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  1. 18l presale specs

    Here's an interesting video demonstrating a feature that I had not heard about yet: an anti-spin feature for when you have to pick up the wheel. Looks like there's no button involved.

    If you have a few minutes for this loooooooooong video of me riding down Hermosa Beach Pier on my Tesla, you might enjoy watching some reactions as I ride by the pedestrians enjoying this January day at the beach.

    Cool riding. I have to admit that I'd be nervous doing that kind of riding in New York. I would be hyper-vigilant and super-defensive in my riding if I did.
  4. has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    Ah, OK. If you do please let us know what you use and how it works out. Always interesting to see the different tires that people sometimes use. BTW, if you haven't already, you should Slime your wheel. That's the first thing that I do with all of my wheels. I put 3 ounces in my Tesla. Slime auto-fixed a puncture in my MSuper, and that was hundreds of miles ago.
  5. tesla sitting on floor FIX (all tesla owners)

    If you have the space, you can just lay it on its side - only the pedals touch. That's how I store many of my wheels. Like dead animals in a field.
  6. how to get the most battery life out of a euc

    Slowing down has the biggest effect. When I ride my Monster normally, I get ~65-miles. When I rode it where I limited my speed to ~15-mph, I achieved 95-miles!
  7. has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    What happened?
  8. Getting close(r)

    Wow, that's hilarious. This would be OK circa 1950's in America. Not that it would offend me now.
  9. Using the Gotway Monster for commuting every day

    Great post. Although I don't commute with any of my wheels, if I did, the Monster might be that wheel. It's so comfortable to ride and easy to control. However, I must say that if I had to carry it up 4 floors I would not take it. My hats off to you and your muscles
  10. Protection Gear

    Scorpion Covert
  11. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I think what he meant were all the expectations that have already been expressed in this thread and elsewhere.
  12. Welcome to the club Most of us here find it very addicting. Hopefully you'll be able to find enough postings here that will help you in deciding which wheel to buy next.
  13. Unicycle maintenance

    I do ride all of my six wheels often enough so I have zero issues going between my 10-inch and the 22-inch Monster. YMMV.
  14. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Received a short note from Jason who is visiting Ninebot in Beijing. He got to ride the Z series and says that it's going to live up to expectations. So that's exciting. And reading between the lines, looks like we'll (us in the United States) be able to buy them from EWheels. Exciting.
  15. Unicycle maintenance

    I could live with 200km, grudgingly.