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  1. Good idea with the bike motor. We might even have one of those gathering dust in the garage. Thanks guys.
  2. Not to hijack the thread but slightly related. I wonder if an old unicycle could be repurposed to be a turbine for a micro hydro installation
  3. Gotway Tesla Leans back? Good calf stretch!

    Yes. That is the tiltback to limit your speed. I rode the first 50km with it enabled. Then @Marty Backe told me to turn it off and the difference is astounding! So smooth. You will love it. Please don't disregard the warning speed beeps and be aware of your battery levels as you don't want the wheel to cut out at speed or really ever.
  4. The eBike Option

    I love my Yamaha scooter too! Picked up the XSR900 model! The ebike I am not so sure on. Maybe you can sell the kit on. After riding euc it will be hard to get on bike. 😀
  5. Sorry to hear that. I had my bike stolen from being locked up in front of the library so know how you feel when you come outside to find it gone :'(. Insurance?
  6. Just got hit by a bus

    Or a bit lower still attach to codpiece, kind of a reverse crotch cam.
  7. The Photo Thread

    You can lend me your Tesla to test ride, you know, to stress test in the snow
  8. The Photo Thread

    LOL. I know how you feel.v let's drive to Edmonton and cruise around West Ed after it closes 😋
  9. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    OK @Brian Morris it has been 5 days. Where the hell is your review? With pics and video and a cute dog? Slacker
  10. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Let's just consider this topic derailed. 😲
  11. Who made the news?

    http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/woman-runs-attempted-kidnapper-saving-2-year-old-niece-article-1.3365683 Was this a forum member?
  12. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Maybe so there is room to accomodate a variety of battery capacity sizes