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  1. Thanks, does cables i haven't did anything at all. But i will have a look next time i open it. Does anyone has a picture of a 84v version that i can see how all cables are routed?
  2. @Carlos E Rodriguez @Hunka Hunka Burning Love @Rehab1 Thank you for your advises and opinions... indeed the solution didn't last long, yesterday we had a meeting in the Netherlands, and was great to see a small group of people riding around... 10km/6miles before the end of the trip, i lent the wheel to one of the most skillful rider from the group so he could try to do some tricks with the wheel and since for some maneuvers he needed to press the side pedals with the legs/ankles the wheel did once again the stuttering, after that everything went fine and i manage to finalize the route without any issue at all. Similar to the previous fix, I will try to use the wheel as long as I can since it was a small stuttering like previously that happen a 1km/h while dragging the wheel. I will also check if i can order a new connector for the cables so next time that I open i can do a strong repair (hopefully permanent). Will keep posting the evolution of this issue when its relevant. side note: this weekend we did 38km/23miles, with several long uphills and downhills, and the wheels feels amazingly strong and fast, managed several times to go uphill above 36km/h - 22miles/h without any issue at all and momentarily pushing to 42km/h - 26miles/h and never saw the temperature raise above 38C/100F, outside temperature was around 10C/50F i think that helped. MSuper V3S gives me a big smile everything that doesn't stutters
  3. Here's is the video, is a bit big 12m as I left running... speed up some boring parts and normal speed the checks and test ride. Hope it helps others if they have same symptoms on the wheel. Cheers
  4. Another autopsy on the MSuper, my suspicious was correct, bad contact from the sensor cables, for everything else its ok even if it moves slightly but theres 1 or 2 cables couldn't identify precisely which exactly, as long they move a little bit, creates the stuttering, i guess is very sensitive the signal from the hall sensor, and any resistance or bad contact will make the wheel react like that. Removed the white silicone as much as i could and gave a "bath" of hot glue hopping that will last as long as possible the cables in place... problem fixed, for now. In case the cable connectors get loose again i will weld the sensor cable directly to the control board connector and it shouldn't have any more problems, but for now will try just what i did that was hot glued as much cable as possible to immobilize the movement of the connectors. I did a video of all the procedures, will try to edit today and post here.
  5. If anyone feels like joining will be very welcome.
  6. I'm in
  7. I believe that you are pretty close to whats going on... in terms of warranty i don't think that will help much, i tried to contact Gotway in so many ways and never got an answer. After @Jane Mo sold me the wheel there has been silence, but i also contacted their technical service and no reply. I will open everything again and will try to get the cables secured with hot glue to the frame, and review axle main screw to avoid any movement from the pedal. Will report the operation and then lets see if gets better. Since last time it last around 130km "safe". Lets see if i can make this time to last longer.
  8. Yesterday did the calibration, but for some reason... it started to stutter even harder and more often, decided that is not safe anymore and i will open the wheel again tonight and do a more in depth check of screws and cables. will let you know how it goes. Thanks
  9. Thank you, will try to calibrate once again
  10. @johrhoj looks pretty nice route... looking forward
  11. Hi all, Thank you for the tips that you all gave... after now 133km/83miles, I found a few things... i didn't completely fixed the problem... or at least is something that i don't understand. My specs, 76kg/168lbs "dry" weight and 174cm/5.7feet (height also influences on the weight center of gravity and pendular weight for wheel recovery, smaller and lighter the better), fully geared around 3kg/6.7lbs extra, downhill full face helmet, motorbike casual hoodie with protections, motorbike jeans with knee pads, motorbike gloves. 1) wheel keep stuttering and gets worst the lower the battery gets 2) Only happens by putting weight in the right pedal 3) apparently works everything fine if i'm moving, stutters only at low speed without load on the wheel or on the start Besides this remarks, I) I did manage to reach for 1 brief or 2 seconds the top speed of 47km/h - 29miles/h haven't feel any weird behavior and feels pretty strong all the way. II) noticed that the battery from 100% to 70% approx. pedals are in the angle that i setup and allow me to make use of all the speed and power available, from 70% ownwards pedal angle start to lower forward making very difficult to accelerate. III) the lowest that i drained the battery was 32% and until this level doing often 40km/h - 25miles/h with no problem, besides that i needed to make a very exaggerated body movement to get to that speed, based on the point mention above II) behavior. All in all i'm very happy with the wheel and drives great, agile and stable (while moving), comfortable pedals and strong engine, struggle still to find a way to drop the wheel in the ground and to carry it using the handle bar, not strong/stable enough, keep using my V8 for daily commute and the MSuper V3S for long or fast rides. By the way i only ride the MSuper fully geared what makes it not practical for every day use.
  12. Just checked Buienradar and indeed looks like it will be cold. As long it doesn't rain, i'm still up for it. Shall we make a call by Thrusday/Friday? based on how the weather evolves?
  13. @johrhoj, do we have a plan for next weekend? Let me know if we miss people so we can call them to post here instead. By the way we also have a Whatsapp group that we use for quick chat. Great initiative
  14. @Ilya Shkolnik first of all thank you for such a great APP, I've been using it last 2 days... with Inmotion V8 and Gotway MSuper V3S. Need to say that all information seems to be accurate, intuitive app and contains all relevant information and a few nice to have. i setup settings for my V8 would it recognized automatically if I setup the battery on the Msuper? My question is more does it allow to have multiple wheels memorized? also is GPS tracking planed on the future developments? another ask, can you include settings for my wheels? Pedal calibration, speed limit, tilt back? by the way I'm using the Apple Watch and is great to see all the info in a glance, if there's a possibility to refresh quicker when you unlock the screen would be perfect. sorry all the questions and comments, but this app just became my preferred one for all wheels does everything really good, thank you. Just bought the logs so I can make it a bit more traceable.
  15. Very well planned... looking forward to go for it. Thanks @johrhoj