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  1. Im'italian and i'm living in Rome. I'll be in Philadelphia from the 15 of August for one month. Do you know if there is any shop in Philly where I can rent an Euc or buying and then resell it when I leave? One month without a wheel sounds like hell!
  2. I had the same issue. But is exactly the opposite: very short press for V8-long press for the light; long hold for the V5F-short press for the light.
  3. what about tire pressure? My V5F+ wobbles under 2.7
  4. Occhio che le ruote non te le fanno portare in aereo!
  5. Io giro per strada tranquillamente da circa due mesi. Mi hanno fermato sia vigili che polizia e tutte e due le volte volevano sapere costi, consumi, se è difficile imparare, etc etc. Forse perché ancora se ne vedono pochissimi (almeno a Roma)
  6. "Less is more"
  7. In my experience weed is more usefull then alcool in EUC driving.
  8. @KingSong69 Is the new KS 18 already out? Do you have a link? Thanks.
  9. I'm in the same situation: two months with the V5F+ (that I love it) and I'm thinking about another wheel with different qualities (faster and with more range). I was thinking about the super v3 but I'm very interested in the (new) Kingsong 18 a. So basically I can't decide between the super v3 and the Kingsong 18 A. Any info are appreciated. Thanks.
  10. We had Berlusconi in Italy and now you have Trump. I understand your feelings and I'm so sorry for America. Good luck anyway.
  11. 64 Kilos, I can run (18/20kmh) for about 35 kmh
  12. I just cutted the original Inmotion box. Inside I used the same shok protection foam that comes from the box. It is shaped exactly to make the wheel standing. It looks awfull but it works great!
  13. Thank you all, I think I got it. I notice that if I put less pressure on the wheel and stop to think that I can fall, everything goes better. Another question (thanks in advance): what are the best shoes, in you opinion, for driving ecus?