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  1. did You try aliexpress? they send all over the world.... bdw kick stand is ok to have
  2. so if You buy for example from china the tax is high?
  3. OMG.... 1000$ dont know what to say... tooooo much my friend! but defo You will love it!
  4. best is to post a link where You buying it from. And always there is a way to ask a seller for specyfication. Dont worry about a color. Both are easy to clean and white seems to be nicer I got bored from having a white one so i have change a color couple of times already. Now I have blue carbon wrap all over and I like it as much I like a white one. The oryginal xiaomi mini You can buy for arround 450$
  5. I have the mini -not pro and im happy with it! the battery has less cappacity so the range might be smaller but to be honnest mine does about 18KM range so ot is good! the rest is the same so there is no point to over spend such a big money! mini pro has a steering regulation hight and different wcheel cover and thats it. this was the trick from ninebot to put the prices up. they didnt bother to make more diference in the range or speed or even soft... That money diference between pro and mini i would spend on handlebar with wcheel cups on the normal mini. still You save and You wont regret! I do not like a handle steering as I did get use to the fun with a knee bar but it might be ok for You to have both of them. How much is Your mini and the mini pro price for You? For the soft You should ask the seller which firmwire will You get. and trully dont worry about it as the latest one 1.4.0 (if You would have to upgrade) is ok.
  6. thank You all. im verry happy with the answers as I was expecting the V8 will be the choice then. Ive seen lots of videos from some of people here riding v8 and it seems to be amazing. Desighn is also cool but obviously performance is the most important. I do not concider gotway as it may be the best but looks crap for me It has to be the best of the both worlds.
  7. Hi guyes.I wounder If You can help. I'm just about to finalize a deal of buying a ninebot elite, 2mini pro and ninebot e+. My question is if You think the ninebot e+ or inmotion v8 is better. Some how i think inmotion v8 is faster and better but I would like to ask You for an opinion?
  8. Yes far as i know it is the same soft. You defo will love it! downgrade depend on soft You will get but dont worry. You will get use to the soft You will get.
  9. Yes 1.4.0 version is much more better than 1.3.1 it is still not as good as 1.1.7 but I dont think it will get any better than 1.1.7. I went thru all of them version as at the beggining I didnt know much about ninebot mini and now I regret I have been upgreading. but oh well.... cant change it back so have to go with a flow. 1.4.0 has less tilting back, it beeps on You way less, handling seems also a bit better. I also still remember when my mini shut down 2times suddenly when riding at the top speed 18 and I did fly high. It has never happend again since updating. If I would be You I would downgrade as You are lucky to have downgrade possibility but if You dont want to mess with it just learn how to ride and then make Your decision.
  10. I have find out that we can exchange coins for some goods... but If we are not from China is it still possible?
  11. I havent fall for ages now as I manadge to learn how to handle mini pretty well. In fact i have to try does it stop when falling. Carrying a bags should not be a big problem as You may try to control the handlebar with knees. It may be tricky but shoud work? or place a bags on to the handlebar? but it may demage a steering control due to heavy weight? In fact I taken my doughter (3years old with 20kg) for a ride and sit her on the steering bar and it still works without breaking...
  12. Knee bar I personaly find more atractive and easier to stear than handle. i have noticed that it is more dangerous when turning quickier to the sides as the body naturaly try to stay at the place with handlebar rather than knee control. Maybe I got use to knee bar so much but for me the movement-steering with just a knees is more easier and quicker as I love to slalom when riding straight. Also Im just few steps from buying a ninebot elite but i would love to have it also with a knee bar to enjoy more freestyle movements For safety reasons handlebar maybe better in some sence when ninebot spin out from under Your feet but I would not compare it to the bike as on the bike Your center of the boddy weight is on tle middle of the bike and on segwaythe center of the weight is Yourself. Segway could come up with some changes in terms of stepping of or falling. Ninebot should have some kind of emargency brake as when You fall it like to ,,run away" from You which can couse a accident with other people or obsticles.
  13. Why not print one Your self and make a frame from print, cut the ninebot out and paint?
  14. I prefer a knee bar much more as I personally get more fun with it than handlebar. But i will make one more video with handlebar and then after i will change it back to oryginal knee bar and then rock and roll tru cities and other exciting places