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  1. help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    67+ volts should be 100% charge and not 93% - seems like there is something wrong. I'll try to take a charger voltage measurement on my schedule for this weekend for comparison.
  2. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    I'd assume firmware update completed "ok" and cannot be repeated? Could be a problem that only your reseller can resolve ;(
  3. How hard can I push my ACM?

    Yes No - the solder has to melt and cool down "in one piece" or you (could) have mechanical/conductivity problems.
  4. What is the best personal electric transportation?

    Which answer would you expect in an electric unicycle forum? 😎
  5. 2018 who is getting what this year......?

    The 20700, as used in the slim ?i5? Wheel could bring some advandage. Also if the capacity just raises proportional to weight/volume they have also a higher nominal current. So theoretically they could offer more capacity for the same load compared to a 18650 with less nominal current. But this idea has the be looked at in detail with discharge curves like at dampfakkus.de
  6. Yes. Should work out. Just nothing is waterproof! And maybe one has to look to reach some range of rotational speed to get some efficiency. Also care should be taken that the LiIon's are not overcharged (too high current by too high speeds of the "turbine") and overvoltage protection is by BMS shutoff at some voltage a bit above 4,2V, so not optimal for battery lifetime. Cell balancing of the BMS could be insufficient, too.
  7. Wheel Log - Pebble Only?

    Yes - just the pebble is supported. But there are some watches that run a full featured android and can by this run wheellog. But imho not really nicely - there where some questions, maybe also reports but no great success story?...
  8. Crazy People

    Amazing what nonsense can be found in the internet... 🤔
  9. Update: KS16s's lock can be confusing.

    I'd assume to 1.03? And it's "fully" bricked? Hardware dead? Did you check the fuse(s?)? Somewhere imho was written, that the new KS firmwares should have "brick safe bootloaders" so that failures while updating should not matter and updates could be repeated until success? Seems i remembered wrong or there are still some failures possible...😥 Or updating just went fine and the firmware itself can cause such real probs? I hope you get the KS replaced without probs! I don't know the laws regarding this, but Dead by firmware update should be free replacement no matter of any warranty period (manufacturer fault)?
  10. Indeed! Did you try to press the "forgot your password?" button at the login screen? Maybe then some system generated password is sent to you so you can log in? On one of your devices beeing logged in, you could also try in the menu under account/account settings. There is a drop down box "settings area" from which one can choose "password" to change (?set?) the password. But this requires the current password... Which i assume you don't have, or you could just log in with your username and this password... But maybe you get another dialogue? Another idea is, that maybe there are some updates available for your tablet? Facebook is also installed and set up? Maybe try it once with another browser like firefox? Hope something works out for you- or @John Eucist can maybe help out/open a ticket with the forum software developer. Edit: another point - when logging in with facebook (at least for the first time) one gets forwarded to a facebook page. Is your error message maybe from facebook and not from this forum? Maybe they changed something?
  11. Gotway Tesla Leans back? Good calf stretch!

    Sounds like the "tilt back" - a customizable speed warning. Which for gotways can imho be turned off with the app.
  12. IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    The internal characteristics ("internal build up/chemistry", internal resistance) is important, so the cells behave similar while charging and discharging. So for building such packs "perfectly" one should have many cells of the same type and measure them for similar "behaviour" See http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/serial_and_parallel_battery_configurations and http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/bu_803a_cell_mismatch_balancing for more details.
  13. New i5 user experience

    If there is an USB port at the wheel they are supplied by a step down converter from the battery. This only works unidirectional - so no charging via USB port possible... Also the available Power from USB chargers (~10W) or Power Bricks (10000mAh *5V = 50Ah, "delivery rate" also around 10W) is way too low. But the typical usb phone charger has only 5V (some ultra/whatever chargers ?12V?)... So there is no chance for 1.8 hours. The correct calculation would be 245Wh/(2A*5V)
  14. ninebot one s2 battery pack trouble.

    Did you have a look at ? Maybe you find something usefull in this topic? ... Ah - just seen, that you are already following this topic... You measured each individuall cell or the whole pack and divided? You have two battery packs in your s2 and can swap them? Btw what kindof trouble did you have with your S2. How did it stop working?
  15. IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    32 cells is 16 pairs in serie. So your 17 red wires could be used to measure the individual cell (pair) voltages. Maybe there is one black wire used for the start (0V) and there is a black/red pair for sonething else ... You'll see once you measure the voltages...
  16. Heads Up Display while riding

    The eye patch could be a great ash protection for smoking cigars accompanying the rum while riding!
  17. German Discussion Group

    Wie bereits oben geschrieben in der EU Richtlinie. Falls man eine EU Typgenehmigung hat, muss diese gedulded werden, solange keine anderslautende nationale Regelung existiert. Falls man keine EU Typgenehmigung hat, bleibt es weiterhin illegal und liegt somit wieder im Ermessen des Ordnungshüers. Ob für ein (aktuelles) EUC eine EU Typengenehmigung erlangt werden kann, ob es Ausnahmen oder was weiß ich gibt/geben könnte bräuchte ein detailiertes "Studium" der Richtlinie und wahrscheinlich weiterer Literatur...
  18. IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    Not beeing able to measure a voltage at the charger port is normal for many EUCs (reverse polarity protection diode) Trying to make a battery pack spark is very dangerous! You had good luck that yours is "dead". A normal EUC battery pack will evaporate good chunks of metall/wire pieces when you try this! The combination of showing 50V, not charging anymore (going immedeately to 67V from the charger) should be a sign of at least one dead cell (?pair/triple?). Also the super soft riding mode and tipping forward could come from a weak battery. You should measure the individual cell voltages and you'll see. There where already some success reports of recharging this bad individual cells. (!_not_ with the EUC charger! - you'll need some liion cell charger!). Also, if i'm remembering correctly one of the reporters could recharge the bad cells, but it could not hold some comparable charge to normal anymore? Don't try to recharge cells that have 1,5V or lower (http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/low_voltage_cut_off) Don't expect nothing to happen if you short some battery cells(no matter if charged or not!). Don't ever try to make them spark! With the IPS som of the many wires could be directly connected to the individual cells (BMS is on the mainboard?) Should be 17 wires for 16 cells. Anyhow once you recharge bad/weak cells in the pack you should open the pack and watch closely the cells for optical changes/strong temperature rise! Also if you manage to revive your pack, be prepared that the bad/weak cell(s) have condiderable less caoacity then the rest of the cells which will leave the whole pack quite weak and lead to unbalanced cells again after some recharges!
  19. Heads Up Display while riding

    Nice saying! In Cuba i learned to enjoy the cuba libre - never did this before or afterwards... Maybe next summertime i'll try it again! Or the Gosling Family Reserve, if one wants to spend a bit more and have it a bit less sweet, or the Kraken or the Pampero Aniversario for a unbeatable price performance, or ..... ... and not to forget the cuban cigar accompanying the sip(s) perfectly...
  20. German Discussion Group

    Ja. Falls die einzelnen EU Länder keine Regelung/Zulassung haben, gilt diese EU Verordnung. Es muß dann also z.B. in Deutschland eine EU Zulassung gedulded werden. Dazu müsste man allerdings für sein Einrad eine EU Typengenehmigung, usw haben! Ohne dieser gibt es nichts, was in Deutschland gedulded werden müsste.... ... und ohne dieser EU Typgenehmigung/Zulassung braucht der Ordnungshüter kein "Ermessen". Es ist und bleibt nicht legal und es gibt nichts, das gedulded werden müsste. Eventuell nimmt ein Hersteller/importeur/händler so ein EU Genehmigungsverfahren auf sich und dann wären diese Einräder in z.B. in Deutschland zu dulden - bis in Deutschland eine nationale Regelung vorliegt... PS.: Eventuell fällt ein el. einrad auch in eine Art vordefinierte Klasse dieser EU Verordnung sadaß man keine einzelne Typgenehmigung braucht? Beim schnellen Überfliegen der Verordnung wäre mir allerdings nichts in der Richtung aufgefallen...
  21. Ninebot one C problem

    What battery voltage reports the app right after a full charge about half to one our later (wheel turned off while resting)
  22. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    seems i have somehow some concentration/typing probs lately.... Yes. Also the thicker wire has more thermal capcity... By the insulation (not only electrical but also thermic) and the (almost) no air convection/airflow within the compartment were the wires are inside the final temperatures should converge? So the real needed diameters should be approved by real stress tests (2 hours running at nominal load at ~35-40°C ambient temperatures, ?5-10? minutes at peak load....). Such basic thoughts we do here should be just a first rough estimate to get something to start with...
  23. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Or even better like shown in the video linked (*)from @Cranium connect the BLDC with _real_ wires (*)
  24. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I just did the calculation with the surface Areas (A1 and A2) not with diameters. So the calculation for the increase in radius for the same power dissipation: With R=some_coefficient/A=some_other_coefficient/r^2 P=U1*I1=U2*I2=I1^2/r1^2=I2^2/r2^2 So r2/r1=I2/I1=72/52=1,44 Your calculation shows the increase in radius for the same voltage drop along the wires: U=R1*I1=R2*I2=I1/r1^2=I2/r2^2 r2/r1=sqrt(I2/I1)=sqrt(72/52)=1,18
  25. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Just for the files (since i reached https://airwheel.ru/2017/10/27/test-monokoles-na-dinostende/ again): Ninebot S2 reached max peak power of 1400 W. ( It seems that Ninebot P was not tested?) So i can't really believe that the (max peak) power of the new Z did not noteable increase compared to the S2...