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  1. I certainly can't fault your logic choices. And I still really like my KS14C. I sure wish KingSong had a long range version of their KS16 wheel. I know they don't want to go to 84 volts but I wonder why they don't at least compete with Gotway in terms of range. I suspect you won't have any problems with your wheels.
  2. I'm totally with you @Hunka Hunka Burning Love. But these are Chinese made EUCs we're talking about The fact that Gotway acknowledged some time ago that firmware changes were made points strongly in that direction. Beyond that you have a motor and batteries. You may be "a little leery", but I'm really lerry
  3. It's with sad news that I'm here to say that my brand new (now scratched to hell) MSuper V3s+ is afflicted with the now infamous Gotway oscillation syndrome. I had just picked it up personally from @Jason McNeil a couple of days ago while he was out in California inspecting his latest delivery from Gotway. He's a great guy to hang with btw, and we (Jason, myself, and @Sven) had a fun little ride in some local hills. Andy, you need to post that video you made! Of course I tested mine a day ago by riding (slowly - which is key to remember) over various bumps, curbs, etc. No problems. Yeah! But this morning was my first opportunity to take it for a serious ride. I setup my camera and filmed a short mini-review introduction to my new MSuper (God I wanted to love this wheel) and then took it out on the road. As you'll see in the video below, about 3 minutes into the ride I'm on a sidewalk, probably not going faster than 15mph. I travel across a street and up on to the sidewalk, and that transition was enough to cause it to instantly oscillate and throw me off the wheel. My take away is that the wheel has to be traveling at a fairly good clip for this to happen. But as you can see, I was not exactly traveling at an extreme speed. Jason is screwed with his recent shipment, and I must say anyone who has received a unit within the last month or so is risking their skin if riding the wheel faster than 10mph. Even though I say in the video that I'm probably going to ride it, I'm not. As I rode home I couldn't make myself go faster than 10mph for fear of the oscillation. There is zero warning. There's absolutely no fun riding a wheel under those conditions. I have no clue how Gotway is going to prove any recent wheel delivery is without the problem. They clearly lied to Jason regarding his shipment, and he must be one of their best dealers. When I get a new control board (I assume), how will I know Gotway did anything. Who wants to gear up and ride 15 - 20 mph into a bump to test it? I'm sure I'll be more open to the idea after a few days, but not now. My left wrist and hand is getting worse as I type this Well guys, I only have my Monster and KS14C to ride now, and summer months are upon us. What a bummer. Enjoy the video The thumbnail is 1 second before the crash - ouch.
  4. You're on the right track. The only way to gain confidence is to see some insight in how operate. Videos, discussions, etc. But all we get is silence. I work for a large aerospace company. Configuration management in all aspects is our life blood. It's mind boggling to hear your story, but there's no arguing with reality.
  5. Thanks. By left hand is freezing up now. This will take awhile to recover from But that's my fault for not owning wrist guards. Guess I'm finally going to buy some. Turns out that you made a wise choice in bypassing Gotway this time around
  6. Well said, and I agree. The sad thing is this is all speculation. Gotway continues to be black hole. I have my doubts that we will learn anything more. I don't know how they are going to prove to Jason or others that these news boards are "fixed". It's 2017. If they really aren't using source control for their software all hope is lost.
  7. I love the MSuper and ACM. The current rendition has problems, yes. But the fundamental design is great. I am a fanboy, although slightly shaken in my beliefs right now
  8. It wasn't the Slime if that's what you're thinking. Many of have been using Slime for a long.
  9. Z The battery was fully charged. I have a feeling the wheel has to be moving fairly fast for this to happen. Who knows...
  10. It's very difficult to analyze this - happens so fast. I'd have my doubts if it weren't for all the other occurrences. I'm not sending it back to Jason. What's to tear down and analyze? It's just a bunch of bits in the firmware. I so wish that an English speaking person at Gotway would explain (details) what they changed to make their reliable (from a control board perspective) wheels unreliable. Why in Gods name did they screw with firmware that has served them so well. If they send me a new board how am I to have faith that anything is different. How this plays out is going to be very interesting
  11. I was getting a little side-to-side wobble early in the ride. This was my very first fast ride with the wheel so I was getting my "sea legs" so to speak.
  12. I'm on the fence right now. Truly depends on Gotway's next move.
  13. It's not a cut out. Hard to describe, but the wheel was still balancing at some level. I've experience a cutout (a generic wheel) and this is not it. Who knows, may only a random number of boards are affected. Since Gotmay may not have any kind of configuration management, there could be good wheels among the bad wheels. Wouldn't it be nice to call up the app and see the firmware version???
  14. My camera landed in the bushes - it had a soft landing . I went flying across the sidewalk It was not a soft landing. My left hand is really stiffening up (it'll be OK - but no gym for me for awhile). Thanks man!
  15. I think the video says it all. I could wheel the wheel start oscillating (for a fraction of a second) before I was thrown from the wheel. Hard to describe, but I think those of us who have experienced understand the sensation. There is zero warning. I've ridden over stuff like this all the time. Guess I just don't like wrist guards I would have have some bloody knees for sure without the knee pads. Everything happened so fast (as you can see), it's hard to deconstruct what happened.
  16. Very funny Jason (I have a good sense of humor). Don't feel bad - you're one of the good guys. I still want Gotway to succeed because I love the MSuper. Just a bummer that summer is here and I'll be without one . I wish you the best regarding your upcoming troubles with Gotway.
  17. See my just published video. You can see the crash perfectly and what the riding conditions were like. I would be worried if I were you, unless your wheel was made prior to April/May. Mine was a QC stamp of May 5th.
  18. It's not 'doctor bad', but it's going to be sore for a couple of weeks. Thanks.
  19. I'm posting a video shortly. My wrist and shoulder is messed up. I have my oscillation crash on video - what fun I feel bad for Jason. I wouldn't recommend anyone ride a new ACM or MSuper right now. More to follow in new post...
  20. I have extensive experience riding the ACM and MSuper in California heat (95 degrees) in the mountains. Most of the time the board temp is in the 50's when I'm riding and there are no problems when the temperatures are in the mid-60's. The Gotway wheels tilt-back at 79 degrees. You have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding the temperature.
  21. What does tubeless mean?
  22. I'm curious, since it looks like you enjoy remote riding like I do; do you have contingency plans for if your wheel breaks down? I now try and always ride with at least one other person, and now I'm looking into creating a harness that would allow me to hoist the wheel on my back so I could hike out.
  23. It had to happen eventually. This morning I met Andy (@Sven) at Chino Hills State Park for an exploratory ride. Neither of us had ridden this area before. Andy had his Monster and I was riding my ACM today (it can climb any hill). The ride started nicely enough but we eventually started on the dirt and gravel trails. During on epically long very steep section Andy's Monster overheated with a resulting tilt-back, and within 5 seconds my ACM self-destructed. It was a long hike out In this video (thanks Andy for all the additional video footage) you can see the ride and where I crash and burn as the ACM gives out on me. Then, back in my workshop I open the ACM and show the carnage inside (massive amounts of melting connector housings and wires. Oh, and the control board is toast. Seeing the melted wires first hand (and my riding weight is 170 pounds) tells me that I will never again (until they make design changes) ride any of my Gotway wheels for extended (>15 seconds) periods up very steep hills. It's clear that the insulation isn't up to the task. Mind you, I'm talking very steep hills, where you are crawling up. Enjoy the video
  24. That's my kind of riding Now I would probably break the switchback trail into a few sections separated by a few minutes of rest to avoid stressing the cabling.
  25. Yes. I didn't mean it to sound like Ian's not doing anything. He asked for my motorcode and opened a ticket, on Monday. I'm just waiting for the next step. Glad you got your new shell back. Hopefully that first accident was a fluke and it'll stay pretty. Where is it? Did you opt to have Ian or someone else do the work?