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  1. So, do you think this is being a responsible steward of our passion
  2. I think my MSuper would have been fine. Although I'd still have to work a bit more than the guys with the ACM's, the MSuper really does feel like a spritely wheel next to the Monster. Somewhat unrelated, but my 820wh MSuper would not have made the trip due to lack of range. Climbing 3500+ feet over 15 miles really takes a toll. This trail is only possible with a modern 84v wheel or a hacked older wheel like @jrkline's ACM2040tm
  3. Pap smear - LOL Thought you'd get that by me huh
  4. If they had stuck me in an ambulance I would have gotten a bill from the ambulance company or city who runs it. The Search & Rescue organization is a volunteer group who will never charge anybody for anything.
  5. I agree about monitoring the temperature. That's another thing I love about having the Pebble watch. I can glance at it and know whether I'm approaching an over heat situation. For the Monster it looks like the two fans are effective because the temperature never got higher than the lower 60's.
  6. You're scaring me with all of these medical conditions I'm beginning to think it was a case of glycogen depletion (I had a very small breakfast that day and then all of the exertion). Once your muscles have consumed all of their stores you're out of luck. Then the body starts taking from your muscles. That's probably why my legs are still recovering.
  7. Wow, that's too bad. Fortunately this will be a passing phase for me. Normally I have quite good endurance. Take care.
  8. Hmmmm. I don't think so. I actually workout at the gym a few times a week and I know what the 'burn' you can get as you keep pushing your number of reps. There was no burn on Saturday. I'll keep hunting...
  9. I can't wait to experiment a little on the weekend regards to the pedal softness. I'll see if I can notice a difference in climbing when the pedals are soft vs hard. The only reason that the wheel doesn't "naturally" want to climb is the geometry of the pedals vs the wheel diameter. It has nothing to do with power being supplied to the wheel. So if we can more easily get the electronics to send power to the motor I'll get better hill climbing. I really don't think it'll be detrimental to the cabling. But time will tell.
  10. Thanks Duf. You, being the physically fit guy that you are can probably relate a similar experience within your life, as you mention your hike. I've been trying to find the technical term for it, but I know it's possible to drain all of the energy out of your muscles and that it can take days to fully recover. That's where I'm at right now. It's also demonstrating to me how many leg muscles we actually use when riding. 5 days later, if you saw me riding you would think that I'm relatively new to EUCs. I don't have good coordination right now, and I can feel that my legs are still not fully recovered.
  11. No, no, and no I really wish I could find the medical term for what happened to me. It's really a simple case of over exerting the muscles to a degree that they cannot recover.
  12. It's 5 days later. My legs have still not fully recovered and when I try and ride my wheel now, it's difficult. So no, resting for a couple of hours would have accomplished nothing. I had an episode of severe muscle fatigue which can take many many days to fully recover from. Thanks for the good wishes
  13. Tell that to @jrkline
  14. Why don't you buy that Garmin satellite device that you recommended to me and strap the sucker on the bottom of the Mavic. Range is unlimited. Of course with the added Garmin weight your Mavic will probably only have a range of 100 feet