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  1. People think it's a motorcycle ? Guess they don't know what a motorcycle looks like.
  2. Is it a jpg photo ?
  3. Just wondering if it was trying to tilt back and then realized that it wasn't suppose to and then got 'stuck' in the firmware trying to correct itself. Or maybe the feedback that the firmware is getting from the wheel was that the feedback is too sensitive or the feedback wasn't sensitive enough. (Just a thought.) Allen
  4. Are you going to be around Saturday morning ? (If you are, a bunch of us should get together and go for a ride Saturday morning.) Allen
  5. Did it pitch forward or backwards first ?
  6. I always ride with the battery indicator in the front so I can glance down to see the approximate battery level left. Also riding this way, the USB port is in the back (probably more protected in case of water spray as you're riding and less chance of accidently hitting the power switch. And on my tire, the way it came mounted, the arrow on the tire for direction of travel (as @KingSong69 stated) is correct when the battery level indicator is in the front. Allen
  7. I actually rode @Marty Backe's Monster on side walks for about a mile and didn't really like how wide it was. My knees actually hurt when I got off. I kinda felt like I was 'bull legged" when riding it. @Sven Has a newer version of the Monster and the pads at the top appear to be about half as thick as the pads on @Marty Backe's. I think Marty stated that Sven's Monster felt more comfortable when it came to knee pain. Allen
  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.............. You needed a KS18AY riding with you ! Allen
  9. I never stated anything about 'your msuper' not being able to take a beating.
  10. Yea, I've seen that review. Kinda strange how he states that the seat is a rain cover. Really ???? That's not the design of it. And then he states the sound comes from the slots in the top cover. No. The sounds (music) comes through the 4 spearker; 2 speakers on each side of KS18 near the top. I don't really consider this a truthful reveiw.
  11. I actually like how 'tall' the KS18 is. Shorter and it probably have to be wider. It's also nice to be able use your knees to aid in steering. Could be the reason you felt mine had a 'squirrelly' feel to it when you rode it is because of the air pressure in the tire. I have it pretty hard for my 193 lbs, not for your 170lbs. That's probably why your Monster felt kinda 'mushy' to me because it was set up for your lower weight. Just a thought Allen
  12. I'm totally happy with my KS18AY. Allen
  13. Makes me even happier I have my KS18AY. Heaven knows it's taken some pretty serious beatings from me and it keeps on going. (Kinda like a cross between a Timex and the Energizer bunny. 😊) Allen
  14. Sunday's just aren't good for me anymore. Now if it was Saturday ................ Allen
  15. It appears to only show up in what appears to be in Russian on the Apple Watch; use to be in English. Still hasn't fixed where the measure of units that's displayed on the Apple Watch is the same that's on the iPhone app; always displays metric. I 'contributed' to the development of this app by paying for the use of the video camera within the iPhone app, but now it doesn't seem to be a wise 'contribution'; still hasn't implemented the use of the image stabilization of the iPhones that have it. Very disappointed in the 'update'.