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  1. It is funny to see some kind of project like this. What i can say is someone in France is already doing this, with his series on youtube. Videos are in french but worth to watch as he tries to go around Europe and got a drone to show some nice views. What's fun is to see how easy it is to fill up batteries nearly anywhere ! At least in France ! If anyone also got the idea to do this kind of journey, they should contact this little guy to ask for advice (well maybe not now, he might be... busy traveling ATM)! Anyone riding through France can hope to get into quite a big fan wheelers community. At least if you go through Lyon, i'll welcome EUC drivers passing by.
  2. Dear Gotway, Please Consider These Upgrades

    Hello Marty, Love all of your recommendations, may i comment some ? I think i've heard fast charger might damage life span of batteries, so i would suggest as the pedals option, having the choice about it. I'm not an expert so i don't really know about this. You talk about about security features, and how alarms aren't loud enough. Why not try a new approach : sensitivity alarms around the legs/feet. I'm pretty sure we could do some "tap tap" system alert without being too damaging for the shells/screws/etc. This would be a nice double alarm system making sure you can't miss the signal. What about accessibility to tire or inner tube ? When puncture occurs, you need a decent set of tools to fix it... (e.g. ACM) Just wanted to share a bit since you're the biggest GW fan