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  1. Helmet info and opinion is scattered all over the forum, mostly in thread derailments, which I categorically deny having anything to do with, ok, maybe a little,. ALRIGHT! IT'S ALWAYS ME. HAPPY NOW? Please feel free to add your thoughts and recommendations about all things helmet related. So here's what I bought: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01L6SS4FW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and why: 1. its road legal, and therefore safer than a bicycle helmet. 2. it's matt black like my wheel, so it goes with anything. 3. I can wear goggles and keep my eyes from tearing up. 4. I don't care about the extra weight, It's not like I'm peddling for Gauds sake. 5. I can wear it while jet skiing, powered paragliding, and if I ever get on a motorcycle/scooter again. 6. the padding comes out for cleaning, etc 7. there's room for speakers 8. it was cheap 9. it comes well recommended Concerns: 1. I do a lot of sidewalk and boardwalk (promenade) riding, so I'm concerned that my full MC helmet and jacket combo will scream "HEY! he doesn't belong here". Which, of course, I don't. But riding in the road is illegal here too, so I'd rather be hung for a sheep than a lamb (as the old English saying goes) said to mean that because the punishment for a bad action and an even worse one will be the same, you have no reason not to do the worse one 2. How bad is my hair going to look, when I take it off? 3. How much more time is this going to add to my pre/post-ATGATT routine? 4. Just one more bulky thing to find a place for here, and where I'm going. 5. Makes my recent headphone purchase useless, as I use them exclusively when gliding. I tore apart my old headphones (won't charge anymore) with a view to installing them in this helmet. Another project that may never see the light of day. Yeah, I know, somethings wrong with my nose, or the helmet, or the goggles, or my head. Either way, nothing is lining up.
  2. Any body experience this before?

    That's a shame. It remains a mystery. My pressure goes down slowly over time on both my wheels. Rubber and synthetic rubber is not 100% airtight. Microscopicall0y, air escapes. The inside of a tubeless tire has a special coating that is more "airproof" than the rubber. When a hole is patched (by a good shop) this layer is ground off (too slick, glue won't stick) then patched, then more glue applied all over the back of the patch and anywhere the grinder exposed. This is to try to reestablish, as much as possible, the impermeable layer that was damaged.
  3. The Photo Thread

    That's all quite interesting. So the Dually's gone, that makes more sense. What do you mean "after our government so wisely pulled vehicles off the road like my 2012 passat diesel that got an easy 50mpg on the inerstate. what idiots." ? Just FYI, I can't see you in a Passat. That's like ZZ top crammed into a Shriners mini car
  4. Gotway Tesla shot forward then cut out (Gyro

    Yes. Leave it alone and wait for Jason. It's new, you don't have to do your own diagnosis and risk the warranty. You can't ride it, so just be resigned to the fact that your EUC training is on hold for a week.
  5. Can we drive the KS 16s both ways?

    You need to step away from the coffee, it's not that big a deal. @Marty Backe answered this question just this week. KS16s? switches and charge port at the front, because that is the light that goes white when you first turn it on. In truth, it doesn't matter, they ride exactly the same way backwards or forwards. Having said that I ALWAYS ride it the correct way, even turning it around if necessary before mounting. Superstitious I guess. And as @nte just posted, the tires are directional. But I don't believe it has any effect on the way they ride or perform. It's more style than anything else at our speeds.
  6. MSuper vs ACM2 Pedal Size?

    If you've got size 12 feet you won't find any pedals from any brand that will satisfy your needs. My feet aren't that big but I'm tired of the front of the pedal falling right across the balls of my feet. I've rolled right off the front of them many times when something like a pothole has momentarily stopped the wheel in its tracks. So I'm building pedal extensions with some 6.5mm aluminum diamond plate I've been carting around for 4 years, looking for a project to use it on. (funny, I'm typing this as @steve454 posted the previous post.) The screws arrive tomorrow or Thursday so I'll know more then. I've only cut one so far, as it took forever, and I want to check it out before committing to cutting the other one. I traced around my riding boots and man! that sucker is large. It's like a Hummer beside a Mini. It weighs 1lb 6oz. If it works, I'll turn the toes up to create a toe wedge effect for more transfer of power when needed.
  7. The Photo Thread

    You bought this as a second vehicle, and you live in a couple of shipping containers? I'm confused, but feel free not to elaborate. That thing's got some nice specs, but man is it heavy!
  8. Any body experience this before?

    That's very strange! The Monster wheel is one of the few that doesn't need a bent valve. By not being bent, it has a much less stressful life as it is not twisted to the side to get out of the rim. The valve stem has a small rubber skirt which is glued onto the tube, so it is a potential weak spot. Is it possible that you have ridden the tire at low pressure? This can sometimes reduce the grip between the rim and the bead which can lead to the tire slipping around the rim, which pulls on the tube which pulls on the valve stem.

    On behalf of everyone whose mind could not switch off that horrible image, this one's for you....

    A good place to stop, before TFU says "get a room!"

    I can't find the thread anymore, otherwise, I would add you to my "pick 5 riders you want to ride with" list. I love your sense of humor. Its funny, that warning at the bottom, could almost apply to EUC riding; at least the tooth loss part.
  12. why don't you ask @claudioagmfilho he's in Brazil.

    I was riding this weekend with the snow falling, and a few weeks back during the real "Beats from the east". In my urban, sidewalk mostly slowish riding, I feel weird wearing a full blown helmet. I do wear a hat though; does that count?
  14. Plastic Welding?

    My technique was exactly...a little bit of everything. Sometimes I had to do a job twice, but I had plenty of milk bottle tops. It was very much a suck it and see exercise. Mostly on the unseen side so cleaning up the patch was not necessary. but on the shown side, a good sanding works, followed by paint. I also used the superglue and baking soda method for cracks that @Shad0z recently mentioned. I'm not sure how well it holds to plastic over time, but it sticks to wood like, well, eh.. glue. I have repaired several powered paragliding propellers with that method, and was happy to fly with them for months afterwards.
  15. What’s the most I can pad my KS 16s for some falls

    There are lots of photos on the forum of people attempts at protection. Not knowing what supplies you have access to, limits my advice to: go find yourself some medium dense foam, some double-sided tape, and cover any surface that could contact the ground when it falls over. Try and make it look neat, and integrated into the wheel. I've seen some true horrors out there. Do this BEFORE you try to ride; as a lot of the big falls come early on. Of course, they come later on too, but that's the life of an EUC rider.
  16. simple trick to repair craked shells

    This is a good method. I've used it tons of times on various projects (including the Honda ST100). The problem with repairing plastic is getting a good bond onto the original material. The molecular structure is quite slick, and doesn't bond well usually.
  17. Solid tire?

    I've done a little research into solid tires for some reason I forget now. Anyway, on a pneumatic tire the air in the entire tube is used as an air shock absorber. On a solid tire only the part near the contact patch is providing you suspension. so its not a good ride, and its not adjustable. Also, having the same feel every time may be true, but what if it's not the exact feel you achieve at your 45 psi? You're stuck.
  18. Oh, there's always something to land on, it's the aftermath that might be problematic.
  19. KS 16s kingsong

    That's just this week. Next week you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about.
  20. Plastic Welding?

    I did some plastic welding on a fully dressed motorcycle I was restoring (Honda ST1100). There were lots of cracks in the fairing pieces. There were ABS (very common) So I used milk bottle lids (also ABS) and a soldering iron. Worked very well. Even built up a few pieces that were broken off/missing. Once re-sprayed, you couldn't tell the difference. from this: to this:
  21. Mileage contest Feb -- Win A Free Solowheel

    The shell on my King Songs doesn't really do much in that area except hold the rest of the structure to the pedal arms which in turn connects everything to the wheel itself. I suspect it's similar on a GotWay. Unless you do a lot of riding, standing or sitting on the shell, it should nobe under much stress. By the looks of that crack and the way it is bigger at the top I would check that axle end for bending and/or cracking; although from the look of the axle itself (just visible on right-hand side) that looks like the more solid side (no hole for wires), so that's a bit confusing. BTW did you ever figure out why your Tesla lost 30% in 10 minutes?
  22. Never used month old Kingsong 18S 1680Wh w xtras

    And all this time you thought you were descended from Eskimos?
  23. Tesla “choo choo” - dirt clogging

    @Marty Backe s (Marty Beachy) style rides should be fine. There are only three ways water can get inside the motor; where the rim is bolted to the side plates, through the bearings, and beside the motor cables. The rim/side plate interface should have a silicone type seal, so no problem there. the Bearings have water/dust seals, so few problems there (see below). the cable hole is at axle level (obviously) and the actual hole is outside the pedal arms, inside the casing. On King Song, there is a dob of silicone here, but I can't remember if mine was applied in such a way to ensure water tightness. Not sure about GotWay. The bearing seals are not 100% sealed but they are certainly splash proof.* They are also at axle level and center of the wheel so they don't see water when just riding through a puddle. Any water that does reach the motor side plates will be flung outwards by centrifugal force as long as the wheel is rolling at a reasonable speed. Most water encountered in puddles is thrown outwards by the tire and doesn't even see the wheel. The only water the metal of the wheel will see is water thrown up into the case which drips down onto it. But, as I said, centrifugal force will throw it off, as long as you don't stop in or shortly after the puddle. The biggest potential problem is the seal between the two halves of the shell. If you have dismantled your wheel and broken this seal, it won't be as watertight as it was from the factory. If I knew how it is applied I would reapply some once my 14c goes back together. I think the wheel is slid in from the bottom after the shell join is sealed, and the cable then fed through the shell. Ok at the factory but not as easy if your motor/hall-sensor wires are one piece, end to end like they are on the 14c. That's easier to do on some wheels than others. Riding in deep water has a different problem, and that is water getting past the tire valve into the space between the tire and tube. Not much space there, granted, but because the valve stems are sometimes twisted, there is a gap around the hole in the rim. Water in there will probably go moldy over time. Or if it's seawater and it dries out, salt crystals will be left behind. I can't say if there would cause a problem other than it could corrode the rim which might be bare aluminum (not anodised). Probably a good idea to rinse in fresh water, but pick the wheel up afterwards and spin it up to cut off, to spin dry it. * If you have ever wrapped something like rope or a strap tightly around your axle, bearing seal damage is likely. This is an everyday problem, not just water, as there is often a cloud of dust whirling around a wheel in dry weather, and this dust WILL get into the bearings and destroy them over time.
  24. What is the best tire pressure for the KS 16s

    Everyone has a different preference, it also depends on your weight; the more you weigh the more pressure you need for the same amount of support. @Paddylaz advice is good. Once you have some experience, you should experiment. Start at high pressure, ride a few km over different terrain, lower the pressure a few psi, ride the same route. do this several times. Each time you start with a new pressure, bounce up and down on the wheel while standing still or rolling slowly to get a feel for that pressure. When the bounce becomes very soft, you have released too much air for your body weight. a guide: High pressure rolls easier, but can be twitchy and you bounce off EVERYTHING. It's much more easy to get air, which is not good. Medium pressure gives you a bit of suspension so small obstacles get absorbed by the tire rather that bounced off. Directional stability becomes a bit better because more tire is touching the ground. Sharp turns become a little harder for the same reason. Soft, makes turning hard, handling becomes funny, the tire could spin on the rim and rip the valve out of the innertube, and you can puncture your innertube by pinching it between the ground and the rim. you are more likely to bend a rim if you hit a curb or deep pothole hard. Where did you buy your machine? someone in South America wants to buy one and can't find a dealer
  25. That's good to know. Reminds me of the Tom Hanks film; Castaway. Maybe you should call that wheel Wilson.