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  1. Is it multifunctional in that the wheel can rest on it staying upright? Should be doable.
  2. I have been letting ride quite a few strangers, mostly kids, but not only. I can't even remember a single case of someone who was brave enough to get on and obviously put off afterwards. There was one girl who I didn't even manage to get standing on the wheel (my fault, I guess, I have a steep and slow learning curve as an advisor), who I assume wouldn't consider to pursue even if she had considered before. It helps though that the "brave" are usually above average in climbing the initial learning curve.
  3. No, below 85%.
  4. Maybe you don't talk about the same situation? To parallel cells with different voltage is rather detrimental, as it will overcharge the cell with the smaller voltage (it will be charged until no voltage difference is left), no?
  5. I do have scraping when I have been riding on dirt ground. When the tire is clean, there is none.
  6. Yeah, it takes a little more practice to trolley comfortably without turning it on. While off needs more work than on, I can easier pass over curbs and stairs only by lifting by the trolley handle.
  7. Where do you have this information from? AFAIK, if you wire two identical packs in parallel, they behave like one pack with the same voltage and twice the Ah. From the electrical perspective (physical location aside) they are like one pack with twice the Ah. Also for a third pack added in parallel they look and behave exactly like one pack with twice the Ah. For a forth pack added in parallel these three packs look exactly like one pack with three times the Ah...
  8. I was trolleying my V8 and started running (was in a hurry). Surprisingly the V8 started to beep, I believe like when speeding. Surprising? No, not because I couldn't run so fast but because the wheel was off at the time. The observation is reproducible: only when off the wheel starts to beep when pushed quickly via the trolley. Has somebody else observed this and what's it for?
  9. You give the number as 1/10^8. Where does this come from? This number is non-negligible when we are dealing with passenger airplane safety! IIRC, the chance to die in the plane due to an accident is in the order of 1/10^7 per trip. Given an explosion would often lead to loss of the plane, we would increase the death rate by 10%. A single regulation which decreases death rate by 10% is definitely a deal I would buy as a passenger who doesn't care to bring EUCs with me. Finance research to improve battery explosion risk from 1/10^8 to 1/10^12. Though, I have a hard time to see this were well-spent money, in balance. There is also another problem: how can we guaranty the high battery quality standards of the large batteries brought by passengers? All in all, I personally hate that I cannot take my EUC in the airplane, but I can see that the regulation is perfectly viable, in particular as the harm effects all passengers, while the benefit is taken by far less than 1%.
  10. I let them try using a learning belt, no question about it.
  11. Right, and that most of us never had the experience of learning to ride a bicycle as an adult.
  12. As we seem to have negative and positive examples for this business model, the reason of failure cannot be the business model itself.
  13. Right, it is for sure not, very likely the exact opposite. To be fair, the claim was that it is 10 times more likely to fall off of an EUC, which is probably true.
  14. I guess the only point here is that we find it obvious because we have experienced it. However, we seem not dare to make it obvious to someone who doesn't yet own one. I really don't know why I am not fair by wanting to let them know the obvious beforehand. When you have to get a license, you obviously do try before to buy in almost all cases. I know that from personal experience