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  1. That's a good deal considering the condition and low mileage
  2. See the videos on Speedyfeet's website/YouTube channel. He specifically addresses the fact that Gotway is shipping boards with incompatible bullet connectors. Ian walks you through the entire process. You will obviously need to get additional hardware. I've opted to bypass the connectors and solder everything together. That is an option if you want to get back to riding quickly. Here's my soldering and wiring harness work:
  3. I can confirm the veracity of @Sven's information.
  4. I've had lots of falls including a recent rather bad one. The helmet mirror has survived them all. I like the hand mirror but I think the helmet mirror is superior because you have constant situational awareness. With the hand mirror you have or proactively position your hand to get the view you want. I can't believe you get 100% time coverage.
  5. Just returned from exploring my favorite place: Griffith Park. Totally newfound territory, I was able to get to the very peak of the mountains for a great vantage looking down at the Griffith Observatory (seen behind me in this picture that a tourist kindly took of me)
  6. Glad you like it and that @Cerbera was able to help you out. The author of WheelLog hails from England so that's why the default is metric.
  7. I agree with you. I was just espousing why I think additional power and range are additional safety benefits of Gotway wheels. Buying KingSong instead of Gotway for safely is irrational in my view, but people (myself included) are often irrational. I've been at this long enough to see injuries from every wheel made with no clear evidence that Gotway has a higher incidence of injury producing accidents. The mere act of riding on a non-redundant one wheel device puts a person in a higher risk category of living. Once you accept that and gear up appropriately, Gotway is just fine. I'm sure that nobody who has ridden a KingSong now or in the future will experience an injury producing accident
  8. OK, but no guarantees on the riding conditions.
  9. Just a spur of the moment ride. I'm taking the MSuper for an exploratory ride at Griffith Park tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I'm not sure of the trail conditions or if my MSuper (or a Monster) can handle them. I'm hoping to start 7:30am because I want to be done before it starts getting very warm.
  10. On the trail near sunset
  11. Could you attach the Google Earth file to this post so I can study it a bit more? It's about a 25 miles ride? Do you want to do a group ride there? Morning/afternoon? I tend to prefer early starts to avoid the heat of the day, that's why I schedule most of my group rides at 9am.
  12. I'm sure that you'll enjoy the 16S. For clarification I do want to add this tidbit of EUC Wisdom. Extra power and extra battery capacity arguably makes for a safer wheel. There are situations that you can get into where the extra motor power and extra battery capacity (to feed the demands of the motor) will keep the wheel balancing instead of cutting out on you, resulting in a possible face plant. This is why I want a wheel (84v ACM) that can do 28mph even though I rarely ride it faster than 22mph. And I'm very rarely riding it where the battery is at a low charge (because of the huge batteries) and therefore the wheel safely operates in a safer zone. So to reiterate, beyond the riding benefits of larger batteries and more powerful motors, I recommend those attributes for safety.
  13. Great video. O'Neill Park was next up on my list of parks to explore. Now I know I'm going to ride there. Do you have a suggestion on where to park & ride?
  14. Somehow we need to get flyers thrown in the boxes
  15. I have not totally run down my 1300wh ACM, 1600wh MSuper, or 2400wh Monster except during range tests. But that's the point of having those higher capacity wheels, so that I no longer run out of battery. I can ride wherever I want and not worry about the battery. But when I had my 840wh wheels I ran out of juice all the time. I can easily ride for 30 miles which uses up most of a 840wh battery. Yesterday I rode 45 miles for 3-1/2 hours and had ~20% battery remaining on my 1300wh ACM. I've ridden 65 miles on my Monster. My 1600wh MSuper is very new so I haven't had any long rides on it yet. Now I can go for a 30 miles ride, and when I see a path that I haven't traveled I can feel free to do so because I still have twice as many miles in the tank. Hey, everyone is different of course. There are many folks who get all the enjoyment they need from riding 15 miles. But that's not me. I'm a long distance rider