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    Photos added in post 2 for helmet mod for speakers. And post one for the helmet. Not great pics, but you get the idea. Seemed logical to put them there with the text.

    And I thought I had too much time on my hands!! I can't even upload pictures on my own thread (EDIT sorted). How sad is that? My old photo sharing service won't send the password reset they promised, and with my new one, I cant get the "insert other media" tab to work ( EDIT just discovered which link to copy/paste, dooh!) PS I never ride shirtless, might mess up my plastic pects.
  3. Internet trouble?

    In conclusion. Ironically I had no more service interruption after I double clicked the MiFi icon on the network page of Windows. Still, I went to talk to Vodafone about Mobiplanet's charges. Nothing they could refund. Did put a block on my account so it couldn't happen again, Informed me that texting STOP would not stop the recurring billing, only texts, so that was good to know. Had to call mobiplanet, (UME Limited, actually) and then email. They have offered 50% refund, I'm holding out for 100% on principle. When I did ask Vodafone about my continually dropping service, they said their service department would have to see if they could repair it (without a loaner); Like there's anything to repair in a £10 electronic box. Its simply not economical to do it. They had no in-store tech person who understands these internet protocols like you guys do. Paid an additional £50 to buy outright a 4G MiFi, which is what I went in there for in the first place 9 months ago but they were out of stock and persuaded me 4G wasn't worth it ( why do I still fall for sales BS?) Anyway, by buying it outright, I kept my £25 for 50GB deal, as the prices had gone up. And there was a £35 charge anyway for changing hardware, so it really only cost me an additional £15 to own it. No connectivity problems so far. Can't tell if it's connecting over 4G, as it can revert to 3G when needed. Haven't notice any particular increase in speed. Thanks again to all who read this thread and decided to help, and it was all good help too.

    Not all visors are the same. His didn't restrict light, yours might. Yesterday my goggles arrived too. The silver mirrored lens cuts light significantly, but the Yellow lens, as @Cannings said, almost enhances it. Not that easy to change, so I'll stick to yellow for this darkest of seasons. I have sunglasses which will fit inside if the sun makes a rare appearance. @Cannings why not bring your helmet photos over here, to help make this thread useful to people. Maybe include a link to where you bought them.
  5. I know, it's like letting the asp hole win, but next time, just swallow your pride, pull over, and let them by. We will NEVER live in a word free from tailgaters. OR.....sling a pump action 12 gauge shotgun over your shoulder. Your choice.
  6. Well, that's clearly not true. Of course he committed an offense. Failure to avoid contact with another road user, is the root offense. Failing to maintain a safe distance from a vehicle in front, failure to give cyclist adequate clearance. They may not have that exact rule in OZ, but something born of it. Can they sue in civil court in OZ, in the US that guy would be sued within an inch of his life, and in this case, I would applaud that. People need to be reminded that a car is a multi-thousand kg weapon. After all, how many ISIS truck attacks do we need to see to know that? The police are just being lazy, or the kid is protected because of who his family is. I gave to the local police, dash cam footage of a guy doing two distinct illegal things during a road rage incident. After months of investigation, they decided not to prosecute. "your word against his" they said. Really?! What about the video? Whose "word" is that? F.ing useless when you need them.
  7. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Hello. Long time since I've seen a post from you, but your wheel modification photos showed up recently.

    Ok, so my helmet arrived shortly after that post. It's quite a looker. Not particularly luxurious fittings. Size seems about right. Very tight in the cheek pads, but I'm told that's normal, and they give way slightly over time. Goggles fit well, and my glasses fit both, so that's good. They lied when they said there was room for speakers, although they didn't actually say, "speakers". Bluetooth is what they said. What is "bluetooth" ? it has no common physical properties. one bluetooth device can be 100 times bigger than another. In this respect its no more than a concept. Anyway, I took it apart, and carved out some foam, to make room for the speakers I salvaged from my old headphones. Some polystyrene foam was not well stuck to a piece of plastic, so I used some contact cement to fix it. Speakers fit well after I took the backs off. Put it all back together "dry" and it looks stock. Two of four screws that hold the inner shell in place, were never installed. I will finish the wiring, once I find some thin wires to extend what is there already. I found a place to keep the module that houses the control panel. This was the outside of one speaker pod, but the pod is gone, and it needs a different location. I found a location on the right side of the chin guard. I can lead the wires inside through the existing ventilation hole, and do no damage. Inside cheek/earpiece of the lining. Hole is where chin strap goes. Old headphone speaker lined up for trial fit. Marked for cutting. Cut and trial fit. The raised surround around the hole has to go, it's taking up valuable room. Raised edge removed (placed on white foam for the picture) Front of the speaker, peering through the hole. Chin strap has to run in front of this too. I may make the hole bigger to maximize sound throughput, and compensate partly for the padded strap muffling the sound. Air vent recess where speaker control module will go. Trial fit. Yeah, it's not vertical anymore, but it falls naturally to hand.
  9. Trust me, I detailed the problem at length, gave them a link to the thread with the cracked axle reports. They still want me to mail the wheel for analysis. He said possibly change the motor (with cost) .They didn't know that changed motors need changed control boards. USELESS. And this from a major, official KingSong importer. Dealer wanted me to talk to importer, I told him I was HIS customer and that he should be my point of contact. He said he had shared all my finding with the importer. The importer never tried to contact me. By that time I was getting loads of assistance from KS Poland so I figured, if i'm going to have to pay someone, anyway, I'd rather pay someone who gave a damn. There will be a FULL report, and names will be named.
  10. Tesla Pedal Modes

    Four things: 1. LOWER your tire pressure. At high pressure, you are riding around on that tiny central tread only. Squish that tire a bit and it will squirm less. Try around 40psi. 2. Cool helmet. 3. Can we get a combo video? screaming like a little girl, AND cussing like a sailor? 4.Tidy your closet. EDIT: @Cannings may I formally invite you to add your helmet findings and pictures to my recently created "HELMET THREAD"!
  11. Start a thread, not a category. "S1 Discussions"
  12. I bought my ks14c form a "reliable" AND local supplier, I won't name the country they serve, but it rhymes (in English) with Bermony. They were cool to send a replacement beeper, and fought me a bit over 2, missing from new, screws for the pedals, but mention a cracked axle, and suddenly they don't want to know. Claimed they had never heard of such a thing. Want me to ship the motor back to them for inspection (like my cracked axle is different to EVERYONE ELSES!!!) Of course its not warrantee work they say, even though Europe has a mandatory 2-year warranty. So who is reliable, and who will be there for after sales service? Who knows? Only Jason and Ian seem to come close, to my knowledge. KS Poland, though not the supplier of my 14c, is helping me no end, and he doesn't know me from a hole in the ground. Maybe some supplier in France has a good reputation.
  13. I have a standing reservation there, go there often.