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    Hey @Marty Backe I love your Mten3 videos. Did you ever post your video review of the KS-14S? I know you said that you've been working on this, but I haven't seen it. Look forward to see your review of this as well.
  2. Sit riding the KS18S

    Here's an old video of a gentlemen who shows his technique of sitting. It starts at 1:50. Hopefully this helps.
  3. NFL rebels!

    Instead of spending my Sundays watching NFL games, now I'll have more time to ride my EUC.

    Nice ride. Marty, did you get a chance to check your top speed? Was there much tilt back? I'd like to get this wheel to add to my collection, so I'm looking forward to your review/thoughts.
  5. Hi, I just listed my lightly used, very low mileage, 200 Wh Luffy for sale on eBay. Starting bid is $250 with free shipping. This is for US only. Below is the link. 200 Wh Luffy For Sale
  6. ACM vs Luffy Vibration Test

    Don't know if I'm interpreting the data correctly...but based on your vibration data graphs, it appears the ACM ride produced more vibration than the Luffy? That seems counter intuitive since the larger wheel is supposed to produce a smoother ride. Is there a big difference in your Velcro attachment method on both wheels?
  7. Strange sound in Kingsong 18s

    From your picture, it looks like the valve is pressed up against the motor so it looks okay in that position. I would verify that there is nothing that could have gotten inside causing any rubbing.
  8. Strange sound in Kingsong 18s

    I had a similar Toc Toc noise. This may sound obvious, but check that the valve stem is not pointing outward from the motor. If it is, the valve stem will hit the inside of the wheel case and cause your Toc Toc noise. There is some play in the valve stem so that you can point it back inwards toward the motor. Hope this is the simple fix for you that it was for me.

    Congratulations on your purchase. Can't wait to see you post a review
  10. I considered getting this but with shipping and taxes, it comes out to $437. If you don't live in California, you can get a brand new Black Ninebot Mini Pro from Newegg.com for $495. For non-California residents, Newegg does not charge tax and shipping is free. I usually buy refurb, but for $58 more I bought brand new. Sale ends this Saturday, July 29th. Black Ninebot Mini Pro from Newegg.com
  11. Gotway Luffy: My initial thoughts

    Here's a pic of the motorcode on my 200Wh Luffy. As I originally suspected, it was on the same side as the valve stem. As far as ride settings, it appears that the Android version has the same bug as the iOS and doesn't save ride settings. However, pedal calibration does work and save in Android.
  12. Gotway Luffy: My initial thoughts

    I own the 200Wh version, and it was there. I'll post a pic when I have time.
  13. Gotway Luffy: My initial thoughts

    I know the Gotway Android app works with the Luffy, so most likely the iOS will also work. The Motorcode can be found on your wheel. Spin the tire and look for the motorcode etched on the side of the motor. I believe it's on the same side as the valve stem. If it's not there, then flip the wheel over and you'll find it on the other side
  14. Phoenix downtown ride, May 6, 2017

    Hey Guys, Don't know if you'll read this thread before the ride tomorrow (Saturday). It's 11pm and I'm at work right now and feeling unusually more tired and sleepy. Based on the way I feel now, I won't be able to join you guys on the ride tomorrow. Don't want to fall alseep while riding my EUC (if that's possible). Have fun and hopefully I'll meet up with you guys during another ride.
  15. I also have the same wheel as @abinder3, which I purchased from @Jason McNeil. I was able to successfully upgrade to firmware 1.25 from 1.23, probably the same week the update was released. I have ridden > 200 miles with no issues. I guess the "bricking" happens during the upgrade process. I'm assuming since I have gotten past that process, my wheel should be good? (I also wish that I could ride full speed without the wheel throttling down the speed after 50% battery consumption.)