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  1. My wheel(s) have been completely and entirely replaced my cycling (and walking) activity, wheeling for close to 8000km in 2+ years. I do not use the wheel as only means of transportation though and never go above 25km/h. About half of the time spent on the wheel is for fun/playing/practicing, not for going from A to B. I don't use protective gear. I do get physical exercise from wheeling. There is some resemblance with downhill skiing, though (much) less demanding, no getting out of breath. Depending on where and how (uphills, speed, ...) I have been cycling, wheeling can be more or less physically demanding than cycling. I also prefer the body posture on the EUC over the bicycle, but going plain straight on a flat road for 15 minutes I don't find enjoyable at all from the riding perspective. EDIT: I don't regard my EUC as fail-safe. I constantly consider that it could fail and how I would escape that case relatively unscathed. "trust it so much I don't ever think about it" seems is not an option available to me at this point in time. Besides that, I don't trust myself to not make any rider error ever. It is safe to say that at least as many accidents are related to rider mistakes as to wheel failures.
  2. Solowheel Commercials Playing

    I don't wear a helmet when running or EUCing or cycling, which I do with few exceptions at about similar speeds. I tend to not forget my brain at home though.
  3. Solowheel Commercials Playing

    Are you referring to the brain? Never to be forgotten at home while riding.
  4. Solowheel Commercials Playing

    Just the usual disconnect between words and deeds. Oscar Wilde allegedly expressed it this way: The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.
  5. Solowheel Commercials Playing

    Looks like https://solowheel.com doesn't sell the (original) solowheels anymore?
  6. V8 pedal durability

    this is how my left pedal looks like after about 500km. Is it that the grip tape doesn't like sand?
  7. It makes a lot of sense to many of us, if I remember the poll numbers correctly. No reasonable legislator will allow a powered vehicle of unlimited speed to be operated on public roads without heavy regulation (like cars and motorbike which need insurance and drivers licence). Make your pick which regulation you want. I find a speed limit of 25km/h without any further (strong) restrictions quite reasonable.
  8. start button doesnt work.

    It may help to specify the type of wheel and post in the respective subforum.
  9. comparison NinebotOne E+,P and InmotionV8

    I find the InMotion V8 app overall pretty good. It allows in particular to change the max speed and the neutral pedal angle on a continuous sliding scale. The main downsides are that it takes too long to startup, too many clicks to connect (two , that the connection drops frequently, and that it doesn't display voltage. As I can't watch my mobile phone while riding without endangering others and myself, to be connected while riding is of no good use anyways.
  10. Right, and like a unicycle (with pedals)...which reminds me of the ultimate wheel and an easier to learn version, the Lunicycle
  11. This one looks fun and this is super difficult to ride both without active self-balancing by the machine.
  12. Gotway oscillation issue on V8?

    I am also curious how this exactly happened (I assume you didn't try to reproduce the behavior?). If I turn on the wheel, it first levels the body horizontally, which can take close to a second, it's actually quite smooth and nice to watch . I could imagine that driving off during this process may be problematic. After that, I'd be surprised about a problem, also because I never observed any of this. Though in a way I am also a careful noob as I always remain sensitive as to whether the wheel is in the self-balancing state before to "hop on". Yet I never specifically wait for the wheel to stabilize for more than a second. Yet I am curious enough that I will try to start driving the wheel while still in the leveling process the next time I have the opportunity.
  13. Hearing loss while out.

    I am pretty sure that some people do get depressed and become suicidal from hearing loss. Hearing loss is a very common disability and the loss of communication abilities can well lead to isolation and depression. Spending a few minutes on Scholar Google for wind as cause for hearing loss didn't reveal more than this study https://www.cna.org/CNA_files/PDF/D0011228.A2.pdf which found that being a sailor on an US Navy Surface Warship is significantly connected to hearing loss. The authors don't mention wind and I don't think it is a likely cause though (more likely it is noise from various machinery).
  14. Hearing loss while out.

    hmm, I am aware of various reasons for hearing loss, but I never heard of cycling or sailing or skiing or taking long walks at the autumn beach to be one of the reasons, all of which can well mean long-time exposure to >=15mph wind speeds. I can't even find a link to any scientific abstract in the above link to begin with, so @Chriull seems to be more talented in this respect.
  15. Using this terminology, I count the past as "actual reality". The past is quite important to predict the future. In fact, as it turns out, the past is the only actual reality we have to predict the future. To all I know of this world, judging the expertise of engineers from their past work (say, the percentage of flawless updates we have seen over a relevant period of time) has quite high predictive power. Of course, these predictions (AKA prior) are to be adjusted with actual data coming in, which of course goes both ways (to the better as well as to the worse). This has nothing to do with cynicism, though I freely admit to be outrageously cynic at times... for example if someone claims to have, just this time, removed the last bug from their software...
  16. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    As I believe it hasn't been mentioned yet, a tubeless tire without an additional tube might be difficult or impossible to pump manually without a compressor. Otherwise, I am all for going tubeless...
  17. It feels I have read this many times before, only with different dates attached. I don't keep track of "generic problems" with Gotway wheels. Even if I would, I were probably far from absolutely confidence that there couldn't be any problem just because I am not aware of any (yet). That is in particular so if problems were (notoriously) known until after a last software update.
  18. Considering the variant of EUCs that we want to ride without licensing or insurance, I wonder about which speed and weight limits seem to be reasonable to prescribe.
  19. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    What a sad state of affairs.
  20. Peak power’s peak duration?

    Though not in the above displayed graphs, AFAICS.
  21. LOL, absolute confidence. It feels I have read this many times before, only with different dates attached.
  22. I hope this is a useful poll to learn more about which protection gear forum members typically use and how serious injuries from EUCing are.
  23. Peak power’s peak duration?

    You seem to suggest that nominal output power is defined as a speed dependent function rather than a single number.
  24. Peak power’s peak duration?

    I think your original idea of the terminology is the common one. Nominal power (Watt) is the maximal power that can be delivered for "unlimited" time. Electric motors (and other motors too) can deliver their nominal power essentially only at one particular speed (for electric motors about half of their maximal no-load speed). Peak power would need to be defined by the time span over which it can be delivered and is a rather volatile notion I would never trust without digging deeper. The above graphs are extremely useful, but they show torque=current, not power (ie Watt). Power is the product of speed and current, so it could be computed from the graphs.
  25. Pedal plates

    It turns out I didn't lose a screw, but there is an additional hole in the footplate which never meant to be there. Weird. Giving me second thoughts on the training and work ethics of Inmotion employees.