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  1. ( My first wheel Airwheel, was a weak and taught to ,feel before the loss of power ! ) I very much agree Carlos E Rodriguez and look forward to the wheels just his described wheel logic algorithm . The main problem is the weakness of the battery ! More powerful engines and also a control unit would not have any benefit. If you look at all the wheels for accelerations, battery huge voltage dropping occurring. It would be helpful just now Carlos E Rodriguez mentioned software . If someone would be able to produced in of such software. Then it would be a big development. But my thought explanation here : I added here one of his old post KS18 ! Because the power loss will be felt when driving and can get also compensate, so I will describe below, And here's my old post : Just in case, I write. Perhaps is for someone help ! My KS18A+ v122 has a max lift off cut off about 48,7- 49,0 km h, if battery 100% and now v1.23 for full battery 49,4kmh . I've already been several times bizarre but effective salvation. Now as soon as you feel the wheel cut off,let your feet quickly squat ( Legs well loosely ). Then decreases sharply the force vector angle. Then decreases sharply and many, over lean ! And the my KS18 wheel turns itself back on again !!! In some times, due to high speed ,it to it even several times in a row . If happened to drive while sitting, then after cut-off turned back himself right back where I stayed motionless. Too hard acceleration matter of course this have also occurred less than 40 km h. So far, this wheel saved me, if I a sudden squatting immediately, when it beeping and turns out. Typically, as well as Alex_U says,for hard acceleration reaches beeping while already the cut-off ! I have two new KS18 but second wheel lift cut-off speed only max 46.7 for full battery and therefore have not tried it with another wheel .Therefore, I do not know whether the technique would help others wheelers. Do not want to encourage anyone to test high-speed but, in a dangerous situation, maybe someone else also rescued to in such a way . I think that, abruptly squatting becomes only much weight direction for inertia in but to turn on wheel the already favorable position and speed !? All the wheels are obviously quite different because of my two equal-wheel voltage readings vary ( Compared with the actual measurement ) etc. So I can not generalize anything !
  2. While this comparison does not fit absolutely !
  3. This riding while sitting down is just a learning process difficult. This is just different than standing up while driving.While studying, it seems that the need for arms and legs, and the body more to moved. Only learning time,feeling occurs, wheel wants to fall sidewards out. But it's just a learning process. If you have learned,seems anything at all do not have to do ! Brake sharply is the only one that is not so intense ! For braking, better stand up ! Accelerate sitting down, however, is very acute ! But we must be careful because at the end of the acceleration velocity appears smaller than in reality ! I have on several occasions inadvertently accelerated until interrupted but my ks18 is switched on again ! Very frightening, however, has this !
  4. Greetings to all ! I have encountered the question whether my ( KS18A 1200W ) 1020Wh batteries are okay ? I am now 13,91km traveled to work and back 13,91km. It all 27,82km ( or 17,29miles ). Driving home, for a few kilometers before the last, began the speed limit under 30 km h ( or under 18,6MPH ). I went to the same place two days in a row and both times the exact same result . I drove about 25 - 33kmh but many traffic intersections and many accelerations I had to do. I took the wheel while the room at +22°C ( 71.6°F ) but outside the temperature was +7°C ( 44.6°F ). My own weight is 94kg and wheel about 22kg . My KS18 is SW v1.25 and distances I checked both the GPS and the APP ( this distance was very little difference as seen in photographs ). Either the day and after the little wait showed of 50% battery . The question then is whether the batteries are weak, or is this normal ?
  5. Maybe something like this : I have two KS18 and one of these the second battery pack second battery mains plug it was cold soldering ! It has three battery packs and the problem was a second battery plug. If, however load increases in the first battery, however, this will not be enough to maintain the voltage . then just it plug overheated and these two battery packs did not help . Another thing I've noticed : If drive slow speed in very soft terrain which is also the sodding shall and using a soft mode, KS18 do not use the entire power capacity !! when the soft mode is stuck, with even too hard to force and will give up, then in hard mode rotate effortlessly over obstacles ! In normal driving conditions, it difference does not feel . Only the slow driving uphill with sodding shall ! My 92kg and 1,91m, In hard mode, If the wiring and batteries is okay, the pedals has never tilt forward !
  6. It is possible that a similar but I do not know, unfortunately,
  7. Super! Congratulations ! This is very fast, powerful, safe, and also a beautiful wheel . A little need to rehearse with him at the beginning of. After 16 inches it seemed that he did not turn so well ! But very stable at high speeds, such as a motorcycle. After some time, it seems that will turn as well as a 16 inch wheel ( Yes I just bolt the bottom of the trolley to the housing . This material is strong enough . )
  8. I make the piece that fastens onto the top from duraluminium sheet
  9. I make the piece that fastens onto the top from duraluminium sheet
  10. http://www.banggood.com/Electric-Unicycle-Extendable-Handle-Telescopic-Handle-With-Lock-p-958779.html
  11. and : http://www.banggood.com/Electric-Unicycle-Extendable-Handle-Telescopic-Handle-With-Lock-p-958779.html
  12. I got to know from where the USB power supply . 5V with a 16pin connector. These are the first two pin,from the direction of the capacitors. I checked the tester and cables go straight to USB ! So i did the lighting for pedals ( Led strips ampere is 0,2A x 2 ) . In addition to I changed with seat to a little more for to normal use, etc.
  13. 5V with a 16pin connector. These are the first two,from the direction of the capacitors. I checked the tester and USB cables go straight!
  14. Hehehe ! Heavy wheels and now to the stairs myself wear two wheels 2 x 22kg ! From this forum, I stupid did not ask advice before buying and now I have to do physical exercise ! ( NB! As your own new wheel itself is already a very heavy to prevent that from happening like mine , for test let the she to try something as heavy to raise !? )
  15. Well, here comes perhaps once a woman 18 inch wheeler . As I wrote before learning does not go lightly but we also have a 16 inch wheel and the she will not be able to ride at all ! 16 inch wheel is low and make legs hurt !