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  1. My turn !!!!

    The pain I remember is from not using hard shin protectors in the very beginning. All other pains I might have had must have been minor enough to not remember them (I fell once...). Having said that, I now remember to feel my lower back in an unusual way, I wouldn't say that it was really pain though. I guess it might help that I usually just stop when I start to feel uncomfortable.
  2. My turn !!!!

    The pain is avoidable. I used hard shin protectors for the first week or so. Anxiety yes, but no pain.
  3. Ideas for the Perfect eWheel?

    If we have a USB port, cell phone running out of juice is a solved issue (given the port still works with the lock on). BTW: didn't hear the whooosh, but I am not surprised anyway.
  4. Maximum speed

    Only until you faceplant going 30km/h. This, you might only do once.
  5. Ideas for the Perfect eWheel?

    I would be fine, or even prefer, a lock via the mobile app. It's likely to be cheaper and I don't need to carry yet another key.
  6. Runaway unicycle solutions brainstorming

    Seems like a deja vu: never cut the power while moving. Always, always, always bring the wheel to a halt first (referring to the controller, not the driver). In which case there is no need to cut power anymore anyway :-)
  7. Runaway unicycle solutions brainstorming

    It depends entirely on the specific driving situation. Sometimes the EUC is behind me after I am off, sometimes it is in front of me. In this case it was in front of me, IIRC, so, if you like, I did "jump back off". But it's not so much jumping, it's more stepping under ones own center of gravitation, where the EUC was supposed to be, but isn't anymore. And thanks for calling my actions stupid (without even knowing what happened). interesting approach, sounds like a good compromise. Means "used" that you don't use it anymore?
  8. EU Terms

    Re: Peak Power. I would believe you need to associate a minimal delivery time to peak power (not a maximal time): the peak power is the maximal mechanical motor power that is, if needed, supplied by the wheel for at least, say, 0.5 seconds. Maybe it is even useful to define peak power for two different time spans, say 0.5 and 5 seconds. The short time seems relevant to me, as it is instrumental to get out of potholes / over small barriers etc.
  9. Runaway unicycle solutions brainstorming

    I used to have a leash attached to my belt, however the leash was the reason that I fell down hefty, for the one and only time (though taking abrasions only). I got entangled in the leash while trying to run it off. I don't use it anymore, for the time being.
  10. Ideas for the Perfect eWheel?

    A Gotway 14" with 340Wh battery weighs 11kg. In my books, the "perfect" wheel should definitely weigh much less. The Solowheel Orbit is announced with 4kg (and 100Wh battery). Adding to this a reasonably sized battery and some wishful thinking slack would make 8kg a realistic (though not perfect) target.
  11. Any idea what battery pack this chart refers to? If this is a wheel with 130Wh, the battery pack of a wheel with 680Wh might weigh 6.5kg. According to the data I have seen (i.e. to all I know) a battery weighs 600-800g per 100Wh, that is, a minimum of 4kg for a 680Wh battery. I agree that (battery) weight should have no relevant bearing on the driving, unless one wants to jump.
  12. I'd indeed prefer a lighter wheel as well...
  13. beginner tips

    simple shinbads as worn by football players, turned to the inside by about 90 degrees, these cost around 5 bugs a pair.
  14. What do we know about King Song?

    They are apparently known under the name Milbay in Australia. http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/#milbaysbu https://www.youtube.com/user/MilbayAus
  15. solowheel orbit the coolest euc

    I am particularly impressed by the weight specification: 4kg for a 14" wheel, that's something.
  16. which wheel

    @Gimlet, did you experience a notable difference in (climbing) power / torque between your IPS and the Gotway(s)?
  17. Can you tell us the (self-approved) weight of the unit?
  18. Decision, decision, need help

    @Jason McNeil, thanks for the detailed infos! FYI, some of my confusion came from the different identifiers for apparently the same wheel: 131 here http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html is called 132 here http://www.wheelgo.com/shop/ Because 132 is a different wheel here http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html it's not so easy to follow what you guys are referring to.
  19. Decision, decision, need help

    Thanks, that helps, it looks exactly like the 131 on the IPS page.
  20. Decision, decision, need help

    interesting, the specifications seem to fit my ideas pretty well, can you link me to a picture/description? Is it shown at http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html under a different name? EDIT: Is it that IPS changed names, and the successor of the 132 (i.e. 16" 260Wh model) is the 122?
  21. any suggestions for (online) retailers or shops to get an EUC in Paris? Is http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ a reputable address? Thanks in advance!
  22. Decision, decision, need help

    isn't the IPS132 a 14'' model?^1 I find it a little difficult to navigate the IGS model identifiers, as there often seem to be different identifiers for the same models in use. ^1 http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html