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  1. INMOTION V8 Bluetooth

    Can you turn off GPS/location services on your phone? I wonder if that would work....
  2. Battery issue when around 85% left

    If I don't stop the charge early using a charge doctor, both my V8s charge to 100%.
  3. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    Ninebot said the control board failed. They are installing a new one. I will update again after I receive the unit and test it.
  4. Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    I agree. That is why I made sure to note that my numbers are with the new 2.5A fast charger that Jason provides.
  5. Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    More Numbers. Plugged in to charge at 75.5V (only number I'm not sure about). At 79V, 64 Wh had gone in. Then it was about 25Wh for each volt increase. 80V - 88Wh. 81V - 115, 82V - 142, 83V - 166, 84V - 187. At the 2.0A charge rate cutoff that I set, total Wh in 221. So from 83V to cutoff was 55Wh, or 11.5% of battery capacity. So if you want to use the fast charger, and charge to under 90%, cutoff at 83V. One of these times I'll disable the cutoff and see how many Wh it will hold from 83V to 100% charge to get a more accurate feel for what percent charge the 2.0A cutoff and 83V cutoffs actually represent. 2.0A cutoff showed 84.9V
  6. Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    Sorry, I meant 58Wh. According to the CD, from around 35% charge according to the Inmotion App, to 2.0A cutoff, 280Wh total went in, which is about right, since 280Wh represents 58% of the 480Wh capacity, and I tried to not charge to full. If I ride again today, I'll double check my numbers.
  7. Charge Doctor for INMOTION

    I used the CD (charge doctor) today for the first time with my V8 and the 2.5A fast charger. I set the cut off for 2.0A. Between the time the CD showed 83V and the 2.0A cutoff, 58 (edit - Wh, not Amps) went in. Assuming that the batteries were still not fully charged at the 2.0A cutoff, then a 83V cutoff (when using the fast charger) would be less than 88% charge based on a 480WH battery.
  8. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    In that video, you clearly see the pedals tilting forward more before it finally tips over. This was not just a shut off. He pushed it too hard, and when the pedals started to lean, he should have known. It looks like the wheel was trying to catch up to him.
  9. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    I got an email back from Ninebot. They want me to send it in for warranty service. They sent me a label, but I noticed that it says bill sender, so I'm worried that FedEx is going to charge me when we drop it off. We shall see....
  10. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    Exactly. Newegg seems to be an authorized retailer with shipment direct from Ninebot. There is no reason they should not honor the warranty.
  11. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    I did use the black box function in the app, and it uploaded the data to Ninebot. Because it is the weekend, I haven't been able to follow up yet. If we accelerate more slowly, it works normally. However, we aren't pushing it that hard in the video (the pedals just tilt easily if that makes any sense). Idling is now impossible, and it is something I was able to do a few days ago, so this is definitely not normal operation.
  12. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    Mine will do it in both directions as well, but easier to do in reverse.
  13. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    I was able to get a hold of Speedyfeet on Facebook. I love his instructional videos, and he was kind enough to look at my video. He thinks the board is damaged. Hopefully Ninebotus will get back to me tomorrow. I have done very lilting idling on the Ninebot. He said idling is very hard on EUCs and not a good idea because it overloads the moffets. While that may be true, it seems like the unit should be able to hand some idling since that is a useful skill when you need to stop for a few seconds.
  14. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    Holy crap. I am in no way associated with the guys at f-wheel, nor did I give them permission to use my video.
  15. Ninebot started malfunctioning

    iOS. App version 3.7.1 I never updated the firmware. It says V1.4.0