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  1. I've actually thought of seeing if I can ride my KS18AY with my road racing style motorcycle boots for added protection. I don't know if there would be enough room on the foot pedals/foot rests though.
  2. This should be in the for sale section.
  3. Check to see if something like a stick or stone is in where the wheel goes. It just may of been kicked up while riding. With it turned on, when you move it back and forth, do you hear the sound ?
  4. Getting back on topic. The main drawback that I personally see is the Giro Switchblade seems to be rather hot to wear when it's hot outside, whereas the Bell is much cooler due it's ventilation. (Most of the reviews that I've read seem to state that also.)
  5. Sounds like Gotway believes "why pay someone to thoroughly test our wheels when we can get the public to pay us to test our wheels for us."
  6. You didn't specifically state you were talking about the home button. To bring up the lock can also be done by clicking on the power button. So since you didn't state anything about a 'button', I went on the assumption you were talking about 'home'; the 'home screen.
  7. You can access the widgets from the lock screen just like you would from the home screen.
  8. 59 years old here. The problem that I have lately is getting too comfortable riding my KS18AY. During almost any 2 hour ride, I'll hit tilt back due to max speed. By now, tilt back doesn't really bother me much. But it does catch you by surprise if you're accelerating out of a high speed turn and hit tilt back before you've fully exit the turn.
  9. Actually I'm pretty sure that apps can support widgets if the developer uses that function. To see what widgets are currently available from your lock screen, just activate the lock screen and the sweep to the right on the lock screen. A window will come in from the left with the current widgets that are currently available for the apps you have. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that widget screen and you will see 'Edit'. Press that and the iPhone will ask you for the "Touch ID or Enter Passcode". Once you use either Touch ID or enter the Passcode, it will unlock and a screen to add, edit, and change the order of the available widgets will come up. Currently there's no widget available for the DarknessBot app.
  10. Something like a 'widget'?
  11. Probably what you're thinking about is using the 'Notifications' in the iphone to be able to popup a window on the lockscreen something like a imessage does or even a missed phone call. (That is if you have it enabled in the "Notifications center" of the settings.)
  12. Bummer. Kinda looks like a LiPo fire. (You okay?) What happened ? Allen
  13. Originally for riding on my 'Busa', this is the jacket that I usually wear when riding my KS18AY: (I remove most of the optional 'quad armor' when riding my KS18AY because it can get a little hot wearing all of it.) http://www.motoport.com/product/motoport-air-mesh-jacket/
  14. Is it the same price for stickers and paint ? When you say "/piece" do you mean for the whole body of the EUC or do you mean for each side of the EUC ?
  15. Is it just a sticker/decal that goes over the existing bodywork of the EUC ?