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  1. Great app but interface is its weak side, and it's too complicated while adding a wheel - debug servers, deleting UUIDs... (imho)
  2. The latest Gyrometrics shows 66,7 Volts when my ACM1600 is 100% battery.
  3. Gotway ACM 1600 gradual speed increase test while it's in the air: 30 km/h = 2 beeps 34 km/h = 3 beeps 53 km/h = the end of gradual increase and quick jump to max = cut off and fall.
  4. 1.1 beta version supports GW, KS and Inmotion, great app. As far as I know - yes!
  5. Gotway ACM 1600 maximum idling speed:
  6. Thank you, guys! I provided English subtitles and title translation with a little delay - maybe that's why they didn't appear in English right away. I wonder, will YT be able to provide the right audio track for viewers from different countries if a movie contains more than one audio tracks (EN, RU...) in it.
  7. Every day it's going better and better! I suspect your Days 10-12 will be fully dedicated to practice - perfecting and polishing up the new techniques
  8. A few days ago I suggested you to start backwards right away without pushing off your car. But it was too early that time. Now it is just on time
  9. I am just testing some of my findings on you, Marty Reverse start saved me a few times when I needed to back off quickly. Good luck with your Day 9 training
  10. Yeah, pendulum is a lot of fun! But it puts a huge load on MOSFETs. After 5 minutes of doing a short pendulum the temperature jumps up to 67-68°C and my Ninebot goes into the safe mode
  11. Great progress, you've even done full long pendulum a few times! Notes: 1. When riding backwards, adjusting by twisting the low body works better than by leaning the wheel sideways. 2. Elbow protection and a small backpack makes me less nervous when switching directions
  12. Pendulums are simple
  13. I will take it on video tomorrow morning on my way to work and share it here.
  14. Great plan, then on Day 8 you'll link it all into a "long pendulum" - one of my favourite exercises PS: Elbow protection for Day 7 maybe...