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  1. MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    I did the repair :-) At my work we made the metal plates bigger with welding and choose another nut to close it. See pictures. Right now I don't have any 'play' between back and forward.
  2. 18" tire for winter use. How to get one?

    Hey guys, I wanted to make this topic again active... I'm looking as well for a winter tire. Found following: http://powersports.kendatire.com/en-us/find-a-tire/motorcyclescooter/dual-sportadventure/k270-dual-sport/ 2.75-18 might be to big https://www.bmxguru.com/collections/tires-18/products/18-x-2-25-kenda-kontact-all-blue-bmx-tire Here I guess it's too less profile https://www.amazon.com/18x2-50-64-Inner-Tube-Electric/dp/B00SVA0YJI This one is somehow almost like original one, but as well the profile is not really big. @EUC Extreme which one did you use in the end?
  3. MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    Hello community! Finally I got back my wheel from St. Petersburg... The paddle is replaced but it seems that the wheel is not fully repaired. It still has after repair a big "play" between forward and backwards. If I ride it, the problem is not so hard to feel but it feels really not safe. It feels like a hardware defect because the wheel everytime catches itself into balancing position after going through the "playroom". Sometimes after switching on it starts rattling from front to back until I catch it. Anyone maybe knows how to repair this fault? Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. The new KS18S ?

    I'll try it when I'm back to mother Russia ? and my wheel. And thanks for the Tipp with the XXL paddles - if available I guess I'll buy!
  5. The new KS18S ?

    ?????? Funny guy... And I don't know exactly of course because a unicycle can drive in every direction. But isn't the front where the switch on button is? If the front is the side with the battery indicator, then I was riding backwards 40. Hahaha
  6. The new KS18S ?

    Thanks, thats the solution. Everything is working!
  7. The new KS18S ?

    So second check... Acceleration after full battery is quite good but more again considering the safety issue. So the gas is not possible directly at the beginning even if I lean fully in. With breaking its the other way round - breaks fast and I leaned back about 30 degrees. Super stable but fast deceleration. But I have one concern more - the alarms are not working. Tilt back at 40 does not interrupt soft driving style but it's showing you to go slower right in the perfect way. I set all alarms to different settings but no alarms coming up. @Diana@szkingsong.comany comments about the alarms?
  8. The new KS18S ?

    Hi all! Accelerate and break is almost the same. From feeling I would say if you accelerate with a GW, it feels more scary because of the stability. And I did not try it with fully leaning inside with the Ks because battery was not fully charged. I'll try that today evening. When my GW is back from repair I need a friend with balls to try in parallel with him. But for that I recommend full protection and full battery again! Pedals are about 3 to 4 cm shorter and after riding 10 km one time step off and on relaxes the legs. I was also thinking about assembling the GW paddles. Then it would be perfect! If anyone knows how to, let us know ? Best would be that Kingsong would come up with new, longer paddles.
  9. The new KS18S ?

    So Guys (and maybe some lost girls?), KS18-S is a Fucking hell great machine. My biggest concern was the big shell but now I love it. Unlocked for 40 with the generator immediately after purchase - worked without problems. It feels really safe and comfortable. In comparison with the power from Msuper V3 it feels like stepping pit from a small Fiat into a Porsche. Paddles could be bigger but that everybody knows. Music is super loud - Captain Monokoleso is back on the road! I bought the biggest battery ? Just one concern - if I any time really want it - how to set the tilt back to 50 km/h after 1000 km? Or any possibility available to give the horse already now the full power? Or I already did with the unlock procedure?
  10. King Song new model KS-18S

    Unfortunately the KS18-S is not listed till now in the catalog of ecodrift.ru... I'll try to contact them!
  11. MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    I'll try, thanks a lot. I heard today that gotway will send a new paddle to my supplier! Good news so far...
  12. King Song new model KS-18S

    Is it possible to order one to Russia, Moscow? And how does it work exactly? What about warranty? Emanuel
  13. MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    Till now I did not get any answer... Does anybody know how to walk any official way to contact gotway with replies? @Linnea Lin Gotway? Any hints for me? Thanks, Emanuel
  14. KS16 downgrading firmware

    I just have 1.18 (first one) and with the new kingsong software on the phone everything is working good! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zz6trgkr369o257/AACl-tYiJGcwECA1k_Vk1L0ga?dl=0 Inside the Dropbox folder is full description how it's working with the downgrade plus the 1.18bin Emanuel