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  1. I couldn't make it, looks like I missed the most epic ride.
  2. when i rode marty's monster the first thing I noticed was of how comfortable it wheel was. It feels like your riding on a Bentley, super smooth. And as for the nose tilting, its nearly impossible to do that to a Gotway unless you really try. I'm going to buy one too but I'm hoping they come out with one that has 3500wh and black shell. Maybe in a year...Monster v2
  3. Best thing to do with the 84v or any other euc is to use the egg app and keep an eye out for either the voltage drop or the battery percentage while accelerating on your wheel, that's what I do. When you are at 20% battery and you see that when you go over 15mph the battery drops to 10%, for example. That just means you have to reduce speed. It's very important to keep track of this or there will be a cut out and youll go flying off your wheel.
  4. sorry @JimB I had no intention of assigning negative connotations to any of the wheel brands accept the airwheel and solowheel for obvious reasons. Also, there is no ass in there. You have two chickens, kangaroo, monkey, a horse, a goat, a calf, and a bear. ok @Coffee guy I'll make another one this weekend and post it.
  5. Well, I got it through aliexpress and china post for only $20. What I really need is a second wheel. The Gt16 Rockwheel looked great but from what I'm hearing about it on this forum is just bad news. I also ordered a co2 quick tire and tube patch kit. So, if something happens by myself or in a group ill be more equipped to help anyone with their wheel. https://www.amazon.com/Innovations-Tire-Repair-Inflation-Wallet/dp/B00JL90KR4
  6. I've passed this card to 4 people already. It makes it so much easier to give someone a card. They like it much better than me explaining what it is. It's like something they can take home with them and do research with instead of trying to memorize everything i tell them on the spot. and when they ask what brand wheel I drive, I just tell them its the monkey.
  7. the gy16 has 25% stronger magnets also dont forget. the torque should be greater in the gt 16
  8. hey marty sorry about that i'm still waiting for my tire to be shipped. I should've let you know. I'm sorry for making you wait.
  9. Showing off causes the most accidents, skill should come naturally.
  10. Long story short: I got tired of people asking me "what is that?" so I made business cards advertising this site. I hope you guys don't mind. If you want to print them out yourself, I've attached a Microsoft Office Publisher document that you could use to print these cards out on regular paper. Publication1.pub
  11. The ACM 1600 in all black looks so good.
  12. https://www.schoolofsurvival.com/build-tesla-powerwall/
  13. that's great ombre! I was going to use it to recruit someone i know by training them too but i'd rather have them buy their own EUC.
  14. how much would it cost to ship to southern California, cheapest cost?
  15. I was about to press the buy button. I will wait a little longer. Hopefully they will have more range on the updated models. I was also thinking of buying extra batteries to open and swap when I run out of juice; But it might be harder than imagined. Anyhow, thanks for the advice. I'll hold off for now.