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  1. when i put a lot of psi the V8 is less stable when riding at the sidewalks but my tire does not scrape nothing at all. now i ride with way less pressure as it seems to be safer and stable especially when making turns. the battery....hmmm i cover today 25KM the total but really pushing when i had to and the battery level was showing 18% and also i got them funky spining leds on. my weight is80KG. below is my map and average time and due to that ride belive me or not i had to slow down a lot for few times.
  2. about a tiltback...yes it is very subtle! my v8 shout at me sometimes at the edge of 30KM/h to slow down and tilt back just a little so i gently lean backwards all the time as i dont want to try pushing it as when falling with that speed may do a lot of demage to us. the foot pads for me are uncomfortable due to the smal size (i were shoe size 10.5 or 45euro). most of the time when going on bumpie roads or jumping off the curbs i feel like my feet want to come off so i need to ajust them straight after a jump. also i put my feet not to close to the inmotion so i do not touch the V8 with my legs.like that the steering for me is more comfortable and give more space betwen the legs to lean at the bigger angle when making turns for example. After a 1.5 month of use i love the V8 for the joy of ride it give me. I do respect the high speeds shut down mode so i dont push it that much to the top of 30KM/h and normally most of mi rides 5-10KM dystance are at the average speed of 20-23KM/h and im talking here about riding with peddestrians and cars arround. Just keep looking a lot to the sides is it safe to pass and i fly by town quick.
  3. You must to have the higher model of PTR than me as mine ment to be V max 20 and Yours 22. After the last update mine slowed down from 20to17.5 and it was almost impossible to ride over 17.5. now i can do 18.5 mostly and force it a bit up to 20 but i can not ride 20 constant speed so i presume You have same issue now but Your speed must be 20 when riding straight right? it is a shame that they sell a product at such a high price telling You that it will do 20 or 22 and then they starting to restrict the max speed. I would never buy it if I would know that. Same issue is with ninebot mini pro. thanks god they havent made that stupid punishment for over speeding! as it is in the latests mini pro.
  4. so after updete my PTR behave much more better. the speed is up to 20 but i can ride over 17.5 when i push it a bit. before it come down to 17.5 and steering was up to my belly so it was almost impossible to ride over 17.5KM/h.
  5. mine last me a year and half. covered 1850km. most of KM covered the mini was driven hardcore on most of terrain. the air now is coming out but i didnt use no glue no nothing to fix it and they still can cover some KM but when its wet they are slippery now a days.
  6. does anyone updated the soft for the latest? whats new? is it worth to update?
  7. i like the app for keeping in touch with some people there but it crash often and loosing connection as well. might try the one above in some time. good to know. thanks. There is another thing which i dislike. The foot pads/pedals. They are simply to small. and their shape is uncomfortable. I got a bruse under a foot now from riding preety rough terrain :/ should have gotway shape of it somehow.
  8. to be honnest at the moment im not pushing V8 that much as Im aware of engine cutting power off so without a helmet and other prottection it must to do a lot of damage :/ i planned to buy whole set off protection costume including biker gloves as it will be first thing to touch the groung when falling. and also riding it at 25KM/h is already scarry when the surface is not smooth and the wobble kick in. the most of wobble i find when breaking.
  9. slowly getting there thanks
  10. Today is maybe a 5th or 6th day of riding V8. I have decrese some air from the tire as it was hard to steer when going fast and catching some edge of the pavement could cost me a bad accident. now with lower air the ride has improved much and I finally started riding at the max speed. below is my trip and timing from today evening.
  11. You must have the PTR + with higher battery cappacity. they have v max 22KM/h. My top speed there show V-max 20 and it is 20ish but constant speed is 17,5KM/h and it tilt back at this speed to the possition of steering touthing my body :/ this all happen when I uploaded 1.5.0
  12. I may give it to some brainiac to do it for me my hands will be shaking 😂😂😂
  13. wow amazing 💪 Vick Wow amazing 💪 You are SUPER man 💪 much appriciate! I will check it tomorrow soon as I will get time for it. Hope that is not to difficult to do as I dont want to destroy nothing dont want to cry like a baby 😂😂😂 cheerse
  14. Hi. Few weeks ago I buy brand new elite. By my stupidyty i have uploaded the 1.5.0 firmware. does any one knows is it possible to downgrade it to 1.4.0? the 1.5.0 is limiting my speed from 17.5KM/h and simply I dont like it. when i had it running with 1.4.0 it was way faster then now...
  15. for me that position is dangerous as when the legs are straight its more easy to facepalm which i dont want. the safest position is when the knees are bent and the upper body is straightish. then the risc of falling is smaller and you have more time to control falling. same like You would try to jump. more straight You are less time is You have to control if it make sence. by the way: sorry for my english some times" i try my best