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    It seemed like they'd never seen EUCs before, or at least not up close. After his trial ride, the guy in the blue shirt said he'd be checking EUCs out, so I wouldn't be surprised if he joined up with us someday. @dbfrese gave him a card with some info. I need to start carrying some sort of card too! I agree, it's not either/or. But I was thinking that after recently spending big bucks on a 36" wheel (with a disc brake!) he might want to focus on just one toy. I hope I'm wrong about that. We need more riders in southern Arizona.

    Those unicyclists were pretty devoted to their 36" wheels so I don't know. They kept trying to recruit us to join them, for Monday night unicycle basketball! I think @Playarider was seriously considering checking it out.
  3. Southern Arizona rides

    You'll see the video here:

    Here's the video from our latest Phoenix-area ride with @dbfrese @Playarider. Good times. We encountered puppies, roller derby girls, unicycles with 36" wheels, a QuinceaƱera photo session, angry street people, a WWII German escape tunnel, and a kid who wanted to follow us home. Plus some pretty good riding.
  5. Southern Arizona rides

    @steve454 thanks for the tip. Looks like most of the guys I tagged haven't been here in 10 months or more. That's too bad, because we had a great ride through Scottsdale on Sunday. Video of what we found will come in the next few days, including a gaggle of roller blade chicks, 2 guys on 36" unicycles, and tons of scenery. UPDATE: The Dec 9 ride will start at 10:00 am in Scottsdale Dec 9 at 10:00 a.m.: meet at Indian School Park and Tennis Center on Hayden Rd in Scottsdale. All riders welcome.
  6. Southern Arizona rides

    In case anyone in the PHX area is watching this thread -- we decided last minute to get together for a ride in Scottsdale on Sunday (Nov 11, tomorrow) at 1:00 pm. If you want to join up, reply here or PM me tonight. @Clovis @Xelvic @Baldy @cesar1047 @MagicCow @Jerry388d @AGENT @Code In Space @Kyle Jay Abbas @adhermes @trx123
  7. Back in the Saddle Again

    Glad to hear you're back up and running! So now you need to sign up for our upcoming Dec 9 ride. See the thread in the Local Meetup section. We're all looking forward to seeing you again, and @Playarider promises to keep his Nerf footballs to himself!
  8. Southern Arizona rides

    @Playarider says the route is a GO! We'll meet up at the Indian School Park and Tennis Center on Hayden Rd in Scottsdale, Dec 9 in the morning. This will be our usual wandering, goofing off, exploring urban ride. First leg should be about 8-ish miles to the first charge opportunity in the Scottsdale waterfront area, and then another 8-10 miles down into Mill Ave in Tempe for grub and power. Our return leg will be north along the Scottsdale Green Belt back to Indian School Park. Lots to see and do along the way! Who's in? @dbfrese @Clovis ? Preferred start times?
  9. Hearing loss while out.

    No question! Talk to someone who became deaf late in life. They'll tell you: "Blindness disconnects you from things, deafness disconnects you from people." For most, being gradually disconnected from society and family is a far worse fate. It is a very big deal. It's easy to protect your hearing, whereas the price of not bothering is higher than you might think.
  10. Southern Arizona rides

    Here's a proposed route through Tempe and Scottsdale, for our December ride. (Red line is just to show the rough idea; we'd actually be riding the green trails.) The basic loop is approximately 12-14 miles but I'm sure it would be much more with side trips. We need to get @Playarider to comment on the viability of this loop, but I'm sure it could become an all-day experience if we do some wandering in the city centers and Papago Park.
  11. Southern Arizona rides

    I'm proposing the next ride : Dec 2 or Dec 9. What say you, Arizona riders? RSVP here with your favorite date. Location TBD but probably Phoenix area. @Chris Westland@Playarider@dbfrese@Clovis
  12. Southern Arizona rides

    Sorry, didn't shoot video. We were too busy having a blast! Saturday: Coffee at the B-Line on 4th Avenue at 8:00 am, then 20 miles of wandering: 4th Ave, all of downtown including the entire Turquoise Trail, Rattlesnake Bridge, Aviation Bikeway, and a charge break at Roma Imports. Then we hit the University (including riding under the stadium), the hospital campus, a parking garage, the rest of the University, the Main Gate area, and all the way back to 4th Ave. We got interrogated at least six times by curious locals, including one guy and his wife who asked questions for 20 minutes. (He says he'll be in touch; hopefully we've found a recruit.) Although it wasn't a ton of miles we took six hours to do it all. We did a lot of leisurely fooling around and showing off. We took the late afternoon off and we met up for dinner later. Sunday: We met at Tucson Mall at 7:30 am and cruised northwest on The Loop (multi-use trail) along the Rillito River to I-10, then doubled back on the opposite side. The miles really pile up fast on the trail, so we took a coffee/charge break back at the mall, and then did the southeastern end of the trail, riding through a farmer's market at Rillito Park, another one at St Philip's Plaza, and various minor side trips like Brandi Fenton Memorial Park, etc. Stopped for lunch and another charge a couple of miles south of the trail, then looped back. Total of 30 miles for the day. We stopped off at Brandi Fenton park again on the way back to do some trick practicing on the basketball courts in the shade. Mostly we were working on riding backwards (3 of us). I took exactly one picture in two days. Seriously, I was just having way too much fun to think about anything else. We'll try to do another ride in the Phoenix area in December, hopefully with @Chris Westland if he gets down here with a wheel. @dbfrese you better be ready to ride!
  13. Southern Arizona rides

    Last chance for the Oct 21-22 rides in Tucson! We'll be covering quite a lot of territory around Tucson, plus doing some training (backward riding, etc). EUC riders can join up for any segment on either day, for an hour or all day if you like. The weather should be awesome and the riding will be fun! Get in touch before Saturday if you are interested, by posting on this thread or PM to me.
  14. Since we're on the subject, here's the stuff I carry on every ride. Except for the mini-pump, it all fits into a quart-sized ziploc bag. I like manual pumps over CO2 and electric types just for reliability. mini bike pump electrical splitter (allows two wheels to charge on one power outlet) tire gauge (0-50 psi brass valve extension spare fuses for quick-charger spare tire valves valve stem tool Plus, of course, a sealant like Slime in the tires! This kit covers all my basic on-the-road needs. For anything worse than a flat tire, there's the cell phone.