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  1. Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    Hello Marty, good to know you will be able to test it out ! A test I like to get for safety, is how hard the wheel can brake with different speed. If you could make some quick data for 20 - 30 - 40km/h it would be really great.
  2. I wouldn't go that far. Let's just say he went through a cognitive development you normally get around 12 years old. Well, he probably just used a basic hypothetico-deductive reasoning
  3. Maybe I could open a thread "3000km, no fall." saying "Got safety gears, drive carefully, I didn't need 40kmh crash to learn my lessons..." But I don't think I'll get the hype I deserve...
  4. 18l presale specs

  5. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Well that's good and bad news. Good news is price should not be too much (even for french ), bad news is quality will be deteriored. And there's 2 wheel on a mini, when you got only 1 to sit on for OZ, tiny tire means tire getting used faster over km since there's less surface... Yes indeed it's difficult to compare those tires. What we can hope at least, is coherence between advertise and purpose of the wheel. Ninebot mini isn't really meant to... offroad isn't it ? Whereas One Z is clearly made for being a tank and take some dirty road. It would be surprising to have a fail design at this part... besides, with all the tests they have been doing since those months : come on, wouldn't they spot that problem ? In the end, I really don't care that much since I would only use it for clean urban ride (oops, selfish me ). But I guess there will be still ways to compensate the poor quality tire if it really is that bad. I'm more interested in electronics safety... I've had many punctures but nothing that made me jump of my wheel, anyone had huge puncture that make you lose your balance ?
  6. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    Obviously, it's the evolution of the actual Hoverboard all those kids have Dude, let's wait and see a video of that device trying to pass this : Just kidding, I would not want any pilot to get hurt and see their vehicle get destroyed by 20mm pavement. This might have some curling application though...
  7. The New Solowheel

    Surprise faceplant.
  8. @Bryan Wells from your needs, it looks like the best thing to do for you is to go to your favorite store (if local) and try out the wheels. If not, maybe try to seek out some people nearby with these models, kindly enough to share you their baby. You know already the general differences in these 2 models and yet can't make a choice, just try them out. Or buy them both
  9. What I can share from France is a store which offer a security device for the wheel https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3426-traqueur-gyroroue-e-roue-pour-éviter-le-vol/ To sum up the features : Connected in app to ur phone Alarms if any vibration/movements is detected (make ur phone ding ding) GSM support to communicate with you wheel (so sweet) GPS tracker Cut-off function - actionable with your phone to shut-off your wheel. Tracker history, to see trajectory of your (stolen) wheel Low energy consumtion nearly invisible device Overall, that's some strong protection for short stop, or if your wheel is near by. Yet a strong lock remain needed as without it, it would be too tempting for a thief to give it a shot. Otherwise yes, If you let it alone the whole day, anything can happen... But no one shall let his precious alone like this !
  10. Bying a Monowheel

    You have to understand that portable, means light weight. But 60km range means huge battery, means weight. If your looking for a good compromise, you might check out 16' models, which are compact enough to be bring in train or bus, but strong enough to carry you for 60km range, and comfortable enough in any type of ground... I'm thinking about KS16S, ACM 840wh, GT16... those models can be found around 1500-1700 euros I guess. If I had to advice, I would pick KS16S since it's good quality, got a integrated trolley, reasonably light. GT16 Might be a decent choice for n°2. ACM n°3 is an excellent wheel but less portable (bad trolley). You need at least +840wh for good range (around 60km...), that's a fact. If you care more about comfort riding, you should go for 18' wheels model. But they came heavy and less portable. Despite this, they got the nice interested to offer 1600wh models which can carry you for 100 km range (thinking about the KS18S or MS3). You might not like Ninebot for now, as their wheels doesn't go up to 30km/h and have poor range (20-30km). But yes, you should stay aware of future models, such as Ninebot one Z, KS18L, or GT16v3, promising 2018 I didn't mention Tesla, as it's a expensive wheel, early model, and doesn't bring you much more than the 16' KS6S for your needs. But you might look at it too.
  11. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    There is ALWAYS a reason behind your fall, why end the story so soon when it's getting interesting ? Again, I can't disagree with your thoughts. I just say they are not fully focus on the main meal : I do everything to prevent myself from the danger of the fall. Best way to do it, is reducing the count to 0. Because even with the best protections I can get, you said it : "things do happen AT ANY SPEED, and the faster you go, the harder you fall." I take the risk of my mistakes, of my speed, I manage this part of the risk with my Individual protection and individual skills (observation, vigilance, fatigue, attention, adapted speed to the environment, etc etc etc.), no problem sir, that's my responsibility. But what about technical failure, that could kill me when i did no mistake ? That's what I analyze. Because I see a potential increase of my % of fall and I can't really do shit about it, I don't want this. That's my way of preventing fall occurrence, my lessons learn (since they don't take it). I see people just praying that the wheel will work and will not fail. That is not a good way of managing risk, and I'm upset of seeing this when you should not be worried about this kind of failure. My point is GW isn't getting the lessons learnt already, technical failures should not be managed by the client, but by the designer. That is a fact, and that is what is wrong today. We see other brands with tanky models, near 0 technical failures accident. There's no technical nor technological limit, it is also a fact. I laugh seeing some KingSong owners posting the video saying "did you guys already had something like this ?" That is a risk they don't even are aware of, when all decent GW owners remind it at all time. Damn, the best product is a product that prevent you from fall, even when technical failures occur, even when human errors occur. Redundancy, warnings, guiding assistance, military resistant product, automatic diagnosis & feedback, shock absorber. There is so much room for improvement that already exist. Yeah risk will never be 0, but i wish it to be 0.000001%, not somewhere between 1% - 10%. Your wrist guards recommendation, fast recovery ability wishes, and speed physics analysis in a users shared environment, I already know that. Security should not be only managed by the consumer. And actions that can be done go way beyond the simple protection gear wearing. With that in mind, a simple choice of brand product can have much more impact benefiting your security and reducing risks than appropriate gear protection & environmental analysis while riding. That's also my point.
  12. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    It was about the leaning thing, but when i red it back, it's an improvement concerning the security cut-off when wheel goes off. I thought at first it was an other issue, but it's a correction from the previous models. My bad ! I'm gonna edit it.
  13. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Didn't check this, well 42km/h is indeed a bit too fast ! I was thinking he was rather around 30/35km/h. If it is really 42km/h, he must have hurt himsefl quitebad. Fall didn't seem that hard as i already saw some 44km/h cut-out. @KingSong69 & @Smoother : cut-out wheel back and forth. Yeah, yeah that's minor... I don't know the details yet, probably 2 different issues. But vibration report is probably not a "normal" vibration ^^.
  14. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    While your thoughts are definitely right, the point is not really here. Fact is : at that speed, with that device, fall should not occur. He didn't bump anything monstrous, road seems flat to me, i daily take bumps way edgy than that with my old ACM. Today again, failures reported on Tesla @Stanor ; excessive vibration on Tesla ; 1 owner claiming he has 1 motor screw missing... @Marty Backe has his lot of failures too on it. EDIT : i missread, my bad, nothing to see with you Marty That is not something i want to hear about a new model. I want rare and minor mistakes reported, not this.
  15. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    If number one GotWay fan is still not dead yet, it can't be that bad And I'm well aware they improved many things with the Tesla, not only driving sensation and performance, but intern architecture & components. Overall that wheel is clearly an outstanding progress as time will confirm the durability of the model. I just wish a fix in their quality process because that's something they don't really care ATM, and block me from buying GW now.