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  1. New Rider...Just Received My King Song 14D

    Not much chance of breaking the brass tube, it's hard as nails. Ripping the brass tube out of the rubber tube, now that's a horse of a different color. The valve is already tweaked quite a bit from the factory, so tweaking it more could be the straw that broke the camel's back. It's tweaked, because the valve on the inner tube is installed directly on the center line but the hole in the rim is close to the bead edge. Also, you have to install the inner tube backwards, i.e. pointing the valve the wrong way. If you don't, the combination of a bent and angled valve, and an off-center hole to poke it through, causes the valve to stick out to the side unnaturally far. When I tried this on a 14c, the valve cap scraped the shell when it rotated. So off comes the tire again to install the inner tube backwards, so the valve is forced outwards by the rim, but faces inwards due to the angle of the valve in the tube. All this twisting is why I said
  2. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    What qualities do you enjoy from higher pedals, other than less scraping in corners?
  3. New Rider...Just Received My King Song 14D

    Use a key or screwdriver to gently pry the valve away from the rim, so you can get an air hose on it, for now. Marty is a big proponent of high pressure, but take it from me, its like riding on a knife edge, and you get air over any object at all. Try his high-pressure route, by all means, but then experiment with different pressures. Use my bounce test to evaluate rebound. remember, the rider's weight has to be taken into account. The less you weigh, the less pressure you need pushing back. I suspect you should have got a 14s, based on what you have written. And the 16s is not exactly a fat beast, especially with the now, standard trolly handle.
  4. I just put the tube back in it with lots of talcum powder to reduce friction between the two. Only time will tell if this causes a problem. So far so good. Some wheels where the motor is much smaller than the rim of the wheel (KS18, Monster) there's plenty of room to put a traditional tubeless valve in, but not on my wheels or your wheel. The motor restricts valve installation, and there is always the issue of if the valve will seal in a hole that was not designed for it. Conventional wheels like those on cars, have a precisely machined hole that accepts the tubeless valve exactly. Not so on our tubed wheels.

    That song has never sounded so good. Which gets me thinking. You put great music in your videos but you ride without music. What gives? I hate riding without my music. If I leave my headphones at home, it's like someone died; "oh, no, not the music". (No, I don't ride in traffic, and there's no one around going faster than me, except Nigel, the electric skateboard rider I bump into from time to time along the Eastbourne seafront). Have you tried taking your music along with you @Marty Backe?
  6. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    I've been thinking about this. Firstly, it's bad that either the wheel shipped faulty, or the official app bricked it, way to go King Song. But on the other hand, the much debated King Song fuse has apparently done its job of protecting the hardware from damage, so....way to go King Song.
  7. Don't try and blame it on the packed lunch. You'll be quoting unusually thick socks next. Maybe, sometime in the future, I'll try and get a tubed 2.5" tire for the lightness, to reduce the gyroscopic precession' I didn't know this one was tubeless when I ordered it. Unfortunately, I didn't think to weigh them both when they were loose.
  8. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    Ah, not business hours. Tomorrow will see you right, one way or the other. Don't put any more fuses in it, you're just annoying it.
  9. How hard can I push my ACM?

    You assume correctly sir. However, there are lessons at YouTube University so you can see what it entails. I'm guessing two big wires out to the control board, two thin wires in from the charge port, and a number of thin wires for the balancing circuitry. Maybe two wires over to the other battery pack. Oh and two wires in from the battery pack itself. Something like that. All managable, after a little practice on some non-critical devices.
  10. How hard can I push my ACM?

    A BMS might cost $20. if it's blown (no I don't know how to test this) it can be replaced. That blue shrink wrap can be replaced. Now you're an expert solderer patching in a new BMS should be child's play
  11. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Hillarious AND disturbing at the same time. Well done sir. Top of the class
  12. How hard can I push my ACM?

    Take it to @Marty Backe . Tell him you bought it from him a while ago, and demand your money back. He's sold so many dodgy wheels he'll probably fall for it.
  13. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    Shurley, you've asked Jason's advice on this.
  14. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Yeah!!?? How long have you been moonlighting for them then?
  15. These tires don't hold much volume of air, so a high volume compressor is not a good idea unless the max pressure is limited to 70psi or less. An exploding bicycle tire can cause injuries and an exploding car/truck tire can kill. The chain I worked for had big steel cages where ALL tire filling took place. Nationwide we probably inflated 10,000 tires a day. If one in 10,000 tires, explodes when filled, that's one corporation-wide tire explosion per day (just an example). No more tire questions.