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  1. Italian Discussion Group

    https://www.inmotionworld.com/product/electric-unicycle-inmotion-v10 Questo lo avete visto?
  2. 2018 who is getting what this year......?

    I have a V5F+ and a V8. Waiting for the new inmotion for sure. I'm very curious about the msuper with the tesla motor also.
  3. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I can't wait! I started with a V5F+ and now I have allmost 3000 km on my V8. Please tell us more about the new wheel and post a picture if you can
  4. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    1200w? 1500w? Who knows! Anyway a V8 with bigger tyre, 40km/h, the same hard response and the same building quality it is the best new of the year! ( at list for me after a V5F+ and a V8 that I love)
  5. What's the biggest thing you've carried around on an EUC?

    I can confirm that. I tried msuper, I tried Kingsongs, I tried rockwheel but the InmotionV8 is the best for carrying havvy stuff.
  6. Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao a tutti. Scrivo poco ma seguo molto. Qui da Roma tutto bene. Ho superato i tremila km in monoruota (1400 con un V5F+ e circa 1700 con un V8). Cerco di usarlo tutti i giorni e sto cercando di capire quale sarà la mia prossima ruota. Ho bisogno di più velocità e sono attratto dal Gotway Tesla ma mi spaventano le problematiche legate alla qualità/sicurezza. Il Kingsong 18L sembrerebbe interessante ma chissà quando esce. Vorrei davvero che Inmotion uscisse con una nuova ruota prima o poi.
  7. EUC racing?

    something like this but with eucs. It will be great!
  8. Gotway msuper with Tesla Motor

    On Aliexpress I found a Gotway msuper with the 1900W of the Tesla (I think). Somebody bought it here? Any more information anyone? Thanks. https://it.aliexpress.com/item/Freeshipping-Gotway-Msuper3-1640WH-Life-150KM-the-maximum-speed-of-55KM-H-the-fastest-the-most/32722898397.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.262.zDVi7C
  9. CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

  10. Cheap Handle/Trolley Modification

    Can be useful for wheels that don't have a trolley (KS 18/GT16) but the V5F got the best trolley in the market, it is a crime not to use it.
  11. Italian Discussion Group

    Io ho il v8 e ho bisogno di più velocità. Stavo per prendere un KS18s ma voglio aspettare il 18L che promette bene. Anche il Tesla della Gotway mi intriga parecchio.
  12. 18L Group Buy?

    Possibile buyer here!
  13. Pedal plates

    A couple of month ago I decided to control the pedals of my V8 and I found out that almost all the screws where loosy. So its a good habit to control everything before riding.
  14. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    We feel ridiculus because we are afraid of freedom and we are addicted to others opinions. Being cool is a state of mind and does not depend on what are you wearing or driving. The border between coolness and "ridiculness" is always very subtile. Just relax and enjoy your wheel. If you don't mind about being cool, probably you are. (only my opinion)
  15. New KingSong 18L?

    I really love the acceleration of the v8, maybe the Tesla will be more similar then the ks18L, usually 18 wheels are more sluggish. I can't wait for a KS18L test.