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  1. I'm going to use this thread to document my experiences with the Tesla. Hopefully it'll be mostly Triumphs, but with me there may be a failure or two down the road I begin with a stroll through a local park, taken from my first day ride with the Tesla
  2. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    Too much work when you can just jump on an ACM and have day-long fun.
  3. The Photo Thread

    My recollection is that all the motors have that. The Tesla is the new king of all things torque. I still think that the ACM is more robust for rigorous maintain riding. Robust meaning ability for the shell to survive hard falls. I have some new mountain trail footage shot on the Tesla. It's a nice trail machine for sure.

    Me and my Tesla riding into the sunset
  5. Tesla problem

    Too far man
  6. Robotic SoloShot 3 Tracking Camera

    It really has the effect of someone filming you. Very cool.
  7. The Photo Thread

    Enjoyed some mountain riding today on the Tesla. Beautiful 85-degree weather
  8. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    No, the Tesla will never do Cogswell because of the limited battery. Cogswell requires at least a 45-mile range.
  9. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Yes, that battery case is a real pain. Looks good though!
  10. I still love my Mten3 and can't wait to get it up and running again. @Jason McNeil is helping me acquire a new control board so I may be back in business within a couple of weeks
  11. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    From @Rehab1
  12. I'm going to collect my ongoing thoughts about this wheel on this page. I just finished my range test and feel that I can offer some solid opinions about this wheel. BTW, I'm somewhat of a Gotway fan (did I understate that ?), so bear that in mind. So here goes... I own a Monster, MSuper V3s+, ACM V2s, and KS14S, and have ridden just about every other mainstream wheel that has been produced in the last couple of years (group rides are great ). The Mten3 is the funnest wheel that I've ever ridden. Is it the fastest? No. Does it have the most range? No. But is it fun? My God is this a fun wheel During my range test I rode it mostly on paved trails and sidewalks, but did a fair amount of dirt trail riding and grass riding. When on the flats riding straight I was doing 15mph (24km/h). It was not struggling, but I did not feel comfortable going faster because the wheel is super-super-agile and therefore not very stable unless your road is perfect and there is no wind. My range test lasted 2 hours 15 minutes and covered 20-1/2 miles (33 kilometers). Tell me that is a respectable distance to cover on such a tiny wheel. Over 2 hours is a lot of fun time. My riding weight is under 170 pounds (77kg). For 18 miles (29km) I could do anything. Then under strong acceleration I started getting the beeps. The last ~mile was limp mode - 7mph (11.2km/h) or less. Unlike KingSong, Gotway lets you really have fun all the way to 15% battery (this is my only KingSong dig - sorry guys ). The wheel feels very solid when accelerating, and stops on a dime from high speed. At all times it felt that there was extra power in the tank. It really is like an ACM bottled up in a tiny package. When going up hills it has power, power, and power. With this Mten3 I finally feel like my feet are one with a wheel. It's OK when traveling at 15mph (24km/h), but is amazing below 10mph (16km/h). It feels like you are standing on a little ball that glides effortlessly wherever you think you want to go. Let me give you an example. When you're on a sidewalk and have to stop for traffic and wait until you get the walk signal, that's not the funnest of times is it? Either you're off the wheel or holding on to a post. Well not with this wheel. I actually found myself looking forward to getting a red light. I am not exaggerating! I can effortlessly do little 360 turns in the space of my body (I'll post some more video on this page later), and it's fun. If you can ride backward, this wheel is killer. I can do tiny pendulums all day long. So this wheel strangely is funnest when you're waiting. I'm doing tons of little 360's, pendulums, etc. The last couple of busy intersections that I crossed, I actually did a couple of mid-intersection 360's to give the people waiting a little show Effortless and very fun. I'm telling you guys, this wheel is no joke. You owe yourself to get one. I truly do not believe you would regret it. It would bring utter joy to your riding about town. And again, 18 miles (29km) of solid fun is very respectable. I'll post additional info on other features on an ongoing basis. I'm off for some night riding as soon as the wheel is recharged

    Nice smooth Mten3 riding skills. You're really upping your video production game
  14. Lately I've been enabling the Maximum Current alarm in my WheelLog app. I have it set at 90 amps (for my Tesla). When the current demand exceeds this value I get a vibration buzz on my wrist. This has been very educational in learning about where my wheel demands power. When starting from a stop and going up a steep incline - buzz. Probably to be expected. But most interesting to me is when it occurs at high-speed. If I'm riding > 20-mph (32-kph) hit a small bump or drop in the road I will often get the buzz. This is telling me that there's an increased risk of a wheel problem occurring (I'm riding a Gotway folks ) when hitting obstacles at high speed. At lower speeds I never get the alarm to trip. So this instantaneous feedback mechanism has been invaluable for learning the potential limits of the wheel. Now, when I'm approaching a little tiny drop in the pavement when traveling very fast, I will slow down a bit to avoid the power surge. It's all about increasing my safety margin and avoiding potential face plants. Something for you Gotway riders to consider. I love the WheelLog / Pebble combination.

    Yeah, doesn't this subterranean tunnel with all of it's beauty want to make you come here
  16. L.A visit

    It's just that I've had my share of wheel problems, so I'm getting fatigued with maintenance issues. So loaning out wheels with the potential for additional wear-and-tear is less appealing to me now. Of course you have family here so they could store a wheel for you. That's a big expense though
  17. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    I just crashed my Tesla today. So now that it was war wounds I can ride it anywhere
  18. Tesla problem

    You guys are killing me
  19. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    Is this good or bad or indifferent?
  20. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    I'm glad you are taking this preventive measure. It's not a sure thing that yours will fail, but after you add the wire(s) you will have peace of mind.
  21. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    Yes, the Tesla. I'd edit the post to clear that up, but I see similar results with my 84-volt ACM.
  22. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    No, but I'll do that today. It was 60-amps but that was going off too often These Gotway wheels have some serious power.
  23. L.A visit

    I don't know, I seem to be getting a little more risk averse in my old 'EUC' age. I'm much more hesitant about loaning out my wheels now