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    We went to EUC ride with wife but we still have cold weather
  2. Hello ! If there is a sufficient riding experience, then during the all day trip, there is no tiredness ! You are relaxed on the wheel as a skill to ride . In a beautiful nature, I've been driving 64km without fatigue .
  3. I used powerful resistors ! As I added to existing capacitors, I added 4x 12000mf capacitors . In this form, there would be no other way to connect ! ( There is a lot of help with aggressive riding on the terrain .In the case of sudden obstacles, the voltage drop is much much lower .) First, connect through a powerful resistor and wait until the heat in them disappears and only then connect directly ! ( I added in parallel the connectors for the resistors )
  4. King Song 18A stable and fast wheel

    Hi ! 😆 Because in Estonia the temperature outside is already +3 °C ( 37,4 F ) and I went to the first riding this year As seen, the speed of the new protective clothing can not be felt. on the first ride after a three-month break, immediately 37 kmh But I'm very pleased !
  5. 18l presale specs

  6. Sorry but ! The foot pain comes It only when driving is not yet clear enough ! The same goes for speed, fear and uncertainty . Previously, my wife was complaining foot pain but now we have run without problems more than six hours of riding . I do not see a competitor against the EUC ! I only ride a bike if I want to power training muscles for hands and feet Do not lose hope !

    Very great , Marty ! The speed has also doubled !

    Super ! Super !

    Then when i started, unfortunately, in 2014 there were such slow wheels ( Airwheel max speed was only 14 km h ) ! Now, there are other times, and the beginners also have fast wheels . Talk about the age of users , I was 48 in 2014 . Soon I'm 52 and I'm still happy. I have the impression that this EUC is more interested for the middle and older people

    I also drove a bit today . We usually have a thick snow for the current season -15C ( 5,0F ) but weather is warm now +4C ( 39F )

    Here are my first attempts . I did not know something about Gotway and King Song and others . But In June 2014 my EUC dependency started .
  12. Playing music via KS speakers

    Hi ! I have one recommendation for those who drive between KS18 ( Also for Marty Backe ) I have been setting up for 2 a year, this King Song poor media amplifier . However, there has been a success in the last half-year ! If you are using an android phone then download Equalizer FX.Pro in google play and set all the sliders exactly the same as in the photos ( Try as accurately as possible ! Because it took me half a year to get to these settings and listen to a lot of different music. Unfortunately, even smaller slider changes ,changes a lot ) ! If everything succeeds, you get , from the screaming box, a pretty decent media device !!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/STHyd42nzItpQTWJ3

  14. I will add one of my very old posts ,maybe that's a help : I have two identical ks18 however, calibration of the level I've discovered one peculiarity of my wheels. During calibration of the wheel to get a good result to be exactly vertical (if you seen from front or behind ) ! If the wheel is for calibration a little lean towards the side, becomes is soft and poorly controlled, after calibration ! Now I'm calibrate always support the wheel against the wall so that almost wants to topple over ( Vertically as possible and keep in contact with the wall ). In this way, I have received all of the pedal positions usable . One observation is still : Full power will let the wheel only if in player mode ! As proof of this ,drive learning or cycling mode in the terrain and the wheel itself can even turn off If it appears bigger and steep hurdle . If player mode, in the same place is absolutely not a problem ! Both my two KS18, exactly the same case. Therefore, always I use the player mode !
  15. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Hello. Since these wheels have become quite an ordinary means of transport for me, it's not like anything new to write about.