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  1. My Tesla Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Chapstick? Vaseline? lard? OK, maybe not lard, but it would work in a pinch I actually tried to buy some Chapstick type stuff the other day at the supermarket. Couldn't find it. Will try pharmacy or pound/dollar store sometime.
  2. My Tesla Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    What? Afraid to try it? How could it hurt? At least you'd know. I've read that many of the convertable motorcyce helmets open on impact even though it doesn't feel like they could, and they're not supposed to. Go on try it.
  3. My Safety Gear Update

    I slid a few feet when I came off my 14c and that was no more than 25kph. Your warning is valid. I'd sent that junk back and get some REAL pads, if I were you. Take @meepmeepmayer s advice.
  4. Squint if you want to see Marilyn. Freaky.
  5. All this discussion of boots, and another discussion about foot pain and the use of very solid footwear, makes me think that I might take advantage of the January sales and get a pair if Timberland-style work boots with steel toe caps. I can get a pair of Stanley branded ones for £30, or De Walt for £40. £10 more for a different name (same company BTW) NAH!!! I don't think so. @Marty Backe this is a British budget glasses shop.
  6. My Safety Gear Update

    Oh! Yeah, that does sound bad. That's a really good point. I could see that happening, especially at speed. There goes that convenient theory. Back to the elastic (unless incompatible with winter coat).
  7. A good starter wheel?

    That's a good idea. I've actually recommended it before. And I've even done it once or twice; using my looped safety strap as a carry strap. Switching shoulders now and then helps reduce the repetitive injury strain problem. I've hand carried my 14c up some pretty long flights of steps. If you have a reasonable amount of strength, and practice good technique, it should not be a problem. One other thought for the OP. If you have, or can make a relationship with someone on a lower floor, you could securely store and charge your wheel there. There's no rule that says your wheel HAS to be by your side; as long as its safe.
  8. A good starter wheel?

    Obtain the weight of the wheel you like. Put that much weight in a strong bag. Carry it up those 4 flights of steps. if you can handle it. go for it. I wouldn't leave a wheel unattended for more than ten minutes, locked up even. Theft is only part of the problem. Other problems: vandalism turning it on and messing with it. slashed tire stolen battery Injury to curious idiot ( falling off while trying to stand on it, getting fingers caught between tire and shell, etc). I'm not sure of the law in Denmark, but in some countries, the concept of "Attractive Nuisance" puts the owner at fault for injuries caused to third parties by an attractive nuisance; in this case, a shiny euc that begs to be investigated further. The building owner will not like you power walking a wheel up the stairs. every time the wheel scrabbles for grip it will leave a skid mark, or tear up wood. I know, I've seen it done. Carry it.
  9. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    I've had at least one fall where I still have no idea what caused it. Suspects, but no smoking gun.
  10. Rubber thickness?

    Have you thought about a light motorcycle tire? something like this https://www.tyretectrading.co.uk/pirelli-scorpion- mx-mid-soft-32-90-100-16-rear.html I haven't analyzed this specific size for suitability. Just an idea on how to achieve the desired rubber depth.
  11. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    Ah, but you missed the connection with my previous post. "Experience comes from poor judgment" yes.......But it doesn't have to be YOUR poor judgement. There's another saying: "learn from other people's mistakes". However, you seem to be picking it up very quickly. Is that the leg nearest the trolley handle? A lot of EUC have poorly designed leg padding. Others have complained about the handle rubbing the leg on the Tesla, but then they say it goes away. Maybe it will go in a day or two.

    yeah, without the parachute, and you only have 5 feet before the ground rushes up to "greet" you.
  13. My Safety Gear Update

    I'll get right on that, just as soon as you test your detachable face saver. Yes, @meepmeepmayer that's a good point; undesired rotation could be an issue, but at least the initial, and usually biggest impact, would be covered. I bounce about the same amount as a dead cat. However, since discovering this option, I am using my knee pads for the first time since I don't know when, and the elbow pads fit a lot easier over a bulky jacket; so they get more use too. And yes, use of the sleeve really does keep them firmly in place. So if use of the sleave is not problematic, I will choose to use them. AS @steve454 mentioned somewhere, the sleeves are more comfortable when wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts, as the straps can cut into the skin a bit.
  14. My Tesla Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    ??? My problem, especially in the cold is teary eyes. I'd also like to revise a previous statement about your chin guard. At potential Tesla speeds those magnets will pop that chin "guard" off in an instant. I'm worried that this helmet might lull you into a false sense of security, that might be detrimental to your rugged good looks I wonder what would happen if you held it firmly on the edge of a desk, so the chin guard is floating off the edge, and gave the guard a good whack with the palm of your hand. Will it stay in place or detach and move backwards into where your face would be?
  15. 18l presale specs

    Having owned (still own, actually) a tiny battery wheel (340Wh) I know first hand the dangers of voltage sag while riding. While I may never own a 1600Wh wheel, I defend the democratic principle of being allowed to buy a 1600Wh wheel; especially in these larger, more serious wheels. And as for the 18s option. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I don't like the look of that thing. So it would never be on my wish list.