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  1. As I expected, many are trying to sell more by exaggerating their product features.
  2. I'm not going to buy this particular EUC from eBay. I just noticed that some sellers advertise a oversea version high torque model. As I understand now, this is just a regular GotWay MSUPER V3s+.
  3. Thank you for the answer. The reason for the question is this eBay product.
  4. Does anyone know if this model is sold as high-speed and high torque?
  5. F-wheel solved this with a built-in support in the pedal. Maybe something for other manufacturer to adapt for their future products.
  6. King Song seems to only provide a small 172Wh battery pack to their model 14B. I understand that most people choose a modell with a larger battery pack like 520WH to 680WH, I would also do that if 172Wh was the only option. Osdrich offers batteri packs from 100Wh to 400Wh, which is a better option in terms of range.
  7. I am tempted to pimp my next wheel with diamonds. Not real diamonds, but the synthetic cubic zirconia which is as brilliant as a diamond but much more affordable. You can get 20 pcs 10mm stones for around $100.
  8. Newegg sell this wheel for $619 with the smallest battery, so I believe that you made yourself a pretty good deal on this wheel. According to what the manufacturer writes on the website, the battery seems to be removable. This is one of the features that I wish more manufacturers could have on their products.
  9. Expensive for a wheel with a 100WH battery. I have seen this modell with a slightly larger battery for around $400 on DHgate. A webstore in Singapore sell them for around $200. It seems too cheap to be true. Is this a genuine webstore in Singapore? Lawang Sport Manufacturer homepage