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  1. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Oops. Try explaining that and be believed. About those spikes. When pedal attack (sounds like a scary documentary) they attack with the edge, not the top. I would be willing to bet those spikes will never get you, unless you wheel in your sleep, or try to do @Hirsute style handstands. ouch ! I think you made the right decision.
  2. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    Why? what does good winding look like?
  3. What's the biggest thing you've carried around on an EUC?

    Coming from a cracked axle background, pictures like this send shivers up my spine.
  4. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    I've watched the only 3 vids on YouTube about KS tire replacement and all show only one wheel cable; 14d, 16xx and 16s. Do you know which models you are referring to? When did the 18S come out?
  5. A good starter wheel?

    I can't speak for everyone, but the one time I rode when walking had become a bit of a challenge (hic ) I was amazed at how easy it was. I wheeled all the way home without ever stepping off, or wobbling, or feeling incapacitated in the slightest. Of course, I'm not recommending this, and I believe its possible to be charged with being drunk in charge of any type of transportation. In fact, I'm going to a family party tonight, about 2 miles away, and I'm leaving 2.2 tons of car in the driveway and taking the 16s instead. This also means I don't have to give my good-for-nothing nephew a lift. Oh well, there's always the bus, and a walk. UPDATE: Wheeled to the party just fine, despite taking a wrong turn in the dark and getting lost. Didn't get to retest wheeling drunk, as I got a ride home. Safer that way, warmer too.
  6. So what voltage do you think/guess is an appropriate cut off on the Charge doctor, so that it settles back to the ideal resting voltage? 67.2V and 84V estimates.
  7. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    YEAH. Mail me your truck too.

    Thanks. Reads vaguely familiar.....Wait, did King Song write the instructions? I knew it.
  9. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    When I took mine apart there was a type of silicone gasket goo on the shells. They had to be pried off the rim. The bearings are mostly sealed, but, as I learned from my recent bearing research, there are over a dozen styles, and some seal better than others, but none are submersion proof for more than a quick splash. Then there is the tight, but unsealed surfaces between the bearing and shell, and axle. Again, not for prolonged submersion. The chief suspect for a totally submerged wheel, is the channel drilled for the wires. There was a bit of goo on mine, but I would say it was more of a box-checking exercise by the assembler, rather than a concerted effort to seal the opening. When mine goes back together there is going to be an unholy mess of silicone in that axle hole. I would say, that as long as the gasket goo was applied correctly to the rim, one could safely ride in several inches of water. Just don't drop it in the drink. chinese fountain video comes to mind. (this is not a recommendation) @Rehab1 that does look to be the correct axle. In the 1st. photo the boss clearly looks like 25mm. When you get the bearing off the other side, the shaft should measure 23mm. The axle that replaced this model has a 17mm shaft, and 2 more mm on the ends, but they still went to the "lets have another guess" school of engineering, because, if they were capable of learning from their own mistakes, they wouldn't have shaved it at all, or barely, and not with a sharp edge to concentrate stress forces. Here's another thought: seperate hall sensor wires from motor wires and feed them through opposite ends of the axle. Why? To facilitate a smaller bore hole, and retain the axle strength.

    That's a reasonable plan. So what's next, Tesla?
  11. A One in a Thousand Event

    Now do you understand my vitriol towards Crack Song when they think they are doing us a favor by posting a training video instead of attending engineering 101? My plan is to mount the axle at 90 degrees so the machined side is not directly in the line of stress. Its not ideal because the axle needs all that material they machined away, but its better than nothing. The crime of it all is there is no reason to shave the axles at all, there must be a dozen better ways to secure the pedal arms to the axle (and no, GotWay shims is not one of them, as I'm sure you can attest).

    But seriously a Ninebot? That's two year old technology, unless you're working to a budget and want to take advantage of the recent sale.

    Welcome, @FatDano . Your first post and its a video! My first video was about post 1300. Well done. I got a good chuckle out of your fall. I looked very hard for your "two cracks too close together" but all I could see was two black lines painted on the sidewalk. But, I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing with you. In a while, you won't even notice things 10 times that size (what is 10 times zero anyway ), but not on that wheel. I think you will find that "Step and Roll" means: you step on and soon after you will roll off, onto your face. (entering "serious mode") I believe I'm right in saying that wheel is little more than a toy. Do your learning on it but be very careful to manage your power demands. Push it hard and it will bite you. While you're learning, you can start to pick out your first real wheel. and NEVER RIDE WITHOUT WRIST GUARDS, you'll thank me for that, one day.

    I've seen those recently, in a video. Yeah, they're pretty cool too. What is that Symbol? Oh God, Now I've got to up my shoe game too. Wheels, helmets, wrist guards, and now this! What's next? Come to think of it @Marty Backe s "Rebel without a clue" jacket is looking mighty fine. Except for the crumpled elbow pads.