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  1. Ok you're right, maybe not overpriced, but expensive. >2000€ makes the wallet cry My 1600€ 1300Wh ACM from the UK is my point of comparison, so >2000€ for >1000Wh seems expensive. But maybe I should have compared to msuper prices or even the higher € prices. cut out/off = motor cuts out = it deactivates. overlean/overpower = motor stays on at maximum performance, but you slowly (compared to a cut out)) fall forward because it's still not enough. Maybe we can start another thread to argue about the exact meaning of each term @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I suspect it was just a small change in the balance algorithm that's the reason. And suddenly, an algorithm that was supposed to dampen the oscillation (aka balance the wheel horizontally) did in fact amplify it, until it was too much and, boom, emergency beeps and shut down. Might just be a little parameter changed, or some numerical error from rewriting existing functionality, who knows.
  2. KS18S 1680Wh looks might fine, Marty
  3. Yep, thanks, I just expected it to oscillate for a second or longer. This was basically instant crash (but apparently you still feel oscillation in this short time). No possibility to do anything
  4. Yep, the long term impact may be bigger. But as long as there is no competition, I'm afraid they won't feel it enough. You want to buy a >1000Wh 16 inch wheel? Gotway is your only choice. You want to but a >1000Wh 18 inch wheel? Gotway, or the comparably overpriced KS18. You want a 22 incher? Gotway, or nothing. But I won't buy GW again unless I know they are good, so I understand your position. One cut out crash and you change your mind really fast. Thanks for the info. Cut out, cut off, is there a difference? I use "overlean" or "overpower" for the non-hardware-error crash reason. With cut out, I mean the motor simply switching off, and (due to tire resistance from the magnets) the wheel tilting forward and basically stopping instantly.
  5. Hmm, will watch again. But it was so quick, seemed just like a cut out. But I understand you don't want to relive the crash Wrist guards actually feel quite nice, make your wrists warm and comfortable and give you a safer feeling.
  6. I imagine an overcrowded table, full with a pile of boards, some flashed with good FW, some still needing to be flashed, a tired unskilled worker, bad lighting, some kind of flashing machine, a messy paper list with board numbers or whatever, and of course time pressure. Chabuduo!
  7. They'll rollback the firmware, continue selling wheels, and if they can keep the financial impact small enough where is their problem? Just saying, if they don't go broke over this, they lost some money but nothing else bad from their point of view. No competition. Their real danger is, as soon as KS or someone else makes a better designed wheel that competes with their high powered ones, they're toast. Why buy Gotway if you can get the same, but better. I think only the camera did, he hit the concrete.
  8. Uh that was hard to watch, every tiny bump might be the crash one But @Marty Backe, due to your videos and their visibility you're right at the forefront of making Gotway get their act together, so thanks for that One Youtube video > 100 Chinese crashes that nobody ever hears about. Can you tell more about how the crash happened and your experience? It was quite instant, but they call it oscillation. How long and often does it oscillate? How strong? How does it feel when that happens? Can you describe? You did need every part of your protective gear in this crash? What hit the ground first? Knee I assume? Can you tell more about what you think of the different protective clothing parts now? Wondering why you have elbow guards, but no wrist protectors. Will you change that now? Hope your injuries get better soon, but usually this stuff can be felt for quite a long time. How many bad crashes (due to your or the wheel's fault) did you have now? Quite a lot I think...
  9. Gotway specifically seems to need some kind of process/inventory monitoring and management (whatever the official word is) first! I don't think they lied to you, just confused the boards. But yeah, testing might have found the error too.
  10. Sounds bad! Go to a doctor?
  11. @Jason McNeil You're doing great work. Sad that GW are either unable or unwilling to tell what exactly is going on. Oh dear. @Marty Backe Did you fall? Feeling sorry for all the affected, waiting so long for wheels, hearing they might be affected, being told they are not, and now they might be again
  12. I think stopping at 50° is way too overcautious. The alarm is at 79° (I think for both ACM and msuper V3). @Marty Backe has a lot of experience watching his Gotway temps and can tell you details. You could use a very low temperature (like 50°) as a guarantee that the wires/connectors are not hot enough to melt (otherwise the inside of the shell might be heated up by the wires and you notice), but that's a bit extreme and limits yourself. Rather watch your currents, and don't stay above 22A for more than a few sustained minutes (2 or 3) and you should still be guaranteed to be fine (probably still an overcautious behavior, but less conservative than 50°). You can compare the two approaches and see how big the differences are.
  13. Really, so bad? But I doubt the bank thing is related to this, it hasn't cost them money (yet). Nobody here wants to see Gotway go down, just safer wheels.
  14. Oh god these pictures This is exactly what I want to do with a wheel.
  15. Maybe also ask staff to move this thread to General. You'll get more answers.