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  1. Here's a pic of the motorcode on my 200Wh Luffy. As I originally suspected, it was on the same side as the valve stem. As far as ride settings, it appears that the Android version has the same bug as the iOS and doesn't save ride settings. However, pedal calibration does work and save in Android.
  2. I own the 200Wh version, and it was there. I'll post a pic when I have time.
  3. I know the Gotway Android app works with the Luffy, so most likely the iOS will also work. The Motorcode can be found on your wheel. Spin the tire and look for the motorcode etched on the side of the motor. I believe it's on the same side as the valve stem. If it's not there, then flip the wheel over and you'll find it on the other side
  4. Hey Guys, Don't know if you'll read this thread before the ride tomorrow (Saturday). It's 11pm and I'm at work right now and feeling unusually more tired and sleepy. Based on the way I feel now, I won't be able to join you guys on the ride tomorrow. Don't want to fall alseep while riding my EUC (if that's possible). Have fun and hopefully I'll meet up with you guys during another ride.
  5. I also have the same wheel as @abinder3, which I purchased from @Jason McNeil. I was able to successfully upgrade to firmware 1.25 from 1.23, probably the same week the update was released. I have ridden > 200 miles with no issues. I guess the "bricking" happens during the upgrade process. I'm assuming since I have gotten past that process, my wheel should be good? (I also wish that I could ride full speed without the wheel throttling down the speed after 50% battery consumption.)
  6. Sorry, but I won't be able to make it on Sunday. I'll be out of town this weekend traveling to Southern California. Hope you have fun though.
  7. I have the same wheel and the front is where the LED bar battery indicator is. You can tell this by looking at the tire and there should be an arrow on the tire showing the direction of forward rotation. To be honest, I have also ridden it in the opposite direction and don't notice a difference. I guess It probably would make a difference on tread wear after a long period of time. You should have gotten a seat with your wheel. I use mine all the time on long rides to give me feet a break. Learning to sit is a skill that needs to be practiced. I can sit and steer comfortably. I would go back to the seller and ask for this "option". Since upgrading the firmware from 1.23 to 1.25, the wheel doesn't connect to the app as reliably. I sometimes have to close the app a few times and retry before getting a connection. I'm hoping this gets fixed when Kingsong finally releases their updated app.
  8. Looks like Ian at SpeedyFeet has just posted his comprehensive Luffy review. For short distances, this EUC looks brilliant. This wheel be perfect for the other use-case since I currently own a KS18. I'm ordering one now.
  9. @Marty Backe Yes you're a legend. I believe that was us talking about your backward riding progress (or maybe your CA trail riding). We all informally agreed to be riding backwards at our next meet. I don't know how successful I'll be, but I think @Playarider can currently ride a few feet backwards. We'll see...
  10. @Ombre awesome video editing. Can't wait to show this to my wife, since she was the one who was calling/texting me and asking me "Are you done playing?", throughout our ride.
  11. Awesome ride today! My feet and legs are a little stiff, even though I sat for 90% of the ride
  12. My Version: @SuperSport and @KingSong69 all 3 wheels are beautiful. @KingSong69 I think a black and white ACM 84 V would make a nice addition to your family of wheels. May I ask what type of adhesive do you use to keep the bumper strips on without leaving a residue. The tape which originally came with the bumper strips for my wheel always left a hard to remove sticky residue.
  13. @Ombre Thanks for setting this up. I should be able to make it. Just let us know the meet point and I'll be there.
  14. Does anyone know of have this new Kingsong App. It's past mid March and I haven't heard anything.
  15. If you mean the pedals were tilting back, the Ninebot One E+ should start beeping and tilt back occurs ~ 13-14 mph. The first time feeling tilt back can be very surprising. There is no way (that I know) of disabling it. During straight parts of your ride, it is very easy to reach 14 mph. The only solution is to be aware of when this happens and slow down when you start hearing beeps, before the tilt back kicks in.