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  1. Southern Arizona rides

    I'm not in any hurry, at least until the heat breaks. But how's this for a possible route? Start at the Helen Street Parking Garage (free shaded parking on weekends) at the north side of the U of A. Then a leisurely dawdle along some of the streetcar route, and through the university campus. There's excellent riding around the campus area. After that we go over to Tucson's famous 4th Avenue shopping district and play dodge-em with the tourists. Then go under the train tracks to do a bunch of wandering around downtown (not detailed on the map). That includes a few historic sites, a bit of Congress St., the turquoise trail, Convention Center, etc. Eventually we get on the bikepath that parallels Aviation Highway for a few miles, and then up Highland Ave's bike lanes back to the University district. (Of course we would toss the football back and forth as we ride. ) The route as shown is only 6.5 miles but with farting around we can easily double that. There are plenty of side trips to make. Actually, I have extensions to this route that would make it 25-30 miles, so we won't run out of good riding. Also lots of potential lunch stops, places to recharge, and good breaking points. ---- Post what dates work for you. Personally, I'm wide open in October. @dbfrese: think positive healing thoughts! If you don't ride I'm afraid I'll be @Playarider 's next target!
  2. Southern Arizona rides

    Love the idea of Jerome, but it's a five hour drive from Tucson so it would take some planning for me (and probably a two night stay). If others are interested I'll get serious about working it out at this end. I was going to suggest Bisbee, which is similar and closer to Tucson but 3 hours from Phoenix. Claypool Tunnel and abandoned Rt 60: YES! Looks awesome. A dirt road ride would be OK with me & Emma. That one is easy for Phoenix-area residents and not too bad for Tucsonians.
  3. Hey guys, I know it's still hot, but we can start planning our next southern AZ group rides now. We could start in mid October, when it won't be too scorching, and then try for monthly thereafter. @Chris Westland says he'll be in town in December so it would be cool to work around his schedule for that one. I'm suggesting another ride in the Phoenix metro area (specific nominations?), plus one in Tucson, and a third TBD. I've got a few good Tucson routes mapped out already. Payson could be good too. (Of course, the big delay is really not the heat, it's @dbfrese's broken wrist healing up ... and Chris' broken wrist healing up ... Sounds like those guys will have some common ground to discuss.) Post your ride ideas and availability here, and we'll work out a schedule! Arizona riders invited, not confirmed: @Playarider @Clovis @Xelvic @Baldy @cesar1047 @MagicCow @Jerry388d @AGENT @Code In Space @Kyle Jay Abbas @adhermes @trx123

    Did a little testing last month in Vermont with a DJI Spark drone. Unfortunately it kept getting "hung up" by trees and would stop auto-tracking. Otherwise it's a pretty nice portable unit.
  5. V5F Tire Scraping and Resistance

    Check the inflation. If the tires doesn't have at least 30 psi, pump it up.
  6. DarknessBot - iOS App

    The risk is that the motor runs out of torque at some point and can't hold up the rider at high speed. I was kidding about someone volunteering to be a crash test dummy. The result will likely be a sudden cut-out at high speed, which means an unavoidable crash. Even with full gear your son could be badly injured.
  7. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Yeah, I find that phrase "not verified" interesting. Who wants to suit up and be the crash test dummy to see if a V5F can do 35 km/h?
  8. Just a reminder, today is the last chance to get a free review copy of this book. I hope all members of this forum will take a moment to download it (see link in the first post on this thread) and put their comments here. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. It's a small technical point but I agree it's important to be as accurate as possible. This change will go into the text in the next upload. Thanks to you as well! I will fix that ASAP. I really appreciate the constructive advice so far. Everyone who contributes a suggestion that I use in the next edition will be acknowledged in the credits (by their username). I'd like this to be a collaboration for Forum member, so we can all point to this book and say, "I recommend you read this" with total confidence.
  10. @Rehab1 -- I think you missed a couple of words in that sentence. I wrote "... or (if equipped) use the cut-off button in the handle." Maybe it should be more clear? I was thinking of my own Inmotion V5F and Airwheel X3 when I wrote it. (As an aside, I think every modern wheel should have a cut-off button in the handle!)
  11. After reading many threads and posts here about "how do you ride this thing?" I decided to write a guide for beginners. You can find it here on Amazon (Kindle book only). It's a short guide, just 37 pages with illustrations, so I priced it as cheaply as Amazon would let me: $2.99. But from July 27, 2017 through July 31, 2017 the book will be FREE so that anyone on this forum can review it. If you don't have a Kindle device there's a free app for smartphones and tablets, so everyone should have access. My goal is simply to help get more people into riding. It seems crazy that many manufacturers sell electric unicycles but don't provide good information about how to ride them. I don't intend to make a profit on this book. The proceeds from sales will reimburse me for the out of pocket costs associated with publishing (mostly the cost of a graphic designer who worked on the photos and layout). All subsequent revenue will be donated to charity, or I'll just make the PDF freely available. Your suggestions will help with a possible 2nd edition. Since most people on this forum are experienced riders, your thoughtful comments will be really helpful. Keep in mind the goal of the book is not to be a comprehensive guide to everything about electric unicycles. It should stay concise so that beginners will read it and not be intimidated. Please download a free copy in the next few days, and post your reviews here or on Amazon. Thank you.
  12. That photo was taken in March or April, a great season for riding in southern Arizona. This week I am safely up north, about 50 miles from the Canadian border where "hot" has an entirely different meaning!
  13. The Photo Thread

    We found that the bike rack in Ohiopyle State Park also worked well for Inmotion V5F parking, with the trolley handle stuck inside the top loop of the rack.
  14. The Photo Thread

    The end of yesterday's ride through Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. We rode a few miles of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) rail trail, then explored the town and waterfalls. The GAP trail is hard packed dirt and easy riding, at least in this area. The only minor issue was a few muddy spots since it has been raining a lot lately. With a connection to the C&O Canal Towpath you can ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. That would be an epic multi-day ride with camping along the way. This trail will always be remembered by me as the first time I successfully rode on one foot!
  15. How to shoot that video?

    If you value the quality (shooting 4K video for example), note which devices offer optical stabilization. This is superior to digital stabilization, which reduces quality slightly. For example, the iPhone 6s uses digital stabilization but the 6s Plus and 7 use optical. A mechanical gimbal is also as good as optical stabilization because it doesn't reduce video quality either.