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  1. KS14D performance on hills

    The motor of any modern kingsong or Gotway or IPS or any other major brand ( except that thin commuter wheel from IPS , can't remember the model no. ) will handle that climb, no problem. It's battery size that matters most. Climbing a long hill will draw your voltage down. A bigger battery is essential to prevent a problem. I wouldn't buy anything less than 840Wh to cruise up that hill with speed and confidence. You said 8mph would cause you grief so get a bigger battery.
  2. Hitting your hip is a bit unusual for EUCs but hip protection pants are available. I've actually thought about buying some Wrists, knees and elbows statistically take most impacts so logically these are the most sensible and convenient areas to protect. What caused your foot to slip off the pedal?
  3. Good to get confirmation that IPS uses the 5102 as @IPS Malta stated. Hopefully it was chosen by them for its combination of ride characteristics. I paid over £40 tax, mostly on the airmail for two tires from China. Tax on shipped goods is based on the total cost of the shipment, including shipping. So if you buy a $10 item and pay $40 to ship it fast from China, you pay import tax on $50. Better to use the cheap shipping if you can afford to wait.
  4. @mrelwood interesting you comment about relative tire designs now. Just yesterday @IPS Malta has returned to Europe with a different 16x2.5 tire to try. It's a ChaoYang H-5102. He says he got it directly from IPS and we are assuming it's a replacement for the 5146, because that Is the tire on @The Fat Unicyclist Lhotz. @IPS Malta is going to send it to me and I'm sending him my slightly used semi slic. Since I last reported on this mod. I'm still of the mind that the original Kenda handled better. So, since I've already passed the point of no return (modified shell) I thought I'd give the 5102 a try since it comes from IPS. If I'm not happy with it, I can still put the original Kenda back on. Who know; with my "Big Foot" pedal mod, maybe that's all I actually need.
  5. ACM2 1300 Wh vs. KS16s for newbie?

    @Shad0z had one that pretty much fits that description to a T (Tee?. Tea? Which one is it?)
  6. The Photo Thread

    Damn @meepmeepmayer there are no people where you ride. It looks like one of those movies where someone wakes up from a coma and everyone is gone. I'm moving there, no people is my kinda place.
  7. Tesla Pedal Modes

    So I can carry on using my 17.125% squish then. That's a relief.

    Nice video. I think I'm liking arid environments more and more. At 1:46 is a sign, literally, that might one day include EUCs. Nice trailer at the end, very clever.

    I would think that what he meant was, with your track record, if you keep your wheel they will be banned (not because of you but because stuff you like gets banned). But if you sell your wheel, they won't be banned, which will be good for the rest of us but not so good for you. I don't think he was attacking or insulting you.
  10. Tesla Pedal Modes

    Please share with us your method for measuring a 15% compression. I'm curious and really want to know how to do this.
  11. The Photo Thread

    What, To hold down a manky old piece of grip tape But seriously, aren't you concerned about what happened to @Rehab1 when riding with his studs? @nute weren't you just in Finland Skiing? You sure do get about. What's next, SpaceX flight? @WilliG what is that? A photo of the South China sea you found on Tinternet, or do you have a more informative description for us?
  12. Is it possible to upgrade a 1300 battery to a 1600 battery?

    @Clifmeister , What exactly is so terrible about 1300Wh? My biggest wheel has 840Wh. I wouldn't know what to do qith 1300Wh. Are you commuting to another country or something? God knows there are no hills in the Netherlands.

    When a Gotway crash video, or a King Song crash video results in a ban somewhere, it won't be just that brand banned, it will be ALL eucs. So while the dangers of riding a Gotway at cut out speed do not directly affect owners of other wheels, owners of all wheels will be effected when the ban comes in. And just for the record, I'm not attacking Gotway in this instance, I'm attacking Mor-Ron's decision to post this video. Anyone can have a crash, posting it on YouTube is another matter.
  14. MSuper vs ACM2 Pedal Size?

    Must be designed by the same company that designed previous King Song axles. I like a crack now and then, but mostly in association with snap, and pop, as in snap crackle and pop. Love a bowel of Kellogs Rice Krispies.