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  1. Learning to ride backwards !

    for me it was just that you have to put some time into it. I started learning backwards riding in spring this year. My tactics was, that after work every day I go past a small skate park, which is at the time usually empty. So I just went there every day for a week and did about 15 to 20 min. of backwards training. No handrail or such, just trying to get going backwards from a stable standing position. The first two days it was like: I'm going... why am I turning? and down I went. After a couple of days I was able to correct, or better said overcorrect that involuntary curve riding two to three times before I had to step off. That number increased over time, and after about 10 or 12 sessions I was able to ride backwards really wobbly and unreliably. After that I didn't train that systematically anymore I rather tried to implement backwards riding in my usual riding style. Nowadays I can do a 180 and continue riding backwards quite consistantly, transistions forwards/backwards work in both directions well, I can idle for a while at times. # Over all I can only encourage every rider to put the effort into this matter, as it really helps you gaining control over the wheel, especially while navigating slowly in confined spaces.
  2. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    I am well aware of this. But PLEV will include a speed limit of 20-25 kph, due to the lowered standards, like missing type approval. And Id doubt very strongly, that the regular private insurance suppliers would be happy, if they had to insure EUCs that go 50 kph.
  3. Tested - Gotway Monster with Upgraded Knobby Tire

    By the way, that's also a good way to kill the battery. Leaving it in the cold, especially when not fully charged is fine, but before you ride or charge the wheel, warm up the batteries to at least 10°C.
  4. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    @Mono Well, the poll asked for limits applikable to non ensured EUCs and unlicensed drivers... And I think that under those circumstances those limits should apply. However, there should be the possibility to get an insurance and a drivers license and go faster on an EUC. However, I doubt that over 25 kph is possible without a type approval. And I don't see any Chinese manufacturer caring about European customers enough to go through that trouble.
  5. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    A transistor, combined with a fast acting melting fuse will reliably protect that fuse by burning faster ;-)

    18°C? That's hilarious! I will not go windsurfing below 10°C, while that being the sum of air and water temperature. You Southern Californians get pampered way to much by all that warm weather...
  7. EUC without self balance ¿Can be ride?

    possible? yes. practical? no way.
  8. First wheel for commuting e+, s2, v5f

    Both have an 800W motor, built in trolley handle... the V8 is the lighter and slimmer wheel, with the smaller battery. The KS16 is heavier and bulkier, but has quite a bit more of range to offer. In your case, I'd opt for the KS16, as your weight will eat through the V8 battery rather quickly. But apart from that, those are two fine wheels. @KingSong69: I feel you mistake ride hardness for strength, and are unable to adept to a softer responding wheel. After a bit of getting used to the Lhotz might be soft, but it is in no way as weak as you make it sound. Just because it doesn't provide the hard feeling you require to feel safe doesn't mean you really are close to the limits of the wheel. What I actually like about the soft feeling of the Lhotz is, that by it's softness is able to tell you quite exactly how far you can lean in without overpowering it. This of course requires some driving experience with that particular wheel. You should try a Firewheel, just to get to know how a really soft and mushy wheel fells like.
  9. First wheel for commuting e+, s2, v5f

    After now a full year and 1300 km of Lhotz owning, most of the time with the extended battery, I'd say there are better options nowadays. The Lhotz is very soft, not very powerful and forget the 30 kph... at 80 kg myself I can cruise at max 26 kph, but that's with beeps blaring all the time once you're above 23 kph. At the mentioned 1,93 and 92 kg, the battery will last for about 10 km in cold weather if you push it to the beeps continuously. In the warmer climate in Spain you should get a little more out of it. However, the 2,5" tire is an amazing feature no other 16" wheel offers until now. Another really nice thing about the wheel is how quiet it runs. No high frequency whine, and generally pretty low motor noise. The wheel has been very reliable, very few mentions of cut outs or other troubles. Until now, it has never let me down. As for buying in china, I'd recommend it as long as you are tech interested, know your way around a screwdriver, a soldering iron and a digital multimeter.
  10. KingSong Lawn Mower

    Just recently I hauled some garden waste to a collecting station about a kilometer away from me... using my EUC to push the wheelbarrow. Works really well, but the wheelbarrow really doesn't like being pushed about faster than 20 kph...
  11. IPS t350+ Help with unlocking 30 kph

    Try opening it from a file browser instead of the download notification.
  12. IPS t350+ Help with unlocking 30 kph

    You are to install the .apk file found behind that link on an android device. How that is done is explained multiple times on the internet, for example see this: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-install-apps-outside-of-google-play/ The default tilt back speed of your wheel should be at 20 kph, after having done 50 km you should be able to use the Iamips app to increase the speed limit up to 30 kph. The app that I posted before is a modified version of the Iamips app that allows to increase the tilt back speed before 50 km total are achieved.
  13. IPS t350+ Help with unlocking 30 kph

    Try this one... I am not 100% sure it's the right one, so if it doesn't work, report back here. ips_1109_unlocked.apk
  14. Legal Speed Limit

    It's kind of funny hearing that from someone from the USA, the western country with the most guns per head ratio, where on average 31500 people get shot to death each year. Here in Germany, that figure is two orders of magnitude lower after correction for population count. Back to topic: I think EUCs should be free of licensing and insurance (which means over here it's covered by your general privat liability insurance) up to 20kg and 25 kph. Above that you can still use EUCs, but you need to get a vehicle liability insurance and a drivers license. Over here, the smallest drivers license for mopeds etc. up to 45 kph is included in every other drivers license, so something like that would be fine. Just as a proof, that you know how to behave in traffic.
  15. Kingsong 18S ... hurts my knees...

    going after this look?