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  1. Best place to buy Mten3?

    Also, see @trya's comparison between the Luffy and the Mten3
  2. Best place to buy Mten3?

    The Mten3 is perfect for taking with you. I've been throwing mine in the back seat of my car, etc. It is absolutely nothing like the Luffy. Only a slight resemblance. You can think of the Mten3 as a miniaturized version of an ACM - lots of power, torque, etc. For example, I think the Luffy has a 350w motor versus the 800w motor of the Mten3. The Mten3 has a ring light and extremely powerful headlamp (Luffy has nothing). They really are apples and oranges. @Jason McNeil has decided to sell the Mten3. Checkout Ewheels where he talks a bit more about it, and do yourself a favor and buy one (you can thank me later ). I'm convinced that anyone who rides this wheel will fall in love with the pure fun of riding it along with the practical aspects - it can move you from point A to point B very fast if need be, and A & B can be 18 miles apart.
  3. I'm going to collect my ongoing thoughts about this wheel on this page. I just finished my range test and feel that I can offer some solid opinions about this wheel. BTW, I'm somewhat of a Gotway fan (did I understate that ?), so bear that in mind. So here goes... I own a Monster, MSuper V3s+, ACM V2s, and KS14S, and have ridden just about every other mainstream wheel that has been produced in the last couple of years (group rides are great ). The Mten3 is the funnest wheel that I've ever ridden. Is it the fastest? No. Does it have the most range? No. But is it fun? My God is this a fun wheel During my range test I rode it mostly on paved trails and sidewalks, but did a fair amount of dirt trail riding and grass riding. When on the flats riding straight I was doing 15mph (24km/h). It was not struggling, but I did not feel comfortable going faster because the wheel is super-super-agile and therefore not very stable unless your road is perfect and there is no wind. My range test lasted 2 hours 15 minutes and covered 20-1/2 miles (33 kilometers). Tell me that is not a respectable distance to cover on such a tiny wheel. Over 2 hours is a lot of fun time. My riding weight is under 170 pounds (77kg). For 18 miles (29km) I could do anything. Then under strong acceleration I started getting the beeps. The last ~mile was limp mode - 7mph (11.2km/h) or less. Unlike KingSong, Gotway lets you really have fun all the way to 15% battery (this is my only KingSong dig - sorry guys ). The wheel feels very solid when accelerating, and stops on a dime from high speed. At all times it felt that there was extra power in the tank. It really is like an ACM bottled up in a tiny package. When going up hills it has power, power, and power. With this Mten3 I finally feel like my feet are one with a wheel. It's OK when traveling at 15mph (24km/h), but is amazing below 10mph (16km/h). It feels like you are standing on a little ball that glides effortlessly wherever you think you want to go. Let me give you an example. When you're on a sidewalk and have to stop for traffic and wait until you get the walk signal, that's not the funnest of times is it? Either you're off the wheel or holding on to a post. Well not with this wheel. I actually found myself looking forward to getting a red light. I am not exaggerating! I can effortlessly do little 360 turns in the space of my body (I'll post some more video on this page later), and it's fun. If you can ride backward, this wheel is killer. I can do tiny pendulums all day long. So this wheel strangely is funnest when you're waiting. I'm doing tons of little 360's, pendulums, etc. The last couple of busy intersections that I crossed, I actually did a couple of mid-intersection 360's to give the people waiting a little show Effortless and very fun. I'm telling you guys, this wheel is no joke. You owe yourself to get one. I truly do not believe you would regret it. It would bring utter joy to your riding about town. And again, 18 miles (29km) of solid fun is very respectable. I'll post additional info on other features on an ongoing basis. I'm off for some night riding as soon as the wheel is recharged
  4. Buying King Song in NYC

    I can't personally speak to the 16s, but I can tell you that the 14S is a killer wheel. I'm giving it a 10 out of 10 rating. If you go that route be sure to load the 1.05 firmware or better yet, get Dmitry to do it for you. Without the firmware update it's a 5 out of 10 wheel.
  5. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Looks cool. Can't wait to see it. We should do a city ride soon
  6. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Fantastic Jason, and those are good prices. So much nicer to buy locally (you) versus from China. I'm glad you decided to carry this "Rocket" as you call it Where were you a month ago I hope you sell a ton these. Everyone should experience the fun factor of these wheels. It's been a month since I've touched my ACM or Monster, and barely the MSuper. What's wrong with me
  7. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    I'll stick with Gotway
  8. The Photo Thread

    Halloween is fast approaching. I'm considering something similar.
  9. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    In America at least, identity theft is rampant. Nowhere except for these Chinese sellers do you have to literally supply a copy of your bank statements, drivers license, and other items. I would be very hesitant to provide those documents to a company in the United States let alone China. Why is it that somehow Europe and America can sell products without requiring this and the Chinese can't? I understand what you are saying and agree that's why they are doing what they are doing. But I don't recommend that anyone actually supply what they want.
  10. The Photo Thread

    It's like a version of the bat cave or something. Cool setup.

    Yes, you must be reading/watching/playing too much fantasy stuff right now

    I love the headlight. Looks like it's the new headlight for the newer Gotway models. I'm pretty sure it's much brighter than any other EUC out there. Puts the KingSong lights to shame. I've said it before, I think the pedal height is perfect on this wheel. Pedal scraping is exceedingly rare (at least for me). At the very very end of this video you can faintly hear someone calling from the car, "what is that thing"
  13. Buying King Song in NYC

    I never heard of them, but it's a good sign that they stock lots of spare parts. The website states that you can pick it up, so I can imagine that you can see the wheel before buying it. Give them a call.
  14. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    I think that's what many of us did. I wasn't going to give them my bank account statements, birth certificate, etc. So I also did a direct Paypal payment. I know others did as well. Looks like you should have your wheel in less than two weeks based on @Stan Onymous's recent experience.
  15. My first EUC! MSuper 3

    It's been a long time since we heard from you @Dingfelder. Are you getting better? Things looking up You were so enthusiastic about riding, I hope EUCs are still in your future.
  16. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Yet Gotway stuck fans in the Mten3 too. Seems like 2017 is the year of the fan - just about all the wheels have fans now. Somehow the ACM and MSuper, very powerful wheels, do not need fans and they don't overheat.


    Ain't goin to happen
  19. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    That's so funny. That happened to me (only once so far). In my case I had to step off when doing some backward runs and the wheel did its little Gotway dance. Both panels came flying off. On the positive side, the plastic seems tough so it probably won't break very easily. I love the KS14S in that the wheel instantly turns into a dead animal when it falls to the ground. Why can't Gotway figure out how to stop the wheel from spinning for 5 seconds???

    I'm sure he would have appreciated our figure eights
  21. KS14S Speed Throttling

    Here's a short video that demonstrates speed throttling on my KS14S. It's bad enough that it was advertised to reduce speed (via incessant beeping and tilt-back) at 50% battery, but it turns out that speed reduction occurs between 70 and 80% battery. It's linear once it starts. It slowly decreases the maximum speed from 19mph to 9mph at 30% battery. So once the battery gets in the sub 40% the wheel really isn't fun to ride anymore. So this video is for you @KingSong69
  22. KS14S Speed Throttling

    The features that control and monitor the wheel work without an Internet connection.

    Man, I get slight vertigo watching this. I really wonder if there is an effective way to get off this safely if he hits something or has to stop? Cool video.