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  1. My lhotz shows the same charging behaviour, and did this before and after the mod exactly the same. My charger has an idle output voltage of 66,8V. Didn't measure under load though. I'm OK with this behaviour...
  2. Now, that sounds interessting! Especially with the more performane oriented s5 still in the pipeline..
  3. Oh, nice one. That's Horstwalde, and the ramps offer different inclines, from 15 to 65%. did a Rockwheel test there:
  4. That could actualy also help at extending the range of the wheel!
  5. @Scatcat this hard rule for cell marriage applies mainly for cells connected in series. What we've done here is paralleling a second battery pack to the first one. In parallel configuration, everything balances itself at all times without further ado. We don't draw crazy currents from our battery, which might get us a little trouble also in parallel connections. The important bit is, that each single pack is made from matching cells, because those are cells connected in series. Without the extreme currents, matching doesn't have to be that accurate, so buying the same cells from the same production batch is enough for our application. @mrelwood, the temperature sensor should be integrated within the main CPU on the controller. The short wire would be the Bluetooth antenna.
  6. That's perfectly normal. The balancer does it's job by drawing current from the cell with the highest voltage, and that energy has to go somewhere....
  7. That actually doesn't matter at all. If you have the single cells, the voltage difference is lower, but also the internal cell resistance is lower. As you cascade those cells, voltage difference and resistance gets evenly bigger so that the balancing current is always the same.
  8. I'd connect the XT60s first, as they are better capable of handling the currents. At 0,5 V difference, balancing current beween the packs should not exceed 1A. In that case it really doesn't matter what's connected first, but if something goes wrong... Or maybe it's better to connect tha balancing wires first, because if something goes wrong, those tiny wires will act as a fuse?
  9. You're suspecting correctly, and that's exactly what I did. The voltage difference between the packs should be below 0,5V when you connect them.
  10. Well, if you're into DIY batteryacks, you can buy 40 Samsung INR18650-35E for ~150€, which sould make a nice 460Wh pack. BMS can be reused. Plus you get 40 2Ah 18650s to play with!
  11. I'd advise building a shell that's designed to be more be functional than flamboyant.
  12. Did you try to switch it on when it's standing upright? Maybe it won't power on when lying on the site...
  13. Tony Lee ( is advertising the i5 for $699 shipped and taxed for the larger battery option and $639 with the smaller battery... Quite a bargain I think.
  14. Before I forget to ask, which cells are you using? And yes, it's astonishing how quickly the wires are used up...
  15. Wondered about that too. But then I realised that all ballancing connectors I came across are made this way and stopped bothering. I think between the two red wires there might be some sort of PTC as a means of temerature controlling for the battery. If they are not connected the battery won't charge. I only connected one of them to my additional battery as not to sabbotage what ever protection there might be. My wheel still runs fine with this mod, it has done more than 300 km since the mod.