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  1. Anatomy of an overlean

    You can read in the data from the graphs using this tool and then replot them with any color of your desire using one of the 2 million tools out there for plotting.
  2. I can remember reports of several people having quitted either due to an accident or due to enforced legislation.
  3. My chargers also show 85V but only when idle, i.e. not connected to the wheel. When charging they barely exceed 84V even hours after the full charge was reached. I considered the 85V hence as spurious and not relevant to take action.
  4. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    A better way to look at it is that you need to slightly adjust your speed to battery charge status, as @WARPed1701D suggests. If you are inclined to understand this further, this post is an excellent source of what is going on behind the scene (you may translate current with torque): Different battery status limiting the possible driving situations are the straight slanted lines to the right. In these graphs the difference between max and min battery status in limit speed are 6km/h. Limit speed is when you lean in further to accelerate, the wheel has no additional torque left to keep you upright.
  5. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    Then my question again: how would you differentiate between "it went off" and "it lost its torque"?
  6. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    I assume that this is a rhetorical question. What you IMHO see the wrong way is to think you can just lean in and assume the wheel will take it. WIth the exception of emergency braking you should IMHO always be aware of the feedback you get when you are pushing and expect that you don't get the expected push back from the wheel. In any case, this is what I do. EDIT: if on the other hand the wheel just turned off (which is not clear to me so far) it would be a completely different story as the above said wouldn't be a solution.
  7. 1036wh Rockwheel GT16 now listed

    Given that @Francesco Finqui Tuttobeneis located in Italy, it is likely rather a three-pin GX12-3. The GX12-4 connector on the V8 is specific to the US as requested by eWheels.
  8. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    Then I am suicidal since 6000+km, but so far I haven't been successful. I find an overlean under these conditions not very surprising, because I know about the physical limitations of electric motors at speed. I wouldn't find it "normal" though if the wheel just switches off. Hence it would be important to make this distinction. I also would have an explanation to offer why this did not happen to you before: your riding confidence increases over time. Then there will inevitably be a first occasion which brings you at the limit or over the top of what the wheel has to offer. I totally agree with you that the (physically inevitable) deterioration of excess torque with increasing speed is quite a problematic feature for a self-balancing consumer product.
  9. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    You may have got acoustic warnings. I usually cannot hear them because I wear headphones
  10. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    I agree. How could you differentiate between a shutdown and an outlean due to lack of torque?
  11. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    Only that learning to ride a kick scooter is still (much) easier than learning to ride a bicycle. The guy you are referring to above looks (inferred from his body posture) suspiciously as if he had ridden non-electric unicycles before, which is even much harder to learn, and has a saddle. In this case it is no surprise that he is up and running on any EUC, with or without saddle, within 5 minutes.
  12. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    OK, I could pretend to have meant tens of kids, not tons of kids, or I should have written "a ton of kids", which is pretty much literally true. About 1000kg of kids have already ridden one of my wheels
  13. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    @DavidM summarizing your posts, you were accelerating strongly at a speed of 25km/h with low battery charge status. And now you wonder why the wheel gave up under you?
  14. Most certainly not. How this is rather obvious to see is that a human-shaped dummy can stand up, but it can't ride an EUC. To ride an EUC dynamic (i.e. time-changing) control of force and (small) movement is needed, which happens by muscle engagement. Control needs to be applied in two directions, forward-back (done by changing foot angle or applied pressure) and sidewards left-right. EDIT: of course additionally even non-off-road the knees need better to be ready all the time to act as suspension device.
  15. That's a nice one, tax will be prepaid by US to US.
  16. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I thought about that too. The problem though is that it depends on the rider to a very large extend. From the geometry viewpoint it is easy to see the wheel diameter is instrumental. A 3 inch curb with a 3 inch wheel means you have to climb straight vertically 1.5 inch until the axle is on the level of the curb (assuming there is no deformation of the tire). Tire size matters a little, because a wider tire has more deformation tolerance which also smoothens the upward path and it protects the rim better. For the curb shown in the vid, the speed limiting factor would be for me wheel diameter with a 14" wheel and fear of rim damage with a 16" wheel 2.125 tire (below 50 PSI). That is, the Ninebot Z fat tire would be an advantage in this case.
  17. Has anybody Heard of this?

    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love it seems you forgot about crowdfunding. No credentials are needed there and you even don't need to pay it back. No credit, no credentials, just free money for an idea which appears to be cool. On the other side, if I were to spent a few 100k, I would certainly require more information, but I maybe wouldn't want this information to be available in this forum.
  18. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    We will most likely not. There seems to be no path to make flying even remotely as energy and space efficient and noiseless as necessary. They learn much quicker than adults and many of them seemed to feel quite well. My impression was clearly that for children EUCing is easier to learn than cycling. I didn't suggest that it takes 100 years. It takes a generation, because EUCs will only become mainstream popular in populations where children learn to ride them, like with cycling, hence the analogy. Because most adults learned as children to ride a bicycle and almost none of them learned to ride a unicycle (probably for several reasons). For non-electric unicycles there is second reason: they are in comparison not very practical means of transportation anyways.
  19. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    100 years ago you would have said the very same thing about bicycles. I have had tons of kids trying my wheel, for sure not because I forced them, but because they wanted to. I never considered Segways as a relevant transport revolution, but I also didn't give it a deep thought. I agree that EUCs will never become mainstream for people born before the year 1990 or even 2000.
  20. Has anybody Heard of this?

    To finance mass production, where "mass" could mean a few hundred or a few thousand?
  21. Has anybody Heard of this?

    It proved that not every prototype does make it into a product to be sold. That wasn't really news though.
  22. That is only appearance (shared also with the MCM4). WIth 20cm body width the Tesla isn't at all thin (the V8 has 15cm, numbers taken from here)
  23. The usual confusion between correlation and causation. The study can't tell us anything about how changing our behaviour (say, sit less) would change our life expectancy.