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  1. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    This is silly. Without the fuse the battery is destroyed and you face plant. At least with the fuse you still have a working battery after the face plant. So incorporating a fuse does not cause a face plant in the sense that you wrote this comment. You are aware that your beloved KingSong 18S has a fuse?
  2. Newly Branded YouTube Channel Acquired for EUCs

    I'll try and keep those off the main page
  3. Tesla problem

    Glad your timing belt job went well. I hate you, but I have to admit that I wish I had KingSong axles (now that they don't snap). This one is a real head-scratcher; does KingSong have a patent that prevents Gotway from using the their approach
  4. Tesla problem

    The motor comes sans pedals brackets, tire, etc. So it's not very heavy. The most difficult part of this will be removing and re-installing the pedal brackets. You will need a robust wrench precisely the size of the nut. Do not use an adjustable wrench or a wrench that's "close enough". Doing so will most likely result in a rounded over nut. These nuts need to be tightened very firmly, so removing them will be a workout and installing them will be a workout. It's important that you secure the wheel properly such that you can get the proper leverage. His is a video that I made on tightening the Monster nuts. This will give you an idea of the effort required. And I'm also including two videos by @Rehab1 which were very helpful to me when I replaced my ACM motor.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my crazy-too-many EUC videos, I have achieved a critical mass that allows me to own the Electric Unicycles channel on YouTube. I've wanted that name and have been somewhat surprised that it hasn't already been taken. Now when I'm out and about riding my wheel and people ask questions I'll be able to tell them to go to http://youtube.com/electricunicycles Over time I'll make it look prettier and provide additional links that may be useful to newcomers. I want to continue publishing videos that attempt to convey the fun and thrill of our sport.
  6. Gotway Mten3 vs Kingsong 14D

    Potholes, not so much. It's not that the wheel can't, but it'll be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous at higher speeds. Although the Mten3 is capable of ~25 mph (scary), its sweet spot is ~10-mph. At those speeds the Mten3 is fun for avoiding obstacles. When you progress to advanced riding skills you will discover that it's actually fun to weave in and out and around things. You start looking for those opportunities. The Mten3 is great fun in this regards. But when you have a mission to get from A to B, the Mten3 is not the best wheel although it's capable enough.
  7. Gotway Mten3 vs Kingsong 14D

    I haven't done this, but I've contemplated doing so; fabricate a cloth over that goes over the Mten3 with an opening for the handle. The bottom of the cover would reach to the ground. Then you could carry the Mten3 and it would almost look like a shopping bag - the wheel wouldn't be visible.
  8. Gotway Mten3 vs Kingsong 14D

    Not only does the Mten3 have a headlamp, it's the brightest light on any EUC currently made. When the Tesla was released we discovered that it also uses the same light. You can actually safely ride these wheels at high speed in darkness which is not doable on any other Gotway or KingSong wheel.

    I love it And of course you may know that the Chinese often translate the term for our wheels into "wheelbarrow"

    No reason that I could ascertain. Our tax money hard at work
  11. Tesla problem

    That's really unfortunate. So your motor is bad (the Hall Sensors). Trying to keep a positive light on the matter, at least you now have a spare control board (which hopefully you will not need). Replacing the motor will take a couple of hours (once you manage to get a new motor). It's not fun, but it's also not brain surgery.
  12. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    That's hilarious. And I don't even speak French - but I love the enthusiasm that the French have for EUCs
  13. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Yes, @jbwheel (French) suggested one of the fixes earlier in this thread. Suggesting that the battery be checked can't hurt, but you don't understand what's involved to do so. If you saw my tear-down video, the wheel has to be substantially disassembed, spend on hour prying the battery case apart, and then destructively removing the blue heat shrink wrap, soldering, etc. It's probably unrealistic to expect most people to do this. The French Forum is interesting. The picture of that other burned battery pack looked just like mine. Disturbing to read that it failed from just riding for a few minutes. Surely there was a bit of bad luck in his case? At least I feel safe with mine now that my battery pack does not depend on the nickel strip.

    Hopefully you'll get the Tesla before Christmas. You might have to wait a bit longer for the weather though