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  1. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Ok, these were the speed beeps apparently. The wheel really "accelerated" quickly then. Thanks!
  2. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Can you elaborate exactly how things happened? From the video, it looks like the mten3 simply cuts out (it starts beeping pretty much immediately, not after falling), but you say it slipped (and one shouldn't be able to overpower an 800W wheel with such a tiny tire = high torque this easily), but then how do the beeps happen? Did it have time to spin up to above its maximum power in this short moment?
  3. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    That looked like a relaxing ride Nice skills! Guessing the mten3 is perfect for these insta-turns while keeping the riding direction. Does the constant, gusty wind not make it hard to ride on the beach? I'm finding that wind is the biggest nuisance on EUC rides sometimes...
  4. Best place to buy Mten3?

    He's merely very effective with his new EUC addiction
  5. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Somehow I thought you'd be there.
  6. Landed on my a**, stopping on a dime

    Hmm, 80 kg rider (= ~100 kg with wheel) at 15 km/h braking to a stop in one second (which isn't short) needs 1736 W of power. 20 km/h makes it 3086 W. So I guess, hard braking can overpower pretty much any wheel. 32 cells on the Lhotz, means 15A per cell for 1000W. (I think that's probably nonsense) Battery might have folded first. No guarantee on these numbers or their interpretation, I'm a noob. -- No idea how much motor power would be needed so the wheel would loose traction on pavement rather than the motor being overpowered. A lot, probably. -- Conclusion: everybody lobby for 5000W nominal wheels with 5000Wh batteries that can go 100 km/h. For safety!
  7. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Cool, it's even close to our apartment. Prices look reasonable (for Paris, I guess). We'll see if this or something more like a bar gets more support. Would be awesome to have a huuuuge dinner meetup with all the French people too, if they're interested.
  8. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Thanks! Will look that up.
  9. Landed on my a**, stopping on a dime

    1000W, is this right? It's a lot. And still you overpowered it. Or maybe the batteries were the weak part?
  10. Landed on my a**, stopping on a dime

    What wheel? This is important info Only fast wheels (= with strong motors) are safe.
  11. The GT16 has a... bra? The extra bags on the KS18 one are neat though.
  12. Anyone else tried Mountain Biking Shoes?

    Didn't even know there's such a thing as "mountain biking shoes". Must research now... If you want to die, sure
  13. Final reminder about Paris 1st Oct / Car Free Day!

    Just sent the following PM to @Hansolo, but might as well post this publicly here: TLDR: How about a EUC rider meetup/dinner (evening) on Saturday evening for everyone who is interested, maybe also the French riders, there must be a lot of them, we can join them or they us? Any restaurant tips anyone? (I'm aware this is a super specific question, couldn't possibly be more non-general)
  14. Why would you need an 18_L if you have an 18S? Also, did you unlock 50 km/h already (1000 km)?