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  1. Hmmmmmm....... This mod may be very interesting.
  2. Listen to the pot calling the kettle black.
  3. Seriously. meepmeepmayer thought you might be saying you wanted to see black color. Why were you even saying that YouTube was drawing a blank ?
  4. A black one would be just a different color on the outside; same things inside. Pretty sure a black colored one would be just like the black color of other KS14s.
  5. Don't know why you say "Youtube is drawing a blank"
  6. If you're thinking of the V8, then maybe it would be better to get the KS16s; more range than the V8. Allen
  7. I bet that extra Gatorade that I had came in handy. Allen
  8. I'll stay on the north side of the ridge. Allen
  9. I don't know, but if someone could adapt a bicycle seat to have a groove under it like the seat that comes with the KS18 does, then maybe that would work. You just wouldn't be able to have a bicycle seat mounted on the handle of the KS18 and be able to straddle it if you were to ride standing up. Allen
  10. Makes me even much happier that I stayed on the north trail instead. I'm glad everyone is okay. Allen
  11. Also, the app will only reset the single max speed, single mileage of trip, and single runtime of trip when you want it to. That's great for when you're riding and shut off the wheel when you take breaks during the ride. The app also supports the Apple Watch. Allen
  12. I sometimes have problems connecting to my KS18 with Bluetooth using my iPhone as well. If you have an iPhone, there's an app called "DarknessBot". It seems to be much better at connecting via Bluetooth. The only thing that you will need the King Song app for is setting speed alarms and entering the passcode for the max speed. Other than that, the DarknessBot app is really good. Here are 2 screen shots from the app that I took yesterday:
  13. That sounds like there was a problem. Hopefully, everyone is okay. My ride on the north side to the dam and back went good. I finished my ride (16 miles total) and pulled out of the parking lot by 11am. Allen
  14. Wish I could go on the whole ride, but I will have only about enough time to go to the Cogswell dam and back.
  15. On Google maps, the one that's labeled "Rincon-Shortcut OHV Trail" ? (That's the one that you're taking out first?)