less stability/comfort with a 16 incher, but both can be (and is) done perfectly well. The reason I recommended the 18S is specifically because you mentioned a longer, regular commute with higher speeds and I felt the added stability and comfort from a bigger wheel might be preferable then (also, KingSong electronics are better than Gotway's, but in the end experience shows the Gotway electronics are good enough to not care too much). I would not wait for months for some future model to come out (aka the 18L). If you don't like the 18S, I'd say go for the ACM2 (or Tesla, if you prefer that, but I'm very biased towards the ACM's shell and battery size). It's price is also really good for what you get.
  9. Advice and Tips before first order

    The 16S has plenty safety margin at the 35km/h it will let you go, safety is no issue. But it won't let you go faster and throttle to slower speed limit relatively soon. Bigger wheels are not that much harder to turn. People weave around with the 22 inch Monster. You get used to it fast. I think it only matters in combination with going down a steep hill, offroad or so, where you really need twitchy control movements, where >16 inches is too unwieldy.
  10. Advice and Tips before first order

    Hi! More and more new riders here every day My first thought after reading your post: Kingsong 18S (or the upcoming 18L which has a more standard form factor - not tall like the 18S). Because if you primarily think "commute" when questioning what you'd use the wheel for, a more stable, comfortable and forgiving 18 incher might be nice to have - imagine, you're tired in the morning and wheeling to work and don't pay 100% attention to the road every second one day (which is just natural), and you miss a little bump/pothole/whatever, then an 18 incher will just more easily go over that without shaking you to the core or throwing you off (while not really suitable as a first wheel, I'd even think about the Gotway Monster otherwise - 22 inches is just beautifully comfortable and stable and forgiving). And the 18S is fast, and stable at these high speeds. That's the general idea for 18 inches over 16. Your 16 inch choices are great too (and in the "right" order). You could take all of them with no problems, all great wheels (for you, maybe the 16S is a little too slow for a 10 mile/>30minutes commute, and the battery a little too small). And if you rather want a 16 incher, go for that. It's really important to go by your instinct and first impulse when choosing what wheel is right for you, so don't overthink it, choose the wheel that jumps out at you. 30 miles is right at the limit of what a 1000Wh wheel can do - especially at your weight (also backpack etc.), which is a little on the high side in comparison to known range etc. numbers from riders here, and your temperatures that might be on the cold side (I guess... Nebraska) which also reduces battery performance and range. So the Tesla (1020Wh) and bigger batteries work for you. The 16S has 840Wh and it agressively throttles you to slower speeds at low-ish battery, so if you really want 30 mile range at speed, you won't have fun with the 16S. But that's an "if" - if you just plug it in at work, its battery is plenty big enough for your 10 mile commute. You can just plug in the charger and forget - the wheel's battery management system stops any charger at the max voltage, fast charger or regular, no difference. So no need to worry about any charging issues. A fast charger just charges faster (the final 10% or so are the same speed on any charger), that's the only difference. So, here's my list what I recommend for you: Kingsong 18S 1680Wh. 18 incher, fast, quality electronics a level or two above Gotway's, a very big (raaaaaange!) and the safest battery of any wheel (8 parallel blocks means, even at low charge percentage, any current demand from a sudden bump or so can be easily met). It's what I would buy for a regular commute that is on the long side (I also assume, you're not commuting through a city with nice bike lanes and a light every 30 seconds and so on, but more like between places on roads) If money is a concern, maybe ewheels.com can get you an 18S with a battery size between 840 (too small) and 1680 (expensive) - maybe around 1300Wh, believe 1360 exists. You could ask @Jason McNeil (owner) here or via email. ACM2 1300Wh or 1600Wh (my tip: in doubt, if you can, always go for the bigger battery!), simply because of the bigger battery in comparison to the Tesla (and the wheels are identical in electronics, so no difference there). Yes, the cables are skimpy (same as Tesla), but even that works easily for 20% incline if it isn't too long. The ACM is a tried and tested wheel, the Tesla isn't bad either, so I would not expect any issues with the ACM2 compared to them. (I guess the big price difference makes the ACM2 the contender over the 18S, but maybe you can ask Jason for a discount on an 18S, or he throws in a fast charger or so) (The Ninebot One Z is an unknown, but 18 incher, ~1000Wh which I personally find borderline too small (so my 16S/Tesla dislike) if you can help it, and the price won't be to crazy - I think ~$1700 was stated here somewhere. The 18L should be comparable to the 18S) (Always wear wrist guards on any wheel, and for daily riding and the speeds you think of, get a full face helmet and kneed guards too).
  11. Safest EUC?

    What's wrong with y... .. oh, good. Yep Only reason I still have the default 30km/h beep in my ACM is because I don't have a full face helmet yet (one of these days, I will). After that, the only beep remaining will be the 35km/h second default one.
  12. Haha. But now Marty is even a moderator, so what can we do if even they ignore the rules and basic forum decency? @Smoother Nice ride pictures. Why is it so bright and non-cloudy/foggy/dark/rainy/disgusting? Is there a strong spotlight nearby that creates these shadows? I can't follow... (just envious of your weather)
  13. The Photo Thread

    Yep, it's annoying, but it's good you have it out of your system now and know how it works. For when the real problems start Just kidding, once these "teething problems" are over, EUCs are very stable and low maintenance. You'll probably have no issues for the next 5000km (unless you crash).
  14. Post plz. Of the wheel+tire would be interesting, too.
  15. If it's really just 1cm deep (or 2 or 3), I can't see how it was a power issue/overlean You sure it wasn't something else? Usually the dangerous thing is, the bump lifts you off the pedals and you lose your grip/stance, and that's the real problem.
  16. The Photo Thread

    You bought a Gotway, that's just how things are with a Gotway Even if not all your problems are Gotway related, somehow everyone opens theirs sooner or later. Must be a rule of the universe - buy a Gotway, you'll have to open it
  17. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    @RoberAce What's the music at the beginning? It's nice. Also, good hand positioning - you keep them still and use your hips instead of moving your arms.
  18. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    Cool! Offroad and inclines are so great for getting better. And the lower speed there makes it safer, too. Not much to learn on flat pavement in comparison. It's more fun, too.
  19. Move Gotway App to new iphone

    To login, you don't need the motor code (you only need that to register an account). It's phone number + password for me (Android).

    Damn Marty, you have many talents. At least as many as you have wheels. The Leonardo da Vinci of our wheeling world
  21. [UPDATE] WARNING GT16v2 cut off

    This problem has nothing to do charging batteries. 80% warning means, the wheel beeps at you when it's at 80% of what it can do (usually motor power I think). Basically, it's telling you "I can't do much more, slow down" (you still need some margin because a small bump can easily get you from 80% to over 100% and that would mean an overlean crash). As this showed, the GT16 crazily enough does not have such a warning, only speed beeps. Because the guy was going fast at low-ish battery, it cut out (not enough power draw from the batteries available) before getting to beep speed. Hence the sudden overlean crash. Other wheels have 80% warnings and may also restrict speed beeps depending on the charge state/available battery voltage (KingSongs). -- What can also happen, is that small batteries (1P or 2P, number of parallel configurations of 67.2V/84V cell blocks) can more easily be overpowered and can't produce enough current in a high demand situation. E.g. some people had cut outs when accelerating a V8 or V5F (I forgot which, but they are both 2P) into an incline, even at relatively full battery. But with bigger batteries (4P like the 840Wh on the 16S, or bigger) that's not a problem, even when the batteries are at a lower charge state. No need to worry, just listen to all beeps and everything will work.

    For the record, I would have come if I lived in area. I just respectfully asked why the time was so early Also, not sure why, but these shopping cart shenanigans put a smile on my face. Must be because of Yoshi's enthusiastic gesturing. Have you done a speed test with the Monster and the cart?

    Guy has some skillz! May be one of the best riders around. Here's another one:
  24. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    The point is, it was baaaaad luck, something that wheels are just susceptible to, and that's pretty much it. Life is random. Not much to be done besides wear a helmet and other protection.