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  1. My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Why is this wheel not referred to simply as ACM v3 ?
  2. MSuper v4?

    Speedyfeet.co.uk website already has pre-order page for the upcoming 100V Monster with 4-5 week ETA. Supposedly those will be available only in 1845wh capacity, same price as 2400wh 84v Monster.
  3. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    Gotway made user community accustomed to 1300/1600/2400 batteries, so to come up with new model that tops out at 1000 was a product planning failure. Even the new MCM5 offered SKU option at 210wh, seriously what's the point ? Hopefully, Gotway won't repeat these mistakes in their new 18"+ wheels.
  4. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    So regarding this new ACM2 with the tesla engine and board but with 1600wh battery, why bother with Tesla wheel then ? Gotway messed up with the Tesla, they should have designed it from the beginning with 1600wh battery option and discontinued the ACM instead of having 2 competing 16" wheels.
  5. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    @Marty Backe I fully expect that you have a special order for the 100v Monster too Speedyfeet already has them on the website.Look forward to your reviews on both.
  6. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    @Marty Backe @Jason McNeil How come the ACM2 is not listed on the ewheels website. What other unadvertised wheels are you selling ?
  7. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    In addition to general ugliness, these cutouts in the shell for the vent holes with straight 90 degree angles seem like they would crack the shell on the first crash. They are positioned at most likely impact point on the wheel. Hopefully they are reinforced.
  8. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    One thing that was good with gotway wheels is that they had clean no nonsense styling. This new MCM5 is opposite, very busy looking. They should have designed this to just look like a mini tesla. I hope this is just exception and doesn't start a new trend for Gotway wheel designs.
  9. New Gotway MCM5, 14" Picture

    As far as just looks, old MCM4 looked much cleaner design. Also why start to put amateur looking logo on the side the same as kingsong ?
  10. I'm not waiting on KS18L or any other wheel. I don't see a suitable upgrade to my Msuper v3s+ among the new wheels. Maybe Gotway will surprise us later this year, who knows.
  11. There's reportedly already higher battery version of the Ks18l in the works ? King Song will likely do the same thing as it did with the Ks14d and Ks14s. So just have to be patient until the "ks18ls" comes out. There simply is too much demand for it from user community.
  12. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    There should be just one Z model, the Z10. The battery spec on that is the minimum acceptable. Having Z6/Z8 versions just causes inventory problems for distributors to try and forecast which will be in more demand ( hint: most people will want the Z10)
  13. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    @Jason McNeil thanks for the write-up and it's great news that you will be selling them. I don't think you need to bother stocking up on anything but the z10 version. Do you think there are plans for even larger battery versions of the Z, maybe 1300/1600wh ?
  14. 18l presale specs

    It looks like both the ankle and knee side pads are out of proportion on the KS18L. They need to be made larger. Also there is lot of dead empty space in the middle, but I guess people can and should customize with graphics.
  15. 18l presale specs

    Sorry but KS18S is not an option because of very tall form factor. Gotway already shown how to put 1600wh in compact form factor, so why not KS do the same ? I also happen to own KS16 so not advocating for either brand. There should be both 1036wh and 1600wh versions of the KS18L and then let the marketplace decide. If you don't believe people who buy larger wheels want them to be maxed out on battery, just ask @Jason McNeil who sells wheels for living and mainly keeps highest configuration in stock. This presents dilemma for KS. If they come up with 1600wh KS18L version, they would probably need to discontinue KS18S, which would be correct decision in the end.