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  1. Does 5 kg or the wheels' wind resistance really make such a difference? I don't believe it. The tire is the only thing that makes sense to me...
  2. No offense but... why no better wheel? Pretty much everyone seems to agree Inmotion is the better Ninebot. Are the Ninebots significantly cheaper?
  3. The French website seems to be the best they can do. Related, but more general: Do you know why they have no stock? I'm getting the impression the demand for EUCs has risen, and the manufacturers can't keep up. Maybe they prioritize the biggest dealers and deliver to those first. Which would be France, maybe speedyfeet, or huge Asian dealers (there was a single order for 1300 or so ACMs by GEVkorea recently). So maybe "no stock" is a good sign. --- In general, most EUC related websites seem to suck. Gotways website isn't updated either, no Monster, no 84V ACM/msuper V3, still listing the no longer existing Mten, app is the version from last October etc. Even the best dealers are guilty of this - (euro ewheels) seems orphaned/abandoned, and ewheels itself still claims shipping from California (he has been in Florida how long now? Or is the warehouse in California?). If I wanted to buy a Kingsong, there's only the German or French dealers I can find here (and the Germans don't list or have some of the latest Kingsongs). Crazy how hard it is to buy the things the manufacturers sell, especially KS wheels. So maybe, maybe it just huge demand and they delay the marketing (aka proper websites) for when they actually have wheels to sell. Or maybe, they just suck and don't understand what a difference a good website makes because of reasons. Or they want to leave websites to the dealers? (most of who aren't doing a good job then) One ray of light: yorkshire airwheels (UK) had an atrocious barebones website but they seem to be building a new one and say they have new 16S and 14D stock on FB. Maybe things are on the way to get better. -- If you have any behind the scenes information what's really going on, I'd be very interested.
  4. @Duf's girfriend (wife?) also seems to have gone from Minipro to EUC (Inmotion)... some more time and she gets a Monster/msuper too
  5. Cool new toy 1. The wider and flatter side cushions seem to be the new Gotway standard. You can see some photos of them on speedyfeet, while the old photos show the ACM cushions. 2. Why does 1600Wh only give you 5 km more than 1300? 1600 is 20% more than 1300 (1554 Wh vs 1288 Wh) and 5km is not 20% more. Apparently the big tire makes it so much less battery efficient?
  6. A satphone will usually have a monthly cost/plan. A locator beacon is something different - all you can do is activate it to send a "save me" message with your coordinates. Boats have EPIRBS and similar beacons (you have to register them to your boat or person, depending on type, and the registration is good for 2 years or so)- maybe something similar is an alternative to a satphone without monthly costs (just make sure it fits the application - a rescue seaplane won't help in the mountains). For Marty's situation, I think a satphone is better - you can describe what's going on etc and he wasn't lost geographically.
  7. One thing to consider is a crash. If you have screws, they might get ripped out and you can't rescrew. Here's an alternative, only cable binders used (and two holes in the shell, but probably less ripping danger):
  8. Looking forward to hear more about the "medical condition" that made Marty so weak so fast. Apparently it's more than just dehydration. A bit scary, and also with no obvious warning signs... By "naturally" I meant how you would naturally use it with the existing geometry without doing to much "unnatural" body positioning or extra levers or whatever. One thing I've learned on this forum, theory is nice but in the end the empiric experience matters, and if the wheels have only been used and tested (by GW and users) in the existing state with the existing geometry and everything, that's what we know Also I'm biased, the one time I clamped my wheel a bit, you know what happened, thus my new personal safety rule, it may be overzealous. But I'm certainly thankful for any experimental data and pushing of the boundaries, and as said you used your Monster a lot in the mountains already and you know what works. Just do the more critical experiments not too far away from civilization/help, and with someone else around -- One more tip, I asked Ian why they check their temperatures on hills (as seen in their 2nd 1000 mile preparation ride) very carefully, and he said with the heavy backpacks (up to 25kg!!!) and for looong, steep inclines they use the wheel temperature as an early warning system of sorts (naturally, they can even less risk complications if they have a schedule). Their rule is, "High Yellow" = wait or walk for a moment. Maybe extreme, but they do it. So the tip is, having an eye on the (changes in) wheel temperature may give some more indications on how stressed the wheel is (even if it's not overheating). It's a bit complicated to do in practice (you'd have to log and look afterwards maybe and compare to where you were), and who knows how much information you really get out of that (we don't even know what part's temperature it is), but it's an idea. If you need any ideas for testing things, this is one. Looking forward to see your mods on the wheels!
  9. This is a great tip with the ride modes! In addition: You could recalibrate the wheel so the pedals are pointed upwards (less tiptoeing necessary). Shame the Gotway recalibration process is so shitty/convoluted, some simple app buttons to choose different pedal orientations would be much easier. Use msuper pedals (bigger) instead of the standard ACM/Monster ones (not sure if Marty already has the bigger pedals on the Monster). These were my thoughts exactly. Force the wheel to do more than it would "naturally" do, and you might end up with melted cables (maybe not so likely given I'm the only case) or a blown mosfet or some other damage. Who knows? My new rule is: if I would have to clamp the wheel between the legs, I don't do it (or just for a very short time). But I guess Marty has enough experience what works with the Monster already. It also depends on the incline, higher incline = much higher power/current requirements. At least from the videos, it didn't look too steep.
  10. I had the "twisting" too, you feel like you can't stand "straight" on the wheel otherwise you can't ride in a straight line (I would always have to have one arm far in front and one further to the back and flail around to keep a straight line). It should go away with more practice without you even noticing or thinking about it. In the meantime, I would recommend adjusting your foot positions (maybe one foot further in front than the other, how your feet are rotated, etc) until you feel you're standing properly on the wheel without too much twisting. Foot positioning is extremely important in general (for me in a bad position I could not even ride for a short distance, whereas the rare good position would make it super easy to ride as long as I wanted) so experiment with that and take your time to get it right. Another idea, go fast! It's more stable. 15 km/h instead of 5. You can learn slow speed maneuvering later, it's the harder part in comparison. Arm flailing is like the twisting, that goes away as you relax your stance and ride more confidently. You're on the right path, it just takes time. No need to be worried about learning "bad" practices, it's just unrelaxed and insecure riding that produces these things (same with getting on the wheel, at the beginning you bruise your lower legs hard and with experience you step on/ride with your legs barely touching the wheel), they go away on their own.
  11. Yep, ideally you should have an idea for how to get out if your wheel breaks down at any point of your route, or you fall and break a leg/bump your head hard/etc at any point. Unfortunately, strictly this might mean not doing some rides you'd do otherwise, which isn't exactly a solution either.
  12. Wow... that sure was something. Some comments/questions: Marty you had planned a fantasticroute (looked at it on Google Maps), you guys should definitely do this again (the route not the bad parts) and not give up on it - you know everything that you did wrong, and where you took the wrong routes now. This trail ridge The entire area seems perfect for EUC mountain exploring. Crazy how fast you went from "well it's hard but we're mountain trail riding after all" to being too exhausted to even walk downhill (having to lie down every few meters etc)!!! Any idea how it could sneak up on you so unexpectedly? Was it because you believed to be on the right way down to the dam so turning around was not considered early enough? Also crazy how long the "emergency phase" lasted compared to the normal ride, you were seriously dehydrated/shaky/weak for nearly 10 hours! Turns out falls weren't the problems, but general exhaustion from hard riding and frequent carrying of the wheel (I can't imagine how heavy that Monster must be...eek) Not being able to easily "grab" the wheel with the legs was also a problem. I always thought this to be an advantage (harder to overstress the wheel) but tiptoeing for hours is definitely not fun. I'm most impressed with @jrkline's route. Looking at the map, not sure exactly where, but it must have been at least the same distance through mountains again, and then the (probably extremely scenic) highway to the populated area. Too bad he could not enjoy it, as it must be a great route. You should consider doing that too (maybe having someone pick you up at the highway on one of the ends). In hindsight, do you think it was a good idea for your group to separate (at all)? In the same vein, in hindsight, do you think you should have done better coordination (e.g. Jeff did not return with water but pushed on instead, other plan changes)? Also the parts where you changed position/your intention while alone and nobody else would have known about it seemed problematic to me (I know, no choice, and along one path, but still...) How much water did you have with you? What dam did @Ando Melkonyan end up if not Cogswell, I can't find it. Aww, no free helicopter ride? Sounded like it at first (1st EUC on helicopter world record!) In addition to the other things you mentioned, I think using a compass is worth considering now (every phone can do it anyways). I know first hand how easy it is to take the wrong turn in the mountains even after looking at the terrain/map. So the compass could confirm you are taking the right turn everywhere (you would write down the right orientation/direction of every turn in advance) Well, thanks for the "entertainment"and experience you provided, and the nice thread. Luckily you seem to be the type to not take this too hard, and the worst is behind you now and you have learned a lot. So maybe these mountains will be your future home turf for serious (mountain/trail) riding. They're certainly nice looking.
  13. Now that is a story Reading now!
  14. Mit richtigem Deutsch haben dies wohl nicht so, ist wohl mit der heissen Nadel gestrickt. Und dass jetzt plötzlich Du schuld sein sollst, wollen die dich verarschen? Nuja, hoffe das geht für dich gut weiter. Tips hab ich leider keine, ausser zu sagen dass wenn es einen Zusammenstoss auf der Fahrbahn gibt, derjenige der die Vorfahrt geklaut hat (= derjenige der auf die Strasse rausgefahren ist obwohl da schon wer war) prinzipiell schuld ist, egal sonstige (unterstellte) Umstände wie Handy. Lass dir da nix gefallen und sag denen deutlich was Sache ist. Hoffe die Verletzungen heilen gut. Weisst Du was der Unfallverursacher (=nicht du!) zu erwarten hat? Das wirkt irgendwie so als wollten sie alles auf dich schieben.. (?) oder die machen mit dem Anderen das selbe, damit sie weniger Arbeit/Unklarheit haben und für Alles die Schuld auf irgendwen schieben können. edit: und wohl mitm Anwalt reden bevor man irgendwas sagt/schreibt kann auch net schaden, machst du vermutlich eh (wenn die schon so kommen)
  15. Thanks I would not call it an ordeal, just an involuntary but educational wake up call from reality. I won't push the wheel too hard in the future, not worth figuring out the extreme limits of whatever is the weakest link now My usual (did it a few times) mountain tour is around 7% average and has some shorter steeper parts and it worked fine every time, that's enough.