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  1. I laughed when I read this, because I was thinking the same thing. Then I remembered in Calpe , Spain recently, I parked right across the street from this place, in preparation for a beach front ride. they rent EUCs, and hover boards, really? In fact the owner wheeled up on a ninebot, as I was reading the advertising on the building. He asked me if I was interested. I said I have a Kingsong. He didn't seem to understand. KINGSONG I shouted over my shoulder as I walked off towards my car to Suit up for my ride i can't imagine what it says on the liability waiver, " risk of death" springs to mind.
  2. Sorry to discover this horrible situation. Glad you're mostly unhurt But to tell the truth, it looks a lot like several of my Kingsong face plants. Especially my most recent after encountering a few small bumps with low battery. Some thoughts, 1. lucky there wasn't a post, tree or mail box in the " next two seconds" after the wobble started. 2. Gloves aren't wrist guards, despite what someone told me I must assume in a not so recent survey here on this site. sorry if these topics have already been covered, but I've been away for two months and didn't read all 6 pages of this thread
  3. Wow what a horrible week you've had. Sorry for the delay in responding I've been off the forum for a few months. Glad you're ok physically. Time will reduce the trauma. Want to speed it up? Try this: picture the scene of the truck underwater, or you crushed again the dock, your choice. Imagine it in your head as a photograph. now, still in your head, imagine a comical, brightly coloured picture frame around it, now add silly music like the music that is typically played when clowns enter the circus ring. Now draw, in your mind still, silly bright colours all over the picture, if you're In the picture, draw a silly hat on your head, add a clowns nose, draw ugly glasses, a big nose. Keep the silly music going, draw paper boats on the water, maybe a shark fin. Use your imagination. Now tilt the photo left and right with the music, spin it in circles. Make it zoom in and zoom out. Now spin it and zoom it slowly out so that it shrinks into the distance getting smaller and smaller. Now make it disappear into a speck, and now, nothing I know this sounds silly, but what this does is change the image in your mind from one of stress to one of humour. Once you've done this you probably won't be able to imagine that same image, without the comical stuff your mind added to it. try. It. If it does no good I'll give you your money back. Smoother.
  4. I answered your pm
  5. Why am I suddenly craving a pizza?
  6. Pedal extensions are illegal in "somewhere" 😉
  7. What? No! I didn't say that. I have flown to Spain and back, and I have wheeled hundreds of km around Spain, but I haven't tried to take my wheel on an airplane. Two completely separate events. Sorry to disappoint. 😕
  8. Awesome wrap
  9. Glad you weren't hurt. go down the recycling center and pick up some handle bars from a discarded bicycle, then hold them out infront of you when you ride,p in the bike lane, Monty Python Holy Grail style. Then you will look like a bike rider, because, technically the driver didn't see a bike rider in the bike path, just a guy who was moving faster than he realised. Edit. We are invisible. We look like pedestrians but we move as fast as cyclists. Always be prepared to take avoidance manoeuvres.
  10. If you can't see the next 2 seconds of your current route, you might want to sell your wheel and go back to walking. Or get better glasses. I said "see" not "predict". And while our routes may change every day the next two seconds is ALWAYS right there infront of you, even if you've never been that way before. Don't over think what I said.
  11. Thanks, I'll upgrade tonight. 40kmph here I come woohoo!!! just kidding. @fourthewin have you connected your app to the wheel (via Bluetooth, of course)?
  12. Can't help you with that one. Mine (iOS) says 1.23 and 1.25 is available for download. I might bite the bullet tonight and download it since answers to my question about 1.25 seem favourable. To be honest I'm not expecting miracles. I doubt I'll even notice the difference,
  13. Hence my Avitar. And yes I was wearing headphones at the time; they help drown out the sound of me screaming, as I crash and burn. 🙈
  14. Ah yes good point, but you may be overlooking that if the wheel you describe has a max of 12.5mph then you realistically aren't going to be cruising at that speed; more like 9 to 10mph. And if your S1 has a small battery as my ks14 does, then you will still be subject to firmware intervention to protect the battery, or prevent excessive power drain during peaks in demand. As long as I have a decent charge I CAN cruise easily at 12.5 or higher, for miles and miles. And if I pony up for an extra battery ( there is a space for one and the work is easy to do myself) this problem should go away. My 2c. I think I'd rather walk than ride a wheel that has a max of 12.5mph.
  15. After my face plant yesterday, someone asked me if I'm running the latest firmware. I thought I was because the 14c never gets upgrades. But I was just lookin in the app and low and behold there is an upgrade, specifically 1.25. I'm running 1.23. now, hearing all the horror stories of bad "upgrades" on wheels and phones and computers, I didn't want to rush into 1.25 until I've heard from someone using it. Btw, what is is supposed to have fixed, the app isn't clear about this. I look forward to so intelligence on the subject