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  1. That photo was taken in March or April, a great season for riding in southern Arizona. This week I am safely up north, about 50 miles from the Canadian border where "hot" has an entirely different meaning!
  2. We found that the bike rack in Ohiopyle State Park also worked well for Inmotion V5F parking, with the trolley handle stuck inside the top loop of the rack.
  3. The end of yesterday's ride through Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. We rode a few miles of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) rail trail, then explored the town and waterfalls. The GAP trail is hard packed dirt and easy riding, at least in this area. The only minor issue was a few muddy spots since it has been raining a lot lately. With a connection to the C&O Canal Towpath you can ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. That would be an epic multi-day ride with camping along the way. This trail will always be remembered by me as the first time I successfully rode on one foot!
  4. If you value the quality (shooting 4K video for example), note which devices offer optical stabilization. This is superior to digital stabilization, which reduces quality slightly. For example, the iPhone 6s uses digital stabilization but the 6s Plus and 7 use optical. A mechanical gimbal is also as good as optical stabilization because it doesn't reduce video quality either.
  5. From yesterday's ride in Prairie Dog State Park, in Kansas. Nice spot on a warm sunny evening, with a boat launch and small lake.
  6. The correct technique is to spray the surface of the wheel and the underside (sticky part) of the decal with soapy water. Get it really wet so it slides around. Then use a hair dryer to soften and stretch the decal as it lays on the wheel. Work it outward from the center for several minutes carefully to gradually work out the bubbles. You may have to spray on more water, and that's OK. Be patient. Absolutely don't cut the decal! If you end up with a few bubbles at the end, leave the wheel in the sun for a day or two and they may go away. Stubborn bubbles can be pricked with a pin later.
  7. The problem is that states are very different in their attitudes. California leads the nation in progressive policies regarding almost everything but not all states follow. For example, in Colorado there's a sharp difference of opinion because the many of the outdoorsy types (people who would other embrace solar power and electric vehicles) don't want to see "motorized" vehicles on forest trails. Even e-bikes had to go through a long battle before being accepted on trails here. The laws in this state are written specifically to exclude almost every sort of powered thing. Without some heavy lobbying Colorado will likely remain one of the least EUC-friendly states in the nation.
  8. That's us. We're currently on a five month trip across the USA. Today's stop is in Littleton Colorado at Chatfield State Park. I recommend this place for an excellent EUC ride. There's a paved path around the lake that covers about 16 miles.
  9. I am in Colorado right now. The state law is similar to B.C., basically saying that anything with a wheel smaller than 14" and not built to motor vehicle standards is a "toy vehicle" and thus not legal on roads, sidewalks, or trails. In a state park yesterday I asked one of the law enforcement rangers about using my EUC on the bike paths in the park. He asked a few questions ("Does it have pedals?" "Is it like a hoverboard?") and finally concluded that the statutes as written don't cover it. He decided it was allowable, but that's just one man's opinion. I suspect elsewhere in Colorado I may run into a challenge. @Hatchet While it's tempting to rant and rave about the unfairness of things to our elected officials (and believe me, I feel your pain!) you'll get the best progress with a calm, rational discussion of why the law should be made explicit to allow EUCs wherever pedestrians can go. That's what @dbfrese did in Arizona, successfully. But he had a leg up since we already had a "Segway law" on the books that allowed two wheeled self-balancing vehicles. In B.C. it sounds like you've got little to start with. Try researching the tactics used by Segway to pass similar laws in most US states. They were very successful and might provide a model for your approach in Canada. Good luck!
  10. Wow, this post looks even more relevant now....
  11. .................... wait a sec ....................... [OK, I've stopped laughing now.] First off I think you should contact a lawyer. You probably have the basis for a strong case against @Playarider for tempting you with that Nerf football. (But who knew they could be so DANGEROUS?) Second, it is clear you have been married a long time! My wife would have done the same so you have my sympathy there. Third, get well soon! We need you for the next ride in the fall!
  12. It's bizarre that businesses and people are so protective of their power outlets. I think it's mostly because they don't know how much power you'll use and they assume it's going to cost them several $ or £ or €. In reality the cost of charging a wheel is measured in cents (or pence). Some cafés will offer free wifi all day to patrons and let them plug in their laptop computer, but refuse access to a plug for an EUC just because it looks big and power-hungry. @Tech Nossomy: very cool!
  13. Haven't had enough experience with the V5F+ yet but initial indications are that it will go about 8-10 miles further with my weight (75 kg with backpack). That's about a 60% increase, so potentially worth the extra $200 if you routinely exceed 12 miles between charges. My real-world range on the standard V5F is about 15 miles, but this can decrease dramatically with high wind, hills, extended top-speed riding, or lots of start/stop.
  14. That was exactly my criteria as well. By the way, I just weighed my V5F and V5F+ and they are exactly the same weight: 27.2 lbs.
  15. As an owner of a V5F (and now a V5F+) I would say that the video review is fair. He doesn't mention many negatives because there aren't many. I have seen no reports of safety or reliability problems mentioned on this board. If this wheel's range, size, speed, and features suit you, then you won't find a better option in its class. Right now Inmotion holds the trophy for best "sporty" medium-range wheel IMHO. If you are looking for negatives, I would say the app is only "OK" and there are few riders in the US to connect with (compared to Ninebot). As you can tell, I'm really digging for something negative to say about the V5F. There's a lot to like and not much to complain about.