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  1. 18l presale specs

    Interesting that people are saying the 18L is a 84v wheel. If all the specs that I’ve been seeing are true, then it won’t be a 84v wheel. Every spec that I’ve seen say the charger for it has 84v output. That isn’t the necessary voltage for an 84v wheel.
  2. 18l presale specs

    You won’t be able to fit a 1600wh battery in that shell. They would have to redesign the shell. I’m pretty sure that > 90% of the people wouldn’t even use the added capacity of 1600wh battery. Also, the weight of a 1600wh battery would be much heavier. If you want a 1600wh battery, get the KS18S.
  3. Compensation for 18S owners?

    That actually makes sense to me. Especially if a person was doing various stops and goes. I almost always do the twice push off start.
  4. Compensation for 18S owners?

    There is no way someone that weighs 200 lbs is going to get the mileage on the same charge as someone that only weighs 150 lbs. The same is true for someone that rides at a slower consistent speed compared to someone that rides at a faster speed. Also the outside ambient temperature had an affect as well. I was asking him those questions because he seems to think he should get ‘something for nothing”. But yet he can’t answer simple questions. A true sign of someone trying to get “something for nothing”. (i.e. - a freeloader)
  5. Compensation for 18S owners?

    Why are you still avoiding my original questions that I asked you ? ”By the way, how much do you weigh and how fast do you ride ? And what’s the temperature outside where you’re riding ?”
  6. Compensation for 18S owners?

    You still haven’t answered my questions.
  7. Compensation for 18S owners?

    I pretty sure I know at least as much about it as you do. By the way, how much do you weigh and how fast do you ride ? And what’s the temperature outside where you’re riding ?
  8. Compensation for 18S owners?

    You have to remember that the mileage is dependent on your weight, how you ride, and various other factors.
  9. 18l presale specs

    Farther down her thread, she posted more specs that stated a 1036wh battery.
  10. Tesla problem

    I was just about next to him when it happened and I think there was some loose sand before and after there and that’s probably what took him out. Without the sand there, he probably would of been fine.
  11. Clever idea. Much better than some that have training wheels.
  12. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Not really. I split riding up between 2 days and got about 55 miles with about 20% battery left. (At least that’s what I believe that I had left, but it’s been awhile since I did it. Plus at the beach area there’s usually a fair amount of varying the speed when encountering groups of people in the area I usually ride. Maybe some day I’ll try the San Gabriel River Trail, staring at Seal Beach.) (I usually don’t go much below 50% because below 50% battery, the top speed drops and I like to be able to keep up with the faster bicycle riders here at the beach area.)
  13. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Would the San Gabriel River Trail be a good place to check the range of the 18s? (Park near the end at Seal Beach, ride away from the beach, and then come back toward the beach. Seems to be relatively flat. Wind there can be a problem later in the day though.)
  14. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    I always turn my knee pads slightly outward so they don’t touch the shell of my KS18AY, but still offering protection should I fall forward on my knees.
  15. Anti-Traffic Stunt in Los Angeles

    It depends on what street(s) you're talking about riding on. A street like Sepulveda (PCH) here near the beaches would be almost a 'death wish' if anyone rode on that. Allen