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  1. New KingSong 18L?

    And the rider probably only weighs 130lbs max.
  2. ios app for kingsong need help

    Lisa, Do you have to be connected to the wheel during the registration process? Thanks for any info. Allen
  3. Just curious as to why you're selling it. Allen
  4. New KingSong App for iOS... DO NOT UPDATE!

    They would have to replace the current one in the iTunes Store with the previous version.
  5. New KingSong App for iOS... DO NOT UPDATE!

    Nope. Not in spam folder. I use Yahoo email account.
  6. New KingSong App for iOS... DO NOT UPDATE!

    I also select the email option in the new King Song app to register and I’m never emailed a verification code to register. Do you have to be connected to your EUC during this registration process? I’ve tried to register when connected to my KS18 AY and when not connected to it. Can’t seem to email register either way.
  7. New KingSong 18L?

    Isn't the KS18L a little too short to put a seat on ? (I guess if you're 5ft tall, maybe it would be okay.)
  8. IOS users beware: Do not upgrade to IOS 11

    $2.99 a month ?
  9. IOS users beware: Do not upgrade to IOS 11

    You’d better make sure you have about the size of an iCloud account as you have storage on your iOS device. I have about 100g of things on my iPhone and I definitely don’t have a 100g iCloud account.

    @litewave Jealous ????? Seriously ???? You couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    And those areas you are talking about I only went there because I was new to the EUC ‘scene’ and if I needed help I wanted to be with someone that could help and I appreciate your help. However, you will not see me going in ‘those’ areas that you mentioned ever again. One prime example of Marty’s disregard for common sense was when we were riding at the Griffith Park Observatory once. We all were told that we could ride of the left of the Observatory to get to the area behind it. But we were also told not to ride on the right side of the Observatory. But when Jason was here for a ride, Marty took it upon himself to go ahead and ride to the right of the Obsevatory knowing that he was told not to. Are you trying to tell me that’s using common sense?

    Spoken like the true arrogant fool you are.

    Your blatant disregard to use common sense when riding very well may get the use of EUCs banned at the beach some day. Why do you insist on riding where it specifically states “walk your bike” ? (You even circled around by 2 places on the walk that stated “walk your bike”.) I’m sure your response will be something like you said before; “if it doesn’t say no riding EUCs, then I’m going to ride there”. It doesn’t say there you can’t drive your truck on the ‘walk’ there, so does that mean that it’s okay to drive your truck there ? Use common sense when riding. Don’t ride EUCs where it says not to ride bikes.
  14. IOS users beware: Do not upgrade to IOS 11

    You’d better have a very large iCloud account if you do that. Videos and photos alone will take up a lot of space. If possible, it would be better to back it up to a computer instead. And faster.
  15. portable parking stand?

    Why ? It’s resting safely like that. How does a person rest ? Standing up straight ? No. Do you see motorcycles on center stands much these days ? No. (Most motorcycles don’t even come with a center stand even these days.) It’s possible you maybe confusing the ‘perfectionist in you’ (as you put it) with actually being OCD.