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  1. That is not a phone. He stopped to charge the wheel with the optional solar panel.
  2. I Deny any and all topic derailment. I would be considered an "in the wild" sighting by OP. Now that I know Fish Creek park is clear of barbed wire I may move there to avoid rocks being tossed at me.
  3. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Catch me if you can on your slow ass Wheel
  4. Last summer, clouds were gathering but the inevitable Vancouver rain had yet to come. Pedestrians had hastened their pace in an urgency to be off the streets before the deluge. I was strolled the West End, keeping my gait casual in counterpoint to the artificial urgency of those around me, I detoured down Davie St in disdain of weather or scheduling. It was there, wobbling down the sidewalk past Vera's Hamburgers that I met a man riding an orange Monorover. I critiqued his riding skills silently and continued on.
  5. I am also riding the MCM4 like a couple others in this thread. I just put my first 300km on it. I am in the SW of the City and have only been to The WeaselHead and Glenmore park, I want to make some time to go around FishCreek park. Although after hearing about the barbed wire being strung across the path there I may be keeping my speed low. A NoseHill ride followed by a Dim Sum brunch would be fun too.
  6. I love riding around Calgary after dark. I use a bike light mounted on the unicycle and, if it is needed in the deep dark or hills, I use another hand held light. The lights from two angles highlight road irregularities well.
  7. Marty and others asking for it: Why do you want bluetooth speakers on the wheel? What do they accomplish? I Would like a volume control on my wheel beeps, mostly down not up as they are too loud as it is. Bluetooth speakers just add expense and weight and use battery that could be range so why do you want them? For playing music? Many things would be nice to have but think of how much the cost is. If they did have speakers and other whizzbang add ons I would prefer to see those as optional equipment I could choose to skip.
  8. Over 25km/h I am a one wheel Turret sufferer having a stroke
  9. Ridetheglide.ca is based out of Victoria. They are a small business that mainly do Segway tours but also sell a few units. I bought my Gotway MCM4 from them last fall. I have no complaints and would probably buy from them again. Not many dealers up here. I also emailed with Inmotioncanada.com but at the time he did not have the V8 model.
  10. To weigh in, I am going to guess it is cold temperture related. Batterys only have about half their power in cold weather. Glad you are ok. Do not give up on wheeling yet.
  11. Go with the s2000
  12. The Pebble smart watch business is shutting down. https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/07/pebble-confirms-its-shutting-down-devs-and-software-going-to-fitbit/ I was considering getting a Pebble for the Gotway. There will probably be some cheap clearance prices now.