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  1. Hello fellow riders, Here I have Inmotion V5F+ for sale. *Good condition *Mileage is approximately - 250-350km *Cool looking design with some stickers on the inner shells *Protective foam/padding on the sides (DIY made) *EU type charger + original Box Price - 450 euro + 50-100 euro shipping (I'll need to clarify the price depending on the country I ship to). Will ship via UPS, DHL or DPD. Location - Estonia. If you're from Finland or Sweden and want to come by ferry and buy it in person, that would be awesome. We can also have a nice chat regarding our EUC adventures. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks
  2. Gotway ACM 820wh / Some Questions!

    Hello folks, I've been riding my Inmotion V5F+ for a about year now with total mileage approximately 5100km. Recently, I felt like I got bored of this wheel. To be more concrete, the speed and range doesn't satisfy me anymore. I feel like I want more. So I've been looking for a replacement and thought about Gotway ACM 820wh. Would be cool if you could answer my questions! 1) How far can you get with 820wh version? Will it give a significant increase in range comparing to Inmotion V5F+ (480wh). 2) How nimble is the ACM? Again, comparing to V5F+. 3) What is the maximum safe-cruising speed that can be achieved? On my V5F+ I can hit 25-27 km/h. 4) Is the speed increase that noticeable between 25 km/h and 35-37 km/h? How does it really feel? 5) Do you feel Gotway ACM the same way as Inmotion or there's a new learning curve involved? As for now, that's all =)
  3. Hi folks, I'm a rider based in Estonia. Would like to buy the newest IPS i5. Could you recommend a trusted and verified seller that ships to my country? Thanks
  4. Hey Inmotion riders, I've been repairing my wheel's tire recently (changed the inner tube) and after putting everything back together found out that wheel is not maintaining balance properly while standing on it. Basically it starts out properly, have the balance, but once I step in and lean forward the balance of the wheel and pedals is kinda shaking up and down. What could be possibly a problem? I screwed everything back in place, super tight. Doesn't seem to be the case. Everything was cool before the teardown. Also if anybody has a picture of control board with all the connections could you please attach it here? Thanks
  5. [SOLD] Gotway ACM 1300 wh s+ like new monowheel unicycle

    Hi there, I've made you an offer, please check your private messages
  6. V5f+ Diassembly Video

    Hey guys, Is there any video on web or a pdf/web guide for Inmotion V5F diassembly with hq pics/details? I've seen this video But it's not high resolution and I can't get some of the parts of the video. Anyone? Help?
  7. V5F+ Weight Overload Warning

    Hello there, I've encountered the same problem with my V5F+ that seems similar to what has been described here. Basically I was riding the wheel without any problems, but then something happened and now my wheel yells at me saying "overload, please get off'. I did a reset by holding the reset button, but it doesn't seem to work as before. Still yells at me the same warning after a 5 minute ride. I mean it starts fine, having no problem at all and after little while does that. Anyone? Help?
  8. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    It wasn't extreme when I reached 30.4 km/h, I would say it was manageable and quite comfortable. I then tried even more and reached 34.5 km/h on V5F+, but that was extreme. And additionally, I would say it doesn't affect motor well, as after a few days while riding it suddenly switched off and tilted pedals back, I fell. Since then, I don't ride any faster than 27-28 km/h. And no news about the firmware, it seems it kind of being forgotten or unannounced yet with the release of V8...
  9. Inmotion V5F Sensor Button / Not Working

    Thanks, I'm okay. Just a couple of scratches, no serious wounds. I did an extreme testing with a crazy tilt-back and yes I was leaning too far forward. I believe I reached 35km/h when the motor switched off and unfortunately there was a creek nearby and the wheel landed right into it. Like it was fully exposed to the water. So there is no chance of getting it restored in a home conditions? Or any conditions?
  10. Hello I've recently fell off from the wheel as the engine overpowered whilst hitting the maximum speed limit and unfortunately the wheel has been exposed to the water. It doesn't start neither by pushing the button or trying to recharge. Any chance this could be fixed? If yes, then how? Thanks
  11. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    Just an update. Managed to get rid of danger notification with the silence clip. Thanks guys. Also, did a test drive on a flat surface and managed to get this.
  12. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    My weight is 56kg, I'm quite a slim male. Maybe that's why I reach the limit super fast and want to have it even faster! Yeah, I've seen that thread, but thought that maybe there's new info regarding that. And about the silence hack, any chance you could guide me through it? How to actually change the warning sound to silence on iOS? I'd be grateful!
  13. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    Hey guys, I've recently purchased V5F+ and have been riding it for a month. Feels really good, although I'm started to get annoyed by the danger-notification and speed limit. I heard some news that there will be new firmware to increase the speed from 25km/h to 27km/h... So any estimate on when this gonna be available? If there's no easy answer, does anyone know how to mute the danger-notification? The app doesn't do that, affects only other sounds unfortunately. You know, I can deal with tilt-backs, just when it screams out ''danger, please slow down" every 5 meters it kinda gets to nerves Anyway, I'd be grateful if someone could let me know if this possible. Thanks