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  1. Maybe they could - but normally they should have a reason. Imho mostly age? you should notice it on decreased range. for more details you can read through A first quick test for the charger should be to measure the no load voltage? for phones it could be different with the "smart capacity meters"? Or just too many (new) apps draining the battery?
  2. No stop signs, speed limit Nobody's gonna slow me down Like a wheel, gonna spin it Nobody's gonna mess me around Hey Satan, paid my dues Playing in a rocking band Hey mama, look at me I'm on my way to the promised land, whoo! I'm on the highway to hell!
  3. If you know what you do the "increase in danger" could be "comprehensible". the impact energy increases by 36% if one increases speed from 30 to 35 km/h - and the safety margin at 35 km/h gets quite lower... so it depends mainly on you, your "behaviour" and your ability to "assess possible enviromental influences" if and how dangerous this could be... ps.: it's your body and your life so its (mainly) your decision ...and a bit a responsibility you have towards the EUC community, that you do not "show" how dangerous this can be. If you try it be careful and wear safety gear - 35 km/h is quite fast for an accident! ... and as said the lower safety margin leads easier to an incident...
  4. Free translation from @man-on(e)-wheel's post last week he got one point and a fine of €100, and in april (he had no insurance) he almost got a ?criminal process/procedure? - but this happened in a neighbour village. At least he did not hear of any seizure in or around cologne...
  5. Yes - a great example of how not to do it. My assumption is, that by soldering connectors like this quite some of the cable melting issues arose... +1 ... or paralleling two packs of serialized cells... ... or using no bms for the liion cells... (or at least not showing to use it) he should have played "burning down the house" as background music... ... it's a pity that people without knowledge and experience show such potential dangerous stuff in public and by this animate others to do the same...
  6. Welcome! You find quite some topics regarding battery enhancements for the mcm4 here by googling for "mcm4 battery" The price should be about comparable to @1RadWerkstatt (1)- also i could not find specific shipping costs for poland on his site. Imho you should find many comparable offers - the battery back from your seller is quite cheap but the shipping costs are very high! Buying batteries is imho a matter of trust - one cannot easily check what one got for his money... Soldering is not really the best and most reliable way to make a DIY battery pack - by the heat of the soldering iron it's possible to destroy/"insult" the cells ... But there are cells with soldering tabs available. Just was curious and googled and looked at: So it seems to be possible - but i have no idea how reliable and safe this is?! Normally they should be spot welded. For a DIY battery pack you also have to look for a "nice" BMS - important is efficient cell balancing and not too low discharge current cutoff! looking at the prices for LG MJ1 i found one with €5,9 and one with €8,99 per cell - with these you would get a 414Wh battery pack and so 32 cells would cost ~€190 or €285 - without shipping and without the BMS. An advantage of professional made battery packs is (should be ), that the cells used are (should be) "matched" so they have a longer life span and more performance - one a bit worse cell in a pack degrades the performance of the whole pack... I just could give you a short summary of what i read about this topic here - so many details are missing... So try the goolge search above (and with some variations maybe) - there were many detailed discussions about this topic here. And there should chime some members in, which made their own experience... (1) I am not affiliated with @1RadWerkstatt - just regard him as a serious, knowledgeable and reliable source for batteries and EUC's...
  7. Hi - @Roue Libre aus brüssel will köln besuchenund überlegt sein ACM mitzunehmen. Er würde gerne wissen wie's dort mit Polizei/Strafen und evtl. Beschlagnahmung aussieht?
  8. Hi - imho the worst thing to happen is that the ACM could be seized/confiscated! but i have no idea how high the chances are for this - i neither live nor drive in germany... i'll give them a link to this post in german.
  9. I would say give @King Ma - INMOTION a bit of a chance to represent inmotion and accostum to the forum - he got quite some (deserved) "headwind" till now. We are happy to get manufacturer representatives here - but should be aware that their possibilities are very limited!
  10. Could be true - but maybe loose axle nuts could introduce some "backlash/free travel" which causes the wheel to start this wild wobble/resonating? I never experienced this, but it's an easy check for @Blackmagicman - also the interior inspection, if he wants to open the wheel. So @Blackmagicman has something to do while waiting for help from Rockwheel... and if he gets a motherboard for replacement he already knows how to open the wheel ...
  11. @Blackmagicman- you did some visual inspections of the interior? Sounds like a good idea. Loose axle nuts should be even noticeable without opening the wheel? Maybe the motherboard or some connectors came loose? Or the hall sensor cables got melted and have some kind of short circuit... Don't know if a GT16 also could have some cable melting issues?
  12. You tried it with a link to some video platform/cloud service after uploading it there? Then it should be quite possible to include this link in an mail! maybe you just are restricted to some servers/services since this concerns china?
  13. Thanks! Seems i remembered quite something - just the DNS server is not necessary - it's done with the hosts file on the phone and the .json file is on the webserver and not in the app directory... Just took a look at the actual versions.json file - there is only a link to the new 1.02 firmware for the KS14D and the link is "". So since they have no numbering scheme on the server for the firmware binaries is seems that they only host the newest versions... So @ToffeeGirl and @Skipper_65 would have to find someone who downloaded the 1.01 version of the bin file when it was available... (if it was ever available at all). As far as i know there is no way to get a firmware image of a wheels motherboard... Maybe you find someone in the french EUC forum or in the russian EUC forum who did this by time - maybe our members here also know some more forums to look at? Edit: PS: So you should at least download and keep the actual 1.02 firmware binaries if you upgrade to 1.03 too fast expecting some advantages... So you could at least go back to 1.02...
  14. Maybe some tests on a perfectly straight and flat surface (gym, running track, volleyball court, etc..) with some different mounting locations and wheels could give some "base calibration" of the "vibration" data? So one could see what vibrations is coming from the EUC itself (tire, not perfect continous motor commutation, balancing, etc...). Edit: Ps.: Mabye also mounting the phone on one side exactly at the center of the tire could be a good position? then everything but the z-axis should be valid vibration data? Mounting the phone on your body already gives quite some dampening of the vibrations...but on the other side it gets the real vibrations that inflict ones body...
  15. You have some corrupted firmware/memory, side leds and balancing not working and everything else seems fine? Waiting for the sellers respone would be the better choice, imho - if the seller does not respond (or responds too slowly..;) ) you still can go on trying out different things. But by now not knowing what the real reason is you'd have the risk to get something more destroyed...