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  1. The logo is growing on me, it's kind of cirque de soleil kinda style. Don't mind my initial conservatism. It looks like you guys have the passion for the business, so that will help you become successful.
  2. Best of luck and success. May I suggest you change your logo, we don't want to promote the idea that these vehicles are supposed to be ridden by crazy maniacal clowns
  3. One question I have about the ks16s is about the range comparison to the regular ks16. Both use the same 840wh battery but the Ks16s uses 1200w motor versus 800w in the ks16. The more powerful engine consumes more battery power so the range I expect will be less than the ks16. It would be nice if somebody did actual range test between the two.
  4. Thanks, I haven't heard about this distributor before.
  5. Do these companies have anyone on their staffs that understand design esthetics ?
  6. northern California. I guess maybe we have to custom mod them ourselves.
  7. I think many like the colors of the Monster. I was just randomly checking the French forum and noticed Msuper and ACM in monster color shells. Does anybody know if these will be available soon ? If so, sign me up for the red Msuper
  8. KS-16 800w / 840wh
  9. I'm planning to store and maybe rarely use my Ninebot E+ since I've upgraded to a new EUC. Is there any recommended charge level to store it at, should I just charge to about 70-80%, or should I let it go through a full charge cycle ? Any recommendations ? Thanks !
  10. Those shells are cool, gotway should offer them for the Msuper. As far as these "monster" euc, does anybody else worry that they would attract bad attention from law enforcement and legislators with even more restrictions.
  11. How is this exactly be enforced, regular law enforcement would need an up-to-date list of qualified EUC and be able to tell them apart. I think that if you ride responsibly, then you won't be bothered. On the other hand, someone who's reckless may be stopped and asked.
  12. The Ninebot one E+ is a good wheel, I started on it. However after you get good at riding, you will start to notice that the battery range isn't very great, maybe about 10-12 miles. Actually all the Ninebot range have this relatively small range. Maybe consider buying a cheap used EUC to learn on and then you won't worry about wrecking it. If you get hooked, then invest more money and get an EUC with large battery (and more power) such as those offered by KingSong or Gotway.
  13. Congrats, it would be even great if you get it by Xmas
  14. These transactions sound like too much hassle for what it's worth. When I bought my second EUC for an upgrade, who I bought it from and the ease of transaction and level of support and service counted a lot in my choice.
  15. Sorry if I'm not familiar with ordering direct from China, but why these transactions involve bank to bank transfers instead of credit card transactions ?