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  1. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Great info and I had no idea you were going to be selling these, awesome news.
  2. CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    I'm on the list.
  3. I don't notice the lack of padding at all on the S1 because I normally ride with my legs off the wheel anyway.

    LOL awesome!!!
  5. The appear to be gone from Amazon's site, I feel lucky to have snagged one.
  6. My S1 arrives Wednesday, look for an exhaustive test video.
  7. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Oh this makes me very unhappy. Instead of asking customers to dig into their wheels/battery packs to fix their latest case of under-engineering, I am going to push that Mten3 owners are sent new packs that do not exhibit this behavior.
  8. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Wow this is very disappointing for sure, especially considering the Mten3 I have been waiting a month and a half for just showed up yesterday. Once again Gotway puts their lack of engineering and QC on display..... Seeing this makes me worry about doing anything that could put a high load on the wheel like back and forth reversals which I know you have done a ton of. Did I mention I was disappointed....