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  1. Here are the Google Earth tours for the ride. Part 1 is the primary ride and Part 2 picks up after our lunch break. Dodger Stadium Group Ride - Part 1 - 05Aug2017.kmz Dodger Stadium Group Ride - Part 2 - 05Aug2017.kmz
  2. So Jason isn't going to sell Gotway wheels???
  3. I keep upgrading my Gotway wheels. So although I've ridden over 2500 miles in the last year it's spread over 7 wheels There must be something wrong with my KS14C because whenever I look it's always <100km. Here's my non-upgraded wheel mileage: Monster: 600 miles KS14C: 350 miles
  4. I know that I'm probably going to want one, but never at that price. Realistically it should fall in the ~$1300 category. We all know that the quantity of batteries is the biggest driver of the cost, and ~1000wh is small relative to the ACM and MSuper. Let's wait to see what other sellers offer. I asked @Jason McNeil but he's MIA.
  5. You don't do Facebook right? I'm not picking on you (), but using that as an example of how people have all kinds of reasons for not using various elements of the Internet. I'm open to using most everything, but even I have my limits (not wanting to send copies of financial documentation to Chinese companies). I happen to love EBay, second only to Amazon
  6. Based on @electricpen's experience, looks like they have good customer experience. I would talk to them and see what they say. Worse case they ignore you, best case you get a new pair. Yours sure seem to be wearing differently than mine. Bad batch???
  7. So that means the short is either inside the motor (apparently that's rare) or inside the cable bundle that leads from the connectors into the axle. Since I repaired my ACM myself when it locked up, I had no problem peeling back the sheathing that protects the motor and Hall Sensor cables. If you're so inclined you could do likewise to see if the wires are touching in the visible part of that wiring harness. In either case it looks like you're going to need a new motor. Sounds like you may be shipping it back to Dion. Like I tell others; you have a control board, motor, and batteries. From a systems perspective these wheels are simple, and therefore simple to repair, although inconvenient to do. BTW, whatever failed in the motor may have fried the control board too. Good luck, and look forward to hearing how everything is resolved.
  8. Looks like this is going to be a classic case of "third time's the charm". As Dion suggests, disconnect the motor cables and you'll learn whether the failure is in the motor/wiring hardness or the control board. FYI, I now bring a multi-tool with me on rides so that if I have a failure like yours I can open the wheel and disconnect/cut the motor wires so I can at least roll the wheel back to civilization instead of carrying it.
  9. I had very poor mounting skills for a lot longer then was necessary. Once I decided "something has to change", I just practiced. I think it took me less than 30 minutes to go from somewhat uncontrolled "hop starts" to the always smooth "rolling starts". And then whenever I'm riding, switch the starting foot periodically. Practice makes perfect, and we're never to old or competent (as we think we are) to get 'more perfect'
  10. Perhaps you could pursue a warranty claim?
  11. Interesting, and not good to read. I use mine for hours every week and they are still like new. Very comfy and no signs of wear. If they do fall apart I'll be sure to post something.
  12. It also happened to me a couple of times with my first ACM. I never instantly jump on my wheels now. The inside word has it that Gotway is a bit paranoid about having their firmware stolen. So don't expect user update-able firmware anytime soon
  13. If you don't have a grinder like this you probably don't have the corresponding air compressor. @Rehab1 said he also used a die-grinder. It's clearly doable, but most people don't have the bevy of power tools that make a job like this easy.