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  1. Jo den kom fram i tisdags men har inte haft tid att öva, bara provat att stå på den lite. Ja vi får nog skjuta på det, vill ha lite mer kontroll innan jag ger mig ut på riktigt
  2. @Vik's That song is great! Discovered it a few months ago. It might go in my future ride music playlist. Here's another great artist and song:
  3. And this is what our personal transport robots hums to us... ...or just a funny song
  4. Det skulle bli en KS16 men det blev en V5F+ till slut Ja han har varit kanon, det känns bra. Jag tänkte samma sak, men det beror ju först och främst på när paketet kommer - det passerade Hamburg igår kväll nån gång. Vad bra, då har jag det i åtanke om jag hinner hänga på. Hoppas fler kan hänga på, även fast jag kan förstå att det börjar bli som att locka björnen ut ur idet
  5. Jättebra initiativ! Jag hade kunnat hängt på med säkerhet om det inte vore för att mitt hjul förmodligen kommer i början av nästa vecka och jag har inte stått på ett förut så det är nog lite tidigt för mig. Hade varit grymt att kunna hänga med på en träff innan vintern.
  6. So after a lot of hesitation and bugging Jason on and off for a couple of days I made a first deposit on a KS16 jokes aside, it was all good. Excellent service, very friendly. The biggest problem would be that the weather is getting colder by the day here, but nothing you can control anyway It seems like there's now a few riders from Sweden, I've even seen a ninebot user in my area.
  7. Tjena allihop! Har precis slagit till på en V5F+ från Wheelgo, gjorde precis en första delbetalning för att de skulle hålla ett hjul åt mig kommer dock dröja några veckor så de kanske inte blir så många åk den här säsongen, får väl se. Vore såklart kul att träffa andra enhjulare snart! Jag bor i Stockholmsområdet
  8. Sorry, I'll try to specify. I meant if you could turn by doing more lower body movements like on the KS18. I may have misunderstood what exactly the riding mode is doing as I've just read and watched videos
  9. Yes I've been convinced by all the praise on this forum for Jason so I think now it's more a question of whether I'll get a wheel or not I have a question for you or anyone familiar with the riding modes on KS16. Has anyone tried the softer riding settings? Is it still very stiff? I was wondering if you could get a little bit of that "KS18 slalom riding style"
  10. Hi, thanks for the input! Yes I see your point about the "true" 500wh capacity Will have to do a bit more research but I am very tempted to mail Jason soon...
  11. Hey there, thanks for sharing your opinions yeah I would really appreciate good service in this case as I've had some experience shipping supplies for another much bigger Shenzhen-based company, and I've seen alot of very dubious work methods, to say the least
  12. Thanks, yeah I'll look more into them Yes I'm pretty sure something is wrong with their numbers, the info text below talks about "LG 340wh eller 680wh" versions...
  13. Hey, thanks for the input. Yes the price seems very good compared to any other european seller I've seen. However 640 euro extra for a bit larger 680wh battery seems a bit much for me at the moment. The 520wh seems like good value if the only real difference is battery capacity..
  14. Hi everyone, I've been reading up on EUCs for some time (lots of info to take in) and I'm thinking about getting one, more specifically the KS16. However, I'm wondering if the 680wh or even 840wh is needed for decent range and good backup power in the long run. Is the 520wh pack considered too small for most with KS16? Is anyone familiar with the 520wh KS16 this shop is selling?