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  1. That is the best (not a) review I could find on the internet on these helmets!
  2. I wil do that, but I can only compare it with my current decathlon helmet...
  3. @WARPed1701D Thank you for the tip. After watching watching that video again tree times, I ordered the Giro Disciple matte black gloss black. I ordered one at bergfriende.nl for €174,97 with an extra €5 discount when you sign in on their newsletter!
  4. I just saw the movie in another thread of that girl on the non-electric unicycle smashing her face on the concrete. Now I start doubting if I also need to replace my cycling helmet with a full face helmet... I already have a not-full-face helmet, so I do not really care about the fact you can take of the chin guard. Do you guys have some advice on a helmet that is cheaper then the Bell Super 3R if you don't need to be able to remove the chin guard? I don't see too many full face helmuts that are also this airy and light weight with MIPS technology.
  5. Also welcome to the forum. I own an E+ and I used to go out on it without protection too. It was after seeing this video on the forum I decided to never go out on it again without helmet and hand protection. I use these gloves. I think they are not really protecting my wrists, more the skin on my hands. I also have rollerblade wristguards, but I have the feeling they would break my lower arm if I would fall with those on... Let's hope we never need them, but the more I ride, the better I come, but the more I have the feeling that I will need them one day...
  6. Where did you guys bought your stand for the KS-18? Btw, I like the KS wheel logo more then the huge kingsong logo. @KingSong69 @eddiemoyThanks for all the pictures. It makes the waiting a lot more bearable!!
  7. Status on AliExpress changed to shipped. Now waiting for 15 days...
  8. @eddiemoy Let us know what you think of the wheel when you have yours!!
  9. I know I need to be patient. But I feel like my six year old son, waiting for his birthday presents!!
  10. My order still did not change to status "Shipped". Yesterday I contacted the seller to ask when it would be shipped. He told me today, and it would take approximately 15 days to receive it. But it is still not shipped... I will let you know when the status changes.
  11. I already have read every topic in this forum on these wheels, so I already did some serious investigation on these wheels before I started this topic. I was tending more to Kingsong then to Gotway because of the way they seem to handle quality better then Gotway but they are also a bit more expensive... After you all told me I really need more then 680Wh, I also was convinced I needed the bigger battery. After checking your input and good tips from @KingSong69 I contacted the rockwheel store on Aliexpress. I discovered I can not only have a newer and better model then I had in mind, but even with bigger battery (1360Wh) and for 128€ less then my budget. Now the hardest thing will start! Waiting for the wheel!!
  12. The Kingsong KS-18S is ordered from Rockwheel store!! Now the waiting starts...
  13. Were did you buy it from? Did you buy it from aliexpress (rockwheel store)? (updated: I see you already answered in the topic I started about my upcoming purchase. Thanks for the info!)
  14. The handle is indeed not the only reason for buying the MSuperV3. Everyone who has one without errors seems very happy with it. But the included handle seems like a big plus for me, because I hate it to carry my current ninebot in a store or at work. The handle you can buy for the ACM and mount yourself doesn't look very pro, and also looks a bit dangerous for your legs if you fall of the unicycle...
  15. Thanks for the advise. I never bought from onewheel.be before, so I cannot say if they have good reputation. I already called him last week. He said it were new units that were already shipped with the new (old) firmware. It's a good tip to ask him the production date on the box. I will call him tomorrow. I checked the rockwheel store on Aliexpress and there it is stated that the price is without taxes. I also never bought something on Aliexpress. I will contact the dealer to ask him best price with shipping and import taxes to Belgium included.