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  1. I5 for Heavy Rider?

    I rode the I5 for the first time yesterday. It's an impressively thin wheel but didn't impress me with the sense of unlimited power like the the Mten3 provides. My riding weight is in the low 170's. It's hard to say with any certainty, but I think the Mten3 would provide you a much better sense of security. The I5 is a 14-inch wheel with a 500-watt motor. This verses the 10-inch 800-watt motor of the Mten3. I think the I5 would feel very under-powered for you. The I5 is very impressive as an ultra-portable wheel for carrying, etc.
  2. This post is probably more for newbies, as it highlights that many injuries occur at low speed. Don't kid yourself if you think you're safe at walking speed In preparation for a beach ride today, I topped off the air in my Tesla, since it had been a couple of weeks since I rode it. I must of misread the air gauge because instead of filling it to my normal 45-psi, I filled it closer to 70-psi. At the beach, I stepped on the wheel to start off and I immediately lost control because of how tight the wheel was. I careened into a parked car, stopping just in time to barely touch the bumper, but in the process I stepped off the wheel and it spun a tiny bit (I managed not to drop the wheel) and the pedal must of whacked my ankle. A few hours later I have a large bump on my ankle and it's painful. Damn these wheels! Watch your tire pressure folks
  3. Gotway ACM axle shims

    Glad that some of my videos come in handy sometimes. That's the idea I just wish I could be more useful to the KingSong owners, but no luck for somewhat obvious reasons
  4. Gotway ACM axle shims

    My video shows much of the process. A few hours of work. Not brain surgery, just a commitment of time
  5. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Anywhere but here. Although it's certainly OK to complain about dealers (and for dealers to defend themselves), the Forum is not a place to resolve sales disputes, IMHO.
  6. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    First of all, this is not Gotway service. Don't be fooled by the name Gotway America. They are just a dealer, not part of Gotway. What you posted is very discouraging, but I will say that you only posted one side of the story. Before I past judgment on Gotway America I would want to see the entire thread of discussion because any single post can be made to look bad when taken out of context. BTW, I don't want to see everything because this Forum isn't really the place to resolve business disputes. That being said, if Gotway America wrote this, let's just say those wouldn't be the words that I would use as a businessman. And please don't let one sour dealer experience taint your whole view on EUCs. Clearly there's a reason we are all here - it's a fantastic experience. Hopefully you will get everything resolved and get on with having fun.
  7. Advice and Tips before first order

    Desired range is very personal and can't be generalized. There are a lot of guys out here in California that regularly take long rides. The last two weekends we did 50+ mile rides. Me, I'm just warming up after 10-miles. A 20-mile ride is short. This is why I like wheels that can do at least 40-miles on a single charge. Just about every weekend ride I take, I'm ending my ride with 20% or less battery, and this is with wheels with 1600wh batteries.
  8. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    No. A new wheel should look like any other new device that you've purchased. All of my Gotway and KingSong wheels came out of their boxes looking pristine. If you bought it from a reputable dealer than I (me personally) would demand a replacement. You can also connect to the wheel and see how many miles are on it. This will tell you if you've been sold a 'used' wheel. The mileage should be very close to 0-miles.
  9. Backpack for 14” EUC


    It's not for everyone I guess.

    I love the sound of the new ACM2 motor. It has a smooth pulsating sound that exudes power Here for your enjoyment...
  12. Mten3 512 version - 50 km total

    Buy it. As an advanced wheel, it's the funnest EUC you will ever own. Evidenced by a few used sales like this one it's probably not for everybody. But I suspect that the people who never get it either don't have the skills or bought it for another purpose other than to have fun. Don't buy this for practical reasons (although I use it for all kinds of practical stuff around town). Buy it to have awesome fun. Checkout some of my Mten3 videos for a sample of what I do with it.
  13. I hope the axle doesn't break on him
  14. Advice and Tips before first order

    Electronics are in the background. By a wide margin they all work. So what I really care about is the handling and performance of a wheel. As I said in my summary review of the 18S, if it was my only wheel I'm sure that I'd be stoked to own it. But it's not, so I would always feel awkward jumping on it after a few weeks. I never have that problem with any of my other wheels. That plus the fact that I believe the MSuper is more powerful (less lean required to go very fast). The 18L looks to negate all of the issues that I just mentioned. Of course it's not available. I really wanted the additional power and snappiness of the new ACM. Those features aren't as desirable in my MSuper, for me.
  15. Advice and Tips before first order

    I don't feel compelled to upgrade my current MSuper like I did with the ACM, so I don't think he would have to wait, just buy it from EWheels. I'm not big on recommending the 18S automatically because as I say, it's an acquired taste. Have you spent any time on a 18S? I'm curious, that's all? I have over a 150-miles on each of these wheels so I do have a sense of their comparative advantages and disadvantages. I do think the existing MSuper is the better wheel (assuming that it's in working order )
  16. anyone riding Dualtron Man???....

    @Rehab1, have you considered this as an alternative, at least until you come to your senses?
  17. Wow, that's a great price for this wheel, with the upgrades, etc. Someone is going to get a great wheel.
  18. Advice and Tips before first order

    All good advice. But since you're adverse to recommending the MSuper as an 18-inch wheel, I will. You (@that0n3guy) may love the KS18S but you may also loathe it. The 18S can be an acquired taste. The MSuper is a more conventionally fitted 18-inch wheel that does not require the acclimation of the 18S. The MSuper also happens to be a fantastic wheel that I also believe is more powerful than the KS18S, mainly due to its 84-volt power plant. The MSuper also has a built-in trolley handle. There, I've done my due diligence in defending the greatness of the MSuper
  19. Advice and Tips before first order

    Some good advice, but to offer a little counterpoint, I learned on the ACM. The wheel and I survived, and because I had the fastest wheel (at the time) I had no urges to upgrade for quite some time.
  20. Advice and Tips before first order

    In your initial comments you mention going between 20 and 25-mph. Please understand that this places you in the "speed junky" category when it comes to EUCs Trust me, 25-mph on a wheel, inches above the ground, feels extremely fast (and is extremely fast if you have a spill).
  21. Points on driving licence for riding euc

    Wow, that's some story, and it makes me sad to read it What was the wheel that they confiscated? Is it really this bad for EUC riders in Hong Kong?
  22. Advice and Tips before first order

    Whatever wheel you get, protect it. I learned on an ACM. After the first day of crashes I went to Home Depot and bought some rubber (not foam) copper pipe insulation. I cut up pieces of it and taped them to the wheel at the 'hit' points. Very effective for the first month or so of riding.
  23. Advice and Tips before first order

    I have the external made-to-fit trolley handle for the ACM (which I think EWheels includes with the ACM). I agree, trolley handles are very nice and I have them on all my wheels except the Monster. Trolley handles that are fitted on the rear of the wheel never handle as well as the inline versions (like the Tesla), but they are just as functional. For the externally mounted trolley handles, I would not mount them until you are past the wheel-crashing phase of learning to ride because they don't take abuse very well. Once you are a competent rider, then no problem, IMHO.
  24. Advice and Tips before first order

    For your first wheel I highly recommend the 16-inch form factor. It's very popular for a reason - it's the best general purpose size. Believe me, when you go from a 16-inch wheel to an 18-inch wheel it seems like you've gone from a car to a truck in terms of handling, size, and weight. If I was stuck having to own one wheel it would be a 16-inch wheel. This is my opinion of course.
  25. New Rider...Just Received My King Song 14D

    I am, but totally agree with you - he should try the complete pressure range. I figured since he already experienced the low-end extremes he may as well experience the high-end extremes. Then settle on what works for him.