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  1. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    😂 I love it. Don't ever apologise for your English. I'm surrounded by people who can't write English as well as you can. And I live in England 😳
  2. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    Wow that's a great way to use the handle, so cool. Stupid me, I've been coming to a stop THEN pulling the handle out 🙃 You've taught me something. Good luck with your charging rituals and the Voodoo Tesla
  3. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Everything causes a face plant. But with a fuse at least when your face heals, you wont have to start a thread about why your wheel wont turn on, assuming you thought to check the fuse first, of course. I believe all Krack Songs have fuses, both of mind do, and I suspect both of yours do too. And while I'm no stranger to face plants, (they're my favorite variety, especially in claret red ), I've never burned out a fuse. 40A, before you ask.
  4. KingSong 14C - Supplier | unit issues

    Mono stated this 100% correctly, in my opinion. Yes, a retailer MAY not make a profit on a particular machine, but the overall profit from the business will only go down a bit. Its called "the price of doing business". Sometime the retailer needs to suck it up. Then he can swear at the manufacturer, threaten to withdraw business, whatever, but the consumer should not pay the price for a poorly designed product. This is not a shot at @Jason McNeil, or @Liam Mit , its a general statement about consumer reasonable expectations, and retailer responsibilities. Think about it, would you be mad if you bought a car, whose axle wore out before the tires? !!! EDIT wow. didn't realize this thread is over a year old. do we know if this was ever resolved (apologies, if that's already been discussed)
  5. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Wow, Tesla comes with smoke screen feature. NICE!!
  6. Newly Branded YouTube Channel Acquired for EUCs

    So no face plants then.
  7. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    OMG who's having sex with a fox!!?? Red salad jeans, Nah! wear them with pride. Chicks dig scars.
  8. Tesla problem

    Wow. That's some seriously red neck engineering on those attachment points. @Marty Backe I think you used more force than I did reattaching my harmonic balancer to a V8 engine, 181 lb/ft or about 225 Nm (and my bar was twice the length of yours...yes, my timing belt swap, went fine thanks for asking, first time too ) AND STILL the pedals move. Any more force and you're in danger of stripping the threads. I was going to make a video of tightening KingSong hangers, but how do you make a video of "tighten the four bolts with an allen wrench, and move on"? Its just a shame that some of us are tightening well designed hangers onto glass axles. And @Rehab1 how in the heck can those wedges tighten with more force than God can create, and STILL not be aligned with the flat spots on the axle?!! Beggars belief. Like I said, red neck engineering. The problem as I see it is, opposite the side where the wedges contact the axle, the other edge of the wedges is being forced to scrape along an angled slot in the aluminium hanger. Not only is there a tremendous amount of friction to overcome, the harder the nut is turned, the more the friction in this spot. Also, steel wedges, hard, aluminum hangers, soft. See where I'm going with this? I'm sure someone has done an excellent write up of this problem, which I missed. Still, excellent videos, a good service for the community. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
  9. Killing "hello KingSong" I understand. It doesn't even make sense; who walks into a room and says "hello me"? But why would you want to remove the KingSong branding? Are you not proud of your purchase. Are you not proud to show you are riding a machine that most of the experienced riders here, agree is a top notch engineered wheel? Do you want people to think you're riding a generic wheel or a NineBot? But, if you must, I've heard a good angle grinder will do the job.
  10. yes, thanks. I read through all of that. Very interesting. Well done, that was an excellent write up, great photos, and videos. I'm Sorry it hasn't returned to like-new driving. I have my motor in pieces right now. No damage to the wires, so that's something. Haven't pressed out the axle yet as I've been replacing the timing belt on my car ( turned out great btw)I have one large HALL sensor, with 5 wires; +, - ,A, B, C. I'll try very hard not to damage it. KS Poland is trying to sort out an axle for me. I'm not sure if he's ordering one from China or having one fabricated locally. I'll have to check, because if he's having one made I'd like to specify not to cut it KS style, but leave both ends round for maximum strength. I'll sort out the arms to match. You don't need those weak cut outs to make a secure connection.
  11. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    If its a ks14c leave the tilt at max and watch the thief catapult into the air when violent tilt back FINALLY pays off.
  12. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Wow, Thats terrible! Ruined clothes! Oh the humanity! But seriously, I'm glad you recovered. "Marriage" Read "ultimately failed institution" But we keep trying anyway.
  13. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    I want one of @Scatcats approved Teslas. Until then Its KrackSong for me. Seriously, your business model makes astonishingly good sense. I can't reconcile HotWays cavalier attitude to design AND construction, with Chin'a history of practically inventing everything, before 1800. Gun powder, porcelain, Mass production, Silk, tea (harder than you'd think) etc, etc. What happened to them? How can an entire organization be so short sighted?
  14. Tesla problem

    There are 5 wires going to the HALL sensor. each one has to be soldered securely, inside the motor. If just one has a bad connection or has come off, you have a problem. I'm not advising you to open up your brand new motor, BUTTTT, if you do, (and its not that difficult), you might just find the cause of your problem. But, the catch 22 with EUCs is, you open it, you void your warrantee. Which is pretty stupid, because, you have to tear them down 80% just to get at consumables like tires, and tubes, or to change a KrackSong fuse. Ho Hum, what to do, what to do.
  15. Thanks for that. reassurance. I don't need to take the risk you took, as I have another wheel to ride. Did you actually get a new axle, or a new motor?