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  1. Seconded. I also am working on adding some functionality to my wheellog app...I like knowing I'm over 35 kph on my msuper but don't like the beeping sounds. So I'm making my watch buzz over a predetermined speed.
  2. It's pretty clear that this guy can cruise above 50 km/h, in the snow. I don't know what you're talking about accelerating in that video above...the video fades from one point to another, there's no sudden acceleration.
  3. My guess is the torque required starting from holding a pole is far greater than the torque starting from one foot on the ground. With one foot on the ground, you probably kick off, and the strain on an engine to get you from a standstill to moving is extremely high. You *probably* just overleaned.
  4. This happens to me on every wheel I've had right after I fill the tire. It just means you overfilled, lower the pressure a bit and it should feel fine.
  5. Inmotion is probably the safest wheel on the market today. If you have tilt back set at 12 mph, it'll just stay tilted back until it runs out of power. Of course, this could be dangerous because your son could simply learn to ride the tiltback, and then there's no warning when he gets near the end of the power of the device. Tiltback is supposed to be a warning mechanism. I don't have a kid so I'm more gung ho, but I'd say turn up the speed. He's a kid, and the V5F doesn't go THAT fast, if he wears a helmet the absolute worst he'll do is break a limb, and he'll recover fast from any fall.
  6. I've heard this. I have a MSuper V3S on it's way in the mail, and I might have been swayed to the ACM had it not been for that trolley. My feeling is that in the worst case, I can build my own sturdier, taller trolley and the holes in the shell are already there, instead of having this ugly ACM trolley on the outside. I've also heard people claim that the reason they like the ACM is because it will roll when you crash, where the square MSuper will smack the ground hard. If you have an ACM trolley, that goes out the window.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, there are only four brands worth anything these days: Gotway, Kingsong, Inmotion, and sort of Rockwheel. I know Ninebot is big because Segway knows how to advertise, but I rarely see people recommending them, and I was ready to graduate to a real wheel in under a month after I got my Ninebot. In the US, at least, there are only...3? dealers carrying these brands: ewheels, myfunwheel, and tec-toyz (Juiced wheels says they'll start selling King songs end of April, but only 14D and 16S...we'll see). Rockwheel isn't carried by any of these afaik, and Kingsong and Inmotion are only carried by ewheels. Not only that, but ewheels currently has no KS in stock for 14,16, or 18 inch wheels. (To be fair, ewheels is out of stock of all gotways too, and tec-toyz is ALSO out of the V3S+ and the ACM...grrr). I love my KS14C, and am looking at 18" wheels to buy soon, but only myfunwheel seems to have any in stock. Personally I don't know if KS really screwed themselves with no 84V model; I'm happy to go with a lower voltage KS18 because I trust Kingsong more than gotway, but if they're not sold, they're not sold. I also don't know if the app matters that much. It sort of bugs me but tbh I haven't touched it since pretty much day one alarm setup. My guess is they're doing okay; when I see french meetup videos, there are TONS of king songs, and France is apparently a huge market. Use google translate to read a french forum and maybe you'll get a better understanding of how they're doing.
  8. Great story! They should make a movie about this, a sequel to 127 hours! I guess that makes Marty James Franco. I'm afraid had I been out there, I would have died rather than give up a Monster.
  9. Sometimes when I overfill the tire I get this issue. Try deflating it a bit and see if the problem remains?
  10. I had a bunch of clips of friends and I juggling and EUCing over the past 6 months, decided to compile them into a video. Mostly juggling, but a few good clips of EUC riding and EUC/juggling tricks thrown in there:
  11. I'm always surprised to hear about king song tiltback. I've never experienced it and I've gone up to 32 kph. I'm only 60kg so it all feels pretty safe, and I have the 840wh model. And I commute every day on my ks14 so I have experience. Speaking of which, I had MY first face plant three days ago. I over inflated the tire and could feel it. I then hit the biggest bump on my route to the office and ate it, with onlookers... Very embarrassing. Tore my jeans and scabbed up my hand and knee. Slight chin scratch but nothing too bad. The crazy part was I was holding my phone in my hand and slammed it face down into the concrete with all of my weight on it and the screen is fine. Very impressed there.
  12. Focus Designs designs an SBU (Self-balancing Unicycle), which is different from an EUC. Casey Niestat has a video of him riding their unicycle. It's pretty underpowered and overpriced compared to the EUCs we ride.
  13. VERY cool! How do you keep your ninebot looking so unharmed? In the past week I've had two trick sessions; in the first, I broke my V5F+ handle and in the second I cracked my KS14C shell
  14. Sorry! Here you go!,wApsNLH
  15. Nope!