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  1. brake chopper to avoid over-voltage condition

    @Sawyer How did this project end for you? Did you get that nice little SMD PCB that you were talking about, and got it to fit in the battery compartment? Any notable experiences with the brake chopper?
  2. By making me fall stupidly like some noob? That's what they did to me when I startet feeling a little overconfident. But I hope I'm cured now. My left shoulder is still hurting since almost two months ago....
  3. You may or may not want to have a look at this thread:
  4. Custom Built to Spec Electric Unicycles Now Available

    My breakers are rated for 16 amps which gives me about 3.6 kW on a single outlet. With SMPSs reaching North of 90% efficiency, I don't see any problem here.... Just don't use that toaster on the same line at the same time.
  5. As long as you don't go faster than 30kph/20mph you can get away with a simple helmet and wrist guards. But it's ultimately up to you how much safety gear you use. Edit: what @Keith says!
  6. I just managed to nail my first 180 turn without changing traveling direction. Took me quite a while, and I'm not sure I'll be able to pull that one off again next time I try...
  7. Strange oscillation in GT16

    I have a suggestion:
  8. Strange oscillation in GT16

    You do realize, that the gotway pedal arms and their way of fixing it to the axle have their own set of problems? I suggest of thinking of a completely new design....
  9. Need some advice for my Msuper!

    @KingSong69: The point I wanted to make was just that I don't think this incident had anything to do with tiltback or alarm settings, it's just been a typical show off overlean, caused by lack of rider awareness regarding the stated physics laws. And that just changing alarm/tiltback settings won't prevent similar incidents in future. Alarms/tiltback just prevent overspeeding, not overleaning, that has to be avoided by rider awareness! Just to complete my physics "lecture": We all know, that the max available torque from any electric motor linearly declines over speed. The torque is directly proportional to the accelerating force F. Required torque is therefore directly proportional to lean angle. Please come to your own conclusions on how not to lean as far at higher speeds
  10. Need some advice for my Msuper!

    I strongly disagree. The third "80% alarm" (80% of what? measured how?) is not very reliable, as it seems to have some averaging algorithm worked in it that causes a slight delay. Otherwise it would be going of constantly, as there are often rather large power spikes. So if you accelerate quickly at a constant rate, the power needed to maintain that acceleration rises over time.* So it is quite easily possible to push the wheel through the third alarm into an overlean by this method, without the third alarm ever going off. I had to learn this the hard way as well, also while showing off... *physics behind this: F=m*a (force is mass times acceleration) P=F*v (Power is Force time velocity), therefore P~a*v. TL;DR: The faster you go, the slower you should accelerate.
  11. German Discussion Group

    Bei flixbus und co muss man auch aufpassen, da die nicht unbedingt unsere Einr├Ąder mitnehmen. Die Kontrollen sind aber wohl eher lasch, also irgendwie eingepackt sollte funktionieren.
  12. Need Advice Please

    Well, that was also true earlier this year, until all of a sudden this oscillating firmware was released without further notice or sufficient testing. So maybe the wheels shipped now are good, but no one knows if the wheel they are ordering right now is the first of the next faceplant series induced by "updates".
  13. Gotway Monster Battery Info: DIY

    If you don't plan on longer uphill rides, you could get away with a 20s3p pack of LG H2 or Samsung 30Q, which are both capable of 20A cont. output current. If you want to do some serious mountain riding, double that.
  14. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Can you please share, how that went for you? Is there that much clearance in the shell that the bigger tire just fits in, or did you have to modify the shell?
  15. Got my King Song KS-18S today!

    And remember, only due to that tall body it's possible to build the wheel as narrow as it is, whereas a mSuper v3 is much wider between your feet!