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  1. Riding safe by WheelLog APP

    Using this app for a couple of weeks and i absolutely love it! Its so good that i would pay for it
  2. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    keeping Li-Ion Cells between 20 - 80% is the best for lifetime and reliability - Im vaping e cigs since 2010 and the box mods are using the same 18650 cells and if you always go to 100% they loose capacity pretty quick.
  3. Gotway ACM just died @ 30kph+

    This guy have balls, wish i could drive backwards like him.
  4. I never had a serious crash with my ks18 (woodknocking) but i have spend ~400 EUR last week for some protective gear - and i had already a standard bicycle helmet, some standard wrist, knee and elbow protectors. I switched to a Bell Super 3R Mips Helmet, a Fox Titan Sport Protector Jacket and some Thor Sector Knee Protectors. When i read about helmets are useless and all that bullsh* i dont get it anymore. For all the newbies and self responsible riders out there: go for good protective gear!