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  1. How's that working out for you?

    Yeah, I was trying to catch a young punk who is constantly maxing out his KS16S (35 KPH). I was on a KS14S and my alarm is set at 29KPH with tiltback at 30 KPH. I swear that kid is trying to make us all upgrade...

    Just a bit from today's ride around south Tucson along "The Loop". Urban concrete and a lot of dirt. You'll see a near-wipeout toward the end where one of our guys hit a loose spot.
  4. Southern Arizona rides

    The Sunday Feb 18 Phoenix ride is still on, but we are also planning: Bonus ride/training session in Tucson on Saturday, Feb 17 (this weekend!) This will be an easy 20-mile roundtrip exploring the areas on the map below. Meet at the Bookman's Event Center parking lot at 10:00 am, near Irvington/I-10, at the corner of S Outlet Center Drive and S Julian Dr. Four riders are confirmed so far, and more are welcome at any experience level. We'll be doing basic training for anyone who needs it before the actual ride, so if you are a total beginner just show up for the free lessons! To get email updates of all future rides and other events in southern Arizona, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dhvDpn
  5. @John Eucist : I heard from @dbfrese last night, and he asked me to pass this on to you
  6. Iwant to travel thousand of miles by unicyle

    Awesome concept, @Stan Onymous! Arizona is tricky to cross without hitting: massive stretches of desert without any sort of services Interstate highways extreme weather (scorching heat in the south/lowlands after mid-May, freezing/snow in the north/high elevations through March). Here's my first crack at a route. About 400 miles, and the elevations go from about 4,000 near Parker to 1,500 around Phoenix, and back up to 7,000 at Show Low. The climb from Phoenix up into the Tonto National Forest will be tough on batteries, but there aren't any practical alternatives that don't involve Interstate highways. I'll meet anyone who is brave enough to tackle this, and provide support services. .... Oh wait ... @Stan Onymous were you thinking I would be riding this?
  7. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    First of all, thank you @Rehab1 for your helpful reports! Rehab1 says he wasn't wearing elbow protection and that as a result shock forces were transmitted from his elbow to shatter his humeral head. The motorcycle industry has already solved much of this problem. Check out motorcycle-grade armor. It's not merely foam padding; it's high-tech stuff that dissipates impact energy effectively even in a high-speed crash, and it's amazingly thin and light. That's why I wear a Speed & Strength motorcycle hoody whenever temperatures allow (it's often too hot here in southern Arizona), which incorporates armor for elbows, shoulders, and spine all in one garment. It doesn't make me look like Robocop or a Power Ranger. It's easy to throw on. It's not horribly expensive ($120 or so). And having fallen hard while wearing it, I can tell you the shoulder armor works. Yeah, it's not perfect. We can kick around other ideas for superior protection. But we don't have to go to extremes. Just wear something to reduce the damage. Most riders I see wear nothing, or only protection for the last body part they injured.
  8. Southern Arizona rides

    Phoenix practice session and group ride planned February 18, 2018! @Playarider @dbfrese @Clovis Sunday, February 18 in downtown Phoenix. All rider levels & wheels welcome. This one is more about playing than covering distance. We'll use the various downtown parks, plazas, and ramps to practice urban riding skills. Total mileage will probably be less than 15 miles. Recharging breaks will be available when we stop for lunch or coffee. Also, if anyone wants to check out the latest King Song wheels, let me know and I'll bring one or two up from the eWheels of Arizona store in Tucson. No map for this ride, since we're just going to wander downtown. Meeting point and starting time to be announced, so RSVP to make sure we get you the info. We're also holding a training session in Tucson on February 17, and an informal "just show up" ride around Cars & Coffee at La Encantada on February 10 (early morning). To get email updates of all future rides and other events, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dhvDpn
  9. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    @Rehab1 I respect your decision. It's a tough call to make. Ceasing a sport you love in order to protect your family and the people who work for you is the act of a brave man. Still, we'd appreciate your expertise and commentary here from time to time.
  10. Sure, but that's precisely because there IS a "gang" already. Anyone have suggestions for how we create riders out of thin air in other places?
  11. DarknessBot - iOS App

  12. We already do this in Tucson and Phoenix, but not weekly. There aren't enough riders to support weekly rides in those cities yet. (If you're from southern AZ and want to sign up for notifications, visit http://eepurl.com/dhvDpn) @Franklin The idea is nice but weekly is really too ambitious ... just look at the Local Rides section of this forum to see how hard it is to get groups of riders together in the USA (other than SoCal and NYC). We're pushing monthly rides in southern Arizona, notifying a list of 40+ people weeks in advance, and even then we're lucky when we get more than 3 riders at a time.
  13. DarknessBot - iOS App

    @Ilya Shkolnik I noticed a bug today. I opened the app connected to a King Song 14S (840 wh) and for some reason the temperature display was set to Celsius. It was showing 22 degrees C. I didn't remember changing it, so I switched it to Fahrenheit and it showed 160 degrees F. It should have showed 72 degrees F. This was with a "cold", completely un-ridden wheel, in a chilly house. I switched it back to C and F again, same results. Re-starting the app didn't help. This is version DarknessBot 3.2.1 on iOS 11.2

    Great job on the pie video! (I'd "like" it but I avoid Facebook like a foot-deep pothole.) Now be honest: did you make this video just to have an excuse to ride in the office?
  15. Southern Arizona rides

    Revised map for the January 27th ride (below). We've got five RSVPs so far.