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  1. Apart from the clearance problem not all 16" tires are alike and match on any so-called 16" rim. The V8 tire is 57-305. The second number is the specification for the rim diameter in mm, which you need to adhere to precisely. So-called 16" tires can be made for rim diameters from 305 up to 349mm.

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  2. 7 hours ago, z3n said:

    Are you using your newer charger more frequently than your older one?

    Lately yes, but not overall.


    Because it seems that they degrade over usage (output voltage drop).

    Apparently not each and every charger experiences voltage drop over time. My older charger has charged estimated at least 30,000 Wh (or about 300h) with only minor or no voltage drop. Maybe some lucky outlier in reliability.

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  3. On 2/27/2018 at 7:49 AM, z3n said:

    I have never really noticed the Voltage while they were brand new though. Are they supposed to be exact 84V showing on Charge Doctor? Could anyone with V8 and Charge Doctor confirm please?

    I think they are supposed to show 84V only at the end of charging. I have two chargers. Without load, the older and the newer charger show 84.6V and 83.9V, respectively, but this is not a fully reliable figure and can vary. During charging they show in the beginning the same voltage, which is closely related to the battery voltage (charge status), and the same charge current. The shown voltage increases during charging and only the older charger delivers a final charge voltage of 84.0V, as expected, and fully charges the battery. The newer charger did in the beginning as well, but now, IIRC, never exceeds 83V in the end.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Unventor said:

    Oh almost forgot this. I would love a park mode, that lock the wheel down, and unfold a parking stand or support rod. So the wheel can stand by itself in power off mode or while charging. 

    The V8 stands on its own (on the fender) when off or while charging. Not super stable, but good enough on plane surfaces. It is also lighter than the KS16, AFAIK, and has a built-in trolley handle.

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  5. 21 hours ago, Rehab1 said:

    No way!!!! I hope the guy has a patent on those non retractable wheels so the EU industry can never adapt them. 

    It's a tough call whether they may possibly lead to faceplants or could possibly prevent them.

  6. On 2/8/2018 at 6:44 PM, Rehab1 said:

    Yes I believe the tiny wheels manually extend  for parking and retract for riding. Atleast I hope so. 

    just for parking, yes, but not likely to be retracted for riding ;)


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  7. Two remarks: 

    • Would you chose to ride electric unicycle as a public transportation? Isn't an EUC by definition a non-public (i.e. individual) transportation means unless they were provided by the municipal? There seems also no correct answer if I already have chosen an EUC for means of transportation.
    • If you answered Yes, in what situation? seems to only allow one answer, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
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  8. After about 5000km without going easy on my V8 this is what I found when I looked inside:

    A broken connector for connecting a bunch of low-amperage thin wires from the battery to the main board. This is most likely why I had seen some weird stuff happening with the LEDs lately (on some of them sometimes the lights were not moving or not working at all).


    A roasted motor connector on the main board, where the latter is decorated with quite some dust and dirt. One of the four corners of the main board cover with which the cover is screwed to the casing is broken away (we can see the screw with some remainder in the next picture upper right). This may have contributed to dust coming in.


    The origin of this isn't quite clear to me, maybe the connector suffered from a lack of contact due to dirt or corrosion?

    I got twice the backward-forward shaking which has been observed by others

    but haven't found a reason for this yet. I have also observed sometimes increased motor vibrations since a while. Time to write off this wheel after only a year?

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  9. 1 hour ago, Stan Onymous said:

    And that would make it remarkable because it is contradictory to what you would think possible. As a contrarian I thought you wouldve gotten that.

    I don't see that an engineering challenge is a contraction or impossible, but maybe that's just me :P

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  10. 5 hours ago, who_the said:

    Fun EUC/esk8/Onewheel Friday night ride in San Francisco. Who says we can't all get along? :)

    I admit that I vastly prefer to see mixed vehicle group rides over EUC only rides.

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  11. 18 minutes ago, Kael said:

    Oh and a bit more clearance between tyre and shell as my V8 is always getting stuff stuck in there.

    It's a funny thing though, as this has never been a serious problem on my V8 even once. On the other hand, the wheel of my Gotway, which has more space between tire and shell, got once literally blocked by a piece of wood -> faceplant. I have traveled the same path with the V8 many times without encountering this problem ever. It's of course just a single event, so it might have been simply bad luck, though my impression is in general that the Gotway tends to lure all kind of bigger pieces more easily into the shell.

  12. 8 hours ago, Stan Onymous said:

    The updated inMotion app connects automatically when you turn on the V8 now.

    Good then. I tend to not update apps as long as I am not desperately missing some functionality :)


    I thought you owned a V8. It is pretty tight around the tire. The wide part is these two lumps near the top that bulge out a little for the battery. There was even a tire rubbing problem with some new Kenda tires that came on it, thats why I said it is a bit contradictory.

    you are saying that in the casing of the V8 we can't install a larger tire. That's true, a 2.5" tire can't possibly be fit on a V8. To my understanding the V10 though will have a 2.5" tire, that is, it must have a different casing. There is no contradiction in the fact that we could have space for a 2.5" tire (around 64mm wide) in a casing which is overall 130mm wide. The measures for the V8 are 2.125" (54mm) and 148mm.

    I understand that space in an EUC casing is precious and that this poses a significant engineering challenge. To gain space while keeping the slim form factor, removing the trolley handle from the inner casing has most likely been the right choice.

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  13. 10 hours ago, Stan Onymous said:

    Some of your requests are clearly contradictory. Wider tires and reduced width?

    yes, no contradiction there, unless shell and tire width are already alike.

    10 hours ago, Stan Onymous said:

    My app connects automatically

    sure, but the original InMotion app doesn't. It needs several "clicks" to get there.

  14. 13 hours ago, Bobwheel said:

    I am sorry I can not share too much here for now, but one thing for sure is the upcoming model has almost every feature you want to get improved from V8. 

    I want, in order of priority:

    • a wider tire, everything between 2.3" and 3.0" I could give a try
    • longer pedals, at least 220mm
    • reduced weight, say below 13kg
    • even less motor vibrations/humming
    • a truly swappable battery as originally announced already for the V8 (say, less than 2 minutes without the need of tools and/or special skills)
    • a (slightly) slimmer shell and hence reduced overall width
    • an USB port
    • an app that immediately connects to the wheel when launched without any further ado
    • to be able to turn the wheel on while it stands on the fender

    I fear that far from "almost every" of these features will come with the new V10. Am I wrong?

  15. 30 minutes ago, Stan Onymous said:

    As for the motor wire connectors, they are the simplest and easiest connectors invented. They are placed at an angle to fit under the cover and make them harder to be removed by accident. What is so confusing about simply pulling a blade slide connector? No mini plastic locks on wire connectors to figure out, or screws to undo.

    I get the impression you never disconnected the motor of the V8 from the main board or you have a different model than I do. On my V8 and on the vids I have seen there is a fourth connector (the white one in the picture) with a plastic lock that one has to unlock to free the motor from the board. I am not confused about the connectors, I just don't like to uncover (also 4 screws) and apply a comparatively strong force directly to the main board to pull these connectors. It's just bad design that one needs to do this to separate the wheel from the shell. It's not a deal breaker and I agree that the power connectors are well secured from getting unplugged unintentionally. That's something.


  16. 16 minutes ago, Stan Onymous said:

    The control board cover is well designed looking and the connectors for the three wire motor connectors are very easy to install and take off for tire/motor maintenance.

    I am puzzled ;) To disconnect the motor from the main board on the V8, we have to remove the main board cover and unplug several rather sticky connectors plugged directly onto the main board. That is in my world of engineering pretty bad design. The main board cover is not even remotely dust-tight and its mounting is mechanically weak (on mine, one mount point broke).

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  17. 22 hours ago, marc said:

    [...] I think there is more need for EUCs with wider tires for better tire-road adherence and for higher torques. It increases safety because you can brake faster. It can give more acceleration without slipping and higher bending angles at startup.

    Missing torque due to lack of tire grip is AFAICS not a relevant limitation for EUCs. Wider tires in themselves don't give significantly more torque anyways. A "softer" rubber is the main reason why wider tires may provide more torque.

    22 hours ago, marc said:

    Last time I fell down at zero speed because I asked too much torque (bending too much) however I am only 65kg. At standstill I bowed too much forward, that I fell forward (with helmet).

    Do somebody know if a EUC exists with a 18x4 tire? I have a 18x2.5 now. gotway msuper.

    Unless your tire span out you problem was not tire grip. I have had spin outs on mud, snow, or grass, but in none of these cases a wider tire would have changed the lack of grip on the surface. The Ninebot Z has and 18" 4.1 wide tire.

    4 hours ago, exoplanet said:

    why would a wide low pressure tyre be better for comfort than a thin low pressure tyre?

    Most probably you can't run a thin tire on that low pressure you can run a thicker tire. Or in other words, there are no thin low pressure tires.

  18. Unlike for motorbikes, I don't think that EUCs which can reach a speed of, say, above 60km/h will ever be a popular means of transportation. I could be wrong, but to me it seems that the speed domain of EUCs and motorbikes is different by construction. Disclaimer: also my personal interest in riding EUCs faster than 30km/h is currently zero.

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  19. 28 minutes ago, WARPed1701D said:


    I thought the V8 board was in it's own enclosed housing within the wheel. I hadn't planned to open my wheel for a while but maybe I'd better take a look. No road salt around here but lots of abrasive sand.

    Enclosed is a relative thing, apparently. The main board has its own cover but the cover has openings left and right. It couldn't be called dust tight by any reasonable definition of the word.

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