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  1. Southern Arizona rides

    Hey, glad to have you! We all had an awesome day. See videos:

    Not my video. One of the guys on our ride this Saturday shot this quick summary of our 30 mile ride through Tucson and along a portion of The Loop.
  3. Southern Arizona rides

    UPDATE: We've got 8 confirmed for our St Patrick's Day ride so far! I know to the California and NYC riders 8 doesn't seem like much but it's a big deal here. I'm aiming to get 10-15 riders within a year. So if you are lurking in southern Arizona, get in touch and join us!
  4. Southern Arizona rides

    So far I have 7 RSVPs for the St Patrick's Day EUC ride, which will make it the biggest group we've ever had in Tucson or Phoenix! The start/meeting point has changed! @duaner Meeting point is now the Highland Parking Garage, 1420 E Helen St, near the hospital and university. (Garage parking is free on the weekend.) Start time remains 10:00 a.m. The attached route map is approximate. It only shows a 20 mile ride but there are multiple options to extend. I kept the planned route short so we could play around in various parks. There will be recharging options along the way, and a couple of options for lunch stops.
  5. Southern Arizona rides

    Today's ride was awesome. @MacPara exceeded his own expectations and we logged fun 17.8 miles. He'll be a little sore in the calves tomorrow. FYI -- six people already RSVP'd to me for the St Patrick's Day ride, so it looks like it will be our biggest Tucson ride ever! I'm so psyched that we are finally building an EUC community here ... one person at a time.
  6. Southern Arizona rides

    We've been doing so many rides and training sessions in Tucson that I'm having trouble keeping up. Last night we had a new rider go solo for her first time! Here's the latest: Friday, March 9: meeting at the Tucson Mall motorcoach parking lot (back NW corner) at 11:00 a.m. for some riding on The Loop, then lunch, then The Loop again. Keeping this one to 5-10 miles because @MacPara is still a newbie. Saturday, March 10: meeting at the Highland Parking Garage, Helen St near the U of A at 9:30 a.m. to ride around the Tucson Festival of Books and other places. Unknown mileage, we're just out to have fun wandering on this day. Saturday, March 17: meeting at the Highland Parking Garage, Helen St near the U of A with visiting rider @duaner and anyone else who cares to join. Garage parking is free. We'll probably go 25-30 miles. RSVP here or with me, thanks! The more, the merrier!
  7. Southern Arizona rides

    Hell yeah, I'm always up for a ride when I'm in town. Saturday the 17th would be best for most people. I can suggest some meeting points and routes. PM me with your approximate location in Tucson. I'll see I can round up the usual suspects. @Playarider @dbfrese @MacPara and a couple of others who don't haunt these forums.
  8. Southern Arizona rides

    Hi @MacPara I meant to reply to your email earlier (sorry!) but since you've posted here I'll put up my response for others to read too. We welcome all electric personal transportation devices. A Segway is too slow to keep up with us on most rides, but if your wife already owns a Segway go ahead and invite her to join us. We'll arrange a little special "in town" low-speed riding just for her, then break off for the rest of the ride at higher speed. If she doesn't have a Segway yet, let me suggest an electric kick scooter instead. eWheels offers some very good ones and I have several here in Tucson for immediate delivery, like the Inmotion L6 and the Speedway Mini Pro 4. The scooters are much faster and can keep up with unicycles, they're more portable, and I think they are a lot more fun to ride. The more, the merrier! BTW we were going to ride around the 4th Avenue Street Fair today but I had to cancel because of illness. Next ride is TBD but something will definitely be planned soon! FYI @dbfrese @Playarider
  9. Yearly EUC meet convention.

    That's a good point about the weather. But you won't find a raindrop in Phoenix during our dry seasons either. Good weather is guaranteed if you pick the right month. I have to concede that So Cal has the advantage in distance riding and variety, if that turns out to be the focus. (I'm thinking of @Marty Backe 's comment once saying basically "30 miles is a warmup"! ) Personally I see this as an event with lots of activities, as I listed earlier, plus a diversity of riding opportunities. Some of the riding would be just practicing tricks in plazas and parking lots, for example, because that's what a lot of us are into. Ultimately, the location will be the determined by whoever decides to organize this. Talk is cheap, gentlemen. Who is going to help bake the bread?
  10. Yearly EUC meet convention.

    @Stan Onymous has a point about Las Vegas riding. In general the sidewalks are lame, there aren't a lot of trails, and there's a lot of traffic. But I think the EUCon idea in a major city shouldn't be abandoned. We'd make a bigger impression having everyone in a single city. It's easy to get media attention for events like that. And I think the logistics of organizing a cross-country ride would be horrendous. At the Con, imagine several days of high-profile group rides, some half-day training sessions to learn new riding tricks and techniques, a swap meet, new and used EUC sales, try-before-you-buy opportunities, a wheel "teardown" and repair session, etc. Every ride would become a recruitment video. Each night we'd have a restaurant picked out and everyone would ride to it. It would be a lot of fun. Here's my pitch for a location other than Las Vegas: Arizona has very accommodating laws regarding EUC riding (they're legal anywhere pedestrians can go ... as long as you don't exceed 15 MPH), and Scottsdale/Tempe AZ in particular have some pretty awesome riding. We could easily put together a couple of rides of 30+ miles in the beautiful desert scenery. With cheap airfares to Phoenix and plenty of hotels and AirBnb in the area, the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe metro area would be a great place for EUCon. Shoulder season offers reasonable prices and temperatures in October 2018 or April 2019. OK, that's my pitch. Anyone else got a nomination for location?
  11. Yearly EUC meet convention.

    I was there too and riding around the Strip was a blast. However, I did get yelled at by one cop (who was working the street patrol during the Pence motorcade) because I was talking on my phone while riding. As I went by he yelled "This is a hands-free state!" or something like that. It might have been a joke. I didn't stop to find out. As far as shipping wheels, I believe it's about $40-50 for one-way ground shipping for most wheels across the USA. Not cheap but not terrible either. Talk to @Jason McNeil — he might be interested in getting in on this and offering a lending/renting program for EUContm attendees with some of his used/refurb wheels. I'd be happy to bring a few up from Tucson. Maybe @Marty Backe @Stan Onymous @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" and other SoCal riders would be willing to bring a few to lend too?

    Yeah, I was trying to catch a young punk who is constantly maxing out his KS16S (35 KPH). I was on a KS14S and my alarm is set at 29KPH with tiltback at 30 KPH. I swear that kid is trying to make us all upgrade...

    Just a bit from today's ride around south Tucson along "The Loop". Urban concrete and a lot of dirt. You'll see a near-wipeout toward the end where one of our guys hit a loose spot.
  14. Southern Arizona rides

    The Sunday Feb 18 Phoenix ride is still on, but we are also planning: Bonus ride/training session in Tucson on Saturday, Feb 17 (this weekend!) This will be an easy 20-mile roundtrip exploring the areas on the map below. Meet at the Bookman's Event Center parking lot at 10:00 am, near Irvington/I-10, at the corner of S Outlet Center Drive and S Julian Dr. Four riders are confirmed so far, and more are welcome at any experience level. We'll be doing basic training for anyone who needs it before the actual ride, so if you are a total beginner just show up for the free lessons! To get email updates of all future rides and other events in southern Arizona, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dhvDpn
  15. @John Eucist : I heard from @dbfrese last night, and he asked me to pass this on to you