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  1. slowly getting there thanks
  2. Today is maybe a 5th or 6th day of riding V8. I have decrese some air from the tire as it was hard to steer when going fast and catching some edge of the pavement could cost me a bad accident. now with lower air the ride has improved much and I finally started riding at the max speed. below is my trip and timing from today evening.
  3. You must have the PTR + with higher battery cappacity. they have v max 22KM/h. My top speed there show V-max 20 and it is 20ish but constant speed is 17,5KM/h and it tilt back at this speed to the possition of steering touthing my body :/ this all happen when I uploaded 1.5.0
  4. I may give it to some brainiac to do it for me my hands will be shaking 😂😂😂
  5. wow amazing 💪 Vick Wow amazing 💪 You are SUPER man 💪 much appriciate! I will check it tomorrow soon as I will get time for it. Hope that is not to difficult to do as I dont want to destroy nothing dont want to cry like a baby 😂😂😂 cheerse
  6. Hi. Few weeks ago I buy brand new elite. By my stupidyty i have uploaded the 1.5.0 firmware. does any one knows is it possible to downgrade it to 1.4.0? the 1.5.0 is limiting my speed from 17.5KM/h and simply I dont like it. when i had it running with 1.4.0 it was way faster then now...
  7. for me that position is dangerous as when the legs are straight its more easy to facepalm which i dont want. the safest position is when the knees are bent and the upper body is straightish. then the risc of falling is smaller and you have more time to control falling. same like You would try to jump. more straight You are less time is You have to control if it make sence. by the way: sorry for my english some times" i try my best
  8. wow that will be awesome. so shall i upgreade to 1.4.0? my xiaomi mini is on it but we all know the down side of restrictions... thats why i left my both mini pro running on 1.2.2 at the moment.
  9. my mini pro run on 1.2.2 and i feel like i might fall when reaching higher speed as the knees are almost out of the steering. is that due to 1.2.2? I dont have that problem with my xiaomi mini but the steering is obviously different. look at the video below. When I want to bend my knee its almost impossible. it doest matter how I will ajust the knee bar. It force me to stand still which I hate and feel unsecure.
  10. thanks. I would be gratefull If You guys can post some video of them positions. To be honnest before I got my v8 i have watched a few videos of people riding v8. maybe thats why I didnt have that many problems. at the moment i im unable to ride any of my toys as I catch some bad virus and stay in bed taking pills. I menaged to ride for 2days and on the second day the shake in my legs has gone. at the slow speeds is harder to control the wheel as the balance is not perfect yet but its getting better. when i turn I just lean to the side but still left the wheel limited to 20KM/h just in case. when I get better I will post another video so You can give me more tips and check the progress.
  11. what range we are looking for? will it cover 30KM or it will slow down befor that? when is the best moment to charge it?
  12. this was in the afternoon at the evening it was already a bit better but still no were near to be relaxed... cant wait for that as i would love to test the performance properly but no chance for that yet. What does it mean to "think tall". I do get the point of a knee being bent but this should come when i get comfortable with it but at this point my legs shake to much... this are totally new and different type of skills for me to get.
  13. the app keeps crashing often! didnt have much time to check anything today but I made a video of my first ever steps on unicycle. its defo funny for those who know already how to ride it but im proud of day one And covered 10KM. My legs shake no doubt. Im still scared to push so I take everything slow...
  14. i have managed to play with leds for 10ish minutes but then they frezze and there was no way arround it. I have swith off the v8 for 15minutes and then turn it on again so they could work as they should but seems like the problem is comming back. And this nottification of failing to connect to scv seems to have all the time. I will post the screen shots tomorrow to describe more. weird think is when I swith the app on: there is a registry or loggin... when i try to put mine it doesnt work but when I just touch the mobile phone place it will log me straight away without my username what so ever. all of that is weird for me but i never try it before so I feel like a kido playing with a daddy car I would love tl be as simple as ninebot but it isnt so need to learn new one and im probably not the only one
  15. Hi Guys. Im looking for some help with my new V8. as im new to v8 and never use it before i have few issues with it. At first i use samsung galaxy s6 edge plus to connect. then when i try to register instead of puting qr code i put the serial number as i have no idea where the qr code for registry is? i bought it from the dealer so hope that is ok. apparently it is registered (does any confirmation email come thru?) i have a problem to turn on the led lights as the information appear: faild to connect to scv? the beeper once is on once is off? i can not say nothing about a ride as i never use one wheeler so i need to learn how to ride it as it is not as easy as i thought! menage to ride 5m but it seems to be a mission to learn but i wont give up! can You give me few tips how to menage the app and give me also few tips for riding or some video how to menage all? the led works on the gif but now nothing works? why? thanks, and kindly waiting for response