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  1. Cheap Handle/Trolley Modification

    Can be useful for wheels that don't have a trolley (KS 18/GT16) but the V5F got the best trolley in the market, it is a crime not to use it.
  2. Italian Discussion Group

    Io ho il v8 e ho bisogno di più velocità. Stavo per prendere un KS18s ma voglio aspettare il 18L che promette bene. Anche il Tesla della Gotway mi intriga parecchio.
  3. 18L Group Buy?

    Possibile buyer here!
  4. Pedal plates

    A couple of month ago I decided to control the pedals of my V8 and I found out that almost all the screws where loosy. So its a good habit to control everything before riding.
  5. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    We feel ridiculus because we are afraid of freedom and we are addicted to others opinions. Being cool is a state of mind and does not depend on what are you wearing or driving. The border between coolness and "ridiculness" is always very subtile. Just relax and enjoy your wheel. If you don't mind about being cool, probably you are. (only my opinion)
  6. New KingSong 18L?

    I really love the acceleration of the v8, maybe the Tesla will be more similar then the ks18L, usually 18 wheels are more sluggish. I can't wait for a KS18L test.
  7. New KingSong 18L?

    Coming from an Inmotion V8 (that I love) and looking for more stability and more speed, I'm very tempted by the ks18L and the Tesla. I can't decide, help me please!
  8. New KingSong 18L?

    found this on the web. Nice colors!I
  9. New KingSong 18L?

  10. Kingsong not on Ali express anymore!

    Kingsong is not on ali anymore but I found this. Do you know this seller? https://apogeebuy.com/kingsong/166-kingsong-ks-18s-1500w-motor-840wh-1680wh-battery-electric-unicycle-free-shipping-custom-tax-included.html
  11. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    I'm in the same situation. V5F+ (now sold) and 2000 km on a V8 (that I love). I need more range, I need more speed. Right now I'm attracted by the Tesla for the performances but I don't really like it aesthetically and I'm afraid of the "Gotway Factor". Another wheel I really like is the Singsong KS18s but I'm afraid to loose agility. Help!
  12. Did you notice that?
  13. Are you also using your non-dominant foot?

    I'm trying hard but is not easy at all. I can roll with only one feet now (with my not dominant too) but I can start only with the dominant one.
  14. Competitive Sports?

    Hockey and slalom.
  15. Italian Discussion Group

    E' vero soprattutto le prime volte. Dopo viene più naturale. E' una postura che consiglio solo sopra una certa velocità, quando siamo al limite, non va tenuta sempre.