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  1. 18l presale specs

  2. Sorry but ! The foot pain comes It only when driving is not yet clear enough ! The same goes for speed, fear and uncertainty . Previously, my wife was complaining foot pain but now we have run without problems more than six hours of riding . I do not see a competitor against the EUC ! I only ride a bike if I want to power training muscles for hands and feet Do not lose hope !

    Very great , Marty ! The speed has also doubled !

    Super ! Super !

    Then when i started, unfortunately, in 2014 there were such slow wheels ( Airwheel max speed was only 14 km h ) ! Now, there are other times, and the beginners also have fast wheels . Talk about the age of users , I was 48 in 2014 . Soon I'm 52 and I'm still happy. I have the impression that this EUC is more interested for the middle and older people

    I also drove a bit today . We usually have a thick snow for the current season -15C ( 5,0F ) but weather is warm now +4C ( 39F )

    Here are my first attempts . I did not know something about Gotway and King Song and others . But In June 2014 my EUC dependency started .
  8. Playing music via KS speakers

    Hi ! I have one recommendation for those who drive between KS18 ( Also for Marty Backe ) I have been setting up for 2 a year, this King Song poor media amplifier . However, there has been a success in the last half-year ! If you are using an android phone then download Equalizer FX.Pro in google play and set all the sliders exactly the same as in the photos ( Try as accurately as possible ! Because it took me half a year to get to these settings and listen to a lot of different music. Unfortunately, even smaller slider changes ,changes a lot ) ! If everything succeeds, you get , from the screaming box, a pretty decent media device !!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/STHyd42nzItpQTWJ3

  10. I will add one of my very old posts ,maybe that's a help : I have two identical ks18 however, calibration of the level I've discovered one peculiarity of my wheels. During calibration of the wheel to get a good result to be exactly vertical (if you seen from front or behind ) ! If the wheel is for calibration a little lean towards the side, becomes is soft and poorly controlled, after calibration ! Now I'm calibrate always support the wheel against the wall so that almost wants to topple over ( Vertically as possible and keep in contact with the wall ). In this way, I have received all of the pedal positions usable . One observation is still : Full power will let the wheel only if in player mode ! As proof of this ,drive learning or cycling mode in the terrain and the wheel itself can even turn off If it appears bigger and steep hurdle . If player mode, in the same place is absolutely not a problem ! Both my two KS18, exactly the same case. Therefore, always I use the player mode !
  11. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Hello. Since these wheels have become quite an ordinary means of transport for me, it's not like anything new to write about.
  12. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Hi ! Some suggestions : Do not hold the this wheel by pushing the knees . Only way to prevent wobble in a fast ride, you need to tilt more forward yours the upper body and then the knees will not move forward to the center of the upper pillows of the wheel ( It will not succeed until you start to trust the ability of this wheel's acceleration. You should not go to the mountains before ! On a loose gravel road and on a sandy surface, it will save only a forward tilted body position , not pushing down the toes and knees. ) .Very important legs position on the pedals. The best way to keep this wheel your heels and toes to out side. Then you will feel equal support with the entire thigh surface and then , not hit the knee against the wheel. In any case, I wish success ! Excuse me! I'm trying to write again here with my google translation

    sorry if it's inappropriate I'll delete it !
  14. New KingSong 18L?

    For KS 18 L without seat, the biggest drawback for me ! But I liked this and did it :
  15. i am seriously considering it!

    Hi ! ( i'm sorry for spelling mistakes because I only write through google translate ) I've been driving almost every day for EUC four years . I love long distances and a quick and sometimes aggressive ride . However, there have been only three kraches. One of them is 35-36kph ! But the most serious injuries were the first and the slowest Airwheel ( max 14 kph . Face slipping rough asphalt and that's why I would never recommend a low-power wheel to anyone ) . I have not happened even in the worst conditions, not wheel has itself driven away . You need to constantly take into account your skills and the environment when driving the wheel !!! When i motorcycle jumps incorrectly, the motorcycle will continue to move independently . The same situation with the car with cabriolet you can fall out and the car becomes an unmanageable bang ! I want to say that not turning off for on the slope is a safety element for fast drive !!! If you go for a high speed with a curve, then this so-called safe wheel turns itself off at full speed. Because he thinks that he is already over 45 degrees in the slope and therefore probably already fell !! This problem was in trouble for EUC-extreme and concluded that less than 75 degrees should not be turned off ! Power on wheel, careless tilting is the same as dropping a powerful motorcycle when the gear is in and the engine is running !! I would not like to avoid removing important features from the wheels in order to use them carelessly and imprudently ! We must not go to traffic before driving is clear in every situation ! It should also include skills in pointing out the wheel reflexive for unexpected situation . And do not let believe that 40kph and 25kg wheel for belt or cord stick we can hold on !