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  1. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Maybe so there is room to accomodate a variety of battery capacity sizes
  2. squirrels, rabbits and small animals

    @litewave I agree with the deer. Not sure how such a dimwitted animal made it so far. They like to pull a Trump and do the opposite of anything you might rationally expect them to do. And if you see one bolt out in front of you odds are very good a second deer will be incoming in 5, 4, 3 ... @Hunka Hunka Burning LoveThe rabbits are all over here, my only problem with them is they are drawing predators further into the city.
  3. Somebody stop me! Crazy car purchase...

    Completely rational statement. Usually voiced just prior to the purchase of said gas guzzler I do agree that ad seems sketchy as hell but that just means they will negotiate on price. I would avoid any car that won't allow a test drive.
  4. Somebody stop me! Crazy car purchase...

  5. Gotway ACM app issues

    Don't bother with the Pebble watch though. It is not really that useful past the initial novelty. Plus, if you wear wrist guards, good luck seeing the Pebble. A joggers case for your phone that you can wear on your forearm would be a better option, then just have the wheellog app on that.
  6. Mr

    Padded knee pads worn around your ankles should help
  7. Skunk Anansie and early PJ Harvey
  8. ACM 820Wh First Impressions

    It is the ride mode you want to look for, Powerful, Soft, and Medium?. See if it is set to Powerful which is what most people, ok me but maybe others, ride on.
  9. The fear of falling.

    If I fall and it is user error, then it does not bother me. I assess what I did wrong and nurse my bruises and move on. If it was a wheel fault that could happen at any time for no reason then I would be less keen. Fortunately, all falls have been my fault so far, and no permanent damage.
  10. Got A New Pet!!!

    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love now we find out your real name is actually Lennie. Maybe you should call the rabbit George?
  11. Android Wear Watch

    @KingSong69 hmm. I guess I should try it then. Thanks!
  12. Android Wear Watch

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to side load the Android Wheel Log app to an Android Wear watch? I got a new LG G watch for $30 and want to try it but I thought I would ask before reinventing the Wheel.
  13. The fear of falling.

    Android only. LG G4 Not sure where I got the app from.