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  1. Interesting concept. The single wide tire help balance it side to side by itself. Probably a good easy intro for people to learn euc riding just to get the feel of it. I see it mainly as training tool.
  2. @Rehab1, what is this thing attached to the front of the ACM and all the wires on the right side for ? Also is this the fox racing titan jacket, is it comfortable to wear .
  3. Ok so I was getting tired of keep reading about Gotway problems and went out for some riding in the city today on my trusty KS16. I decided instead to learn to ride backwards one more times. I've had 3 previous sessions before with limited success. I picked long sidewalk near the shore with smooth handrail that I can use my hand to keep balance. After about 2 hours of grueling practice, in was finally able to do it ! I can't explain what happened, I guess something just clicks and you get it. The good thing is I experienced the same satisfaction when I learned to ride euc successfully first time. So if you feel you are stagnating, maybe try to learn new skill instead, it's very rewarding when you master it. But please, be VERY careful when learning to ride backwards, it's at least twice (maybe ten times) as hard as learning to ride first time. For me the handrail was the key and going very slow and controlled at the beginning, as you can easily injure/hyperextend your knee if you fall off awkwardly. Also listening to music on my headphone while I learned seemed to help as well and put me in some rhythm to practice. Have fun learning new stuff !
  4. Ok I see. It would be nice if the ks16s came with larger battery. I have ks16 with 840wh battery and never made it past 50% because I got too tired by that point but I like the extra reserve.
  5. The new ks18 has 1680wh battery, that's not large enough ?
  6. That's great news !
  7. Those are good internal improvements. Does KingSong have any plans to produce more compact version of KS18 (same form factor as gotway msuper v3) ?
  8. You'll enjoy the KS16. The only reason Gotway enjoyed some success is that for some unexplainable reason all other manufacturers have completely conceded the > 16" EUC market. Personally I would love to see new entries in that segment from Inmotion and Kingsong (forget ks18, too tall). What are they waiting for ?
  9. I'm just going to gather enough will and stick with my ks16 a little longer.
  10. I had temporary moment of insanity last weekend when I was contemplating upgrading to an Msuper v3s+. I'm happy to report that with this latest news I'm cured... for now I hope to continue to have the strength to resist the urge to volunteer as Gotway test crash pilot.
  11. Even Better maybe the wheel would cutoff on them while they're making their getaway
  12. The idea is to make it useless as well as counterproductive to steal or personally rob someone of their EUC. Make it useless by requiring EUC to be activated only by electronic key by means of smartphone. Make it counterproductive by including GPS tracker so thieves can be arrested within short time. I would prefer the built in gps tracker myself with an option to use electronic key.
  13. They want shrinking market of Two wheel transporters ? Good luck ! My next upgrade most likely will be msuper even though I started on 9bot e+.
  14. Too bad, it would have been nice to see what they would have come up with at the high end. It looks like they started going downhill after the segway aquisition.
  15. Is Ninebot developing new EUC or are they done with the S2 model ? We don't hear of any new development news from them. They used to be leading the field but now they completely ceded ground to gotway, kingsong, inmotion.