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  1. Ha Ha, but if you look really closely they aren't ELECTRIC unicycles!
  2. Anyone know where I can buy a Ninebot Tee shirt or one with the evolution of ape to man riding EUC?
  3. Have been using the app since August 2016 with very few problems. Still using the original version as i always say "if it aint broke, don't fix it!" Today when I tried to start the app it brought up a login screen! so I entered my username and password to which I got the message "Network request error, error code 6" Tried all ways to log in but failed and now I cant run the app. Any ideas? Was thinking of uninstalling and re instsalling the new app but worried I will lose all my mileage, points data.
  4. Finally a way to register where you live in the world and see who else lives near you. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1rj0BJqr1wpilPUmFC4blqlmAihI&hl=en_US&ll=17.085747915662058%2C26.13422055000001&z=2 First you need to sign in, then click "edit" Now add a marker to show your location on the map and include your EUC username from this forum and what type of EUC you ride Simples!!
  5. Nice one. We need to spread the word
  6. You don't have to register if your logged into Google. Your nearest user on the map is a similar distance to my nearest one, but I guess not many EUCer's have put themselves on the map yet. There maybe others nearer to you. I know three people within 10 miles of me who aren't on the map yet.
  7. Does anyone know any advantages of the new app? Think its a backward step
  8. Can anyone tell me what is better about the latest app than previous ones? The app i had back in August 2016 worked perfectly, Now I can't read the remaining mileage as its so small and at 64, my eye sight isn't what it was when I was 20 !!! Let's have an option to choose which app you like best and be able to revert to it. I guess I'm wasting my time posting on here cos Ninebot obviously don't read these posts!!!
  9. Just wondering if there are anymore riders in the fylde coast who want to meet up for a group ride. Blackpool prom is a great location Andy
  10. I hope I do like it, because I won't be able to go back to the old version
  11. Updated the app, and now get the message "Notice ; Due to server maintenance, app will be temporarily out of service from July 9th to July 10th.!!" Pity that message dddn't come up before i just updated the app!!
  12. Thanks guys. I have tried re starting the phone, but same problem. Don't understand why all of a sudden it want me to log in to my account. Will try updating the app, fingers crossed
  13. Looking for riders to join me on the "Ride the lights night" here in Blackpool on the 30th August from 7pm to 10pm The whole promenade road is closed to traffic from Bispham to Star Gate and open for bikes of all types. I'll be on my Ninebot One http://www.blackpool-illuminations.net/Ride-the-Lights.html Put your name down if your coming along so we can ride as a group. You don't have to do all of the ride just any part.
  14. You will have to ride it slowly so the rest of us can keep up!!
  15. That's great Jeff, hope to see you soon for the prom ride
  16. That would be good if you could come along. What do you ride?
  17. Thought I would set up a new forum for any new or old Fylde Coast riders to arrange meetups. There was a NW forum but it has died a death.
  18. There must be more Local EUC riders here in Lancs?? Where are you all?
  19. Went for a pleasant ride near Hindley Wigan with a fellow EUC rider
  20. Not good news here...... http://www.electricunicycleguide.com/electric-unicycles-and-the-law/
  21. Ahh, that explains a lot!!
  22. Wow, that's insane!! riding on snow!! Did you have studs in the tyre?
  23. Thought it would be good to see how many EUC riders could do the "ride the lights evening" in Blackpool on the 30th of August http://www.blackpool-illuminations.net/Ride-the-Lights.html I rode it last year from Bispham lights to Star Gate and back and didn't see any other EUC riders!! If you can make it, add your name and user name to the list below. Andy 1. Andy (the juggler) 2 3
  24. so i guess no one want to join me then?