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  1. You will have to ride it slowly so the rest of us can keep up!!
  2. That's great Jeff, hope to see you soon for the prom ride
  3. That would be good if you could come along. What do you ride?
  4. Looking for riders to join me on the "Ride the lights night" here in Blackpool on the 30th August from 7pm to 10pm The whole promenade road is closed to traffic from Bispham to Star Gate and open for bikes of all types. I'll be on my Ninebot One http://www.blackpool-illuminations.net/Ride-the-Lights.html Put your name down if your coming along so we can ride as a group. You don't have to do all of the ride just any part.
  5. There must be more Local EUC riders here in Lancs?? Where are you all?
  6. Went for a pleasant ride near Hindley Wigan with a fellow EUC rider
  7. Ahh, that explains a lot!!
  8. Wow, that's insane!! riding on snow!! Did you have studs in the tyre?
  9. so i guess no one want to join me then?
  10. Why would you face plant? surely the tilt back and warning sounds would just occur at a lower speed!!
  11. What a good idea, but hey, your thinking logically !!! The government in the UK don't!!!
  12. Found some other EUC riders and met up to ride round Southport lake and pier (Lancs UK)
  13. Thought it would be good to see how many EUC riders could do the "ride the lights evening" in Blackpool on the 30th of August http://www.blackpool-illuminations.net/Ride-the-Lights.html I rode it last year from Bispham lights to Star Gate and back and didn't see any other EUC riders!! If you can make it, add your name and user name to the list below. Andy 1. Andy (the juggler) 2 3