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  1. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Funny guy... And I don't know exactly of course because a unicycle can drive in every direction. But isn't the front where the switch on button is? If the front is the side with the battery indicator, then I was riding backwards 40. Hahaha
  2. Thanks, thats the solution. Everything is working!
  3. So second check... Acceleration after full battery is quite good but more again considering the safety issue. So the gas is not possible directly at the beginning even if I lean fully in. With breaking its the other way round - breaks fast and I leaned back about 30 degrees. Super stable but fast deceleration. But I have one concern more - the alarms are not working. Tilt back at 40 does not interrupt soft driving style but it's showing you to go slower right in the perfect way. I set all alarms to different settings but no alarms coming up. @Diana@szkingsong.comany comments about the alarms?
  4. Hi all! Accelerate and break is almost the same. From feeling I would say if you accelerate with a GW, it feels more scary because of the stability. And I did not try it with fully leaning inside with the Ks because battery was not fully charged. I'll try that today evening. When my GW is back from repair I need a friend with balls to try in parallel with him. But for that I recommend full protection and full battery again! Pedals are about 3 to 4 cm shorter and after riding 10 km one time step off and on relaxes the legs. I was also thinking about assembling the GW paddles. Then it would be perfect! If anyone knows how to, let us know 😀 Best would be that Kingsong would come up with new, longer paddles.
  5. So Guys (and maybe some lost girls?), KS18-S is a Fucking hell great machine. My biggest concern was the big shell but now I love it. Unlocked for 40 with the generator immediately after purchase - worked without problems. It feels really safe and comfortable. In comparison with the power from Msuper V3 it feels like stepping pit from a small Fiat into a Porsche. Paddles could be bigger but that everybody knows. Music is super loud - Captain Monokoleso is back on the road! I bought the biggest battery 😁 Just one concern - if I any time really want it - how to set the tilt back to 50 km/h after 1000 km? Or any possibility available to give the horse already now the full power? Or I already did with the unlock procedure?
  6. Unfortunately the KS18-S is not listed till now in the catalog of ecodrift.ru... I'll try to contact them!
  7. I'll try, thanks a lot. I heard today that gotway will send a new paddle to my supplier! Good news so far...
  8. Is it possible to order one to Russia, Moscow? And how does it work exactly? What about warranty? Emanuel
  9. Till now I did not get any answer... Does anybody know how to walk any official way to contact gotway with replies? @Linnea Lin Gotway? Any hints for me? Thanks, Emanuel
  10. I just have 1.18 (first one) and with the new kingsong software on the phone everything is working good! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zz6trgkr369o257/AACl-tYiJGcwECA1k_Vk1L0ga?dl=0 Inside the Dropbox folder is full description how it's working with the downgrade plus the 1.18bin Emanuel
  11. Especially the thicker axle should be a very good approach from a wheel. I didn't have problems with the gw but the axle on the ks 16 is definitely too small... I'll have a look what they will tell me about the MSV3 and how strong it is damaged. But yeah, I think I'll go for the ks18 also in winter. Just need some spikes and the modification is perfect!
  12. @KingSong69, did you already decide? Just to give that comparison: My KS16 is on the street for more than 1500 km. One time I broke the inner shell but repaired it. It has plenty of scratches and the shell needs to be repaired soon. But it still feels super safe while riding! My MSV3 just fall one time and survived because of good shell protection. Now it died and the service factory is not even able to open the shell without destroying the paddel or cutting the shell. The play angle between leaning forward and backwards became 5 mm and finally the motor died (or the gear or whatever...) So the quality from Ks wheels seems to be higher from my point of riding experience. In Moscow and the street circumstances it's better to go with a big wheel. Sometimes it's lots of space to go fast. But if I wanna go for a fun ride, the music always is missing in the GW. And if I go on the ks16 I always need to have a look "where I can drive" and sometimes I feel bored with 30. As I fall with more than 50 from the GW: I can tell it hurts... And it was also fault of the wheel plus app settings. If I would not have full protection, I would be dead. But every day to pull out the motorcycle suit is going on the nerves. So a normal leather jacket, just helmet and with max 40 I guess it's quite safe. But from GW wheel I'm really afraid. How is the monster? Better quality? Or would you still rather recommend KS18S?
  13. Hello lovely friends from gotway! @Linnea Lin Gotway I was driving on a monday morning like every day to work with my MSuper v3. It was a small passage through people so I could not drive really fast (below 10km/h). After driving up a little stone-step (about 5 cm high), the GW throw me off because the balancing completely fall out. Immediately after that I've made a video which you can find attached. The wheel acts like it is little bit sick. As I still have warranty, I've sent it back to my seller in St. Petersburg that they can check it. They saied, to open and repair this defect, they need to disassemble the paddle. But the paddle they cannot disassemble because it's scratched and the screw cannot be opened due to some stone-hits while driving. Second possibility would be to cut the body case through and after glue it again. As I know that glue does not really hold afterwards, I decided for the method to "destroy" the paddle. I told my supplyer that they should contact you first what to do. As far what I understand from the technic there will as well be additional parts needed to repair the wheel. As I'm still in warranty I think the question is right to ask you what to get from Gotway to be able to repair the wheel?! the guys from odno-koleso.com will additionally contact your support as far as I understood. Hoping for your support! Emanuel MSuperDefect.mp4
  14. Helmet of course!!! Gath visor it is. The only thing what I don't have is gloves with wrist protection. But this is next item to buy... Somehow it seems that I fall on the left hand, yes. And turned it over the angle what caused the break in the middle hand bone. I just read that you wrote head and not hand ? The head I did not hit. I'm crazy enough also without hitting it....
  15. Thanks! I think I have an old version than. Driving it already since September and ordered in August. But does not matter if this alarm is 38 or 44 - I was a lot over it. What would help: The Kingsong app measures top speed and has a very good overview. Every time of connection I directly can read out every information and see my setted alarms and tilt back. The gotway app even does not allow to see anything, when set to English, the keys are bigger and the pixcel on the mobile phones are shown on different positions. When I first time connected I needed about 5 times until I was in the player mode. So it can be that I thought, I set tilt back to 48 but in real the app sendet "switch off". Anything possible to read out the current settings? Or minimum to write a log which speeds are sendet from the app? And couldn't there be a alarm which continuesly beeps about 5-10 seconds before the wheel is going to switch off if the speed is not increased due to lifting? Falling keeps me thinking The wheel "survived" with also good protection