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  1. Inmotion 18 inch wheel?

    I love the sound of that rumour...
  2. Inmotion 18 inch wheel?

    I don't get it. What is it? A V8 with a solowheel sticker on? Where is this picture from?
  3. Inmotion 18 inch wheel?

    Well, I used to ride the MSuper v2 that had exactly that. And I've ridden both the Inmotion V5 and V8 and they are similarly responsive, despite the wheel size difference...
  4. Inmotion 18 inch wheel?

    Does anyone know whether Inmotion has any intention to produce an 18 inch wheel? If not, could someone tell them to look into it? I would looove to experience their snappy, direct, riding mode in an 18 inch version...Merci!