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  1. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    I've had my ninebot e+ stolen last week by garage break in. I posted info about it on local riders Facebook group. It would be nice if EUC would be equipped with GPS tracking and remote kill. I believe this problem will only get worse unless manufacturers implement some counter theft measures.
  2. Update: the Improved KS14S Pads

    @Jason McNeil, maybe you can use your persuasive power with king Song to improve ( but keep same thickness) the pads for the upcoming KS18L. The existing ones in the early prototypes look too small, did it look that way in person when you checked out?
  3. Unbranded KS Padding Now Available

    It's very easy to replace side pads, basically you just peel off the old ones. I've also done the following changes to make the wheel look exactly like I want: * replaced black shiny side shells with Matt ones, kept shiny top part for contrast. * Paint pedals black Matt + convert them to magnetic closure.
  4. Unbranded KS Padding Now Available

    Just installed logo-free pads on my KS16, looks much better Thanks @Jason McNeil for making these available.
  5. Unbranded KS Padding Now Available

    Finally ! The wheel will look much better with the unbranded pad.
  6. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Congrats on the new wheel, glad to see you have so much fun So the question now how much percentage you are going to allocate your riding on each of msuper, monster, ACM, ks14s and Mten. Which is going to be your favorite?
  7. Thanks for the great review Tishawn Looks very promising, you make a much better case for the wheel than Gotway did when they launched this thing. Look forward to part 2, by the way does the tesla has built in trolley handle ?
  8. San Francisco - No EUC on Golden Gate Bridge

    The decision seems pretty arbitrary, I wonder which authority is responsible for it and who needs to be contacted to lobby to reverse the decision. One of the fun things to do is to ride over the bridge to sausalito and back on EUC and now we can't do that anymore ! I agree that when I was able to ride over the bridge there were a lot of cyclists traveling very fast and much more dangerous to others.
  9. Bad Accident on Onewheel+

    Sorry to hear that, hope for quick recovery. I guess onewheel are subject to same cutout issues as EUC with equal disasteous results. I didn't realize onewheel could go that fast, but cutout accidents can be dangerous at any speeds. The engineer in me wonders if there should be system that could engage at cutout to bring the wheel to safe stop instead of crash.
  10. already confused/disappointed

    Sorry, but red lights and beeps when you turn it on are not good sign.
  11. 1036wh Rockwheel GT16 now listed

    The black matte one looks sweet !
  12. Buying from ewheels is the way to go if you want great support, I purchased my last 2 wheels from them. As far as V8, go with KS16S instead, much better wheel for both power and range.
  13. Msuper v3s setup questions

    Thanks everyone for the info, I'll try your suggestions to fine tune my v3s.
  14. Msuper v3s setup questions

    Hi, I had few questions on Msuper setup. First, there's no documentation on what speeds the alarm settings kick in, does anybody know the values. Also, what is most common setting for alarm and tiltback do you use. Second, I think I've seen people reverse pedals on Msuper, is that something recommended ? Last, I've seen removing side covers and replacing with something thinner. This makes sense however is the thick pad needed to protect the case if falling. It takes a lot of tweaks to make EUC work good for you, I would be interested if some of you made additional customizations for Msuper v3s+ When you got it. Thanks.
  15. KS16 which way front ?

    @Diana@szkingsong.com, can you please provide us official factory response. For KS16, is the power button/charge port represent the front of the wheel or the back. Thanks.