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  1. Ahh, that explains a lot!!
  2. Wow, that's insane!! riding on snow!! Did you have studs in the tyre?
  3. so i guess no one want to join me then?
  4. Why would you face plant? surely the tilt back and warning sounds would just occur at a lower speed!!
  5. What a good idea, but hey, your thinking logically !!! The government in the UK don't!!!
  6. Found some other EUC riders and met up to ride round Southport lake and pier (Lancs UK)
  7. Thought it would be good to see how many EUC riders could do the "ride the lights evening" in Blackpool on the 30th of August http://www.blackpool-illuminations.net/Ride-the-Lights.html I rode it last year from Bispham lights to Star Gate and back and didn't see any other EUC riders!! If you can make it, add your name and user name to the list below. Andy 1. Andy (the juggler) 2 3
  8. I wish I was only 50! I'm actually 63 and thought Jonathan was about 30 something. Just had the last ride of 2016 and clocked up 529 miles since buying my Ninebot in August. I hope all my fellow EUC riders have a great new year.
  9. This is my YouTube channel. I have lots of other interests as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTC-l16ajgmvRZWyyJAA5Gw
  10. Hi Jonathon, I think one of the most important factors in being able to learn more skills is AGE !! You have amazing skills but are probably 30 years younger than me !
  11. Thought I would set up a new forum for any new or old Fylde Coast riders to arrange meetups. There was a NW forum but it has died a death.
  12. I really enjoy people asking me questions about my Ninebot, and love the comments by youngsters such as:- Oh my god what is that? Wow, that's cool Its a Segway! Where did you get it? How much was it? Can I have a go? We pioneer EUC riders must make a good impression with the general public in the hope that eventually we are legally allowed to ride them here in the UK!
  13. Thanks to all fellow EUC riders for taking the time to do the survey. I'm sure we have a long way to go before we are legally allowed to ride on the road or pavement but we have to start somewhere!
  14. I havn't seen anyone riding EUC's in the Canaries let alone renting ones! Best I saw was Segway tours but you can't hire them.