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  1. Pedal plates

    "Control" seems in this case to be an irreversible process, as you need to remove the grid type in order to get to the screws. Not to say I don't need to get the grid tape renewed as well The creaking noise of the pedal starts to become slightly annoying, so I guess I will take some action this weekend...
  2. Riding BCs isn't for me either, it's just too difficult to do. I wouldn't have thought it is possible at all, but apparently it is.
  3. Legal Speed Limit

    Though the ugly face of no law but unlimited retaliation is the blood shed. And certainly, the target of "unlimited retaliation" can defend themselves and don't need to accept the death penalty for a minor insult, I assume. No law looks like an unsustainable and outdated concept to me.
  4. Problems with Aliexpress purchase

    I believe I would as I wouldn't know any alternative. I want a slim 16" wheel with >13cm pedal clearance weighing under 15kg with trolley handle. These are somewhat non-negotiable and the V8 seems the only wheel satisfying more than one out of three. The kill switch and the ability to stand on the fenders are the icing on the cake.
  5. I guess I didn't express myself very well, as I didn't want to say it is easy to successfully mount an unpowered wheel. I usually lose the wheel before I can put the second foot on the pedal. Yet I start to get a feeling how an unpowered wheel under my feet behaves.
  6. The kill switch of the V8 engages already above zero speed, maybe at <3km/h or so. This makes indeed sense, as, for example, when I go down stairs in a hurry the switch would probably not engage otherwise and I would end up spinning out the wheel.
  7. Legal Speed Limit

    That's perfectly true, but how would you prevent those from riding and put other people in danger without having a law?
  8. Legal Speed Limit

    Tell this the thousands and thousands of people who die every year colliding with a tree... Most objects around us do not move at all, hence differential speed can often be equated with "absolute" speed.
  9. Legal Speed Limit

    I don't exactly understand why you answered no limit, because you are now exactly describing a limit for non-licenced insurance-free EUCs . Why would you want to allow someone going 180+km/h with a 100kW 90kg electric unicycle on public roads without license or insurance? This is for sure going to happen without legislation, as it is technically feasible and not even terribly expensive to build. Luckily enough most current legislations prevent this anyways.
  10. My V8 just died

    I am also observing this occasionally, but I always succeed when trying again once or twice.
  11. Pedal plates

    I have been losing one or two screws which fix the plate of the pedal on the V8. Does anybody have had the same problem?
  12. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    The preference of mice doesn't tell us much if anything about the dangers of nicotine or tobacco for humans. In any case, we know the dangers of (smoking) tobacco very well and we know that prescribing nicotine is a common medical practice to treat addiction to tobacco. The latter is a pretty good indicator that nicotine can't be a particularly harmful drug, but I am pretty sure that's all more or less textbook stuff, just would need to look it up. Wikipedia says that "Beyond addiction, both short and long-term nicotine exposure have not been established as dangerous to adults, except among certain vulnerable groups." which is pretty much what I had in mind as well.
  13. Thanks, you nailed it, that was exactly my point. I want the forum administrators to act intelligently and self responsibly by thinking and caring about the consequences of providing and promoting dangerous apps in this forum. I understand that my chances to succeed are not great, but at least I tried, what else can I do.
  14. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    I would have to reread about the effects of nicotine bar tobacco. For caffeine though it's pretty clear, it's about as non-dangerous as any food could possibly get.
  15. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    That's very unlikely to be true. Ignorance about the nature of addiction can't possibly be limited to non-smokers.