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  1. This is a great idea, especially because it is non-invasive!
  2. General purpose testing area, looks like it was mainly used for testing of motor vehicles (since 1926), military vehicles by GDR army, etc. These hills are obviously for incline tests. The "Verwindungsbahn" (twisting lane) you can see at the end tests how the axles deals with uneven ground. "Verkehrs-Versuchsanlage Horstwalde" (Google translate of the above)
  3. Cool! I'm wondering too Maybe we will see something happening, maybe not. You can always rename back Thanks again for being willing to experiment!
  4. Have you considered the KS14 (D or S, only difference is battery sizes apparently)? I believe it is surprisingly compact, the telescoping handle might be more comfortable than the V5 folding handle, and it has 30 km/h top speed.
  5. @kour Don't be scared of manufacturing defects. The one consistenly lacking thing were the bad motor connectors (that was the French recall), which were fixed. Check your wheel's production date, if it is after Chinese new year then the changed how they do the connectors and these never failed (since it's probably April or even later, everything is good; they maybe also improved their quality control a little for later dates). All the other defects were virtually all one-time events. And they were there from the start. When your wheel has been running fine for 50 km or whatever (once you go metric, you never go back), experience shows it most likely will hold up well for a loooong time. Of course it can never hurt to do a visual inspection of the board side now and then. But that's more psychology than necessary, I believe. And protective gear is worth it independent of how reliable you think your wheel is. Most crashes here were either intentional/careless/accidental overleaning the wheel, or - more importantly - that one bump in the road that was missed.
  6. So there's a forced tiltback at 50 km/h?
  7. Yes you're right. I was hoping somebody might have a better idea The Private Sales forum is working really well (especially now that it's ramping up a bit with people upgrading and latest generation wheels being available to buy), and probably should not be messed with. The Advertisements and Promotions forum has relatively little new posts and it's easy to miss stuff there (not sure if that's because of the low posting numbers or because it is just a niche if it's really just meant for dealer posts) so IF anything, might be good to start there and possibly expand its scope (if that is what is wanted). Maybe just rename it to "Commercial Sales and Information" or "Commercial Sales and Information (including Advertisements)"? That's a bit generic though, and does not make too clear what is is supposed to be about. At least "Advertisement and Promotions" is limited in scope, but clear. And not sure if renaming it would increase visibility. "Commercial Sales, Deals, Advertisements and Promotions" is a mouthful. "Commercial Sales (Information, Deals, Advertisements, Promotions)" is even longer. Anyways, maybe something comes out of this. We have time Happy to see staff being receptive to feedback
  8. This is about something different, but same vein: It might be good to have a place for "Good Deals" or "Current Deals". Right now there's no clear forum for that. There recently were 2 posts about cheap wheels at supermarkets (400€ Ninebot and 700€ V5F) and they were posted to the respective manufacturer forums. Which makes sense, they fit in there better than in "Advertisements and Promotions" (which apparently is meant for the dealers themselves to post; and which for some reason has bad visibility) nor "General Discussion" (which does not really seem the right place too). But will people see these posts in the manufacturers forums? Maybe it would be good to make the "duality" between the "Private Sales" and "Advertisements and Promotions" forums more clear; and the afforementioned posts would then clearly fit in one of them. For example, you could rename to "Current Deals, Advertisements and Promotions (New wheels)" so the distinction would be between secondhand and new (what is a dealer to do when he has a deal for used wheels though?). Or you say, people looking for cheap wheels will go to the secondhand forum first, so the posts should go there and you rename it to "Private Sales (Secondhand) and Third Party Deals" so the distinction is more between .... whether dealers post, or whether not? As you see, I'm not sure myself, but maybe this resonates with the staff and gives you an idea. Just some thoughts
  9. @Radislav Thank you! Wondering how it would play out when riding for real. It makes no sense to give the rider extra speed before a crash inevitably happens anyways. So why the crazy unstoppable (?) spin up? Does it really do that in real life? Instead of using that for emergency tiltback or whatever...
  10. Really nice to have a company representative answering questions here
  11. And I was thinking, @KingSong69 didnt post for days, he must have either died in a crash or is on holiday Looks like the second (or work travel?).
  12. Gotway lies to us 84V wheels pretend to be 67.2V.
  13. Hahaha so true, 20 km/h feels like walking speed on my ACM. These were exactly my thoughts - 3km/h away from "something". At 50 km/h something unusual happens (on the ACM at least, the msuper has the same motor but maybe different firmware), the motor does not just go on like normal. Not sure what exactly the behavior is. @Radislav You mentioned this once, maybe you know details? And 50 as per the wheel, not real speed if that is different. Just saying for posterity (this is not meant as a criticism of what @yourtoys7 did), once the wheel hits 50 something happens. So don't try this at home.
  14. 80% warning is only for the batteries!!!!! Not the motor. And the motor does something at 50 km/h so be careful. I think at 50 it spins up to 65 where it switches off. Not sure how that would work out in practice, would it slow down once the spin up pushes your weight/the wheel's balance back, or it just spins blindly until switch off.
  15. First the boob streamers on Twitch, now even EUC videos. Guess that's how you get views
  16. You could attach the switch to your measuring device and see if you can find out something. Maybe the switch just closes the electrical connection so the voltage is always there, but if the board detects a current flow it knows the button is being pressed. Random guessing... edit: this got lost a little, looks like the switch is ok and you should check all the other stuff, especially mods.
  17. You don't even have a shipping tracker to care about yet. THEN it gets bad All self control out of the window...
  18. Cool! I don't think it was your fault, looks more like the red cable was damaged and damaged the board, or somehow the board damaged the red cable. You can solder/do the connection between board cables and motor cables? Nice. Well, bad luck to have this after only 2 days but looks like it will be fixed soon so
  19. That's a fantastic way of saying "I can explore and don't even have to think about my battery level, let alone be influenced it." Which is indeed wonderful.
  20. Balance = the BMSes well... balance (optimize?) the last tiny voltage differences between the individual cells. Given that everyone says you should regularly charge to 100% and then wait a little, seems like that happens only at full batteries (higher voltage differences fix themselves anyways, as the cells are connected) and not always. No expert!
  21. Cute And the landscape is very... not sure what the word is... "old age" with all the mossy rocks in the field and undeveloped land.
  22. LOL If everything else is lost, there's still humor Still hoping you just have some bad/missing/wrong connection somewhere. The board does get power from the batteries so it can power on? (stupid question, but it's a start)
  23. The beeps in the video are NOT the wheel, but your measuring apparatus? Sounds exactly the same. You can hear 2 beeps though, the short one at the start and then the continuous one blends into it. In that case, can't offer much here besides my sympathy You sure learn a lot about what can go wrong with your ACM With my shorted motor wires, the wheel would still turn on regularly (beep, attempting to balance, lights work,...) and just give 3 beeps and the LEDs flashed red. So either the button does not start the wheel/something is connected the wrong way; or your board may really be fried You ordered a new board in advance? Why? Precognition?
  24. Marty is right. There's also that old saying "If you have sketchily designed electronics in a death trap below your feet propelling you at over 30 km/h, you better know what you can and shouldn't do with that thing!". Well, it isn't a saying, but maybe in the future it will be And I'm the "Buuuuut I need to know!" type anyways (and would like to use the wheel for mountain rides, that was the original plan), so for peace of mind I'll have to do something eventually. My plan is to go to that hill sooner or later (when I have the courage) and ride up for 30 seconds or 1 minute (it was 5+ minutes when the "bad" cables melted so this should be ok) and look at what current it produces. I think current is the number to watch out for (instead of incline) because it already takes into account rider weight etc. But I'll measure the incline too (as good as possible with smartphone apps). And I can try a video, but usually it's very hard to see incline in videos and photos. Sooner or later... If you have any (safe!) experiments to add while there, can do that. I'll be gone over the weekend and then... let's see. So don't expect anything soon. I already promised incline measurements in the other thread, but with the current knowledge (current is a noun and adjective here - puntastic!) and 20A max number, now I finally have something expedient to do instead of just reliving the heart broken feeling of a dead wheel and aching hands. Didn't want to do that with the shiny new ACM. So, one day it might happen
  25. @Bonzo They say you should charge to 100% every 10 times (cycles?) or so (maybe even have the charger plugged in a while after it is finished), and then give the BMS at least 20 minutes to balance. Just repeating what I read here somewhere, no expert!